TNA Xplosion – Friday 11/06/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 11/06/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords Of Pain

Broadcast Friday 11/06/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel.

Host: Jeremy Borash

We get the TNA Xplosion Opening Theme and we join our host Jeremy Borash, backstage at the iMPACT! Zone who welcomes us to the show. JB tells us theres so much to talk about this week including a huge, epic main event featuring four of TNA’s finest. Since the announcement of the top 10 contenders hes been so excited to see how the wins and losses go aswell as fan voting at Well tonight we have a chance to see a championship caliber matchup between the champion RVD, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan and the Icon Sting!

But now we check out some TNA Knockouts action featuring the new gal on the scene – Rosie Lottalove who takes on Roxxi.

Match 1: Rosie Lottalove vs Roxxi

  • Not liking Betsy Ruths new gimmick as Rosie Lottalove, too comical if you ask me. Would much rather have seen her as an Awesome Kong-esque undefeatable given her size.
  • We get a recap of Rosey injuring Daffney. I hope they use that as part of a storyline when Daff gets back, would be a shame to waste it.
  • Roxxi with a headlock to start.
  • Rosey pushes out and just clobers Roxxi.
  • She does it again.
  • Slam to Roxxi.
  • Rosey sets her up in the corner.
  • Roxxi avoids the charge and hit’s the rights.
  • Discuss elbow by Roxxi, and she follows up with a dropkick.
  • Madison appears out of nowhere and hits Roxxi in the back with the belt, somehow oblivious to the ref.
  • Rosey goes for the pin and Roxxi rolls her up for the win!
  • Winner: Roxxi
  • Post match madison gets in the ring and starts yelling at Rosey.
  • Rosey hits her with a two handed chokeslam.
  • JB’s on the ramp with Rosey.
  • Rosey says the TBP think they can take out all the ugly girls one at a time.
  • She says she’s big, bad and certainly beautiful.
  • She say she’ll take TBP all out.
  • She kisses JB and walks off.
  • LOL the look on JB’s face was just priceless!

Back with JB who shills and Shop TNA. Now time for the TNA Xplosion Exclusive match of the week!!

Match 2: Max Buck vs Chris Sabin

  • X-Division guys getting the focus again next week.
  • Please tell me why the Machine Guns have been reduced to roles on Xplosion two weeks in a row? 😦 At least it keeps this show interesting!
  • Armbar by Sabin
  • Buck cartwheels out and locks on an armbar of his own
  • Sabin flips out of it and armdrags buck to the mat
  • Side headlock from Buck on Sabin
  • Tries a back body but buck lands on his feet
  • criss cross spot that ends in a hurricanrana from buck, well executed i might add
  • dropkick from buck
  • covers for a 1 count
  • Headlock
  • Sabin’s out and hits the rope
  • Catches buck with a knee sending him to the outside
  • Rolls buck back in but only a two count
  • Grabs buck by the hair and rams him headfirst into the post
  • locks on a unique octopus style submission hold
  • and buck gives up!!……NAH just kidding ya! But when have we had a good submission ending in a while?
  • rolls the octopus maneuver into a pin, but only a two count
  • Chops in the corner
  • whips buck to the opposite corner and hits a running elbow
  • Springboard attempt by Sabin but Buck saw it coming
  • Sabin runs at buck, he sees that coming too and back body drops Sabin out to the floor
  • Runs up and dropkicks Sabin through the ropes!!
  • This match is incredibly fast paced, just insane!
  • Back in the ring, Sabin runs at Buck in the corner but eats a boot!
  • Buck to the top and hits a jump over daimond cutter style move
  • covers! 1….2…oooh! 2 count but a close one
  • Buck to the top, Sabin up with him.
  • Sabin elbowed off by Buck.
  • Sabin back again, this time takes buck out by the legs, buck is stuck in the ropes – tree of woe style
  • Sabin takes a run-up and hits a dropkick to the head!
  • Sabin to the outside, begins stomping his feet
  • good crowd reaction as they clap along
  • Here it comes springboard into a flying ddt, its lights out folks!
  • 3 count!
  • Winner: Chris Sabin

With that we go to a break

Back from the break JB discusses AJ and Kaz vying for Ric Flairs attention and with that we’ll catch them in action in a three way match with Jay Lethal.

