TNA Genesis 2010 – 17/01/2010

TNA Genesis 2010 Report – 17/01/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

*Retrospectively Added for purposes of Archive* –  Report Courtesy of 411 mania

The opening video pacakge actually focuses on Angle and Styles and the active roster instead of just Hogan. Of note, the lighting rib above the ring is still hexagonal despite the change to the ring.

We’re opening the show with Hogan and Bischoff in a very nWo-tastic entrance. Not sure if this is good because it gets it out of the way, or bad because they are stealing spotlight. I could live with Bischoff in the booth though. No mention has been made yet of the ring and ramp changes.

The Hulkster welcomes everyone to Genesis and the new Impact Zone (“BOOOOO!” – Orlando). He told them everything would be changing, and that brings a LOUD “We want six sides!” chant. Hogan says they had it and it only got them so far (“BOOOOOO!!!!!”), but they are taking them all the way. This is the way wrestling is meant to be, no more playpen rings. Hulk tries to win back the crowd by saying that his competitor only talks sports entertainment, he’s afraid of the words “professional wrestling”. Bischoff says nobody likes change, but get used to it because there’s a lot more coming. Hogan says there’s one thing left to say “WHATCHAGONNADO Vince McMahon now that TNA is coming for you…BROTHER! Or SISTER!” ZOMG LULZ HE CALLED VINCE A GIRL! GIRLS HAVE COOTIES! EWWWWWW!

Time for the first surprise of the night as it’s X-Division Title time!

TNA X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP: Amazing Red vs. (to be announced tonight)

There is no Don West with Red. Un! Be! Lievable! The opponent is…

Brian Kendrick! Complete with jacket stolen from the WWE Costumes division! The Impact Zone approves.

Kendrick tries to kick Red’s head to Tampa but misses. Kedrick gets an armbar but Red reverses into a hammerlock. Kendrick rolls through. I am getting word that Tampa is in the opposite direction, and Kendrick was actually aiming for Haiti. That would just make Red cross. Kendrick takes down Red again and goes for a Fujiwara armbar. He applies a crossface and lays in some forearms, then switches to a headlock. Red gets to his feet and ducks a pair of clotheslines before snapping off a nice rana. Some more counters but Kendrick hits a GORGEOUS flying chop block then hits a basement dropkick, sending Red to the floor. Kendrick goes to work on the knee on the floor. Back inside and Kendrick kicks at the hamstring of Red, then grapevines it. Red punches free. Tenay says that Lashley is refusing to wrestle tonight, he doesn’t want TNA making money off him. Bait and switch! Kendrick is still working on the knee of Red, he tries to go up top but Red kicks him to the floor. Red to the top….SOMERSAULT SENTON TO THE FLOOR! Crowd loves it and they’re hot tonight. Back inside, Red hits a missile dropkick and gets 2. He sold the leg when crawling for the pin, yet he managed to leap halfway across the ring. Whip is reversed, Kendrick runs into boots. Red goes up to the second and tries a crossbody but Kendrick sidesteps. He applies a single leg crab then an inverted STF. Red makes the ropes. Kendrick grabs the leg but gets nailed with an enziguiri. Dropkick to the back by Red and some weak-looking rights until Red gets a headscissors. He sells the leg and eats a jump kick to the face for 2. Kendrick stomps away and throws Red to the apron. Red hits a shoulder from the apron…SPRINGBOARD CODE RED! 1…2…3!

Winner: Amazing Red via pinfall (Code Red)
Rating: *** Pretty good but there were a couple of shots that showed there was a lack of chemistry between these two.

Bischoff and Hogan are with The Band. Eric tells them that Scott and Sean are not under contract. Hogan says that nothing has changed, they still have to earn a spot and this is their shot. I’m just shocked that Hall is actually in the building. Sean tries to get in the match in place of Nash because he’s not on the card. I have no idea what is happening now. Waltman won, is he in the match? Well, he’s better than Hall anyway. Bait and Switch, part 2!

