TNA iMPACT! – 11/02/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – 11/02/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

“Hulk’s Moment of Truth”

• We start with the usual. A video recap of all of the things that happened last week.

• Hulk’s Moment of Truth is our title for tonight. Hmm.

• THE HULKSTER is out to start the program off. That’s always a welcome sight to see. There’s a ton of pyro for Hulk and I’m not sure why. It’s not like he needs it. He eventually gets into the ring and grabs a mic. Hogan welcomes the fans to the Impact Zone and says coming to TNA was the right decision because the place is “crack-a-lacking.” Hogan has his swagger back because everyone in the world is talking about TNA. Hulkster says his brothers up north are talking about TNA too. The Hulkster calls TNA the place to be. He feels cool again. HE WAS ALWAYS COOL TO ME.

So after hyping the hell out of TNA, he talks about Scott Hall and Syxx Pac. Neither are invited to the show and security guards are in the arena. Hogan says Hall and Waltman’s beatdown on Nash wasn’t right. A brother shouldn’t attack a brother, brother. Hogan says if Hall and Pac get in, they’ll have to deal with him. He says if he has to put the red and yellow on, he’ll have to do what he has to do.

SHOWTIME Eric Young is out after the Hulkster’s threat. I wonder if Hogan knows his name. Underrated chat from the fans. Young says he won’t waste Hogan’s time. He tells Hogan that Kevin Nash and himself are tight. Young wants a favor. He wants Hogan to let Syxx Pac and Hall back in so they can get what’s coming to them. Young says Hogan doesn’t know him but Young will show him that he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Hogan says he he isn’t a “Johnny-come-lately,” and pimps some of EY’s accomplishments. One of the reasons Hogan came to TNA was Eric Young. Hogan is in TNA because he knows guys like Eric Young can take TNA someplace. As for Hall and Waltman, they received their last warning from Hogan. Young respects decision but says he’ll have to do what Kevin would do. He’s going to go to them. Hogan says it isn’t going to happen on his watch. It’s going to have to happen outside.

• Mick Foley walks backstage. He asks a stagehand for the whereabouts of Eric Bischoff and we get sent to a commercial.

• Waltman and Hall are walking in the parking lot. Tenay says Eric Young is looking for them.

• Orlando Jordan is out. Taz says OJ knows how to party. Tenay and Taz recap the bout between D’Angelo Dinero and Orlando Jordan last month. Tenay calls it a huge win for Jordan. D’Angelo Dinero is out. Seems we’re getting a rematch from last month. This time, it’s for a spot in the 8-Card Stud Tournament.

Match One
D’Angelo Dinero v. Orlando Jordan
8-Card Stud Qualifying Match

Fans chant for Pope as the two tie up. Jordan takes Pope into the ropes and Dinero does the same. Dinero gets Jordan in the corner and the re f breaks it up. They grapple again. Jordan goes behind but Dinero wrenches the arm. Jordan responds with a knee and two punches to the back. Jordan then throws an elbow to the back. Pope whips him in to the ropes and takes him down. An arm drag from Dinero. Dinero elbows Jordan in the head several times and ends that with a punch to the head. Pope goes after Jordan but Jordan uses the ropes to get the ref to stop Dinero. Jordan attacks Pope with a cheapshot and takes the knee out. He tries the Flatliner but Pope elbows out. Pope misses a clothesline and Jordan attacks with a dropkick. Jordan kicks the back of Dinero. Pope replies with a punch but Jordan is there with a strike. Swinging neckbreaker by Jordan. Jordan stomps Pope’s head and lifts him for a windup backbreaker. Fan chant “You still suck” to Jordan. OJ tells Pope to get to his feet and Jordan is there with some jabs to the face. Pope doges a clothesline and nails Jordan with several punches. Inverted atomic drop from Pope to Jordan. The Pope then takes Jordan down with a shoulder block. Jordan gets to his feet and Pope attacks him with multiple backhand slaps. He nails the Coronation and covers. Two count.

Pope lifts OJ but OJ slaps him in the throat. Spinebuster from Jordan to Pope. Quick cover and Pope is up after two. Jordan slaps the back of Dinero’s head and taunts him. He kicks Pope’s back and, in the corner, attacks him in the abdominal area with several punches. Dinero reverses momentum and sends Jordan to the corner. Dinero attacks with several strikes and ends the match with the Dinero Express.

