TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 15/05/2010



TNA Impact Report – Saturday 15/05/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Three Tickets to Sacrifice”

Saturday 15/05/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 13/05/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We open with the customary look back at the events of last week’s Impact!

And we are TAPED! from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL for two hours of TNA Impact only a few days away from TNA Sacrifice. Mike Tenay informs us that tonight, the results of the Top 10 Contenders vote are in and we will find out who RVD will take on in tonight’s main event.

And Eazy E’s music hits and Bischoff is on his way to the ring. Bischoff tells the crowd it’s been too long since he had been in the ring and that he truly loves each and every one of them, and with that in mind he’d like to bring out “Mr TNA” Rob Van Dam! Another big pop from the crowd as the “Whole F’N Show” makes his way to the ring. Bischoff informs RVD that a lot of interesting information came out of the poll as to who people want to see RVD go up against. Bischoff lets RVD know that Jeff Hardy won this weeks poll, another huge pop from the crowd for Jeff, but that unfortunately noone can find Jeff. They’ve been trying to call him but haven’t been able to get in touch. (A case of double standards for TNA Management? Sean Waltman, give me a shout we can sue the hell outta these guys!)

Bischoff, much to the disappointment of fans says he has no other choice but to offer RVD the night off. RVD grabs the mic and tells Bisch that he’s really enjoying being TNA champion and in particular defending the titleand proving he’s the best and as such there’s no nights off for RVD. We get “ready to fly” as AJ Styles music hits and little naitch’ in a particularly flash suit and sunglasses combo makes his way to the ring.

AJ grabs the mic and asks RVD to watch his mouth as there are children present and that he should be a role model like him. Bischoff tries to interrupt but AJ cuts him off telling him not to say a word. AJ says RVD wants to wrestle and AJ is in the mood to hurt somebody, so lucky RVD! AJ suggests they hook it up and do this right here tonight, RVD seems to agree, looks like we have a main event friends!! But hold….on….just a second! The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy has made it after all! Jeff apologises for his tardiness, and informs everybody that he’s still trying to get used to this 8 O’Clock call time. Alluding to the switch back to Thursday nights he says one minute we are on Monday then on Thursday and that he dosen’t have a secretary telling him what to do, where to be or who to meet. Comically AJ shouts “I do!” lol! AJ is really been coming on as a heel lately, he seems to be coming into his own with this character as opposed to just a very bad Ric Flair impression as he was early on. Jeff says bottom line is hes in the impact zone and ready for his match tonight. AJ tells jeff to slow down, informs him that AJ vs RVD is already booked for tonight and suggests that Jeff go backstage and paint him a painting or whatever the hell he does. Jeff says RVD is the champ and he can open any metaphorical doors in the impact zone, suggests he makes this a three-way dance! The crowd pops huge as RVD agrees! Guess we have a dream match main event tonight!

We join the talking heads who welcome us to the broadcast and they look back and discuss what just happened for all those amnesia sufferers who apparently watch impact every week.

We join JB, Jeremy Borash backstage conducting an Interview with the Beutiful People. Lacey Von Erich keeps squirming for some reason throughout the interview. Madison Rayne informs us that Tara needs to face the fact that she’s no longer the Knockouts champion, she is. Tells Tara she needs to step aside and let a new girl run with the ball. Rayne says she will prove she deserves the title at Sacrifice. Velvet Sky says Tara is going to be just another victim of the Beautiful People’s  pledge to cleanse the world one ugly person at a time. Lacey Von Erich cuts her off saying she needs to go to the bathroom and proceeds to run off. Velvet is fuming at being cut off, Madison calms her down saying Lacey is only with them because she’s beautiful. Possible turn for Lacey on the cards? Guess we’ll see.

Back to the Impact Zone where we will see the lovely Taylor Wilde take on Tara  following Tara’s turn on Taylor and Sarita last week.

