Monday News and Rumors Roundup – TNA UK Tour 2011, Ric Flair in London today, Booker T return plus more

Time for the weekly news and rumours roundup.

TNA 2011 UK Tour

TNA 2011 UK Tour

The big news for TNA UK fans is the upcoming 2011 UK Tour. As announced a few days ago on the site Dixie Carter posted on Twitter: “Ric Flair headed to the UK to make major announcement on Mon about the TNA UK Tour.”  So it appears Ric Flair will be staying with TNA through to next year. TNA is marketing their 2011 U.K. Tour around Flair, calling it the “Maximum Impact III: Whoooo Tour.” Flair arrives in London Today for a “major announcement” that will detail TNA’s annual trip to the U.K., according to TNA president Dixie Carter.

The tour is expected to run in the usual slot of January/February 2011. TNA and Flair are also expected to announce on Monday the dates and venues for this year’s tour. Stay tuned for more info….A big shocker this week was the return to Booker T to TNA, albeit a one time deal and at a non-televised house show.

At the May 21st House Show from Lake Charles,  Multi-time world champion Booker T made a surprise appearance wrestling in the main event against Rob Van Dam. It was announced to the audience that AJ Styles was unable to make the show in time and thus Booker would be replacing him in the main event.

Before the bout, Booker said he was there to win the TNA World Title. He then added that he “doesn’t give a damn about TNA or the fans.” Booker ultimately fell short as he succumbed to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion following a Five-Star Frog Splash. Booker lives in Houston, which is approximately two hours away from Lake Charles. He parted ways with the organization last fall. According to sources in TNA, Booker’s appearance was said to be a one time deal for the time being.

The Bad Guy Scott Hall dosen’t appear to have learnt his lessons, as he was recently arrested – The following is from the Orlando Sentinel:

Professional wrestler Scott Oliver Hall was arrested earlier this month on charges of disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer following an incident at a Seminole County bar, sheriff’s records show.Hall, 51, was at the Hitching Post Bar in Chuluota on May 14, when the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office was called in for a disturbance complaint about 1:43 a.m., an offense report shows.The deputy found a bartender standing in the door telling Hall to leave, but Hall was yelling and cursing at the bartender and other patrons there, according to the deputy’s account. The deputy also said Hall appeared intoxicated with slurred speech and bloodshot eyes.

When the deputy advised Hall he was being placed in custody for disorderly intoxication, he tried to prepare him for the handcuffs, but Hall refused, the documentation states.

“Scott refused this directive, and instead, thrust out his chest, walking closer to me, stating, ‘I ain’t going down for this [expletive deleted],’ ” the report states. “This is [expletive deleted]. You know it’s [expletive deleted].”

The report goes on to say that Hall continued to refuse, but the deputy managed to secure his left wrist with a handcuff and then pulled his right arm behind him.

“Due to Scott’s inordinate size, 6′05″, 295 pounds, I utilized two sets of handcuffs in tandem,” the deputy noted in the report.

Hall was then placed in the patrol car.

Hall could not be reached Friday at a phone number listed on his offense report.

The bartender told the deputy that Hall had been “drinking heavily” and “became aggressive inside the bar,” the report states. He pushed a customer and argued with the female bartender and called her names, the report says.

The bartender managed to line up a ride home for Hall, but he punched the window of the car that came for him and he pushed two female patrons near the car, according to the report.

Hall was transported to the Seminole jail and was later issued a trespass warning, notifying him never to return to the Hitching Post Bar on County Road 419.

Hall has had several arrests in Orange County, most for criminial mischief and alcohol-related offenses.

The bartender told the Orlando Sentinel that the bar owner would not approve a phone interview while she was working Friday.

Hall’s offense report indicates he has a Chuluota address. On a booking sheet Hall’s occupation is listed as professional wrestler. Under the field titled employer, the word unemployed was inserted.

According to the WWE website, Hall defeated Roddy Piper for the U.S. Championship at the WCW SuperBrawl in early 1999. But Ric Flair took the title from him less than a month later.

He regained the title eight months later, taking out Goldberg, Bret Hart and Sid Vicious in a ladder match, the website says. But he lost the championship again — a knee injury prevented Hall from defending his title.

Hall also has wrestled with the TNA, which tapes its matches at Universal Studios Florida.

As  i confirmed on Saturday, Bravo broadcasted the edited down version of impact saturday night due to the Abyss-Desmond Wolfe “bottling” incident which saw Wolfe cut Abyss with a broken glass bottle. This resulted in Abyss sustaining a gruesome injury requiring a hospital visit and 17 stitches.

Lastly, Ken “Mr.” Anderson reacted to the news of Randy Orton’s shoulder injury sustained at last nights WWE pay-per view – he posted the following via twitter: “I have one thing to say: Kharma is a M**********R!! “And it couldn’t have happened… To a NICER GUY!!”

Orton reportedly had WWE officials release Anderson after dropping him on his shoulder last year during a match on RAW. The two had been former friends.


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