WINNER: D’Angelo Dinero
Good , solid match. Nice to see Dinero get his win back over Jordan.

• Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff are chatting backstage. Jarrett asks Bischoff for his opinion on his match with Anderson. Jarrett talks about his experience two weeks ago. Anderson sarcastically calls the Anderson-Jarrett match the most exciting match he’s seen in the last 10 years. Bischoff says he underestimated Jarrett and is going to reconsider the situation between the two of them. Jarrett asks for entry to the 8-Card Stud Tournament and Bischoff say he isn’t sure Jarrett is ready. Bischoff said if Jarrett won the tournament, it wouldn’t really be “starting at the bottom of the ladder.” Jarrett says OK and leaves the office.

• By the way, during the last match, Tenay let us know that six people would qualify for the tournament. There would be two spots left open to be filled at the PPV by Hogan.

• Matt Morgan and Suicide are going to fight later on to see who advances to the 8-Card Stud Tournament. That match is next, apparently, as Suicide is out for the match.

Match Two
Matt Morgan v. Suicide
8-Card Stud Qualifying Match

Morgan takes Suicide into the corner. He tries to attack but Suicide avoids by going over. Suicide attacks Morgan with several strike and a dropkick. He runs off the ropes but Morgan catches him for a fall-away slam. Morgan lifts Suicide and sends his head into the corner. He attacks Suicide with an elbow in said corner. Morgan crashes into Suicide and then drops him with a sideslam. Suicide gets up and Morgan strikes with a headbutt. Morgan runs off the ropes and throws his body into Suicide. Morgan tries to attack Sui dice in the corner but Suicide ducks. Suicide uses the ropes for a jawbreaker and then attacks with a springboard dropkick. Suicide attacks a grounded Morgan but Morgan catches him for a chokecherry attempt. Suicide lands on his feet and sends Morgan into the ropes with a double-legged dropkick. Suicide bounces off the ropes but Morgan nails him with the Carbon Footprint to pick up the win.

WINNER: Matt Morgan
It was a fine, short match. Nothing stood out and it was pretty apparent the whole way how the match was going to end.

• Mick Foley enters Eric Bischoff’s office. Foley brings up Bischoff’s control over JB and Abyss and says he is on board. He makes sure to mention that his participation is dependent upon the safety of Borash and Abyss. Bischoff says he’s thrilled because Foley can be a huge asset. He lets us know JB and Abyss are fine and he lets Abyss into the 8-Card Stud Tournament. He says he has the perfect opponent for Abyss at Against All Odds and it’s……Mick Foley. Bischoff says Foley’s attire isn’t working for him. He finishes his little lecture to Foley by saying if there are any shenanigans in the Foley-Abyss match, Abyss will be unmasked on the next Impact. Bischoff admires his intelligence before we head to a break.

• We see Eric Young pacing backstage. Tenay and Taz remind us that he’s looking for Hall and Syxx Pac. That’s probably hard to do while pacing in one spot.

• We return from break to see the four opening round matches for the 8-Card Stud Tournament,

They are: D’Angelo Dinero v. Desmond Wolfe, Matt Morgan v. Hernandez, Mr. Anderson v. Kurt Angle and Mick Foley v. Abyss. Those matches all look pretty good to me.

• Christy Hemme is with Against All Odds opponents, Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. These guys are going to be tag team partners tonight. Anderson says the tag match tonight doesn’t matter but the 8-Card Stud Tournament does. Anderson says he’s going to go through his opponents and be new TNA World Heavyweight Champion…champion. Kurt Angle interjects and says he’ll have eyes in the back of his head tonight. If Anderson screws him, Angle is going to snap his ankle. He asks Anderson if he understands and walks away. He returns and makes a snapping gesture with his arms. Anderson is not pleased. He asks for the mic from Christy and says his name twice. I remember when that was awesome in 2006.

• Kurt Angle and Eric Young are in the locker room together. Angle says EY’s intentions are good but unhealthy. Eric Young is going to be fighting an uphill battle. He says Hulk Hogan could be lurking in the shadows waiting to attack. Young asks him if he’s going with him and Angle says he’s going out by himself.