Match 1: Taylor Wilde w/Sarita vs Tara

  • Ref informs Sarita she must leave the ring
  • Tara talks smack to Sarita as she leaves
  • With her back turned, Taylor Wilde goes right after Tara to start and Tara bails to the floor.
  • Crossbody off the apron from Taylor
  • The referee Slick Mark Johnson, pulls Taylor away and tells her to keep it in the ring
  • Back in the ring Taylor hits a leg lariat
  • Tara tries to stall pleading with Taylor
  • Taylor won’t listen and takes a run but is thrown out to the ramp by Tara
  • Tara follows her out, slams her on the ramp, then tosses her back in.
  • Tara goes for the somersault legdrop over the top, Taylor moves and goes for a springboard crossbody out of the corner, but Tara catches her coming out with a kick to the midsection and covers Taylor for three count!
  • Winner: Tara
  • She connected with a pretty fierce kick, they appear to be selling it that she kicked her with that leg brace, nonetheless an unexpected finish.
  • Post match beatdown from Tara with the leg brace, Sarita makes the save.

We go backstage, where there seems to be some commotion around a crying Chelsea and an irate Desmond Wolfe who says that someone just assaulted Chelsea and asks that the camera’s get out of here.

Back from the break, Christy Hemme is saying that Chelsea is alleging that she was assaulted in an undisclosed location.

Back to the arena and Brian Kendrick is in the ring, his opponent, Doug Williams following HIS turn on Kendrick last week, at least we can’t follow Russo for continuity eh?

Match 2: Brian Kendrick vs Doug Williams

  • Williams tells Kendrick before the match that Kendrick is a crazy loser, and he’s never seen him win a match, so tonight’s match is non-title as he is not worthy of a shot at his title. Taz says its non-title as Doug is non-champion!
  • Kendrick attacks Williams to start but Williams comes back with a knee to the gut and a snap vertical suplex for a two count.
  • Williams with a back elbow and a kneedrop as Frankie Kazarian joins the broadcast team to discuss his match with Williams at Sacrifice.
  • Kendrick comes back with some kicks and a flying forearm for a two, but Williams rolls out to the floor.
  • Williams picks the leg from the outside and slams it into the ring apron, then comes back in and DDTs the leg.
  • Williams with a half crab on Kendrick
  • Taz informs Kazarian that his property is literally only a few feet a way and that perhaps it would be a good idea for him to go reclaim it.
  • Kazarian decides to go down to ringside and reclaim his title belt.
  • Williams sees him coming, breaks the hold and goes to grab the belt, allowing Kendrick to roll him up from behind for the shock win!
  • Winner: Brian Kendrick

We go back to Christy who is with Head Of Security Pat Kenney and presses him for details, and he says he doesn’t believe what he just heard, and walks off.

Post ad-break Christy lets us know she has a name for Chelsea’s alleged attacker, but the police will not let her name them until they have the person in custody…..wonder if it’s Goldberg……after all, WCW fans will know the guy has a history of this sort of stuff! 🙂 see Miss Elizabeth @ Nitro early 1999. Anyhow let’s go back to the ring for more action.

Match 3: Generation Me vs Matt Morgan

  • Double clothesline from Morgan
  • The blueprint picks Jeremy up for a suplex and just plants him with a uranage
  • Morgan with a very stiff looking big boot on Max.
  • Morgan grabs a mic and asks Hogan if it looks like he’s playing. He said there would be bloodshed if Hogan didn’t tell him who his partner would be at Sacrifice, and the bloodshed will begin now.
  • He tosses Jeremy to the floor and puts his head against the ringpost, but before he can hit the Carbon Footprint, Samoa Joe makes his way out.
  • Morgan meets him in the ring and tries a Carbon Footprint in the corner, but Joe dodges and hits a leaping enziguiri
  • He goes for the Muscle Buster on Morgan! WOW! That was impressive.
  • Winner: No Contest
  • Joe heads to the back leaving Morgan downed in a heap in the ring
  • The Band/Wolfpac music hits and here comes Hall, Nash and Young to the ring
  • Nash has a briefcase in hand…….no way!!
  • Its the feast or fired tag title shot and their calling it in.

