TNA iMPACT! – 12/04/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – 12/04/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Jeff Jarrett is out to the ring and says he founded TNA eight years ago and it stands for Total Nonstop Action. He tells Sting he isn’t going to talk about kicking his ass, he is going to do it now. With this Jarrett goes up into the rafters looking for Sting. Sting finally appears and Jarrett begins to attack. He beats on Sting down the steps and back into the Impact Zone. Sting turns the tables with an eye rake and chokes Jarrett, but Jeff fights back and brings Sting down to the ramp and he rips Sting’s jacket off. Jarrett is punching away at Sting and finally sends him into the ring with a right hand. Sting can’t get up and Sting is trying to beg him off. Jarrett is screaming at Sting until the lights go off. When they come back on, Sting is behind Jarrett with his bat and hits Jarrett in the back and face with it. He stands over Jarrett until the rest of Team Hogan runs out to make the save and Sting bails to the outside and goes backstage.

JB is in the back with Ric Flair and the rest of his team. Flair says JB is with the the most important guys in TNA. He says Sting just set an example by taking out Jarrett, and they are going to end Team Hogan and Hulkamania this Sunday at Lockdown. Robert Roode addresses the high flyer Jeff Hardy and says he is going to make sure Hardy doesn’t fly again, and sorry about your damn luck. Desmond Wolfe is next, and says last week he took out Abyss in one shot. He says Abyss is an animal, and like any animal, he can be tamed. He is going to beat Abyss, and take back his ring. AJ adds to this by saying he is going to end this thing with Pope at Lockdown, and Pope can do nothing, and like it.

6 Man Tag New York City Streetfight Match
Team 3D & Jesse Neal vs The Band

This one gets underway quick and all of the participants are in the ring with various weapons. Team 3D and Jesse are in control and they are using trashcans on Nash, and Ray snaps a kendo stick across the back of Hall. They set Syxx Pac in the middle of the ring and give him and Nash kendo stick shots across the back and in the head. This is a completely one sided fight and now the fans are chanting for tables. Ray puts a trash can on the head of Nash and hits it with the kendo stick. Devon uses the trashcan lid on Hall and Jesse Neal is in control of Syxx Pac. Devon hits the Wassup! and then they get the tables from under the ring. Ray sets up the table and gives Syxx Pac a back body drop in the ring. Bubba runs down to the ring and distracts Brother Ray long enough for Syxx Pac to recover and Syxx Pac gives Ray the X-Factor off the top rope through the table. Syxx Pac makes the cover and gets the win for his team.
Winners: The Band

After the match The Band tries to continue the attack on Team 3D and Jesse until Eric Young rushes to the ring to make the save. He is carrying a hockey stick and The Band and Bubba get away from ringside in a hurry. EY grabs a mic and tells Nash he has a bone to pick with him. He says he wants Nash one on one in a cage. He says it’s going to be Nash and Young at Lockdown, and EY is going to get righteous. Nash and EY stare each other down as we go to a commercial break.

Christy Hemme is running down Hulk Hogan in the back and wants his thoughts on Lockdown this Sunday. She asks what’s going on since we’ve seen his team beaten up over the past few weeks. He responds by saying he has four guys on his team that are really serious about Lockdown. He says they will prevail and that… he stops and behind a curtain we get a glimpse of Bischoff talking to Flair. He asks Christy to excuse him and sits down until Bischoff walks by. He asks what that was about and Bischoff says it was nothing and that he hopes Hogan isn’t jumping to conclusions. Hogan says they should talk in his office and Bischoff rolls his eyes as Hogan walks away.

Shannon Moore vs Kazarian
Kazarian and Moore lock up and shove each other around the ring. Moore poses and then they lock up again before they exchange side headlocks. Kazarian is trying to keep Moore grounded but Moore keeps fighting back. Moore hits a couple armdrag takeovers and now has Kazarian grounded. Moore hits an atomic drop and a legdrop for a two count. He goes off the ropes and hits a crossbody but still only gets a two. Moore goes to attack once again but Kazarian reads this and pulls the rope down and Moore falls to the outside. Kazarian brings him in and hits a slingshot legdrop and a suplex for a two count. During this part of the match, Douglas Williams comes out to the ramp and then joins Tenay and Taz on commentary. Back in the ring, Moore tries reversing Kazarian off the ropes with a bulldog but lands akwardly and both men are down. When they get back up, Kazarian bails outside and Moore follows by going for a baseball slide, but misses. He instead jumps up on the ringpost and hits a twisting moonsault on the outside.

