TNA iMPACT! – 19/04/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – 19/04/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles is out to start off tonight’s Impact, and he is not with Flair or the entourage. AJ is smiling before he tells the crowd to shut up. He says due to the victory celebration, Flair will be late. AJ says he proved he is the best wrestler in the world and he took care of business by himself. AJ says it doesn’t matter where it is, whether it’s on pay-per-view or TV; AJ is the best thing in TNA and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. RVD’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and grabs a mic. RVD says AJ is doing alot of talking, and thinks he is the best wrestler in TNA, but times have changed and it’s not true anymore. RVD says AJ is upset because he is used to getting all of the attention, and RVD isn’t that impressed with him. RVD taunts him a little more and says he is more deserving of the top spot than AJ and does his thumbs pose. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he is out to the ring next. Hardy says he came to continue his collection of world titles and he wants to be TNA Champion. Hogan’s music hits and he is also coming to the ring. 
Hogan says this is what he was talking about, and this is why everyone is talking about TNA. Hogan says no matter how you cut it, it’s all about the title. He tells everyone to watch what’s happening and addresses AJ. He says when you are the champion, you are the best and dreams come true. Hogan says it’s about limos, girls and money, and that’s why he wanted the title. He says just like him, AJ knows he has to prove it every night and that there is a bullseye always on his back. Hogan says enough with the crap and asks RVD and Hardy how bad they want it, and if they want it enough to fight tonight. Hogan makes it official and makes RVD versus Hardy for a title shot. AJ is pissed and says Hogan didn’t consult with him, and he won’t be ready for Sacrifice. Hogan says he wasn’t talking about Sacrifice, he’s making the shot for tonight! AJ is livid and screaming at Hogan as we go backstage.

Ric Flair Arrives

Flair comes in a back door and someone off-camera informs him about what Hogan just did. Flair doesn’t believe it and the guy confirms it. Flair shoves him out of the way and makes his way into the arena as we go to a commercial.

Knockout Tag Team Championship
ODB & Daffney vs The Beautiful People (c)

Velvet Sky starts out against Daffney. Daffney chases her around the ring and Lacey switches in and hits a back handspring elbow drop. Velvet comes back in and goes for a forearm smash off the top but Daffney hits her in the midsection and tags out. ODB hits shoulder blocks on Lacey and Velvet and hits a Thesz press on Velvet. She hits a fallaway slam and goes back after Velvet but Madison Rayne gets on the ropes and distracts the referee. He misses the pin attempt by ODB and turns around to count Velvet Sky rolling up ODB for the win.
Winners and STILL Knockout Tag Team Champions: The Beautiful People

JB is telling the camera crew to follow him and he can hear screaming coming from AJ Styles’ locker room. AJ is saying it’s not fair and that Flair is also barred from ringside. Flair says it wasn’t part of their plan, but he knows AJ can beat whoever he has to face. He also wants a rematch of Team Hogan vs Team Flair and he is giving a five minute time limit. It doesn’t matter who Hogan brings because Flair is declaring himself winner by forfeit. He screams at JB and tells him to get out as he slams the door.

Abyss and Jeff Jarrett are in the ring to answer Flair’s challenge and Abyss has a microphone. He tells Flair they heard about the challenge, but the war between them ended last night when they did what they said they would do and kicked Team Flair’s ass. He says if RVD and Hardy weren’t already scheduled in a match that they would have no problem fighting them again. Ric Flair comes out with his team and flat out tells Abyss to kiss his ass. He sends his team to the ring and Abyss and Jarrett are trying to fend them off but can’t for long. Rob Terry’s music hits and he comes out and cleans house. He press slams Desmond Wolfe into Sting and Flair is screaming at Jarrett, telling hiim he is a dead man. Eric Bischoff comes out and says he thought Flair learned his lesson last night. Bischoff says Flair will get his rematch, but he is adding Rob Terry to the match, and another partner who Bischoff says is dying to lace up his boots and kick Flair’s ass.