Match 4: TNA Tag-Team Championship Match – Matt Morgan vs Kevin Nash & Scott Hall w/Eric Young

  • The ref has the bell rung and Nash covers Morgan for the Win!!! New Tag-Team Champions, nice unexpected swerve there!
  • Winners and NEW Tag-Team Champions – Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

We’re backstage with Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal, in another one of those documentary style vignettes (apprently the work of Bischoff good friend and business partner Jason Hervery of Wonder Years fame) who say that Hall and Nash have had their time, and they’re going to take their time at Sacrifice! With that we go back to the ring…

Match 5: Team 3D vs Beer Money vs Motor City Machineguns vs Ink Inc.

  • Please stop these multi-tag matches TNA they are a nightmare to recap!!
  • Storm and Shelley start and they do a fast paced sequence that ends with Shelley making a blind tag to Sabin
  • Sabin tosses Storm to the floor and follows him out with a dive.
  • Back in the ring, Sabin covers for two count, then Storm goes to the eyes.
  • Roode and Devon are in now and they go toe to toe with Devon coming out on top of that and hitting a powerslam for another two count.
  • Tag out to Brother Ray and Team 3D with a double flapjack.
  • Moore tags himself in by slapping Brother Ray’s back and hits a flying bodypress on Roode for the two count, but Roode tosses him to the floor where Storm rams him into the guardrail and beats the snot out of him before tossing him back in the ring.
  • Storm tags in and Beer Money with a double elbow.
  • Roode tags back in and goes to work on Moore and locks on a headlock
  • Moore fights out and gets a sunset flip for the two count, but Roode kills him with a stiff clothesline for yet another two count.
  • Storm tags in, Moore hits a flip bulldog and makes the hot tag to Jesse Neal who comes in and cleans house on Roode.
  • Moore’s ear looks to have been seriously cut at some point by the way and is bleeding quite bad. Ouch!
  • Beer Money double team him but Brother Ray tags himself in…and gets rolled up by Neal for two.
  • Now the MCMG come in and go to work on Team 3D before kicking Storm off the apron and wiping out Roode on the floor
  • It’s Neal and Devon, but Bubba hits him from behind and 3D hits the Doomsday Device!
  • Looks like this one is over!
  • NO!! Moore makes the save! They go for a 3D on Moore but Neal breaks it up, allowing Moore to hit the Mooregasm on Brother Ray and Neal to hit the spear for the win!!
  • Winners: Ink Inc.

We go backstage to another close captioned promo with Ric Flair, who gives his thoughts on tonight’s main event, and he says that if nothing else gets accomplished tonight, RVD’s going to be limping into Sacrifice.

We see TNA Global Champion- Big Rob Terry walking backstage, tonight he’ll face Abyss!

Backstage for another close captioned docu-style segment. Jeff Hardy is applying his makeup as RVD makes his way into the dressing room. In a funny moment, RVD informs Jeff he’s has something on his face “there, there and all over there” pointing to all of his face, Jeff laughs it off. They talk about how into this the fans are. Jeff’s a huge fan of RVD’s as champion, but he envisions himself as the champion as well. It’s all cool, and they’ll see each other out in the ring.

Match 6 : TNA Global Championship Match – Rob Terry vs Abyss

  • Is parts unknown on earth? I mean how do we know for sure? I would call into question Abyss’ eligibility for a global title shot.
  • In the back and we see Abyss being handcuffed by police officers.
  • He says he hasn’t done anything. He asks where Dixie and Hulk is.
  • Wolfe tries to attack Abyss as he’s being put in the car.
  • Abyss keeps yelling that he didn’t do anything.
  • Hogan appears, asks cops for a moment with Abyss.
  • Abyss says he didn’t do anything. Hogan says it’s going to be ok and not to worry.
  • They want him to take his mask off. Hogan tells the cameraman to get out of here. Hogan takes off Abyss’s mask and puts the hood over his head (his back was to the camera the entire time).
  • They put Abyss into the car and take him away.
  • Hogan yells to get Desmond Wolfe out of here.