Moore jumps on Kazarian’s shoulder back in the ring but Kazarian holds Moore arms and dumps him back with an electric chair drop. Kazarian sets up Moore on the top rope but Moore fights back and hits a corkscrew moonsault for a two count. Both guys are trading pin attempts and the bell rings as Kazarian goes for a backslide pin. He doesn’t get a three count, instead it is a time limit draw. As the announcer tells the crowd the result of the match, Douglas Williams gets on the microphone and blasts them both for not being able to finish the match in time. He is ripping on both Moore and Kazarian, asking if they are going to kiss and make up until Kazarian and Moore go after him on the ramp. Williams begins to retreat and goes backstage as Moore and Kazarian chase him up the entrance.
Winner: Draw (TV Time Limit)

JB is in the back with Velvet Sky and he is holding her open contract that she won last week. She says tonight’s match won’t be for the Knockouts Championship, because it will be on the line this Sunday at Lockdown in a match between The Beautiful People and Tara and Angelina Love. If a member of TBP gets the pin, they will becomes Knockout Champion, but JB mentions if Tara or Angelina get the pin they will become Knockouts Tag Team Champions. She doesn’t like him interrupting and asks if he has anymore questions and cracks a leather whip in her hand to end the segment.

Bischoff is in Hogan’s office and Hogan wants to know what is going on, and says Bischoff is running around like he is nuts. Hogan wants to know what he should expect, and Bischoff says Hogan should should know what type of person he is after 15 years. He says he was with Flair because Team Hogan is getting their asses kicked and he is just trying to help. Bischoff leaves and Jay Lethal comes in, he says the need to deal with The Band and Hogan tells him after Lockdown they’ll get it together. Lethal leaves and Hogan leans back in his chair and looks really stressed out.

JB is in the back again, now with Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. She mocks Velvet’s choice of a Leather and Lace match and says she came to TNA to be the best women’s wrestler, not to parade around like a hooker. Tara come in and says Angelina didn’t win the title, she stole it with a key. JB reminds them they have to coexist this Sunday, but they stay in each other’s faces and Angelina taunts Tara, asking her what she is going to do about it. Tara asks if Angelina wants a piece of her and Angelina laughs as we go to another commercial break.

Christy Hemme is in the back with yet another backstage promo, this time she is with Abyss and Pope. Pope says after Lockdown he is going to be pimpin’ and jivin’ but Abyss says they have more important things to deal with. He says tonight, they have AJ and Wolfe right where they want them, and tells Wolfe it will take more than a fire extinguisher to take him down. He says they better take his last breath to beat him, because that is the only way he’ll be defeated and vows he will not let Hogan down on Sunday.

Leather and Lace Match
Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky informs Angelina that another stipulation has been added to their match, and now Angelina has to fight with her hands handcuffed behind her back. As she says this the referee grabs her arms and puts her in the cuffs. Velvet goes to get in the ring by doing her pose on the ropes but Angelina kicks her and corners her by the ring post. Angelina tries attacking again but Velvet hits her in the face with the Knockouts Title. She grabs a mic and adds one more stipulation, telling everyone that this is an ” I Quit” match. She asks Angelina if she quits yet, and Angelina screams no and Velvet beats away again. Velvet props her in the corner and says maybe if she strips Angelina naked she’ll quit. She rips off Angelina’s shirt, but Angelina says no and calls Velvet a bitch. Lacey and Madison Rayne come into the ring now and join the beatdown as this match is no disqualification. Tara’s music and she runs out for the save. TBP clear the ring and Tara pulls Angelina up off of the ground. She uncuffs Angelina and TBP make their way backstage. Angelina reaches out to shake Tara’s hand, but Tara turns her back and leaves the ring.
Winner: No Contest?

Christy is outside the Impact Zone and is looking upset. Abyss is on the ground as he is surrounded by trainers. She says all they know if they heard a car speed off and when they know more information they will keep everybody informed.

JB is with Matt Morgan and says the Motor City Machine Guns will still get their title shot, but since Morgan took out his tag partner Hernandez, he will have to defend with a new partner. Morgan says we don’t need a partner, and that they can defend it ourselves. Morgan says TNA is making him get a new partner and brings in Amazing Red. He puts over Red’s accomplishments and says Red can do his flip floppy stuff and Morgan will hit the Carbon Footprint for the win.

Tag Team Championship Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs Amazing Red & Matt Morgan (c)

Morgan starts off against Shelley and Morgan is overpowering him and Sabin. He throws Shelley outside and goes after Sabin before taunting the fans. Morgan tags out and Red comes in. Red hits a spinning headscissors and follows it with a dropkick. Sabin blind tags and kicks Red in the head. He goes for a pin but Red kicks out and then MCMG double teams him with a dropping neckbreaker like move. Morgan comes back in and takes control of the match. He splashes Shelley in the corner and goes to do it to Sabin but the Guns fight back. They double pin Morgan but he powers out and Morgan asks for a time out before tagging Red back in. MCMG dropkick Morgan off the apron and he comes back in and clotheslines Sabin. Morgan goes for the Hellavator but Red quickly hits the Code Red and gets a three count for the pin as Morgan looks pissed off that Red upstaged him.