• Amazing Red makes his way into the Impact Zone for his chance to regain the TNA X Division title. New X Division champion Doug Williams enters shortly after and we get a video recap from two weeks ago where Williams won the title.

Match Three
Amazing Red v. Doug Williams
X Division Title Match

Red gets the crowd to chant for him before they lock up. Doug Williams goes low but Red attacks with a dropkick. Red attacks Williams in the corner with some strikes. He nails Williams with a multiple dropkicks, the last one sending him to the outside. Red tries to springboard to the outside but he sees Williams move and alters his actions. Williams tries to get a sneak pin but Red reverses. They do several near falls with neither man getting the three count. Red goes against the ropes but Williams catches him and takes him out with three wheelbarrow slams. Doug Williams attacks with a flying European uppercut. That gets a two count.

Willa ism gets Red up and takes him down with a snapmare. He then locks his legs around the neck of Amazing Red. He rolls Red’s head over and drives Red’s head into the mat. He covers but it gets a quick kickout. Williams grounds Red with a headlock. Red tries to punch out but Williams is there with an uppercut. Knee to the face from Williams to Red. He covers and it gets two. He goes for another cover and it gets another two count.

Red gets sent to the corner and Williams kicks him. Williams sends him into the opposite corner and attacks with a running knee. He climbs the ropes but Red is there with a kick to the head. Amazing Red sizes Williams up and runs with a corkscrew attack. It connects. Both men get back in and Red climbs the turnbuckle. He comes down with a missile dropkick and goes for the pin. Williams kicks out after two. Red kicks Williams in the back of the head. He follows that up with a spinning wheel kick. He covers and it gets another two count.

Red goes up for a hurricanrana but Williams catches him. Red rolls him up quickly and it gets two. Red attacks with a kick reminiscent of Kofi Kingston’s Trouble in Paradise and climbs the turnbuckle. He misses a Swanton Bomb. Red rushes Williams but Williams sends him into the ropes. Chaos Theory gets Doug Williams the win.

WINNER: Doug Williams
Fantastic match. Made both men look good and it actually got some time.

• The Beautiful People will fight Angelina Love and Tara later in the evening.

• The Beautiful People are seen walking backstage. Taz says it’s going to be like a produce market (or something) because there are going to be lots of tomatoes. Okay.

•Video package for the Angelina Love-Tara team and their alliance against The Beautiful People.

• Tenay preps us for the next match as we see a shot of the crowd. Guy with a “6-PAC NUMBER ONE FAN” sign is shown. I thought Hogan was his only fan.

•Christy Hemme interviews Tara and Angelina Love. Love says she didn’t like Tara in the past but the past is the past. She brings up The Beautiful People and the match tonight. Hemme asks Tara if they have a strategy and Tara says it’s going to get ugly.

• Both teams make their entrances. Tenay and Taz say a lot of stuff about hydraulics and things of the like during.

Match Four
Angelina Love and Tara v. The Beautiful People

Tara and Velvet Sky start. Sky poses and Tara is unamused. Tara quickly tags in Love and Sky goes to the outside. Angelina Love gives chase and corners Sky. Lacey Von Erich distracts Love allowing Sky back into the ring. Madison Rayne further distracts her allowing Sky to attack her with the ropes. Sky strikes Love in the head and sits her with a snapmare. She kicks Love in the back and chokes her. Velvet Sky continues the assault with a kick to the back. Sky sends Love into the ropes and Angelina stares her to the ground. Sky tags in Rayne. Love pulls Rayne’s hair and sends her into the turnbuckle. Love tags in Tara who comes in with a sunset flip. Two count.

Multiple arm drags from Tara. That’s followed up with a snap suplex and a headlock. Rayne grabs the ropes so Tara grabs Rayne’s legs and sends her to the mat. Rayne gets up to attempt a slap but Tara reverses and delivers a slap of her own. The Beautiful People go to the outside and Tara requests Love’s attention. The two ladies go to the outside with a suicide dive sending the show to a commercial break.

