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Its Monday and that means its time for the first of hopefully many weekly roundups of the latest news and rumours concering Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman’s contract status

Regarding the contractual status of Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, both have yet to be signed to regular contracts as they are stilling working on pay-per-appearance deals. TNA is reportedly paying Hall $3,000 per appearance, which would make him among the highest earners in the company. Hall has been making great in roads lately and is working hard to get back in ship, expect him to be part of TNA’s future plans. However following the scripted “injury” of Sean Waltman on the last Impact i suspect TNA will not be using Waltman anytime in the near future.

TNA interested in Shelton Benjamin? (Source: Wrestling Observer)

TNA is interested in signing Shelton Benjamin, who was released from WWE last week. With Benjamin’s former tag team partner Charlie Haas currently a free agent, many within TNA want to see the company sign both Haas and Benjamin and reunite them with their former onscreen “mentor” in WWE, Kurt Angle. “Team Angle” was a dominant force on the SmackDown brand almost 10 years ago and that gimmick was arguably the peak of Haas and Benjamin’s WWE careers. Benjamin is the only recent WWE release that TNA is looking to pick up at this time.

Shane Helms to sign with TNA?

Reports are circulating that Gregory Helms will be joining TNA Wrestling once his ninety no-compete clause with World Wrestling Entertainment expires in late May. He has already made verbal deal with the organization through Jeff Hardy. He will most likely be performing under his WCW ring name, Shane Helms.

Jim Ross gives a thumbs up to Mick Foley’s new TNA-themed book (courtesy

WWE’s Jim Ross gave a strong endorsement to Mick Foley’s TNA-themed “Countdown to Lockdown” book in his latest blog on Foley’s book is scheduled for release this fall. “I did not have the highest of expectations for this book considering what I perceived it to be about based on the title. I was wrong,” Ross said. Ross said the strengths of the book include Foley’s words on his final days in WWE as a Smackdown announcer, which included working with Ross. “Mick also shares more than one compelling conversation that he had with Vince McMahon during those days,” Ross said. “I have read this book twice this week and have no issues whatsoever in encouraging you to give it a shot when it is released. … Mick does this book in journal form which makes for a quick and fun read that I feel very confident that wrestling fans will enjoy.”


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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