TNA House Show Results (03/06/10) – Lincoln, Nebraska

TNA House Show Results

TNA House Show Results

Thanks to reader Cody of Lincoln, NE who sent in the following results:

Here are the results to the Lincoln, NE TNA Live Event from Thursday June 3rd. These are my thoughts on the matches, as they went on, as well as extra stuff at the end.

Boring start. Borash told us all we had a chance to go Backstage for being super loud, but Styles didn’t want people back there, and Borash didn’t care.

Kendrick vs. Homicide
Boring match at first. “This Sucks” chants were heard. Eventually Kendrick wins, I’m not sure what he did to win though, I wasn’t paying attention.
Winner via Pinfall: Brian Kendrick

Knockout Title Match (Rayne vs. Love) Special Ref is a local radio guy from 104.1 The Blaze.
Had a “Booty Challenge” no other way to discribe it. Love got a huge reaction. Crowd is loving the ladies. Ref was really funny, and totally selling the “hate” on Rayne. I caught Love counting the pin count on her hand, don’t know if it was for the ref, or for herself, just thought I should mention it.
Winner via roll-up: Madison Rayne

Angelina Love got last laugh when Rayne went to attack Love with the KO Belt.

TNA Global Champioship Match (Terry vs. Wolfe)
Global Title looks shiny and sparkily in person… And Terry came out with his left leg wrapped up and in a brace. I haven’t seen TNA in weeks, so I have no clue if this is new or not. I started tweeting JB during this match, Terry is just boring. Some “Desmond Sucks” chants though. Near fall drives the small crowd mad. Terry finally wins.
Winner via Pinfall: Rob Terry

Borash tells us its the 6 year “birthday” of iMPACT! We get introduced to Jeff Jarret. He came out in a sling. Don’t know what that’s suppose to mean. Jarret says us Nebraskans love our Husker Football, and Wrestling, especially TNA. That starts a “TNA” chant. He says that Kurt was one of their greatest signs. He mentions Jeff Hardy and RVD as well. He thanks us all for spending money on TNA, the “best” wrestling today. I guess Jarret has that sling because he pulled something in his arm against the Stinger at the last PPV, whatever it was.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match (The Band vs. Generation Me) Ref is Slick Johnson, who apparently was born and raised here in Lincoln, NE.
Eric Young and Kevin Nash defending the titles. I guess Hall couldn’t make it? Remember, I haven’t watched TNA in a while, so I have no clue what is with these titles. Crowd is crazy for The Band. One of the Me’s tried to start a clap, but it failed. Nash and Yound start to walk out, but eventually come back. The Me’s finally got a mini clap chant started. And someone on the tech crew made a computer noise that went off during the match. Nash claims to be hurt, so he doesn’t tag into the match. Young cleans the ring though, and Nash beats up on one of the Me’s, and sends him into the ring for a 2 count. The Me’s got a longer clap chant. Young was comical towards the end of this match. The Me’s double teamed Nash, and then Young, but Nash had tagged in, and he wins it.
Winners via pinfall: The Band


Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe
After Kaz’s “Nebraska Sucks” speech, there was a lot of “Joe is gonna kill you” chants. The crowd is majorly pro Joe, and they really dislike Kaz. Joe did a dive/slide thing out of the ring, and nearly sent Kaz thru the barricade. Kaz got MAJOR heat in this match, the first major heat all night. Joe can sure put on a match, I’ll give him that. The match is a MOTN contender in my books. Joe’s finisher is amazing in person.
Winner via Pinfall: Samoa Joe

Main Event: TNA Championship Match (RVD vs. AJ Styles)
Personally, I’m upset that Mr. A-Hole, err, Andersen wasn’t here tonight in a match. AJ cut a typical Heel promo before the match, and got a butt load of “AJ sucks” chants. He goes to walk out, comes back, and says that he’s leaving. The ref says AJ has til 10 to get back to the ring, or he is suspended from TNA. He makes it back in time, but slides right back out of the ring in the opposite direction. It was really funny, I must say. RVD gets a “RVD” chant. Match is officially under way, finally. The two have a verbal fight, RVD goes the the “R…V…D” chant, and AJ cheap shots him. RVD battles back, and gets a clap chant started. I think AJ is actually hated here in Nebraska, I’m kinda shocked to be honest. While I’m thinking about it, Jeff Hardy was advertized for tonight, and they even sold his “new” shirt with the “Brown Bag” special, yet not Hardy. Back to the match, Styles starts dominating RVD, until the fans cheer RVD on, and RVD gets out of a submission hold, only to still get beat down by Styles. More “AJ Sucks” chants. For a main event, its lacking something… I’m not sure what though. Another mess up by the tech crew in this match. I know titles don’t change hands at House shows, but TNA sure is good about really close near falls. RVD frog splash, and this one is over.
Winner via pinfall: RVD

Autograph party time.
Well that was a weak autograph party, Homicide came out for like 2 seconds, Terry was out, but went right past me, and Generation Me was out, that was it. I got both of Generation me, and that was all. Eric Young came out, but didn’t sign anything as far as I saw.

Biggest Pop:
Angelina Love
Samoa JoeBiggest Boo:
AJ Styles
Madison Rayne


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