Monday News & Rumours Roundup

It’s Monday again guys, Sacrifice was last night for, those of you avoiding the spoilers like myself, heres the weekly news and rumours roundup.

Big Budget cuts on the way

Well the big news surrounding TNA Wrestling at the moment is the rumored budget cuts that are on the way. According to the wrestling observer a backstage source  has indicated TNA will be making a lot of budget cutbacks this week. “It’s the moment of truth,” said one source. It was alluded that budget cuts would be made to the company’s bloated talent roster, which boasts approximately 70 performers.

Several TNA Contracts set to Expire

Included in these cuts will be some contract expiries – Sarita hasn’t been used much as of late because she is one of the higher paid women on the TNA roster. With the exception of a few performers, most talent are solely paid when they are used. She has has been competing in Mexico in the meantime.

Shark Boy’s contract with TNA is set to expire soon and many feel it will not be renewed. Though he has only worked one television match dating back to last year (a squash match loss to the debuting Brutus Magnus), he is still used at house shows as either a wrestler or referee. There was talk of having him come back unmasked as a backstage announcer, but it appears unlikely at this point.

Taylor Wilde’s contract with TNA is expiring soon and there is talk it may not be renewed. She, along with Sarita, have been sparingly used since dropping the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship this past January. Wilde is apparently not happy about not being used lately.

As has already been wildly reported, Tara and TNA are set to part ways following Sacrifice.

Real Reason Amazing Red is not been used

Amazing Red has not been used much in recent months due to problems with his knee.

Jeff Hardy Race Truck?

Jeff Hardy has designed a TNA-Hardy themed race truck that Hermie Sadler will be driving in Charlotte next week. Hardy, NBA legend Michael Jordan and others will be judges at next week’s race for a burnout competition.

Dave Penzer gone?

The word going around is that ring announcer David Penzer is gone from the company. Jeremy Borash to be ring announcer going forward.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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