TNA Impact – Saturday 19/06/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 12/06/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Anderson’s Agenda“

Saturday 19/06/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 17/06/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We kick things off with a recap video of Slammiversary, as Kurt Angle came one step closer to completing his goal, Tommy Dreamer debuted, Jay Lethal upset AJ Styles, the Enigmatic Assholes defeated Beer Money, and Jeff Jarrett made his controversial return, costing Sting the World Title.

We join Bischoff in his office backstage, he has the TNA World Tag-Team Titles on his desk. Looks like their going to deal with the fall out of the Scott Hall release right off the bat. Bischoff says that being World Champion brings along responsibility. Due to personal issues involving Scott Hall, the Band has been stripped of the World Tag Team Championships. A Tournament will begin tonight to determine who will face the MCMG at Victory Road. Nice!

Match 1 : TNA Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final – The Band (Eric Young and Kevin Nash) vs Ink Inc.

  • Kevin Nash must be pissed, two best friends fired in a week, tag titles removed and about to job to two “vanilla midgets”!!! HA HA!
  • The Band starts things off quickly as they attack Ink Inc. as they make their way into the ring. EY and Neal are gonna start things off.
  • Scoop slam by Young,, and he goes to the second rope. Diving forearm to the head connects.
  • EY throws Neal into a boot of Nash and then gives him the tag.
  • Knees in the corner by big Kev.
  • Now the elbows.
  • Now the boot.
  • Young takes down Neal with a clothesline.
  • Tag to EY.
  • He sends Neal off into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Headbutt by Neal.
  • He runs off into the ropes but gets hit with an elbow.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Elbows by Young in the corner.
  • He’s now choking Neal with his boot.
  • Neal tries to fight back but to no avail.
  • Slam by Young, and he goes to the top.
  • Elbow drop connects. 1…!
  • Neal with an elbow in the corner, but EY’s not letting up.
  • Huge right hand floors Young.
  • Moore finally gets the tag.
  • Clothesline, dropkick, spinkick.
  • Reverse atomic drop, and another spin kick.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Young does that flip in the corner and tries to go to the top, but Moore takes him out.
  • He then dropkicks Nash off the apron.
  • Pin but Nash dives in to break it up.
  • He takes off the straps.
  • Jackknife powerbomb coming up, but Neal kills him with a Spear!!!
  • Neal lifts Young on his shoulder and Moore hits the Mooregasm. Forget about it.
  • Winners: Ink Inc.
  • Ink Inc. advance, as they’ll face the winner of Team 3D and Beer Money.  What a tag match thats gonna be!

Tenay and West remind us about how RVD defeated Sting to retain the belt, along with Lethal beating Styles and Angle beating Kaz. Also, Tommy Dreamer made his debut. The new Top Ten Rankings are being put together, but the top three could not be agreed on, so we’re going to have a Three Way tonight with Anderson, Hardy and Abyss!

Were Stylin and Profilin’! here comes the Nature Boy, with his entouragel. He says he’s about to make an announcement that’s going to rewrite the wrestling world. He makes his way to ring and we’re going to hear his announcement after the commercial.

We’re back and Chelsea is in the back with Abyss. She says she wants to be with him. Abyss says that the deal is up and tells her to go back to Desmond. Tonight is not the night. She won’t let up, and he says that she’s not going to want to be around him after tonight. Huh? What does he mean by that? Possible screwjob ending tonight?

Flair is in the ring with his group. He says that tonight, Ric Flair tells the TNA Wrestling world that they’re going to reform the Four Horsemen. Only, they’re going to call the group Fortune. Fortune is going to change the destiny of this business and the direction of TNA forever. Flair reminds us that the Four Horsemen lived, died and breathed trying to be the best at whatever they were doing. Flair yells at Styles. He says Barry Windham would pick up Kaz and throw him into the crowd. He says Tully Blanchard would eat both of Beer Money for lunch. Flair promises us that these are the four leading contenders. He says he forgot about Desmond, because he’s the Lex Luger of the Four Horsemen. It’s time for a change in TNA. As far as Lethal goes, are you kidding. Flair says that Styles committed Suicide. Jay Lethal, a little pissant from New Jersey, beat…Well here comes the man himself!

