TNA iMPACT! – 26/04/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – 26/04/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Hulk Hogan is out to alot of pyro and is making his way down to the ring. He says things around here are wide open and he’s been on a high ever since Lockdown. He says being RVD right now and being the TNA Heavyweight Champion means you have a target on your back and you need to up your game. He talks about Bischoff’s new ranking system and tell the fans they’ll have a say in it. He puts over RVD and his matches with both Hardy and Styles. The crowd boos AJ’s name but Hogan says you can’t deny how good he is. He introduces RVD and the crowd is going crazy for the new champ. Hogan and RVD slap high fives and RVD tells Hogan to feel free and call him “Mr. TNA.” RVD says the reason he is in TNA is because everybody in the company would be fair and just let him be himself. He says some people will never understand his connection with Hogan or “mother earth’s finest”, but that’s fine. People don’t have to understand what it’s like to be him, but they have to understand that he’s the best at what he does, and he’ll be a great champion, and that’s why he’s the “Whole F’n Show.”
AJ Styles’ music hits and he comes out with Ric Flair. Before they get in the ring Hogan tells them no one invited them them and addresses them as ex-world champs. AJ tells everyone to shut up and gets in the ring to face off with RVD. AJ mocks RVD and says he is a hippie loser from California. AJ asks if RVD is high right now, and says he must be. AJ says he was beating the piss out of RVD and was going to win until he slipped on the ropes. He says he should get his title shot but he is stuck in a b.s. tag match instead. He says he will get his rematch whenever he wants it, not when Hogan or RVD want it, and tells RVD to stick that in his pipe and smoke it. Flair gets on the mic and says he knows it’s cool being champion because he’s done it 16 times. Flair says he and Hogan have a problem. Flair says Hogan is responsible for giving Abyss the ring and he says he is going to take everything Hogan has done to him out on Abyss.

The Beautiful People are near some production equipment and are complaining about having to defend their titles so soon. They say its discrimination against them and TNA management is out to get them. Madison Rayne says she’s not that worried about her match because of the way Tara and Angelina have been fighting with each other. She finishes by saying she is going to cleanse TNA of two ugly people at one time.

Knockout Championship Triple Threat Match
Angelina Love vs Tara vs Madison Rayne (c)

Before we get started the referee throws out Velvet Sky and Lacey and sends them to the back. When the bell rings Rayne tries to run out of the ring but gets caught by Tara and gets punched. Angelina and Tara face off and Tara picks her up for a Widow’s Peak but flips her over her shoulder instead. Rayne gets back up and kicks Tara and poses as we go to a commercial break. When we get back Angelina is in control and goes for a pin while Tara is down on the outside. Angelina hits a front slam and goes for a cover but Madison escapes outside. This gives Tara time to recover and she throws Angelina into the ringpost. Tara chokes out Rayne and tries to whip her off the ropes but Rayne counters with a facebuster, and is down as the referee makes the count. Angelina double clotheslines both when they get up, and hits Tara with a jawbreaker and Rayne with a bicycle kick. Rayne shoves Love into Tara and Tara spills out of the ring. She gets a quick rollup on Angelina for the three count to retain the title.
Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion – Madison Rayne

After the match, Tara goes after Angelina and they punch away at each other before security comes in to separate them. Tara is crying and says she is sorry and Angelina goes to leave. Tara was faking her sincerity and gives Angelina a forearm shot to the back as she leaves the ring, with Angelina still layed out on the ramp.