Sean Morley vs. Daniels

Morley is out first and gives his towel to Brooke. Sorry, but “Ladies, I’m here” sucks. He says this is his debut film, and he doesn’t want the ladies to miss it. Daniels has a bandage on his shoulder and a mic in his hand. Daniels says that’s his problem with Morley. Daniels kicked a hole in him and all Morley can do is talk about movies and sexual innuendo. Daniels says this is TNA and this is wrestling, then heels on the crowd. Daniels says he’s Morley’s worst critic, then flips him the bird. Morley blitzes him but Daniels bails to the floor. Morley follows but gets cuaght coming in and is nailed with a leg lariat. Daniels then eats a clothesline by Morley. Daniels goes out the back of a back suplex but gets hit with a pair of running knees and a Russian leg sweep for 2. Shots to the ribs by Morley, followed by a gutbuster. Daniels tries to flee but Morley grabs him by the ears and goes back to the ribs. Daniels is on the apron and snaps Morley’s neck over the top rope. Clothesline takedown by Daniels. After shome chokes Daniels applies a gogogadgetplata but the ref breaks it up. Throat thrusts by Daniels, Morley ducks one and gets some shots in but Daniels gets a palm strike to regain control. Daniels goes for a bulldog but snaps Morley’s neck over the top instead of a normal bulldog, then chokes Morley in the ropes with his legs. Springboard attack by Daniels gets 2. More choking now. Yakuza kick by Daniels and some rights. Morley fights back and wins the exchange, then gets a clothesline. Series of them now by Morley, a pair of whips to the corner and Morley then dumps Daniels across the top rope. Blue Thunder bomb gets 2. Butterfly suplex by Morley, he misses a clothesline and gets hit with the Flatliner into the Koji Clutch! Orlando wants Brooke to sit down. Morley rolls over into a pin but only gets 2. Enziguiri by Daniels and the STO gets 2 for Daniels now. Uranage and the crowd chanta for BME…Morley moves and Daniels lands on his feet. Morley misses a clothesline but hits a full nelson slam and goes up top…Daniels is up. Palm stirke! Iconoclasm…blocked. Another palm strike! Daniels up top with Morley…super rana is blocked! Money Shot!!! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sean Morley via pinfall (Money Shot)
Rating: **3/4 Yeah umm…OK. Morley had more than most WWE fans would have known he had, but this didn’t feel like a pay per view match. Would have fit nicely on Impact, but this isn’t Impact. Not a bad match, just lacking in chemistry. Again.


Think you would ever see this in WWE? I just wish ODB wasn’t involved. Do Not Want.

They face off and get all catfighty. Former WWE ref Mike Posey breaks it up and ODB has a handful of extension. Tara gets pissed and takes her down, then hits the standing moonsault for 2. Tara lays in some shots to ODB’s ample bosom, then ducks a clothesline and hits some nice kicks and a STIFF enziguiri. Tara with the slingshot somersault legdrop! 1…2…no. ODB regains control but misses a clothesline, Tara tries a crossbody but gets caught. Fallaway slam by ODB, she nips up and gets caught in a small package! 1…2…3!

Winner, Fall 1: Tara via pinfall (small package)

ODB picks up Tara and drives her into the corner. She chokes her in the ropes then tries a charge but Tara puts an elbow in her face. Tara locks in the Tarantula! Both ladies are groggy but ODB gets a baseball slide, sending Tara to the floor. ODB lifts Tara and hits a Stun Gun on the apron. Brooke Hogan is 2 seats from Joey Fatone. ODB gets in Brooke’s face before going back to the ring. She brings Tara in the hardway and gets a pair of 2 counts. ODB locks in a body scissors and we get to see far too much of Tara’s areas. ODB rolls her around the ring before getting a 2 count. Tara claws towards the ropes but ODB pulls her back by the hair, so the ref breaks the hold. ODB just reapplies it. Rear naked choke locked in now by ODB. Again she pullsthe hair and again the ref breaks the hold. I swear ODB just pulled the stuffing out of her bra. Running powerslam by ODB gets 2. For some reason ODB is checking her pulse. ODB whips and ducks her head…WIDOW’S PEAK! 1…2…3!