Match 3: AJ Styles (w/ Ric Flair) vs Kazarian vs Jay Lethal

  • Styles gets out of the ring.
  • Lethal rolls up Kaz for a quick one.
  • Springboard crossbody by Lethal follows.
  • Hiptoss and he does the cartwheel but Styles cuts him off with a clothesline.
  • Lethal avoids a splash in the corner and Lethal follows up with the rights.
  • Lethal slides under the legs and hit’s the head scissors.
  • Lethal Combination coming up, but Kaz cuts him off with a dropkick.
  • Kaz and Styles start arguing.
  • Lethal hits Styles but Kaz slows him down.
  • Lethal counters a backsuplex and locks in a bulldog on Kaz and hits Styles with a clothesline.
  • Pin but only two. Styles backdrops Lethal on to the apron. Lethal slingshots in and Kaz hits him with a cutter on the way down.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Sidewalk slam backbreaker by AJ.
  • Kaz and AJ playing the game of can you top this.
  • Hiptoss/neckbreaker combo by Kazarian.
  • Lethal fights back. Dropkick to AJ.
  • AJ with the kip-up/hurricanrana move to Lethal.
  • They both go for a move on Lethal and they start arguing again.
  • Aj throws Lethal into the corner hard.
  • He says he’s going to springboard onto Lethal.
  • He goes for it and Kaz, nonchalant like, moves the ropes causing AJ to trip.
  • AJ starts yelling at Kaz.
  • Rollup by Lethal to AJ and it’s over.
  • Winner : Jay Lethal

JB informs us Jeff Hardy has had his fair share of problems as of late (is this a shoot interview Jeremy?)…..with Beer Money. And tonight we see him in action up against one half of Beer Money – James Storm.

Match 4 : Jeff Hardy vs James Storm

  • In the ring now as Storm brings Hardy in with that rope assisted DDT.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Storm starts choking Hardy in the corner.
  • Storm then hits Hardy with a huge boot from the outside.
  • Pin but only two. Sleeperhold by Storm.
  • Hardy fights out but runs into a back elbow.
  • Facebuster followed up by a Rock Bottom type maneuver from Storm.
  • Pin but again only two.
  • Storm grabs a chair from out of the crowd.
  • The ref takes it away from him.
  • Hardy counters out of a slam and hit’s the sitout jawbreaker.
  • Both guys are down as the ref starts the count. Both guys trade rights.
  • Storm runs right into a clothesline by Hardy.
  • Clothesline by Hardy ensue.
  • Chair assisted Poetry in Motion in the corner by Hardy.
  • Pin only two.
  • Twist of Fate coming up, but Strom counters but Hardy ducks a clothesline and hit’s the reverse sitout suplex.
  • Hardy goes to the top.
  • Storm split’s the legs at the top though.
  • Storm goes to the top and goes for a hurricanrana, but Hardy holds on.
  • Whisper in the Wind connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Storm holds onto the ropes as Hardy tries to bring him back in.
  • Storm spit’s the beer in Hardy’s face and here we go, Eye of the Storm connects.
  • He goes for the cover. 1…2…2.95435! Storm now grabs the chair.
  • Hardy ducks a shot and the chair bounces off the ropes and hits Storm in the face.
  • Twist of Fate! Swanton connects! Forget about it this ones done like dinner!
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Jeff Hardy


Back from the break with JB. Time to see how the other half of the pairings do as Mr. Anderson takes on Robert Roode.

Match 5: Robert Roode vs Mr. Anderson

  • With Hardys win, Roode surely wins this one or the air of suspense i.e. “Who’s gonna win?” at Slammiversary will be gone for good…..we’ll see.
  • Anderson power walks to the ring and we get things started off quickly.
  • Intense tie up to start.
  • Anderson ducks a right and hits one of his own.
  • Headlock by Roode.
  • Anderson pushes out but gets hit with a shoulder block.
  • Anderson avoids an elbow and locks in a headlock of his own.
  • Roode pushes out but gets hit with a shoulder block.
  • Anderson yells in Roode’s face.
  • Roode kicks him in the gut and hits him with the rights.
  • Anderson trips Roode into the ropes, and hits him with a running back elbow.
  • Roll up but Roode kicks out. Anderson chases Roode to the outside.
  • Anderson tries to get back in but the ref for some reason doesn’t let him.
  • Roode kicks the rope, crotching Anderson and follows up with a neck breaker.
  • He then rakes the back of Anderson.
  • Anderson starts to fight back but it’s not enough.
  • Roode starts choking Anderson in the ropes, and now with his boot.
  • Snapmare by Roode and he locks in a chin lock.
  • Anderson fights out with the rights.
  • Anderson counters a spinebuster, Roode counters a Mic Drop but gets hit with a backdrop.
  • Green Bay Plunge coming up, but Roode rakes the eyes.
  • Clothesline in the corner by Roode.
  • Boot in the corner by Anderson.
  • Sunset flip, almost botched, off the top, but Roode grabs the ropes and wins it.
  • Winner: Robert Roode
  • Post Match Anderson does his trademark call for the mic.
  • He says that any man can be beaten on any given day.
  • He just got beat again, by Bobby Roode nonetheless.
  • But the only way people can beat him is by using underhanded tomfoolery.
  • The only reason they have to do that is because he is no mere mortal, but he is… and the crowd shouts out “Mr. Anderson”.
  • Roode yells at Anderson, saying that all he does is talk.

