TNA Xplosion – Friday 14/05/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Impact Report – Friday 14/05/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Also available at Wrestle Zone UK

Broadcast Friday 14/05/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel.

Our host – JB, Jeremy Borash welcomes us to the show and tells us we picked a great week to tune into Xplosion, that TNA has listened to the fans and over half a million fans took part in the online pole to determine a number one contender and tonight we will see the winner of that poll – Desmond Wolfe take on TNA World Heaveyweight Champion Rob Van Dam! Aswell as that we will see a three way tag match featuring Team 3D, Beer Money Incorporated and the Motor City Machineguns, Abyss taking on AJ Styles in a monsters ball match and much more from this past weeks iMPACT!

Borash reminds us of Abyss’ win over Ric Flair last week and Hogan and Abyss taking Flair’s Hall of Fame Ring. Hogan then decided to give the ring away to annoy Flair but we’d never guess who, JB tells us to check it out –

With that we go to the iMPACT zone to see Jay Lethal entering to 2001 a Space Odyssey. Lethal is sporting Ric Flairs hall of fame ring and is in a suit in place of his usual Black Machismo outfit. Lethal grabs a mic and does an UNCANNY impersonation of Flair (alot better than AJ’s impression anyway!) and includes the customary  “Whooo!”, “Shut Up” and “Fat Boy” to fans. The crowd begin chanting “We want Flair! We Want Flair!” to which Lethal replies “But i’m already here!” hilarious stuff! This guys is comedy gold i tell you. But wait a second, here comes the real deal – it’s the man Ric Flair and hes on his way to the ring and does not look pleased.

Lethal continues with some Flair impressions, but he’s only digging himself an even bigger hole! Flair tells him he’s standing in front of god right now. Lethal tries to calm down naitch by ensuring him that he was only messing around and meant no disrespect, he hands over the Hall of fame ring and tells the nature boy that it belongs to him because he earned it. Flair thanks him but says that that hasn’t got him out of the hole he’s dug for himself, and Flair slaps Lethal!!

Flair continues to slap Lethal, but jay has had enough and slaps Flair with force to the delight of the Impact zone! Flair and Lethal trade chops in the corner to many “WHOOOOO!’s” Machismo with the back body drop and he puts the figure four leg lock on the Nature Boy. But here come back up for Flair, as Beer Money, AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe hit the ring and pummel Machismo. Abyss runs/saunters to the ring.

Each of the heels wait in turn to be punched by the big man! But the tables are turned as they all gang up on Abyss. And now here come Team 3D this is turning into a pier 6 brawl – I LIKE IT! RVD’s music suddenly hits and the crowd goes mental, wow what a response this guy is getting. Out comes RVD with a chair and chases off the heels as we cut to a commercial break.

This Extreme Sports channel has some unbelievably strange programming, the Dudesons look like complete nut jobs if you ask me!

We are back from commercial with Jeremy Borash. JB plugs the website and asks that we checkout TNA Today (great web program btw!) and some of Don Wests crazy deals in the store (er… thanks!). But now its that time we’ve been waiting for – in fact if you watched iMPACT! already then the only part of the show worth watching – yes its the Xplosion Exclusive match of the week!!!

Xplosion Exclusive

Match 1:  Max Buck vs Frankie Kazarian (X-Division Champion) – Non-Title Match

  • We join Mike Tenay and Taz at soundstage 21. Tony lets us know that we are in for a treat this week as the X Division stars take centre stage on Xplosion. Our exclusive match pits Generation Me’s Max Buck against TNA X Division champ Frankie Kazarian in a non-title match.
  • Max Buck’s first singles match in TNA, will be interesting to see how he handles himself.
  • Tenay and Taz discuss the X Division title situation with Kazarian being champion in name only at the moment as former champ Doug Williams has refused to hand over the title, the dispute is to be settled this weekend at Sacrifice!
  • Kazarian vs Max Buck - Headlock - Xplosion 14/05/2010