Winner, Fall 2 and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara 2 falls to none (Widow’s Peak second fall)
Rating: **¼ This wans’t bad, but there are plenty of women that could have worked a better 2 out of 3 match with Tara. ODB is just not good right now, or she is not being allowed to be good.

Christy is with The Pope. He is pimping. Pope says that everyone knows what went down on January 4. Ruffy might look like a character who came out of a trashcan on Sesame Street. That was awesome. Every show needs a Pope promo from now on.

TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: The British Invasion (champs) vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan and Hernandez

This still feels like a step down for the challengers in my mind. Also, The British Invasion are awesome. That is all.

Morgan and Magnus to start. Magnus gets leveled with a shoulder, he gets back int the ring and is goozled but thumbs the eye. Williams in and they try the double-team necktie but Hernandez breaks it up vehemently. The Brits regroup on the floor. Back inside now and it’s Williams and Hernandez. Williams gets the eye rake and a knee in the corner, he tries a suplex but Hernandez sandbags. Hernandez tries a suplex but Williams knees his way out, and gets back body dropped for his trouble. Hernandez tosses him across the ring but gets caught charging in. Williams tries a crossbody but gets caught and flipped up for a powerbomb…chop block by Magnus! 1…2…no. Williams goes to work on Hernandez, Super Mex pushes Williams away and tries to go up top for a superplex. Hernandez blocks, Magnus distracts Morgan then comes in to get the double team superplex! Double team necktie connects, and Magnus is now in with a chinlock. Hernandez breaks the hold but runs into the knee of Williams on the outside. Abdominal stretch by Magnus and they work the old leverage spot. Ref catches it and calls for the break. Hernandez fights back, lifts Magnus in a gutwrench then drops him backwards on his face. Tag to Morgan Clotheslines everywhere! Windup uranage and he is a house! En! FUEGO~! Repeated back elbows in the corner, followed by the reverse chokeslam to the turnbuckle on Williams. Williams catches him with an eye gouge and hits a top-rope flying European! HERNANDEZ with the springboard clothesline! Magnus with the big boot! Morgan with the huge clothesline! Williams recovers first and hits some forerams but Morgan GOOZLES from his knees! Chokeslam gets 2. They hit a combo big boot-German suplex for 2 more! They try the European Hart Attack but Morgan counters with an ear slap, slams Magnus down then launches Williams off the top! Hernandez with another slingshot shoulder! Dominator connects by Hernandez! CARBON FOOTPRINT! 1…2…3!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Hernandez and Matt Morgan via pinfall (Morgan on Magnus, Carbon Footprint)
Rating: **3/4 Nothing wrong with that. Everything pretty much worked and the match was surprisingly competitive, but nothing stood out.

We see Lashley walking into Bischoff’s office, where he is attacked by Abyss and laid out. Bischoff is mad, but Hogan arrives and calms everyone down and tells Abyss he will still have his match.

The Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe

Wolfe has company, and she is hot. As Pope makes his entrance, the rather attractive female removes the pants of Wolfe. Wolfe has long tights on. Pope gives her a kiss as she leaves.

