TNA Xplosion – Friday 21/05/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 21/05/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at : Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 21/05/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel.

Host: Jeremy Borash

We open with a customary look back at the previous weeks events from impact, namely the Hogan-Sting summit, Desmond Wolfe’s title shot against RVD and AJ Styles cashing in his rematch clause.

TNA Xplosion opening video.

We join our host – JB, Jeremy Borash who welcomes everybody to the show and informs us that he can’t think of a more exciting main event than the one he’s got in store for us tonight. Tonight we get to see a three-way match pitting TNA Champion Rob Van Dam against arch nemisis AJ Styles and good friend Jeff Hardy. But after the events of last week it’s now time for Tara to take on Taylor Wilde.

Match 1: Taylor Wilde w/Sarita vs Tara

  • Ref informs Sarita she must leave the ring
  • Tara talks smack to Sarita as she leaves
  • With her back turned, Taylor Wilde goes right after Tara to start and Tara bails to the floor.
  • Crossbody off the apron from Taylor
  • The referee Slick Mark Johnson, pulls Taylor away and tells her to keep it in the ring
  • Back in the ring Taylor hits a leg lariat
  • Tara tries to stall pleading with Taylor
  • Taylor won’t listen and takes a run but is thrown out to the ramp by Tara
  • Tara follows her out, slams her on the ramp, then tosses her back in.
  • Tara goes for the somersault legdrop over the top, Taylor moves and goes for a springboard crossbody out of the corner, but Tara catches her coming out with a kick to the midsection and covers Taylor for three count!
  • Winner: Tara
  • She connected with a pretty fierce kick, they appear to be selling it that she kicked her with that leg brace, nonetheless an unexpected finish.
  • Post match beatdown from Tara with the leg brace, Sarita makes the save.

Back with Jeremy Borash who plugs and his daily TNA Today show. JB says its now time for this weeks Xplosion exclusive match.

Match 2: TNA Xplosion Exclusive Match – Homicide & Okada vs Ink Inc.

  • Homicide and Okada, quite an unusual pairing don’t you think?
  • Homicide & Okada

    Homicide & Okada

    Homicide sporting a cool liking skull bandanna

  • Big pop for Ink Inc. they appear to be catching on…..either that or their feeding canned noise into the impact zone!
  • ‘Iron’ Mike Tenay talks about the depth in the ranks of the TNA Tag-Team division with Team 3D, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money and this impressive newly formed tag-team Ink Inc.
  • Bit of a Jesse Neal chant going on in the Impact Zone at the moment.
  • Neal and Homicide start with a lockup
  • Slap by Homicide
  • Whips Neal off the ropes, reversal by Neal and Neal channels a little of the Ultimate Warrior with a gorilla press slam!

    Jesse Neal Gorilla Presses Homicide

    Jesse Neal Gorilla Presses Homicide

  • Goes for a slam, Homicide gets out, runs neal into the corner post and tags in Okada
  • Double team on neal in the corner
  • Neal and Okada trade highly audible chops
  • Okada whips Neal to the ropes, homicide with a sneaky knee on Neal’s back as he hits the ropes
  • Neal writhes in pain
  • Then punches Homicide in the head, homicide falls to the outside
  • But Okada hits Neal with a kick to the head as he turns around
  • Takes neal to the corner, tags homicide back in
  • Neal fights back
  • Headbutt from neal, takes a run up, but eats a flying elbow from Homicide!!
  • Kicks to the head on Neal as the crowd beg for the hot tag
  • Taz and Tenay discuss the book of DILLIGAF
  • Okada back in and hits Neal with a dropkick to the face.
  • Attempts a pin but Neal gets his leg on the ropes to break the count
  • Whip attempt but Neal just runs over okada with a running clothesline
  • And the tag to Shannon Moore!
  • Clothesline followed by a dropkick from moore
  • Spin heel kick from Moore, wow this is fast paced
  • Reversed whip from Okada sending moore to the corner, but moore flips off the second rung of the post and hits a cross body pin for the 1….2…NO the pin is broken by Homicide in the nick of time!
  • Homicide tagged in
  • Okada runs at Moore, who ducks and pulls the top rope down sending Okada to the outside
  • Jesse Neal spears Homicide

    Jesse Neal spears Homicide

    Homicide runs at moore in the corner, moore with the kick, and the MOOREGASM!! Homicide then eats a SPEAR from Neal and we have a three count! Superb Match!!