When Red gets up they celebrate with the belts but Morgan isn’t sincere and attacks Red. He sets Red up in the corner an elbows him repeatedly and then pulls him outside. He puts Red’s head next to the ringpost goes to hit the Carbon Footprint but luckily Sabin pulls him out of the way and they retreat and Morgan is held back by the referees.
Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan (& Amazing Red)

In the back, Christy is updating Abyss’s condition, saying he is being stabilized and that they have a surveillance tape showing what happened to him. When they show the tape, Abyss is in the parking lot and his is rundown by a white car. They enhance the video and catch a glimpse of the driver. It appears to resemble Desmond Wolfe, but Christy says we can draw our own conclusions and sends it back to ringside.

Robert Roode vs Jeff Hardy
Roode starts off with a side headlock but Hardy hits an armdrag takeover. Roode goes to attack again but Hardy hits another armdrag. Hardy hits the double legdrop to the groin and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Roode dodges it and goes outside. He grabs Hardy leg and drags him outside. Roode throws Hardy into the ring steps and goes back into the ring. Roode hits a scoop slam and goes up top for a knee drop and covers for two. He goes back to working on Hardy’s neck and Hardy hits a jawbreaker and a spin kick to get away from Roode. Both men get back up at the referee’s five count and they exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Hardy hits a front suplex and hits a corkscrew moonsault off the top rope for a very close two count. Hardy misses the Twist of Fate again and Roode hits a spinebuster followed a suplex attempt. Hardy counters, hits a Stunner and measures his opponent. He goes up top and is interrupted by James Storm. He fights Storm off, and hits Roode with a Swanton Bomb to get the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Storm throws Hardy into the barricade and then into the ringpost. He tosses Hardy back into the ring and grabs his beer bottle. He waits for Hardy to get up and when he turns around, Storm blows a fireball in the face of Hardy! The referee checks on Hardy as Storm stands over him. RVD finally makes the save and goes after Storm until Roode helps his partner. Beer Money hits the DWI on RVD and they pose to the boos from the fans as they go to commercial.

When we come back, they show a replay of the fireball incident that just happened in the ring. Tenay says the network wouldn’t show the entire thing, but fans can see the uncensored footage on TNA’s website after Impact. Hardy is being shown taking to the back and having his face treated by medical personnel as Tenay is explaining all of this.

JB is in the back with Pope and is trying to get his thoughts on what is going on with his partner for tonight’s main event, Abyss. Pope is serious and says he has a job to do and he sends his prayers to Abyss. Jay Lethal walks in and calls JB “Mean Gene” and calls Pope “Slick”. He says they’ll take care of business and walks off as Pope looks like he has no idea what just happened, so apparently Jay Lethal is going to take Abyss’s place.

Impact Main Event
AJ Styles & Desmond Wolfe vs Pope D’Angelo Dinero & Jay Lethal

Lethal never makes it out to the ring and a camera crew in the back shows Lethal being beat up by Beer Money. Lethal tries fighting back but the numbers catch up to him. He fights off Roode and throws him into the interview set before Storm breaks a beer bottle over the face of Lethal. After this, AJ Styles makes his way down the ramp, followed by Flair and Chelsea. AJ says Pope’s partner has a “drinking problem” courtesy of Beer Money. AJ says it looks like this will be a handicap match and tells Desmond Wolfe to come out for the match. Before Wolfe makes it to the ring, Hulk Hogan hits him from behind with a chair and Pope goes after AJ and it looks like the match has been thrown out.
Result: No Contest

Pope continues to attack AJ, and sends him headifrst into the ringpost and steps. AJ is trying to run away but Pope is all over him. He sends AJ into the ring and Pope holds him in a fireman’s carry but AJ rakes the eyes and gets out the situation. AJ attempts a Styles Clash but Peope fights back and sets up for a DDE. Flair gets out of the wheelchair and nails Pope in the back with the title belt and the ref rings the bell eventhough the match never started. Flair gets in the rign and kicks away at Pope along with AJ. Beer Money comes out and joins in, and Flair takes off his belt and whips Pope with it. AJ throws Pope out of the ring and poses with his belt. Flair looks furious as Hogan makes his way out to the top of the ramp. Flair is daring Hogan to come down and Hogan looks worried as he stares at the men in the ring.


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