Yes! Lethal’s doing his Flair impression! WOOO!!! Did he hear that punk right there say anything about the Four Horsemen? The greatest group of men to ever grace god’s green. As far as he’s concerned, it looks like the Horsemen took a dump in the ring and left it. He had the privelage to be on the road, up and down, kissing the girls and making them cry. Those guys are no Horsemen. It’s disrespectful to him and the wrestling business. Flair says Lethal is a pissant. He takes of the jacket. Dude’s ready to go. Lethal takes of his jacket now. He throws it on the ground, struts across the stage and drops an elbow to the jacket. Awesome. Flair says Lethal can’t do him. Lethal says he can’t cut him off. They trade WOO’s. Lethal tells Flair not to be upset because they tore Space Mountain down. Flair says it’s the oldest ride, and the longest line. Lethal tells Flair to come up on the stage. They start trading WOO’s again. This is hilarious. Wolfe cuts Lethal off. Wolfe says he’s doing a cheap immitation of a legend, the greatest wrestler who ever lived. Wolfe is making a name for himself. He challenges Jay. Lethal says Wolfe can’t control Chelsea. Flair says he wants Lethal all night long. Lethal says that jumping on is a lot easier than jumping off. He says it’s his line, and they start to argue over who’s line it is. Flair tells Wolfe to take care of Lethal tonight, and he’ll make him the first member of Fortune. This segment was hilarious.

We see Lacey Von Erich in the back, getting a massage as she takes on the returning Angelina Love later tonight.

We see Mr. Anderson in the back. JB asks him if we’ll see the real Mr. Anderson tonight. Anderson says that depends on who you think the real Mr. Anderson is.

Match 2 : Hernandez vs Samoa Joe

  • Well, Hernandez’s return and push lasted all of week eh?
  • Tie up to start, and Hernandez pushes Joe into the corner.
  • He lets go of the hold.
  • Another tie up, and this time Joe pushes Hernandez in the corner.
  • Jabs by Joe.
  • Tenay informs us that Hernandez is going to face Matt Morgan in a Cage match at Victory Road.
  • Joe with the SSC Enzuigiri in the corner.
  • Hernandez fights back, but runs into a back elbow by Joe.
  • Joe elevated Hernandez to the apron.
  • Joe charges but Hernadez slingshots in with a shoulderblock.
  • Splash in the corner and a clothesline follows.
  • Jabs by Joe, and a chop.
  • He runs off the rope but gets killed with a shoulder block.
  • Joe rolls to the outside.
  • Morgan comes in and low blows Hernandez.
  • Apparently the ref didn’t see.
  • T-BONE!! 1…2…3.
  • Winner: Samoa Joe
  • Joe didn’t see Morgan hit the low blow.
  • Joe apparently saw the replay on the big screen, and he makes his way back to the ring.
  • Morgan’s ready for him though.
  • He turns to look for Hernandez, and Joe runs in.
  • Morgan bails and walks back up the ramp.

Styles is in the back with Wolfe. Styles says that he heard Chelsea doesn’t want to be with him anymore. He suggest he beats Lethal tonight too, because if he doesn’t, he’s out.

Hardy talks about if he can trust Anderson or not. Anderson comes up and says good luck. Hardy says asshole, and Anderson says “Yes I am”. lol!

Doug Williams is in the ring. He says that with one incredible high flying maneuver, the rest of the X-Division is now redundant. In case we missed it, were going to see it again tonight. Williams is going to implement his famous style into the X-Division. He’s going to demonstrate against his opponent here tonight.

Match 3 : Douglas Williams vs Max Buck

  • Tie up to start, and Williams hits a snapmare.
  • He now wrenches the arm, but Max flips over and wrenches William’s arm.
  • Arm drag countered into a head scissors.
  • Max slingshots onto the apron, flips in but runs into a samoan drop by the champ.
  • Knee drop by Williams. European uppercut.
  • Sleeper hold by Williams.
  • Max tries to fight out but gets locked in a abdominal stertch.
  • Suplex by Williams and he follows with a gutwrench.
  • Northern lights follows.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Williams goes to the second rope.
  • He goes for the diving tornado DDT but Max moves.
  • Springboard moonsault into a cutter. 1…2…no!
  • Max charges Williams but gets hit with a back elbow.
  • Diving tornado DDT connects.
  • 3 count!
  • Winner: Doug Williams
  • Post match Williams locks in some submission.
  • Kendrick runs in and puts Williams in a sleeper.
  • He’s not letting up as the champ is tapping out and the bell is ringing.
  • Loud “Brian Kendrick” chant.
  • He finally lets up and yells at the ref to get off of him.