X Division Championship Match
Shannon Moore vs Kazarian (c)

Both men lock up and both men trade hip tosses. Moore misses a legdrop and both men standoff with each other and Moore hits a hurricanrana and then a legdrop into a pin attempt. Kazarian hits a springboard armdrag and follows it with a neckbreaker for two. Moore goes for a sunset flip but misses, and Kaz shoves him into the corner and knocks out the ref in the process. Moore goes up to the top rope but Kazarian hits him a kick to the head and then Moore blocks Kazarian’s hurricanrana attempt. Matt Morgan is trucking it to the ring and shoves Shannon Moore off the ringpost and to the floor. He throws Moore into the ring and leaves. Kazarian picks Moore and holds him in position like he is going to Alabama Slam Moore, but instead hits a reverse tombstone looking move for the win.
Winner and STILL TNA X Divsion Champion – Kazarian

After the match, Samoa Joe’s music hits and he comes down to the ring, looking like he is really ticked off. Kazarian looks confused and asks what he is doing. Joe says nothing and superkicks him into the corner and unleashes on him. Joe throws Kazarian up for the Muscle Buster and picks up his towel and leaves.

Abyss is cutting a promo in a dark area backstage, saying the ring drives him and makes him believe in himself. He says it’s in his head that Hogan believes in him, and that it’s not the ring that powers him. He tells Flair he is going to take his ring and does the whatchagonnado… thing when Flair loses his ring tonight.

Elsewhere, Matt Morgan is trying to recruit Jesse Neal to be his partner. Jesse says no after what Morgan did to Red two weeks ago. Morgan convinces him by bringing up one of Jesse’s fallen friends, and says “they” are done looking for partners and tells Jesse to think with his heart.

Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match
AJ Styles & Sting vs Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy

Jarrett and Hardy go right after AJ and Sting and attack them before the bell rings. Hardy takes AJ out to the ramp and Jarrett dropkicks Sting in the ring and then clotheslines him to the floor. Hardy suplexes AJ on the ramp as Jarrett hits hits with a chair in the audience. Hardy tosses AJ back in the ring and hits him with a forearm as Sting throws Jarrett back in the ring. Sting and AJ isolate Jarrett and Hardy waits for the tag. Jarrett and Sting both go down from a double shoulder block collision but Jarrett is able to make the tag. Hardy unloads on AJ and Sting walks away from the ring and leaves. AJ gets control of Hardy and sets up for the Styles Clash but Hardy whips him into the guardrail. While this is going on, Jarrett and Sting are fighting up in the rafters. Hardy has a ladder set up and Sting is beating on Jarrett with a bat. Hardy goes for a Swanton but Sting pins Jarrett on the steps before Hardy can jump. This was a decent idea but was a little hard to follow along with. Hardy hears the bell ring and is confused as one of the referees drags AJ off the table.
Winners – AJ Styles & Sting

Jesse Neal is with Team 3D in their locker room and he wants their blessing for a match. They say yea sure but then he tells them its against them. They don’t believe him and ask if he is serious. He says he wants to be a champion for the first time, not the 23rd like Team 3D. Brother Ray says he likes Jesse’s attitude and they taught him right. He also says Jesse better bring it because they are going to go at him harder than anyone else before.

Pope is wearing a sling and eyepatch, still showing his injuries from Lockdown. He says AJ tried taking away his career and wants to know who AJ thinks he is. Pope says he didn’t forget about AJ and eventhough he got the win, Pope will get his revenge because he isn’t done with AJ. Pope says he won’t regroup, because when he falls he gets right back up. He says AJ tripped him, but Pope is back up. Pope calls for an AMEN and is interrupted by Mr. Anderson. He reaches for his mic from the rafters and says wow. Anderson says he is going to call Pope the Kool-Aid man. Not the Oh Yeah kind, but the Jim Jones kind. He says he gets it, because the fans are gullible. He mocks Pope’s injuries and asks what happened to him. He says Angle is at home licking his wounds and asks if Pope will do the same. Pope tells him to hurry up or shut up. Anderson wants him to sack up and face him at Sacrifice and clucks at Pope like a chicken. Pope pimp slaps him and when Anderson gets up he kicks Pope’s leg out. Anderson rips off the eyepatch and digs his thumb into Pope’s eye. Security runs down to break up the assualt and Anderson easily leaves the ring and goes backstage as security looks at Pope.