Wolfe goes straight into a Cobra Clutch but Pope escapes easily and hits a flying shoulder. Wolfe stops short on a whip then hits a mule kick in the corner on Pope. He charges into an elbow and tries the Vader Bomb-style elbow but Wolfe pushes him off and over the top to the floor. Pope comes back up to the apron and applies a Liontamer in the ropes! Fist drop by Pope gets 2. Wolfe is in 619 position and Pope hits the Boss Man Attack and lands badly on his knee. Wolfe attacks it and rolls him back in. Cravate applied by Wolfe, he snap mares him over into the ropes, damaging the knee. He repeats the exercise and then applies the single leg crab. Fun fact: crabs have 8 legs. Pope makes it to the ropes, Wolfe drags him to the middle of the ring and bends the leg of Pope in ways it is not meant to be bent. Drop toehold by Wolfe and again he is distorting the knee joint. This is what I imagine the Hart Dungeon was like. Pope kicks his way out of the leglock with the free leg so Wolfe locks in a Regal Stretch! Again Pope makes the ropes. Wolfe takes Pope to the corner and wraps his legs around the middle rope. European uppercut by Wolfe, Pope fights back with some shots but gets CREAMED with a forearm. He stes Pope for the Tower of London but Pope slips off the top, Nigel takes a run to the opposite corner for momentum but turns around into a lariat! Pope…FUCK ME a half nelson cradle DDT. That gets 2. Wolfe regains control and gets a kick to the spine and a forearm to the chest. Wolfe locks Pope’s foot up under the bottom turnbuckle then goes to the floor and bends him backwards around the post! Damn that looks nasty. Ref makes him break and yells at him as they get back in the ring. Wolfe turns around but eats a spinebuster! Shots by Pope get him in control but Wolfe snaps the arm down and that ends the flurry. Wolfe goes for a spinning toehold SMALL PACKAGE! Pope tries a backslide but Wolfe blocks, another small package gets 2 more! Great becis by Wolfe, a truly skilled becis practitioner. Wolfe charges but Pope moves and snaps Wolfe’s head to the mat. Wolfe tries the handstand in the corner again but Pope has him caught! Alabama Slam! 1…2…no! Another becis from Wolfe! Down come the kneepads and it could be time for the DDE…LARIATOOOOOOOOOO! 1…2…3!

Winner: Desmond Wolfe via pinfall (lariat)
Rating: ***½ Much better. Wolfe looked better here than he has against anyone not named Angle, and Pope just continues to surprise me. Like with Morgan, I wonder if Vince knows what he let go.

JB is backstage and Eric Bischoff has come to see him. Eric asks him what he’s doing, to which JB replies he’s doing his job. Bischoff says his job is whatever Bischoff says it is, and tells him he’s off TV for a while. Christy walks by and takes the mic, and Ric Flair arrives. Bischoff leaves in a hurry. Flari says why he’s here is his business. He goes where the greatest talent in the world is, and that’s TNA.

Video package for Beer Money vs The Band

Beer Money, Inc. vs. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall w/ Syxx-Pac

Good, in a way. Waltman might be a greasy douche but I’d rather watch him than Hall.

Storm starts off with a poke to the eyes and a pair of arm drags. Pac pushes him off but gets caught with a jawjacker and a neckbreaker. Tag to Roode and they work a series of combo moves, inverted atomic to Russian Leg sweep to knee drop. Pac manages to tag Nash and the match slows right down. They choke out Roode but he comes back with some chops and a pair of ineffective clotheslines. Roode tries a third, ducks the Nash clothesline then leaves his fett to finally knock Nash down. Tag to Storm, make a wish! Pac in and gets a drop toehold, landing in Big Sexy’s groinal area! Storm knocks Pac off the apron but gets nailed by Nash. Tag to Pac who gets a nice crisp suplex and a snap legdrop for 2. Chinlock applied, Storm gets out but runs into a leg lariat. Tag to Nash who comes in with knees in the corner and the patented foot choke. Tag to Pac…man, Nash just does not look like he should be in the ring at this stage. He looks like he should be wearing a fake belly and a red suit. Pac stomps Storm down , tags Nash and whips Storm in. Nash follows with a clothesline, almost barreling Pac over in the process. Bronco Buster by Pac! Nash hits the side slam for 2, Roode breaks it up. Tag back to Pac, he tries the Bronco Buster again but misses! Pac tags Nash, who knocks Roode back on to the ramp before Storm can get the tag. Nash misses in the corner and gets nailed with a Codebreaker!! Nash tags in Pac who is unable to prevent Roode from tagging in! Clothesline! Another! A series! Baaaack body drop! He is a house! En! FUEGO~! Nash in and he gets nailed with rights! Spinebuster to Pac! 1…2…Nash breaks it. Nash charges but Roode moves and Nash eats a boot! Double suplex to Pac and here it comes…


Hall is on the entrance ramp and Beer Money are distracted long enough for Nash to clothesline both of them. Chokeslam to Storm! Scott Hall slaps a fan and beats him down on the outside, I hope that’s a plant. Nash is going for the Jackknife on Roode…SUPERKICK by Storm! Roode with the jackknife pin! 1…2…3!!!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (Roode on Nash, Storm superkick)
Rating: **½ Hate him all you want, Waltman is not bad in the ring. Nash however needs to stop. Completely. Decent outing though, and the right team won.