Matt Morgan approches Shannon Moore backstage and says he doesn’t need the help, but TNA is making him find a partner. He wants Moore to be his partner and says some gold would help him with his tattoos and outfit. He asks is Morgan’s ego is why he is calling himself “we” and says he needs to get ready for his X-Divsion title shot next week. He quotes the book of Dilligaf and tells Morgan to kiss his tattooed ass. He walks away and Morgan says what Morgan did was a big mistake.

Hogan and Bischoff are walking together and Hogan says after seeing Bischoff put one over on Flair he will never doubt Bischoff again. He says Bischoff is a genius for booking the rematch and Bischoff says he can’t wait for it. Hogan asks if “he” is going to be ready and Bischoff says “he’ll” be here and it’ll be intense and people will love it. Hogan next asks him about the new ranking system for the TNA World Heavyweight Title and Bischoff calls over his assistant and asks for the folder with the rankings in it. She plays dumb and asks if he wants the brown or green thingie and Bischoff tells her what he needs from his office. Hogan makes a comment about his thingie, and Bischoff says she takes great “dictation”. Hogan asks if he really just said that, and Bischoff is cracking up saying yes he just did.

RVD is shown walking to the ring, taping his wrists. He says Hardy is one of his best friends and one of the best competitor’s in wrestling. RVD is ready to show everybody why he is The Whole F’n Show.

#1 Contender’s Match
Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy

Hardy and RVD are feeling each other out and trying to get the upper hand over each other. They reverse each other’s offensive attempts and RVD gets Hardy in a waistlock. Hardy gets out of the hold and kicks RVD through the ropes and he lands outside on the floor. Hardy hits a dropkick through the ropes and RVD is busted open. RVD throws Hardy onto the guardrail and hits a corkscrew elbow off of the apron. RVD puts Hardy on the apron and hits a slingshot legdrop on Hardy and goes up top and hits a crossbody for a two count. RVD kicks away before Hardy dropkicks RVD’s knee. Hardy hits a jumping lariat and gets a two count. He punches away at RVD in the corner and clotheslines RVD coming out of a monkey flip attempt. Hardy counters RVD and gets another series of near falls. Hardy goes up top but RVD catches him and straddles him on the top rope. Hardy looks like he is out of it and RVD hits a sidekick off the turnbuckle. RVD hits a spinning legdrop and Rolling Thunder for a two count. RVD hits the split-legged moonsault for another close pinfall but Hardy barely kicks out. Hardy reserves a suplex and hits a front suplex and goes up top. RVD breaks up Hardy’s attempt at a Swanton by spinkicking Hardy on the top rope. RVD attempts a superplex but Hardy shoves him off and misses the Swanton again. RVD jumps up top and hits the 5 Star Frog Splash and the win and the title shot. (This was a pretty good TV match and you should check it out if you have the chance)
Winner: Rob Van Dam

Christy is in the back with Hardy and RVD, who requested that Hardy joins him for the time. RVD he says Jeff is his friend and thank him for the match. Christy says they are going to watch some highlights of the match and wants their thoughts. RVD says they knew it could’ve gone either way and they have each others support. RVD turns his attention to AJ and says he hopes he was watching. Hardy says if RVD can have another match like the one they just had, it will be a breeze. RVD says it’s all about the TNA Title and it’s all about Rob Van Dam.

Team Hogan is in their locker room getting ready and Abyss is trying to psych them up. He says Rob did what Hogan said and he raised the bar. Terry says everybody is going to know why they call him “The Freak” by the end of the night. They mention that they don’t know who the last member of their team is, but Abyss says he trusts Bischoff and he trusts Hogan to make the right pick. Jarrett says they’ll find out when everybody else does who the mystery partner is.