We go to commercial break.

Backstage with JB who says after what we saw last week – the dispute between tag-partners Doug Williams and Brian Kendrick its time to see them face-off. JB talks about how Doug Williams thinks he’s still the X-Division champion and how Brian Kendrick takes exception to this, we cut to the ring were Brian Kendrick is already on hand for the match.

Match 3:  Brian Kendrick vs Doug Williams

  • Williams tells Kendrick before the match that Kendrick is a crazy loser, and he’s never seen him win a match, so tonight’s match is non-title as he is not worthy of a shot at his title. Taz says its non-title as Doug is non-champion!
  • Kendrick attacks Williams to start but Williams comes back with a knee to the gut and a snap vertical suplex for a two count.
  • Williams with a back elbow and a kneedrop as Frankie Kazarian joins the broadcast team to discuss his match with Williams at Sacrifice.
  • Kendrick comes back with some kicks and a flying forearm for a two, but Williams rolls out to the floor.
  • Williams picks the leg from the outside and slams it into the ring apron, then comes back in and DDTs the leg.
  • Williams with a half crab on Kendrick
  • Taz informs Kazarian that his property is literally only a few feet a way and that perhaps it would be a good idea for him to go reclaim it.
  • Kazarian decides to go down to ringside and reclaim his title belt.
  • Williams sees him coming, breaks the hold and goes to grab the belt, allowing Kendrick to roll him up from behind for the shock win!
  • Winner: Brian Kendrick

Back with JB who talks about how “the Blueprint” Matt Morgan – the current tag-team “champions” is referring to himself as “we”. This week we see him up against young tag-team Generation Me.

Match 4: Generation Me vs Matt Morgan

  • Double clothesline from Morgan
  • The blueprint picks Jeremy up for a suplex and just plants him with a uranage
  • Morgan with a very stiff looking big boot on Max.
  • Morgan grabs a mic and asks Hogan if it looks like he’s playing. He said there would be bloodshed if Hogan didn’t tell him who his partner would be at Sacrifice, and the bloodshed will begin now.
  • He tosses Jeremy to the floor and puts his head against the ringpost, but before he can hit the Carbon Footprint, Samoa Joe makes his way out.
  • Morgan meets him in the ring and tries a Carbon Footprint in the corner, but Joe dodges and hits a leaping enziguiri
  • He goes for the Muscle Buster on Morgan! WOW! That was impressive.
  • Winner: No Contest
  • Joe heads to the back leaving Morgan downed in a heap in the ring
  • The Band/Wolfpac music hits and here comes Hall, Nash and Young to the ring
  • Nash has a briefcase in hand…….no way!!
  • Its the feast or fired tag title shot and their calling it in

Match 5: TNA Tag-Team Championship Match – Matt Morgan vs Kevin Nash & Scott Hall w/Eric Young

  • The ref has the bell rung and Nash covers Morgan for the Win!!! New Tag-Team Champions, nice unexpected swerve there!
  • Winners and NEW Tag-Team Champions – Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

JB talks about the earlier confrontation between Tara and Taylor Wilde and the unfinished business and dissention between the knockouts. Time so see this come to a head as Tara takes on Sarita.