    Kazarian gets Max Buck in a headlock - Xplosion 14/05/2010

    Kazarian gets Buck in a headlock

  • Buck whips Kazarian into the ropes but Kazarian just runs him over
  • Taz thinks Generation Me remind him of the Midnight Rockers with those tassled tights
  • Backslide by Kazarian but he only gets a two count!
  • Back up and Kazarian hits the swinging kneckbreaker and goes for another pin attempt but again its just a two count.
  • Kazarian whips Buck and attempts the clothesline, buck ducks and backflips into a superb hurricanrana!!
  • Another back flip on top of a downed Kazarian but he only gets a one count from the ref
  • Buck takes Kazarian into the corner and unloads a couple of shots
  • Buck gets on Kazarian’s shoulders but Kazarian falls back into a back bridge but only gets a two count again.
  • Mike and Taz discuss how a year away (we all know where he was!!) for Kazarian seems to have reinvigorated him, Taz suggests Mike takes a break away from him!
  • Frankie Kazarian vs Max Buck - Xplosion - 14/05/2010

    Kazarian leapfrogs over Max Buck

    Legdrop off the top rope from Kaz and ANOTHER two count!

  • Buck to the outside, jumps into the ring over top of Kaz into what looks kinda like an ace crusher
  • Buck gets a very close two count.
  • Kaz flips buck over the top rope, buck landing on the apron on the outside and attempts a sunset flip from the outside in, but UH OH! Kazarian has caught him and hits that reversed piledriver for the 1…..2…..3!!

    Frankie Kazarian vs Max Buck - Xplosion - 14/05/2010

    Frankie Kazarian hits the inverted piledriver for the win

  • Superb match! Great effort from both guys.
  • Taz is unsure what to call the move Kazarian used to finish the match, Tenay describes a pile driver, Taz tells Tenay he knows what the hell a piledriver is as he nearly had his neck broke by one! Good banter from the talking heads, they could do with transferring some of this to iMPACT!
  • Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Back to the studio and we are with JB again. JB says there is a new tag-team on the go in INK Inc., and we can see them in action against the man who thinks he’ still the X-Division champion – Doug Williams and his tag partner for the evening, Brian Kendrick.

Match 2: Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) vs Doug Williams & Brian Kendrick

  • We look back at Matt Morgan betraying Jesse Neal on impact and Shannon Moore coming for the save and the beginning of a friendship between these two.
  • Neal and Williams lock up
  • trade reversals
  • Cross body block from Neal but only a two count!
  • Matt Morgan joins the commentary team, still referring to himself as “we” and demands that Hogan lets him known his sacrifice partner within 7 days or its open season on the whole roster.
  • Williams tags in Kendrick
  • Who’s first offensive move appears to be messing up Neals mohawk!
  • And Neal appears to give kendrick a horse back ride across the ring for a moment. This is weird am i watching the right show?
  • Williams tagged back in, gets neal in the corner for a pummeling
  • Neal eventually gets the hot tag to moore and Kendrick is tagged back in also
  • Huge cross body off the top from the prince of punk who then proceeds to take williams off the apron with a punch
  • Flying sidekick on kendrick, goes for the pin but its only a two count.
  • Neal tagged back in and hits Kendrick with a spear
  • And we have a three count!
  • Winners: Ink inc.


  • Back from the ad break, JB tells us that we are about to see all the knockouts titles on the line in one match as the Beutiful People take on Tara, Taylor Wilde and Sarita.

Match 3: TNA Knockouts Title & Tag Team Title Match – The Beautiful People vs Tara, Taylor Wilde and Sarita

  • So all the knockouts titles are on the line tonight, if you pin either Lacey Von Erich or Velvet Sky you get the Tag-Team Titles, pin Madison Rayne and you get the Knockouts title.
  • Tara controls early but Lacey hits a spinkick.
  • Sarita tags in and sunset flips Lacey, but Lacey makes the tag to Velvet Sky.
  • Velvet tries a charge on Sarita in the corner, Sarita gets the boot up, and gets a flapjack for 2.
  • Sarita tags out to Taylor and suplexes Taylor onto Velvet for 2, but Velvet fights her way free and tags out to Madison Rayne.
  • Taylor goes to make the hot tag to Sarita, but Tara tags herself in.
  • Sarita is upset by this and tags herself in, causing Tara to turn around and nail Sarita, then lays out Taylor as well and follows her out to the floor as the Beautiful People drag Sarita back in and hit a double DDT for the win.
  • A truly horrible match my friends, way too many blown spots but a nice finish.
  • Winners: The Beautiful People

Back with JB, who says that there a number of tag teams lining up for a shot at the tag-titles against current champ Matt Morgan and whoever his partner for the evening may be, JB asks us to checkout these tag teams in a 3 way tag match from impact.