Tenay tells us that the situation is serious, Rob Terry still standing in the ring, but here comes Orlando Jordan through the crowd and attacks Rob Terry. He hits Terry with a low blow and goes to the outside where he grabs an iron bar. He strikes big rob with the bar sending him crashing to the mat. Orlando takes something from his trunks as i look away in fear. Oh few! Its just a deck of cards! Orlando places the “Wild Card” on Rob Terry.

We’re back from the ad break and Orlando Jordan is in the ring. We get highlights of the attack that we just witnessed. Jordan says it’s about time that we cut the foreplay. He’s the TNA Wild Card. He asks the people if they want him to leave, a huge yes from the crowd and me at home! Jordan responds with “Then allow him to fufill your fantasy”. He now gives an open challenge to anyone in the back, if they want him to leave, come get him outta here.

And we’ve got a participant, it’s Tomko! Haven’t seen him in a while.

Match 6:  Orlando Jordan vs Tomko

  • Tomko picks up Jordan and throws him into the corner before hitting him with a huge double leg.
  • Jordan takes him down with a double leg and starts throwing the rights.
  • Jordan charges him in the corner but Tomko avoids.
  • Military press into a fallaway slam by Tomko.
  • Jordan rolls out of a slam attempt and hits Tomko with a dropkick.
  • Chokes Tomko in the ropes.
  • Snapmare by Jordan and he locks in a sleeper.
  • He then hits him with another snapmare and locks in another sleeper.
  • Tomko fights out and hits Jordan with a huge clothesline.
  • Pin attempt but only a two count.
  • Jordan fights out of the double handed chokeslam and hits a backcraker.
  • Tomko tried to lift Jordan but Jordan locks on a Guillotine choke.
  • Tomko passes out.
  • Winner: Orlando Jordan

Hogan is in the back, says its over and this is all they are going to remember Abyss for, and thats just not him. Lacey Von Erich enters and says Hogan needs to see this, it wasn’t Abyss, she gives him a mobile phone with a video playing.

Bischoff confronts Tara in the back. Says she disrespected everyone in the ring shes been with and tonight even the referee. Says her attitude has been “piss poor” as of late. Informs Tara that Sarita requested a match with her and that she is to get out there.

Match 7: Sarita vs Tara

  • For someone who’s supposedly leaving the promotion Tara is getting an awful lot of TV time huh?
  • Sarita attacks Tara on the ramp
  • Back into the ring we go with a hair toss from Sarita
  • Tara retreats to the outside
  • Sarita slams Tara’s head off the steel steps
  • Sarita unloading with punches and kicks on the outside
  • back into the ring
  • Sarita from the top but misses Tara
  • clothesline from Sarita
  • Tara tries begging again to stall Sarita
  • Sarita runs at Tara but Tara tosses her with her legs over the top to the ramp
  • But Sarita hits a slingshot into a splash back in the ring
  • Sarita attempts to take off Tara’s leg brace
  • Slick Mark Johnson gets involved and pulls Sarita away, but Sarita accidently hits the ref with an elbow!! I smell a screwjob coming!
  • Whilst the ref is blinded Tara strikes Sarita with the knee brace and covers for the pin
  • Johnson turns round and counts the three!
  • Winner: Tara
  • Post match beatdown with the knee brace from Tara, but Mark Johnson pulls her away and orders her out of the ring

Backstage we see AJ warming up for the three way match tonight, which is up NEXT!

Back from the ad break we see a superb montage of Sting’s return to TNA and change in attitude, strange by his absence tonight if you ask me.

