TNA House Show Results (18/06/10) – Columbus, Ohio

TNA House Show Results

TNA House Show Results

Thanks to reader Ron Hall who sent in the following report:

House results from the TNA Show at the Daus Ice Haus at Nationwide Arena on 6/18

Jeff Jarrett did autographs before the show, Beautiful People during intermission and Abyss and others in the “Autograph Party” after words

A lot of the stars were noticably absent, Sting, Hogan, RVD, Flair, Nash

Crowd was about 90% full, a noticeable improvement from last time.

They played a Audio recording of Hogan to start the show, Jeremy Borash out to do the announcing.

Opening match: Velvet Sky beat Sarita with a DDT

Jay Lethal came out before his match and did some of his Flair routine, all the while running down Earl Hebner. Loud “You screwed Bret” chant.

Douglas Williams retains X Division title over Lethal, Homicide, and Shannon Moore. Lethal hit Homicide with a nice release full nelson suplex, Williams snuck in, got the cover and the W.

Madison Rayne beat Taylor Wilde to retain Knockout title. Towards the end, Hebner kissed Rayne and celebrated like he won the lottery. Rayne reversed a roll up for the W.

Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett, beat Matt Morgan, Eric Young and Abyss in a 6 man Tag. Anderson was OVER. and got the loudest ovation of the night. The crowd went along with his Mr. Anderson act, reminded me of the Rock a little. Angle got a huge ovation as well. The crowd really couldn’t tell weather or not to boo Abyss, because the heel turn hasn’t completely happened on T.V. yet. Morgan got the loudest boos almost by default. Angle slipped out of an attempted Tombstone by Young and got the ankle lock on for the tap out.

Jarrett gave a thank you speech to the crowd, and it’s time for intermission.

Rob Terry beat Orlando Jordan to retain the Global title, following a choke slam. Terry’s knee must be doing better, no wraps or brace this time, just pads. Jordan spent the whole match working on the knee though.

Jeff Hardy beat AJ Styles in the main event. Hardy got a loud ovation and the crowd was up simply because it was the main event. A lot of people were upset that there was no Flair. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton for the W.

After the show, Hardy did a pose/autograph deal in the ring, other TNA wrestlers came out to sign autographs.


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