News and Rumours Round-Up: Scott Hall/Sean Waltman/Roxxi & ODB Released, Tommy Dreamer in TNA, Update on TNA’s major surprise, the return of Suicide plus more!

Ok a lot of news and rumours to cover this week due to missing a whole week to prevent Slammiversary spoilers. Here we go:

Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac released

Scott Hall & Sean WaltmanTNA have officially released Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. TNA president Dixie Carter said today that TNA and Scott Hall parted ways so Hall could “take care of personal issues.” At Monday’s TV taping, Hall was told he was released by the company.

“Scott Hall and I talked and together decided he needed time to focus on some personal issues. I am proud of the action he is taking,” Carter said on Twitter. The “personal issues” Hall has to take care of include an upcoming court date following his arrest at a bar outside of Orlando last month. Hall also has “personal issues” pre-dating his TNA days that he brought with him to TNA when he returned to the company on January 4.

As for Waltman, he was written off tv close to a month ago and was scheduled for the chop for a while after no-showing some events. Given Hall’s departure i figure they thought it was time to just let them both go.

Roxxi Released

According to a source, the Roxxi career stipulation at Slammiversary was added yesterday afternoon. As of right now, that was her last night with the company and there were people backstage (including Roxxi herself) who were not happy about it.

ODB Released

ODB has also been released from TNA. ODB’s TNA departure didn’t come as a surprise to hardly anyone in the company. ODB has had heat on her for a few months after comments against TNA on her Twitter and in media interviews. ODB posted the following on her Twitter today… “thanks tna fans for all the support but tna and odb have parted was a decision I made.bamm bitches”

Tommy Dreamer happy to be in TNA

Tommy DreamerAs we saw last night Tommy Dreamer has joined TNA Wrestling. Dreamer made the following comments in regards to his first few days in TNA… “The Impact Zone is really cool Great atmosphere live. A very fan friendly place. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.” Tommy Dreamer is scheduled for both sets of TNA iMPACT! tapings this week. There is no official word on if he signed a deal or not, but it is believed that one is about to happen. Dixie Carter wanted Dreamer to join the company, and personally reached out to him. As of now, Dreamer is only scheduled to be an on air talent, but many hope that he can transition into a backstage role, similar to what he did with ECW and WWE.

As far as Dreamer’s name goes, since Dreamer has been using the “Tommy Dreamer” gimmick since before ECW, WWE will not be able to lay intellectual claim on the name like they did with the Dudley Boyz several years ago.

While some people have been complaining about Dreamer being the big surprise, you have to remember that Dixie Carter stated that she had a “nice surprise” for the PPV, and that the “big game-changing deal for the company” wouldn’t be something that was announced at the PPV or happened right away.

TNA’s Major surprise

According to sources, the word from last night’s PPV is that Dixie Carter has not told anyone what the surprise that will change the company is.

The latest theory, which has not been confirmed, is that TNA will be dropping PPV and instead do live specials on Spike TV. Again, this is NOT confirmed by any means.

Dixie Carter previously posted the following on her Twitter… Just got off phone w/Spike prez Kevin Kay. He is all in and agrees this will change TNA on every level.

James Storm Injured

James Storm suffered a shoulder injury at Slammiversary. Storm will work through it though.

Sting Update

Sting has been working through a shoulder injury as of late, which is why he has been wearing the t-shirt when he wrestles. He will likely need surgery to repair the damage.

For those wondering why he continues to get a push, even when injured, the reason is because of the name. Dixie Carter has been high on keeping him around year after year due to the fact that Sting’s name is the most popular persona within the company with their licensees. His Jakks Pacific action figure is said to be the most anticipated figure from the new line of TNA figures.

It is felt that the aura and popularity of Sting pays high dividends for the company, dividends that mean more than simple in ring performance.

Return of Suicide

SuicideWith the Suicide character being a part of the new TNA action figure line, there is talk if bringing back the character for another run. Kazarian was Suicide at the action figure launch over the weekend, but will not be the character if and when it returns for the run. While nothing is official, it is expected that Kiyoshi will fill the role. The Suicide character will wrestle on iMPACT! this week.

Nick Aldis Return

Good news for uk fans, Nick “Brutus Magnus” Aldis was around for Slammiversary weekend and will wrestle on iMPACT! this week.

Two former WWE Stars backstage at TNA live event

Former WWE wrestlers Rosey and Jimmy Wang Yang were backstage at TNA’s live event in Columbus, Ohio this week. Both wrestlers live within driving distance of the show and were visiting friends backstage.

AJ Styles interview on the new Jakks Pacific Action Figures

Victory Road Theme Song

The theme song for TNA’s Victory Road pay-per-view will be “Ten Things To Do If I Live” by The Wake Effect. Listen below:


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