Match 8: Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam

  • RVD and Hardy chatter to each other looking at AJ, looks like they are going to conspire against Styles
  • AJ attacks both of them but eats a spinkick to the face from RVD.
  • Hardy with a clothesline turns Styles inside out, then they whip him into the ropes and hit a double hiptoss.
  • Hardy slams Styles and they high five before RVD hits a spinning legdrop.
  • Hardy goes for the cover but RVD pulls him off. Both guys share a laugh at the situation
  • But the short lived team is split up as Hardy hits a spinning back kick to RVD to send him to the floor and it’s Hardy and AJ.
  • Hardy reverses a whip and hits a big backdrop and covers AJ for a two count
  • RVD back in and he cleans house with kicks, then suplexes Hardy and then one for AJ.
  • He covers AJ but Hardy breaks up the pin.
  • Hardy with a gourdbuster on both competitors.
  • Hardy with a stunner and then a neckbreaker on AJ
  • Attempted pin on RVD but AJ breaks up the pin.
  • Now AJ’s going to work on both men, hitting a Dragon Screw Legwhip on RVD and then a Stinger Splash in the corner on Hardy.
  • AJ clips RVD’s knee and then gets the figure four, but Hardy breaks it up and then goes up top, but AJ knocks him off the top to the floor.
  • RVD monkey flips AJ out of the corner
  • Here comes Mr. Anderson who begins a beatdown on Hardy.
  • RVD  off the top with a jumpkick, but AJ pulls the ref in the way and RVD nails the ref.
  • RVD sees the situation with Anderson on the outside and goes outafter him
  • AJ hits a somersault dive from the ring to the outside wiping out all three men.
  • We get the customary – “TNA! TNA!” chants for that one
  • AJ with a vicious looking DDT on the floor on RVD
  • He then tosses him back in the ring and covers RVD with his feet on the ropes for the win!
  • Winner: AJ Styles
  • Well worked match and nice to have the Heel with the momentum going into the pay-per view
  • We’ve still some time left so i’m guessing theres going to be some fallout from this one, Anderson’s not leaving in a hurry either.

Hardy asks for a mic after the match, he tells RVD to feel free to leave as he’s got this.He tells Anderson to come to the ring so they can settle this now. Anderson starts to come down to the ring, then backs off and starts to head to the back. Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and out comes the Hulkste himself and blocks Anderson’s way. Anderson takes a shot at Hogan, but Hogan blocks and nails Anderson, allowing Hardy to come after Anderson and a brawl breaks out as Mike Tenay tells us to go nowhere as Impact continues after the break whether Anderson likes it or not!

We’re back and Hardy and Anderson are still brawling at ringside, and Anderson seems to have gotten the better of Hardy. Tenay informs us that the footage from Laceys phone is available and we will see it before we go off air tonight. Hardy turns the tables…literally, as he drags a table over by the broadcast area and then goes up the steps onto the broadcast table and hits a Swanton bomb off the broadcast table onto Anderson and both go through the table. Hardy goes around high fiving the fans while we see twenty replays of the dive from different angles. Well thought out spot from both guys!

Finally we go to Lacey’s cell phone footage of Chelsea and Desmond Wolfe in the ladies room (so all that squirming in the interview was just for continuity in this angle?? Seriously Mr.Russo your thinking way too much!), as Chelsea and Desmond were in there planning the whole Abyss attack story and tearing up Chelsea’s dress to make it look as if she had been attacked. So now we know Abyss is innocent and it was all a ruse, Taz says he wouldn’t like to be facing Abyss after all this.

We get the superb Sacrifice hype video and with that were outta time for this week.

The Good: Can’t fault the continuity of tonight, every angle covered and some superb action. The Multi-Tag Match was great, and i’m actually warming to Ink Inc. The three way dream match was easily the match of the night. My personal favourite – less Hogan monologues this week which is always a good thing. The Band’s swerve win over Morgan was unexpected and i thought it was great. Good to see Bischoff in the impact zone again too.

The Bad: The show was noticeably flat. The crowd were awesome last week but seemed almost bored at times this evening, quite quiet. Also shocked that there was no Sting or Jeff Jarrett at all considering their going into a prominent match at Sacrifice on Sunday.

The Ugly: Tomko vs Jordan was truly horrible and to be honest the show seemed too cluttered, two many run-ins and not enough in-ring action overall but hey no point beating that drum!

Thanks for reading, see you next friday for the TNA Xplosion and Sacrifice reports on what should be a great night for TNA action. As always – comments, questions, feedback – feel free to drop me an e-mail at

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