Consequences Creed Interview: talks about TNA departure, rumoured cuts, appearing on WWE NXT plus more

Austin "Consequences" Creed

Austin "Consequences" Creed

Another interview for you guys. Today its former TNA talent Consequences Creed. In the interview Creed says he could see the writing on the wall that he would be released as more big-name wrestlers joined TNA. Creed, who was released in March, says there’s only so much TV time to go around.

“There’s such an influx of guys coming in. It’s only a two-hour show and there are only a certain amount of things you can do with two hours. So obviously some of the guys are going to have to move on to other things,” Creed told Rob McNichol on the “One Sided Ring” Podcast.

Creed, almost talking to current TNA wrestlers who could face roster cuts, added: “It’s something you have to be ready for going into this, because you’re not always going to be in a position to wrestle on TV.”

Creed said he’s lined up options in Japan, Australia, and Europe to continue working post-TNA. Creed also talked about whether he would like to appear on WWE’s NXT show. WWE has yet to announce whether there will be a second season of the show.

“I would definitely do it,” he said. “They get to introduce a lot of new talent that might not get introduced otherwise and the fact that not just one or two guys get introduced but a whole eight new talents get the chance to be on TV, get experience, travel on the road.”

You can listen to the full interview with Creed from the podcast of the Sun’s superb Rob McNichol here:


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