Match 4: Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money vs Team 3D

  • Sabin and Roode start the match with a fast paced sequence
  • Storm and Shelley tagged in
  • Shelley getting a 2 count on Storm.
  • Wow this is a fast paced match, having trouble keeping up tbh.
  • Shelley tags out to Brother Devon, who nails Storm with a clothesline for 2, then beats him down in the corner.
  • Roode gets a boot to the back of Devon from the outside and tags in and starts putting the boots to Devon.
  • Tag back out to Storm and they hit a double suplex and then do the “Beer!…Money!” chant with the crowd before covering Devon for 2.
  • Beer Money work Devon over and whip him into the corner, but Storm misses a charge and Devon clotheslines Roode
  • Hot tag to Brother Ray, who comes in and cleans house on Beer Money. 3D does the Whazzup, seriously i don’t feel like i’ve been away from wrestling at all, that joke was old a decade ago!
  • The Band/Wolfpack – Hall and Nash rush the ring and attack Team 3D, and its 1998 all over again!! They throw this match out due to interference
  • Winners: NO CONTEST
  • Eric Young comes out with a kendo stick to chase off Hall & Nash and then, predictably, nails 3d with it instead, not impressed with this tbh i like Eric Young but was expecting a new face to be the third man tbh. Whatever.

Back with JB who informs us we are in for a treat as AJ Styles takes on Abyss in Abyss’ specialty match – the Monsters Ball!

Match 5: Monsters Ball Match – AJ Styles vs Abyss

  • Abyss makes his way to the ring with weapons and begins tossing them into the ring much to AJ’s annoyance.
  • AJ jumps Abyss on his way to the ring and tosses a trash can at Abyss, but charges Abyss and gets backdropped back into the ring. Easily the one advantage of the ring ramp tbh.
  • Abyss wedges a chair in the corner, ducks a chairshot from AJ, and levels him with a big boot.
  • Abyss grabs a crutch (it’s funny how crutches always seem to be lying around at wrestling shows huh?) and takes a swing at AJ, but AJ ducks and hits the Pele kick
  • AJ comes off the ropes and Abyss just presses AJ about seven feet up in the air and AJ comes down hard.
  • Abyss dodges a leapfrog, rams AJ into the chair in the corner with a simply awesome thud and hits Shock Treatment and gets a 1……2…..oh! 2 only.
  • Abyss goes and gets the thumbtacks and pours them in the ring
  • Flair drags Chelsea, clad in a trenchcoat, down to the ring and tells her to take her coat off.
  • Chelsea seems really upset by this request and Abyss tries to defend her, but AJ nails him from behind with several chairshots and then a springboard crossbody onto the thumbtacks for the win.
  • Winner: AJ Styles
  • Afterwards the heels beat down Abyss and Chelsea removes her coat to reveal that all along she had a dress on underneath and it was all a ruse. Good segment. AJ appeared to really hurt his hand on the thumbtacks upon landing though.

Back with JB who informed us that over half a million fans took part in TNA’s number 1 contender poll and the winner was none other than Desmond Wolfe, and it’s now time to see Desmond Wolfe get his shot against the champion RVD in the main event.

Match 6:  TNA World Heaveyweight Title Match – Rob Van Dam vs Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea

  • The match starts at a fast pace and RVD keeps the early initiative for a while but Wolfe gets in a few nice counters.
  • Rob Van Dam takes back control though with a Rolling Thunder but it only keeps Wolfe down for a split moment.
  • Wolfe sets up for the Tower of London but RVD blocks it
  • Wolfe retries the TOL on the outside but RVD answers with a back kick onto the entrance ramp.
  • Wolfe charges back but ends up getting backdropped into the ring.
  • Five Star Frogsplash connects for RVD and the champion retains in a short but solid contest.
  • Winner: Rob Van Dam
  • RVD celebrates post-match but his celebrations are interrupted as AJ Styles runs out and nails RVD from the top rope sending him to the matt. AJ pummels RVD some more and invokes the rematch clause, saying that he’s going to take the title when he gets his shot at Sacrifice.

With that we fade.

All in all a solid show  for a magazine/recap show. This weeks Xplosion Exclusive was a superb match and well worth checking out on the TNA YouTube channel if you have a few spare minutes and an appetite for good wrestling. That’s it for this evening, hope you enjoyed my report, as ever i welcome any questions, comments and feedback – feel free to email me at – look out for my iMPACT! report following the show tomorrow, see you then!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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