We return from a break. Rayne sends Tara into the ropes and Von Erich distracts her. Rayne attacks Tara in the back multiple times. She taunts Love and Love gets the ref’s attention, allowing The Beautiful People to work over Tara, three-on-one. Sky gets tagged in and steps on Tara’s hair while pulling her up by the arm. Lacey Von Erich gets tagged in and comes down with a moonsault (where she lands on her feet) and an elbow drop. Von Erich sends Tara’s head into the mat and tags in Rayne. Rayne attacks with multiple strikes to the chest and follows that up by whipping her into the ropes. Both women clothesline each other. Love and Sky get tagged in. Angelina takes out Lacey and Madison Rayne with punches. Love spears Sky and goes for the pin. It gets broken up by Lacey Von Erich. Madison Rayne gets the ref’s attention by choking Tara as Angelina Love kicks Sky in the head. She pins but the ref doesn’t see. Lacey Von Erich strikes Angelina with the ugly stick and Sky covers Love for the victory.

WINNERS: The Beautiful People
An average knockout match. There wasn’t anything noticeably bad and it gave all the ladies some time. It’s kind of a shame they don’t have a PPV match though as the show should really be only to pimp that.

• Tara gets the ugly stick but Rayne takes her out by the knee. Lacey Von Erich hits Tara with the ugly stick and the three members of The Beautiful People pose to end the segment.

• Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe backstage. She asks Wolfe about tonight’s tag match. He quotes Forrest Gump and says bullocks to that. Life is like a poker game. He uses some poker analogies and says he’s going to win in the tag match later on. He calls Kurt Angle “Kurt Mangled,” Super Mex, “Super-Mexipad,” and mocks Anderson’s gimmick. He says tonight’s match will have a huge bearing on this Sunday’s tournament and vows to hurt anyone who touches him.

• Scott Hall and Syxx Pac are still lurking backstage. I get what they’re doing but Hall and Waltman just look stupid and I’m a huge mark for Scott Hall.

• Desmond Wolfe is out first, Taz asks where Wolfe’s assistant is at. Hernandez joins him shortly after and then we get Mr. Anderson’s entrance. Mic shenanigans included. Kurt Angle enters to complete the set of participants and the ref rings the bell.

Match Five
Desmond Wolfe and Hernandez v. Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson and Hernandez decide to start the match off. Anderson kicks Super-Mex in the shin and strikes him in the head with a punch. Anderson runs off the ropes but Hernandez sends him to the ground with a shoulderblock. Anderson gets into the corner and Hernandez takes him out with a Stinger Splash. Hernandez takes off his shirt and tosses Anderson with it. He lifts Anderson for the Border Toss but Anderson squirms out and tags in Angle. Angle gets a hammerlock applied and Hernandez reverses into a hammerlock of his own. Angle gets into the rope to get the ref to break the hold and Wolfe kicks him in the head. Wolfe tags himself in and he takes Angle down by the legs. Wolfe takes Angle down with a wristlock. Angle gets to his feet but Wolfe just takes Angle down with the same move. Angle kips up and Wolfe sends him right down again. Both men get up. Wolfe misses a clothesline and Angle is there with a German Suplex. Wolfe tags in Hernandez who enters with a slingshot shoulderblock to Angle. He lifts Angle over his head and falls to his feet. Hernandez covers and it gets two.

Wolfe gets tagged in and Angle meets him with a kick. Wolfe and Angle trade blows and it ends with Wolfe taking Angle down with a knee. Wolfe picks Angle up and takes him down with an European Uppercut. Wolfe wrenches Angle’s arm and then wraps his leg around it. Angle gets to his knees and locks in the Ankle Lock out of nowhere. Anderson gets the ref’s attention as Wolfe taps out. Wolfe rolls out and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez attacks the cornered Angle with a shoulderblock. Angle sends Super-Mex into the corner and hits him with a clothesline. He goes back for more but Hernandez kicks Angle and climbs the turnbuckle. Angle runs upstairs and takes Hernandez out with a belly to belly suplex from the top of the turnbuckle. Angle tries to tag in Anderson but Anderson feigns an injury Hernandez makes his tag and Wolfe comes in missing a clothesline. Angle hits a clothesline and sends Wolfe into the corner. Wolfe puts up a boot on an Angle rush but Angle takes Wolfe out with a clothesline. Angle hits Anderson and Hernandez but gets taken out with a Hammerlock DDT by Desmond Wolfe. He covers and it gets a two count.

