TNA House Show Results (12/03/10) – Erie, Pennsylvania

TNA House Show Results

TNA House Show Results

Below are quick results from the 3/12 TNA house show in Erie, Pennsylvania:

* Doug Williams d. Kazarian & Amazing Red in a 3-Way Dance to retain the X Division Title

* Rhino d. Dr. Stevie

* TNA Knockouts Tag Champs: The Beautiful People d. Taylor Wilde and Sarita

* TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles d. Abyss via DQ

* TNA Global Champion Rob Terry d. Brutus Magnus

* “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Desmond Wolfe

* Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle d. Beer Money

The night started off with a TNA agent coming out and talking about the event policy rules the do’s and dont’s of professional wrestling show attendance and whatnot, he introduced local Erie radio personality Mojo The Cat, then it was time for the best house show ring announcer ever “JB” Jeremy Borash to come to the ring for his introduction. When backstage passes were mentioned the road agent said there wouldn’t be time and that AJ Styles didn’t want fans backstage which got major heel heat, but JB said there would be time and that there was a surprise at the end of the show.

The event kicked off in a major way with Doug Williams defending the TNA X Division Championship against both Kazarian and Amazing Red in a 3 Way Dance. This match showcased what the X-Division is all about and was a really amazing way to start off a tremendous event. Lots of high-flying moves from Red and Kazarian as well as technical wrestling exchanges by all three outstanding superstars. One of my own personal highlights was a flip dive by Red right in front of where i was sitting. In the end Doug Williams retained the championship with the Rolling German Bridge Suplex known as the Chaos Theory.

After the opening bout of the evening Jeremy Borash introduced referee Earl Hebner but he wouldn’t come out because in his words we weren’t showing him the proper respect.

The next matchup of the night pitted two ECW Originals going one on one as Dr. Stevie took on the War Machine Rhino. A great match between as I said before two of the originals from Paul Heyman’s REAL ECW. Dr. Stevie was picking up some good solid heel heat throughout the encounter and Rhino did a great job playing the face and firing up the crowd. In the end Rhino picked up the win with his trademark Gore.

Next up in the second championship bout of the evening The Beautiful People- Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne defended their recently won TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships against former champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita (originally scheduled to be Awesome Kong and Hamada defending against the Beautiful People). This tag team knockouts match was truly outstanding. I thought all four women gave their hearts and souls to this match and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I did the entire show. Great tag team action throughout, and all the classic interactions you see on TV from both teams. In the end Velvet Sky pinned Taylor Wilde with a double leg scoop with her feet on the ropes.

After the first championship match was in the books Jeremy Borash once again attempted to introduce referee Earl Hebner who came out this time and collected ALOT of “You Screwed Bret” chants and delivered a classic heel reaction them.

Next it was time for a TNA World Championship defense as The Phenomenal AJ Styles defended against The Monster Abyss. AJ was in full heel persona wearing his original hood gear, and Abyss charged to the ring to “American Made (Hulk Hogans WCW face theme” and wore Hogan’s HOF ring he was recently presented with. Abyss delighted the crowd with all of the Hulk Hogan trademarks “Hulking Up” and the fiinger point. This was a tremendous match featuring a Pelee Kick, a Styles Clash which Abyss kicked out of, and a Black Hole Slam. AJ played the heel role beautifully and interacted with fans at ringside. The finish came when AJ deliberately and blatantly hit Abyss with the World Championship in front of the referee. Your winner by disqualification is Abyss. However STILL the TNA World Champion AJ Styles.

Following that match we had a 15 minute intermission during which I was able to meet and get autographs from The Beautiful People (Velvet and Madison), who really are beautiful both inside and out. They were both very terrific to meet and talk to. Before the show I bought my 20 dollar program and got Jeff Jarretts autograph on it and Don West who are both really cool guys as well and after the show I also got Abyss’s autograph upstairs, and during the after show fan interaction I got autographs from Amazing Red and Rhino, so overall I believe that’s 6 total autographs for no more than a 20 dollar program cost.

Now back to the show after intermission the first match out of the gate was for the TNA Global Championship as Rob Terry defended against his former teammate and current British Invasion member Brutus Magnus. This match featured mostly the strength and power of Terry with a mix of some good heel work by Magnus. The match however didnt last very long at all and Rob Terry retained his gold with a thunderous spinebuster on Magnus for the 1-2-3. On a side note Rob Terry’s entrance theme for the evening was the song “Click Click Boom”

Next up in what would be considered the first half of the post intermission main event Desmond Wolfe went one on one with The Pope D Angelo Dinero. This was another classic match and both competitors did a phenomenal job technical wrestling and fan interaction and it was very enjoyable to watch. In the end to the delight of the crowd the VERY popular Pope picked up the win with a frontward roll.

Then main event time in a Tag Team MEGA match as TNA Founder The King of The Mountain Jeff Jarrett teamed with The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle to take on Beer Money Inc.- Robert Roode and Cowboy James Storm. What a main event this was fans, both teams put on a memorable performance and Beer Money played their heel role to the absolute fullest in a great tag team match. In the end this match would showcase to a very appreciative crowd Jeff Jarrett hitting his finisher The Stroke (the front legsweep) on Robert Roode followed immediately by an Olympic Slam by Kurt Angle to James Storm which got the winning fall. After the match Kurt gave a great heartfelt speech about being happy to be back in this area and appreciating our support and things like that to end the show.

Following the show Kurt Angle posed for pictures in the ring with groups for 20 dollars or an individual for 20 dollars depending on the fan’s situation. Also at that time Rhino, Amazing Red, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, and Earl Hebner signed autographs around ringside. Folks again I HIGHLY recommend attending a TNA show if u ever get the chance. Thank you to those who read my article and Thank you TNA.


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