Monday News & Rumours Roundup

  • Reid FlairAccording to Ric Flair himself, TNA Wrestling has signed his son Reid. The WWE Hall of Famer is currently in the midst of a media tour helping promote TNA’s tour of the United Kingdom beginning in January 2011. During an interview promoting the tour, Flair said TNA signed his son to a contract.
  • Mr. Anderson is believed to be making $2,500 per appearance with TNA.
  • One of the reasons Hernandez was sent to Mexico was to take Spanish classes and be in Mexico so he’s basically forced to use the language. While Hernandez is Hispanic by heritage, he doesn’t know much Spanish. The idea when he returns, which is happening soon, is to have him do his interviews like Rey Mysterio where he uses both English and Spanish.
  • One of the people in TNA pushing the hardest for Jim Ross to come in is Vince Russo. Russo, who is moving to Nashville, continues to talk about getting off of the creative team and work in other areas with the company.
  • Sean ‘Syxx-Pac’ Waltman was on the Cowhead show in Tampa (same show where Bubba and Kong had their infamous showdown) and he admitted to having Hepatitis C (reason he missed the TNA PPV he “no-showed”) and also talked about a suicide attempt in Mexico that Ryan Shamrock saved him after. For those who have asked, Waltman and Hall are both still with TNA.
  • Former WWE stars Maria Kanellis, Gregory Helms, Paul Burchill and Charlie Haas are free to join TNA Wrestling as their respective 90-day no-compete clauses with World Wrestling Entertainment have expired. The clause prohibits released talent from immediately joining TNA, though they’re free to start with any independent promotion. As noted earlier, there were money issues which was holding up Maria joining TNA. Also according to an exclusive source, there is no interest in Burchill right now and they are waiting on Shelton Benjamin before they think about brining back Haas. As previously reported Gregory Helms is expected to be picked up by TNA. Kanellis, Helms and Burchill were released on Feb. 26 while Haas was released two days later on the 28th.
  • Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) is expected to speak with WWE officials regarding a potential return to the company now that her contract with TNA has expired. However, friends of Varon say it’s possible she’ll return to TNA should WWE not make her a better contract offer as she’s on good terms with management again

About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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