Hogan and Bischoff are discussing The Band, and Hulk says he is calling them out on Thursday.

Abyss vs. Bobby Lashley

KEN ANDERSON is in TNA! And the place goes NUTS! He reaches for the mic and does NOT blow a tricep. Anderson says he done crossed the line. He’s read our Twitters, our Facebooks and our emails, and he knows we missed him. He missed himself. Then he does the intro. The crowd are singing along…he stops short of saying Kennedy, but goes with Anderson…


Abyss looks confused. Anderson wants a handshake but slaps Abyss instead, so Abyss slaps him back. They lock up and Abyss drops his head only to get kicked and kicked hard. Anderson hits the ropes and gets shoved down. Anderson goes to the leg then hits some rights but runs in to a stiff chop that takes him down. Whip to the corner but Abyss runs into a boot. Anderson to the top, Abyss catches him but Anderson snaps his arm down over the top. Big right hands to the shoulder of Abyss followed by a chop block. Anderson measures Abyss then hits a running kick to the side of Abyss’ head. To the outside and Anderson takes the arm of Abyss to the steel steps. He wraps the arm around the post now. He grabs a chair from the crowd but Abyss kicks it away. Anderson rolls back inside, Abyss gets caught coming in with a kick to the knee. Anderson takes him along the apron to the turnbuckle. Back insdie Anderson applies a hammerlock then sends Abyss shoulder-first to the corner, then locks in an armbar. Anderson tries a shoulder block but bounces off, however the damage was done to the shoulder of Abyss. Amrbar DDT by Anderson gets 2. Top wristlock by Anderson, Abyss regains a vertical base and throws Anderson, then charges into a boot. Anderson then runs into a boot. Whip by Abyss, an avalanche and a side slam get 2. Abyss wants a chokeslam, gets the goozle but Anderson breaks it with a boot. Abyss goes for the Shock Treatment instead but Anderson goes to the eyes. Hangman’s neckbreaker by Anderson gets 2. He goes to the top but jumps right into a goozle! 1…2…no! Abyss gets a whip and nails the Shock Treatment backbreaker for 2. Abyss goes to the floor and gets him some chair, the ref takes it away while Anderson fishes brass knux out of his trunks! Really TNA? REALLY? Pow right in the kisser! 1…2…3!

Winner: Ken Anderson via pinfall (Power of the Punch)
Rating: *½ Anderson is the only person I’ve seen come to TNA and NOT show anything more than he had in WWE. He has the charisma, no doubt about that, but I don’t know if Abyss was the wrong opponent for someone that the crowd was just waiting for a chance to shit on or if Anderson is just not good. Either way, this failed miserably.

After the match Anderson does the Peter Griffin pain demonstration before announcing himself the winner.

Video package for the main event. We might get 30 minutes out of these two.


No super special ring announcing ‘cos JB is off the air you see. Smart. Angle is out first.

