TNA House Show Results (08/01/2010) – Westbury, New York

TNA House Show Results

TNA House Show Results

Quick Result Run-Down:

Amazing Red d. Homicide to retain the TNA X Division Championship
Taylor Wilde & Sarita d. The Beautiful People
Desmond Wolfe d. Christopher Daniels
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Rhino
Kevin Nash & Eric Young d. Beer Money
AJ Styles d. Kurt Angle to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title. (Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett)

The show opens with Amazing Red vs. Homicide for the X Division Championship. Not much to say, a pretty slow match. The crowd seemed into it, mostly because of Homicide, but it was a slow match. Amazing Red wins.

Then we had Taylor Wilde and Sarita vs. the Beautiful People. Again, slow match, but this match did have it’s moments. Earl hender was the ref and at one point Madison fell into his arms and he kissed her, which got a crazy huge pop. Taylor Wilde and Sarita win.

Then we had Chris Daniels vs. Desmond Wolfe. Again, I am not going to lie, a very slow match, not a lot of wrestling a good 50% of the match was just them taunting the crowd. After everything they did, they would turn around and taunt the crowd. It’s one thing to work the crowd, it’s another to do so to the point where the match just gets boring. Desmond Wolfe wins.

Then things picked up with the Pope vs. Rhino. This match was good. Compared to the three slow matches that started off the night, this was good. The Pope wins.

Next we had an intermission, during which Mick Foley was out in the lobby signing autographs. The place was a mess because everyone at the place poured out into the lobby and there were no organized line. Without the lines, it went slow, but it did move along, a good number of people (including myself) missed the next match, which was Beer Money vs. Kevin Nash and Eric Young. Nash and Young won their match.

Last was the main event, AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle for the World Title, with Jeff Jarrett as the special guest ref. This match was pretty good, but again, it seems slow, but it did pick up and turned out being pretty good. AJ Styles won and retained his title.

After that ended they had a bunch of wrestlers come out the ringside to sign autographs for what they called “A TNA Autograph Party”, which was, for me, the best part of the night. The matched were a little slow, it didn’t seem like the TNA we saw on Monday Night that drew over 2 million viewers, the matches seemed like the “eh” TNA from a year ago. But all the guys came out, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money, Daniels, the Pope, Earl Hebner, JB signed some, and that was honestly the best part. Running around ringside going to the next person, squeezing up front, it’s not something you get to do everyday. To me, one of the few advantages on being in a small arena. When WWE comes to town, they are at the Nassau Colisem, they can’t have an “Autograph Party”, over 13,000 people would stampede to ringside, people would get hurt, but TNA, being in the smaller building could pull it off. The whole Autograph thing lasted about 45 minutes, it was fun. The matches were not-so-great, but that at the end made it fun.


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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