Wolfe positions Angle on top of the turnbuckle for the Tower of London. Angle counters and hits the Angle Slam. Mr. Anderson tags himself in, sends Angle to the outside and covers Desmond Wolfe for the win.

WINNER: Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe
Two things prevent this match from being rated higher. First, it didn’t get that much time. Probably should have been the main event since the show is practically based on this tournament. Another major thing was the fact that Tomko just kicked out of the Angle Slam last week. Wolfe probably should have done the same here. Still a solid match.

• Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle share a staredown after.

• Brother Ray walks backstage for something. We get a better camera angle and it’s actually Samoa Joe. I sincerely thought it was Ray.

• We return from a commercial break with Samoa Joe’s entrance. Joe calls the World Champion out (who hasn’t been on the show at all up until this point). The Nature Boy and Styles make their entrance with the belt and no ladies. Flair and Styles stop before entering the ring and Naitch asks for a mic. Joe calls Styles disgusting. He goes over their long relationship and how they were once regarded as the best young wrestlers in the world. Joe says Styles used to be a real man and Styles threw it all away in his match against Kurt Angle. Flair says he wasn’t going to say anything, but he has to say that AJ is the champion. Flair says everyone in attendance is going to learn how to respect the champ. Joe says Flair can try to teach that but he’ll be limping his way into the hospital after. Joe says Angle was the last pure thing in the company and cheated the fans out of a champion. Styles finally decides to talk. He says he didn’t cheat anyone. He brings up Joe’s affiliation with the Main Event Mafia and the Nation of Violence. He says Joe has turned on more people than Styles and asks how Joe has the audacity to talk about purity. Joe says he knows his transgressions but there’s a difference between Styles and Joe. Joe stood up to every TNA newcomer while AJ Styles kissed up to a new sugar daddy. AJ takes off his coat and tie as Flair tries to reason with him. Styles gets into the ring and Joe beats him up. Joe tries the Musclebuster but Flair is there with a low-blow. Flair holds Joe down while Styles stomps all over him. The refs enter the scene but Styles continues his assault on Joe. Flair grabs the mic and screams at Joe, asking him if he understands. Styles’ music plays and the champ leave the ring.

• Styles is in the back on the phone and Eric Bischoff stops him. Bischoff says that Styles recent actions require a special referee in the title match between Joe and Styles. Bischoff names himself as the special referee and Styles seems suspciious. Bischoff says he’s going to call it down the middle and leaves. Styles gets on his cell phone (which doesn’t look like one a champion would have) and tells Naitch they have a problem.

• Tenay and Taz go over the card for Against All Odds.

• Angle is walking in the back. Hogan walks up and tells him it won’t go down that way. Hogan says if Angle is hellbent on getting himself beat up, he won’t stand in his way. He says if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen in his house. He tells Angle to get into the ring and opens the backstage door. Apparently THE BAND is now welcome inside. Hogan wishes Angle luck and we head to (what has to be) the final commercial break at 9:52, which I guess is 10:52 for you folks in the eastern time zone.

• Angle is in the ring and calls Scott Hall and Syxx Pac out. Waltman gets into the ring first and gets beaten up by Angle. Scott Hall gets in and Angle is there to take him out. Angle tries to lock in the Ankle Lock and does. This allows Waltman to grab a pair of brass knuckles and attack Angle in the head. Waltman continues the beatdown with the brass knuckles and hands them off to Hall. Hall nails Angle in the face and the two stand over Angle. Hall stands Angle up on the ropes and nails him in the back. Waltman lifts Hall up and Hall measure him for a punch.

The Hulkster’s music plays and he’s out BUT WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?!?!?! Taz and Tenay speak as if Hogan is on THE BAND’s side as he (slowly) walks into the ring. Hulk gets in and does the Wolfpac gesture with Hall and Nash. Hall gives Hogan the brass knuckles and Waltman lifts Angle. Hall holds Angle up for Hogan and Hogan strikes Hall. He turns his attention to Syxx Pac and strikes him with the knuckles.


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