8 Man Tag Match – Lockdown Rematch
Sting, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money (Team Flair) vs Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry & Mystery Partner (Team Hogan)

The match will start out with one guy from each team and another member will come out in five minutes. After that, another member will come out in two minute intervals until all members are out. Once everybody is out, it will become a tag team rules match. Jeff Jarrett and Sting are going to start this match for their respective teams. The match goes into the audience quickly as Sting is using chairs to take Jarrett down. He sends Jarrett head first into the barricade and punches him on the stairway. Sting rakes the eyes of Jarrett but Jarrett fights back and throws Sting into a wall. He hits Sting in the back with a chair and sends him into the wall again. He tries the move again but Sting irish whips Jarrett into the wall and then they make their way back to the ring. Sting tells the referee to back off and then stomps away at Jarrett. There is less than a minute to go for the next team members to come out as Sting misses a splash in the corner and Jarrett fires away with right hands. Jarrett goes off the ropes and both men double clothesline each other. They are out on the mat as the clock expires and Desmond Wolfe is out for Team Flair. He works on Jarrett as we wait to see who will come out for Team Hogan. Wolfe hits a thumb to the eye and sets up for a Tower of London. Jarrett reserves it and hits a side back suplex. The clock expires and Rob Terry is the next member of Team Hogan to enter. He cleans house on Sting and Wolfe and is telling Wolfe to get up. Terry holds up Wolfe for a “delayed suplex” (aka Jackhammer) but turns it into a powerslam instead as we go to a break.

When we come back, Robert Roode and Abyss have already entered the match and Abyss catches Roode off the top and hits him with the big boot. Abyss signals for a chokeslam connects with it. Abyss irish whips Roode into the corner and gives him a backbody drop. The clock is counting down and the last member of Team Flair to make his way out is James Storm. This gives Roode time to recover and Storm pounds away on Abyss but Abyss fights back with a side slam. Storm tags out to Wolfe, who tries to stop Abyss from tagging out but is unsuccessful. Jarrett comes in and is quickly triple teamed by Wolfe and Beer Money. Jarrett hits a clothesline out of desperation and now all four men are down in the ring as Terry is calling for a tag. The countdown is on and the last partner is… Samoa Joe! Joe comes down to the ring looking angry and the crowd is going nuts. Jarrett looks shocked at who the partner was, and Joe tags himself in. He e hits a T-Bone suplex on Wolfe and takes out the other members of Team Flair. He puts Roode on the top turnbuckle and hits the Muscle Buster to give Team Hogan the win.
Winners: Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry and Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe wastes no time and leaves the ring. Jarrett is celebrating but Abyss and Rob Terry look confused. Ric Flair makes his way down the ramp and looks upset at what just happened. He tells Abyss he has something to say to him, and says next Monday night, Flair is asking Abyss to go one on one. He says his Hall of Fame ring is real, and he wants to put it on the line next week against Abyss. He leaves but doesn’t have an answer as Abyss looks unsure if he wants to do it.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Rob Van Dam vs “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

AJ goes right after RVD before the bell and throws him outside the ring. Styles hits a dive over the rope and holds his head as he gets up. Back in the ring, AJ sends RVD into ropes and trips him up, then hits a dropkick to put RVD down. AJ chops away in the corner and then works on the leg of RVD. RVD fights back and hits a stepover spinkick and uses the ropes to pull himself up. They trade punches in the middle of the ringand RVD hits a series of running clotheslines followed by the monkey flip out of the corner and Rolling Thunder. RVD goes for the pin but AJ kicks out at two. AJ locks in the Figure Four leglock and RVD is writhing around in pain before he makes it to the ropes to break the count. AJ pulls him back to the center of the ring RVD rolls him up in a small package for two, and AJ connects with the Pele kick and sets up for the Styles Clash. RVD reverses the attempt and sends AJ over the top rope and tries to recover. He doesn’t realize AJ held on and landed on the apron and AJ jumps off the top rope and tries for a hurricanrana but RVD powerbombs AJ instead. RVD jumps to the top turnbuckle and hits a big five star frog splash and pins AJ to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title!
Winner and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Rob Van Dam

After the match the crowd is popping huge for the new champion as red and yellow confetti is raining down on him. Jeff Hardy comes to the ring and congratualtes him as AJ Styles is absolutely shocked over what just happened. Hogan comes out to present the belt and a bunch of people come out from backstage to join in the celebration. Dixie Carter, Team Hogan, Team 3D, and Eric Bischoff are among the people who are in the ring. RVD shakes Hogan’s hand and slaps fives with Abyss as he celebrates his win some more as Impact goes off the air.


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