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Team 3D vs Jesse Neal & Matt Morgan

Before the match Team 3D attacks Syxx Pac and puts him through a table. He is bleeding and lying unconscious as Ray is yelling at him before someone tells him they need to get inside. The run to the ring and Jesse and Morgan make their entrance. Jesse starts out and when Ray tags in he puts Jesse in a bearhug and then The Band’s music plays. Nash and Hall come out and Nash has blood on his hands. Team 3D goes to the ramp to fight them and Morgan attacks Jesse in the ring and chokeslams him. Morgan grabs his belts and leaves as we go to a break. When we come back Jesse is standing in the ring with Team 3D and tells Morgan that they are not finished. He tells Morgan to come out so he can kick his ass. Morgan is in the back and Christy runs up and asks why he isn’t responding to Jesse. He says he doesn’t care and they are off the clock, still tag team champs. Hogan comes up to him and says Morgan can deal with him, or Jesse. Morgan goes to the ring and Jesse goes off on Morgan. He picks up one of the title belts and goes to hit Morgan with it, but Morgan low blows him and hits Jesse in the head with it instead. Morgan poses with the belt as Shannon Moore’s music hits. He rushes to the ring and hits a tope rope missile dropkick to send Morgan out of the ring. Jesse gets up and shakes Moore’s hand as they pose for the crowd.
Winners – No Contest?

Bischoff is ready to explain the new rankings system and says he came up with something new. He says the fans will help decide the top ten and they can vote at Jay Lethal comes in and says Andre, Koko B Ware and The Red Rooster should get shots and so should the Hart Foundation. Bischoff just shakes his head and Lethal rolls off more names of WWE Legends.

Orlando says he is misrepresented and needs color, passion and life and works of art. He says speaking of works of art and brings up Rob Terry. He says he will have a new show next week called the O-Zone and Terry will be his first guest. Nice straight forward promo that allowed mic time for OJ instead of his bizarre segments the past few weeks.

Ric Flair is preparing for his match with Abyss and says he is coming out of retirement, but there’s no rules about putting the boots back on. He compares himself to Wild Bill and Doc Holliday and says it’s another notch in his belt when he faces another young guy who thinks he’s something and kicks his ass. He says he is fighting for what he believes in, and he is ashamed at how Hogan treated the Hall of Fame ring, since it is so special to Flair. He says he is going to go out there tonight and do it exactly how he has his entire career, and that’s the bottom line. Not because Steve Austin said so, but Ric Flair said so because he was saying it first.

Hall and Nash are in the back and are still angry over what happened earlier. Nash is pissed that JB is asking them what is next and Nash says they are going to make sure their friend is OK. JB asks if there is anything else they can do and Hall says he is going to get his ass kicked and he should leave. Hall says he is the nice one that their beef is with Team 3D not JB and the crew. Nash says next time it will be fair and they will have three guys too.

Winner Gets Both Hall of Fame Rings
Ric Flair vs Abyss

Back and forth action with the typical Flair spots before they go outside to the floor. Abyss clubs away at Flair and busts him open. Flair tries to get away and pokes Abyss in the eye. Flair goes up top but Abyss slams him to the mat. Abyss hits a big boot and then a side slam for a two count. Abyss goes to grab Flair in the corner but Flair low blows him and the referee, who was right behind Abyss. Flair pulls out brass knuckles and hits Abyss twice with them and gets the win. The referee sees the brass knuckles when he raises Flair’s hand, and orders the match to be restarted. Abyss psychs up and hits Flair with a quick Black Hole Slam to get the win, and he wins Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame ring too.
Winner – Abyss

Hogan comes out to the wrestling ring to congratulate Abyss and they attack Flair. They take Flair’s ring off of his finger and they pose with them. Hogan gets on the mic and says he knows who he is going to present the ring to, and it is going to be next week live on Impact. Flair screams no as he holds onto the ropes as Abyss and Hogan continue to pose with the rings on their hands as this week’s Impact comes to a close.


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