Match 6: Sarita vs Tara

  • For someone who’s supposedly leaving the promotion Tara is getting an awful lot of TV time huh?
  • Sarita attacks Tara on the ramp
  • Back into the ring we go with a hair toss from Sarita
  • Tara retreats to the outside
  • Sarita slams Tara’s head off the steel steps
  • Sarita unloading with punches and kicks on the outside
    back into the ring
  • Sarita from the top but misses Tara
  • clothesline from Sarita
  • Tara tries begging again to stall Sarita
  • Sarita runs at Tara but Tara tosses her with her legs over the top to the ramp
  • But Sarita hits a slingshot into a splash back in the ring
  • Sarita attempts to take off Tara’s leg brace
  • Slick Mark Johnson gets involved and pulls Sarita away, but Sarita accidently hits the ref with an elbow!! I smell a screwjob coming!
  • Whilst the ref is blinded Tara strikes Sarita with the knee brace and covers for the pin
    Johnson turns round and counts the three!
  • Winner: Tara
  • Post match beatdown with the knee brace from Tara, but Mark Johnson pulls her away and orders her out of the ring

We go to commercial break

Back from commercial with JB who asks us if we could imagine a bigger matchup than RVD vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy – the three way is up NOW!

Match 7:  Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam

  • RVD and Hardy chatter to each other looking at AJ, looks like they are going to conspire against Styles
  • AJ attacks both of them but eats a spinkick to the face from RVD.
  • Hardy with a clothesline turns Styles inside out, then they whip him into the ropes and hit a double hiptoss.
  • Hardy slams Styles and they high five before RVD hits a spinning legdrop.
  • Hardy goes for the cover but RVD pulls him off. Both guys share a laugh at the situation
  • But the short lived team is split up as Hardy hits a spinning back kick to RVD to send him to the floor and it’s Hardy and AJ.
  • Hardy reverses a whip and hits a big backdrop and covers AJ for a two count
  • RVD back in and he cleans house with kicks, then suplexes Hardy and then one for AJ.
  • He covers AJ but Hardy breaks up the pin.
  • Hardy with a gourdbuster on both competitors.
  • Hardy with a stunner and then a neckbreaker on AJ
  • Attempted pin on RVD but AJ breaks up the pin.
  • Now AJ’s going to work on both men, hitting a Dragon Screw Legwhip on RVD and then a Stinger Splash in the corner on Hardy.
  • AJ clips RVD’s knee and then gets the figure four, but Hardy breaks it up and then goes up top, but AJ knocks him off the top to the floor.
  • RVD monkey flips AJ out of the corner
  • Here comes Mr. Anderson who begins a beatdown on Hardy.
  • RVD off the top with a jumpkick, but AJ pulls the ref in the way and RVD nails the ref.
  • RVD sees the situation with Anderson on the outside and goes outafter him
  • AJ hits a somersault dive from the ring to the outside wiping out all three men.
  • We get the customary – “TNA! TNA!” chants for that one
  • AJ with a vicious looking DDT on the floor on RVD
  • He then tosses him back in the ring and covers RVD with his feet on the ropes for the win!
  • Winner: AJ Styles
  • Well worked match and nice to have the Heel with the momentum going into the pay-per view
  • We’ve still some time left so i’m guessing theres going to be some fallout from this one, Anderson’s not leaving in a hurry either.

Hardy asks for a mic after the match, he tells RVD to feel free to leave as he’s got this.He tells Anderson to come to the ring so they can settle this now. Anderson starts to come down to the ring, then backs off and starts to head to the back. Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and out comes the Hulkster himself and blocks Anderson’s way. Anderson takes a shot at Hogan, but Hogan blocks and nails Anderson, allowing Hardy to come after Anderson and a brawl breaks out as Mike Tenay tells us to go nowhere as Xplosion continues after the break whether Anderson likes it or not!

We’re back and Hardy and Anderson are still brawling at ringside, and Anderson seems to have gotten the better of Hardy. Tenay informs us that the footage from Laceys phone is available and we will see it before we go off air tonight. Hardy turns the tables…literally, as he drags a table over by the broadcast area and then goes up the steps onto the broadcast table and hits a Swanton bomb off the broadcast table onto Anderson and both go through the table. Hardy goes around high fiving the fans while we see twenty replays of the dive from different angles. Well thought out spot from both guys!

We close with the superb TNA Sacrifice preview. For those in the UK – TNA Sacrifice is up NEXT!

As always, questions, comments and feedback always welcome. Feel free to drop me a line at


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