JB informs us we are going to see a tag matchup featuring four top contenders in TNA as Desmond Wolfe and Orlando Jordan take on the team of “the Monster” Abyss and “the Freak” Rob Terry.

Match 6 : Desmond Wolfe and Orlando Jordan vs TNA Global Champion Rob Terry and Abyss (w/ Chelsea

  • Jordan comes out with pasties of Terry on his chest.
  • He has some weird thing in his hand that looks like a dumbbell but I don’t think it is.
  • We get a recap of what happened last week before this one gets started.
  • Wolfe and Abyss are gonna start things off.
  • Jordan hits Abyss, allowing Wolfe to take control.
  • He tries to work on the arm, but Abyss pushes him off.
  • He starts hitting the arm with forearms.
  • Tag to Jordan, who hits Abyss’s arm with an axe handle off the top.
  • Jordan’s now working on the arm. Back elbow by Abyss.
  • He then charges Jordan in the corner before throwing him to the outside.
  • Jordan stares at Chelsea.
  • She slaps him in the face.
  • He smiles and Wolfe starts yelling at him.
  • Chelsea then starts yelling at Chelsea for slapping him, allowing Abyss to attack him from behind.
  • Terry hiptosses Jordan back into the ring. Freak Buster! Forget about it.
  • Wait……wasn’t Abyss the freakin legal man?? How can Terry get the pin? Whatever folks!
  • Winners (allegedly): Abyss and Rob Terry

JB says one thing we’ve learned recently about RVD is that he’s definately a fighting champion who’s not afraid to step into the ring with any opponent. But tonight the odds are stacked against him in a four way match with Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan and Sting.

Match 7 : Four Way Match – Matt Morgan vs Sting vs Samoa Joe vs TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam

  • RVD comes out and goes straight after Sting on the outside.
  • Sting throws RVD into the ramp as Joe and Morgan do battle on the inside.
  • Joe avoids Morgan in the corner, hit’s the back elbow and then the spinning enzuigiri.
  • Sting throws RVD into the steps before throwing him in the ring as Joe and Morgan do battle on the outside now.
  • RVD catches a kick and hit’s a spin kick to the back of the head, follows up with the atomic drop and hit’s a superkick.
  • Joe’s now in and he and RVD stare down.
  • I’ve been dying for this confrontation.
  • Morgan and Sting run in to break it up.
  • Morgan taunts the crowd while Sting chokes RVD.
  • Morgan chokes Joe in the corner too.
  • Morgan and Joe go back to the outside.
  • Elbow in the corner by Rob, and he hit’s a thrust kick off the top.
  • Rolling Thunder connects.
  • Cover but Morgan breaks it up.
  • Sting counters a back drop attempt by Morgan, but gets leveled with the discuss clothesline.
  • Pin but Joe breaks it up and tosses Joe to the outside.
  • Superkick by Joe to Sting. Pin but Morgan breaks it up.
  • Splash in the corner by Morgan, and he hit’s the sidewalk slam.
  • Morgan catches RVD and hit’s the Catatonic.
  • Elbows in the corner by Morgan, and he stares at someone in the crowd.
  • He thinks it’s Hernandez.
  • Joe hits Morgan with an enzuigiri to the back of the head and MUSCLE BUSTER!
  • Rob hit’s Joe with a kick and plants Morgan with the Five Star! That’s all folks.
  • Winner: Rob Van Dam
  • Great match, will be interesting to see how they bring Super Mex back into the mix aswell.
  • Sting walks off. RVD celebrates and Joe gets in his face. Would love to see those two square off soon. With that we fade out. Solid show, see you next week guys!!

As always feel free to drop me a line at and checkout TNA UK – for all the latest TNA news, rumour, interviews and show reports.


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