They lock up with fire and break in the ropes. Angle gets a top wristlock, AJ reverses to a hammerlock and Angle goes to the ropes. Angle with the single leg takedown, AJ kicks him off. AJ goes to the arm, Angle gets a headlock takedown. AJ to his feet amd pishes Angle off but gets run over by a shoulder block. Again they run the ropes and AJ takes Kurt down this time. Angle tries the German but AJ lands on his feet. They exchange arm drags and counters and they stand and face off. They work a knucklelock and Angle makes it to the ropes. More rope-running and you could smell the AJ dropkick coming. 1 count for Styles. Rear chinlock applied now by AJ. Angle gets to his feet and AJ goes to work on the back of the neck with elbows. Backbreaker by AJ gets 2 and he goes back to the chinlock. Angle is up again and he breaks free, but is caught with an elbow sending him to the floor. AJ charges and wants to fly but Angle moves and AJ catches himself on the apron. Angle trips him and takes him to the apron hard! Angle rolls him back in and gets 2. Snap suplex by Angle gets 2. Snap mare and a waistlock applied by Angle. AJ gets to his feet and elbows out, he hits the ropes and runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Angle picks AJ up in a double leg and drives him to the corner. European uppercuts in the corner now by Angle, he gets a pair of 2 counts. Scoop slam by Angle who then locks in a body scissors. AJ breaks the hold but Kurt has a chinlock. AJ fights out and hits a series of clotheslines followed by a stiff boot. AJ tries a clothesline but Angle blocks, pivots and hits a German! That looked good. Stomping by Angle and a backbreaker gets 2. Half camel clutch applied by Angle, AJ is able to twist into it and make it a chinlock. AJ fights out with rights, Angle ducks a clothesline and they collide mid-air as both go for crossbodies. Flair is out as both men get to their feet. I wonder if anyone else has realised that Kurt is close to Flair’s 16 times. Angle and AJ exchange shots, Angle charges and AJ lifts him to the apron then knocks him to the floor with a hard forearm. AJ FLIES…OH DAMN he landed on Kurt’s back as Kurt was bending over, that could seriously fuck up the spines off both men. Angle seems to have hurt his knee. Back inside, AJ charges into a boot but gets the neckbreaker across the knee. Springboard forearm! 1…2…no. AJ tries the Styles Clash but Angle counters with the back body drop. German! Zwei! Drei und release! Angle Slam countered to an arm drag, AJ tries a German but Angle switches and hits a release German for 2. Angle Slam countered again, PELE! 1…2…2.903! Scintillating becis! Styles Clash tried again, Angle runs AJ back into the corner and drives shoulders into AJ’s midsection. HUGE clothesline by Angle gets 2. Angle tries the Ankle Lock but can’t lock it in before AJ kicks him off. Clothesline by AJ and both men are down. AJ mounts the turnbuckles and punches away at Kurt, Kurt slips away and AJ tries the moonsault DDT. Angle moves, locks the hands and suplexes AJ into the turnbuckles. Can I get an ouch? Angle perches AJ on the top rope but AJ gets a rana! Styles wants the springboard 450…MISSES! Angle Slam! 1…2…2.937! Angle is going up top for the miss-sault, and yes he misses. AJ tries the Styles Clash, he gets one leg over but Angle picks it and locks in the Ankle Lock! AJ rolls through and kicks Angle off, then hits a slingshot crossbody for 2. AJ puts Kurt on the seconf rope then goes to the apron…super Styles Clash? Angle escapes, AJ comes off the top…CAUGHT! Angle has him in position for an elevated crab…STYLES CLASH by Angle! 1…2…no! Angle Slam…countered! DDT! Angle charges and gets nothing but post…Angle Slam by AJ! 1…2…2.929! AJ goes up top and Angle is not moving…or is he? He runs up the ropes! SUPER ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…2.989!!!!! Down come the straps and it’s Ankle Lock time! AJ goes for the ropes but Angle drags him back! AJ tries to kick free but Angle hangs on! Angle grapevines the leg! AJ wants to tap, he won’t do it! FLAIR PULLS HEBNER OUT! AJ taps and Angle releases the hold, then sees what has happened and chases Flair!!! Flair goes into the ring, Angle follows and gets nailed by AJ! Flair gets the title belt and slides it in for AJ! He thinks about it…NAILS Angle! No ref! Flair rolls Hebner in! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (belt shot)
Rating: ***½ Good match yes, great match no. Slower and a good deal less exciting that their last match, with a dirty finish and a lot of repeated spots. Doing 2 matches two weeks apart can work if you don’t run all the same spots, but these two couldn’t manage to avoid that trap. Still, better than anything else on the card, if only just.


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