We get a video, hyping the rivalry between Sting and Jeff Jarrett. The next chapter in their eternal fight is about to unfold. Jarrett’s going to call out Sting later tonight

We’re back, and Angelina is in the ring. She says that she’s realized that an atheletes carrer can be cut short easily. She’s not going to waste another second of it. She says that it’s Lacey Von Erich and her tonight, and next week it’s Velvet. At Victory Road, she’s going to reclaim her title against Madison Rayne. She tells Lacey to get her happy ending out to the ring.

Match 4 : Angelina Love vs TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Champion Lacey Von Erich

  • No Velvet or Madison tonight  AGAIN!!
  • Angelina takes Lacey down immediately with a clothesline.
  • She throws her into the turnbuckle, and then another.
  • Knee to the gut, and another, and another.
  • Leg trip sends Lacey down.
  • Kicks in the corner, and she’s now choking Lacey with her boot.
  • Lacey with a moonsault out of the corner and she dropkicks the leg.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Lacey counters an irish whip by throwing Angelina into the mat.
  • She mounts Angelina in the corner and hits her with the rights.
  • Powerbomb counter by Angelina.
  • Angelina goes to the outside, throws So Cal Val off a chair and picks up the chair.
  • She puts it on the mat.
  • DDT onto the chair!
  • Angelina’s disqualified.
  • Winner: Lacey Von Erich via Disqualification

Hogan tells Lethal he saw something in him. As soon as they saw this raw talent in him, they put him in this spot. He’s gifted and talented. Hogan says he’s up there and has a target on his back and that he’s going to have to hang on as tight as he can. Hogan wants to know when Lethal’s gonna do the Hulkster impression, lol that would be hilarious!

Tenay hypes up the Jarrett/Sting confrontation for later tonight, along with the 3 way main event to determine the number one contender.

Christy is in the back with Jeff Hardy. Jeff says it’s a three way dance tonight, and he would love nothing more than to mix it up with RVD at Victory Road. Anderson interrupts, saying that they’re a couple of people just stirring the pot. He asks how many times Jeff has had an argument with his brother that ended in a fist fight. And how many times did they end up being fine. The only thing different this time is that the TNA title is on the line. He says some other stuff, they bump fists and walk off.

Match 5 : TNA Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final – Team 3D vs Beer Money

  • The winner of this match will face Ink Inc. next week, with the winners will face the Guns at Victory Road for the vacant tag belts.
  • Ray and Devon get in an argument as they come down the ramp.
  • BOOZER CRUIZER!!! I’m such a mark for the cruiser, good to see it back again.
  • Devon and Roode start things off.
  • Roode gets hit with a shoulder block.
  • Hip toss attempt countered by devon into one of his own.
  • Roode avoids a leg drop and hits that running flip neckbreaker.
  • Devon avoids Roode in the corner and htis a clothesline.
  • Pin but Roode kicks out.
  • Here comes Ray as he lifts up Roode with a sidewalk slam and Devon brings him down with a leg drop.
  • Slam to Roode. Ray misses an elbow, and here comes Storm.
  • Double back drop to Ray.
  • Right hand by Storm takes Ray down.
  • Ray shoves Storm into the corner and tags in Devon.
  • Double hip toss to Storm, and they split the legs.
  • Double falling headbutts to the chest follows.
  • Storm ducks a clothesline, Roode hits the reverse atomic drop and Storm hits the russian leg sweep.
  • Moore and Neal have joined commentary.
  • Double suplex onto Devon.
  • Here we go. BEER! MONEY!!
  • Ray floors both guys.
  • Ray puts Roode on his shoulder and Devon goes to the top.
  • Doomsday Device connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • 3D coming up.
  • Ray gets distracted and walks off as Devon hits the flapjack.
  • Ray goes after Ink Inc.
  • Massive brawl.
  • Storm spits the beer in Devon’s face and Roode rolls him up for the win.
  • Winners: Beer Money

Wolfe says he’ll talk to Chelsea later after he gets through with Lethal. Right now though she has a chance to redeem herself though. He asks her if he made it clear as we head to commercial.

We’re back, and Desmond and Chelsea are in the ring.

Match 6 : Desmond Wolfe (w/ Chelsea) vs Jay Lethal

  • Lethal poses on the top during his entrance, and Wolfe shoves him off and to the outside.
  • Wait, Tommy Dreamer’s in the crowd.
  • Back on the inside as Wolfe wrenches the arm into the mat.
  • Wolfe starts yelling at Chelsea.
  • Lethal with a right, and a chop.
  • Wolfe counters an irish whip, locks in a hammerlock and sweeps the leg.
  • Chelsea starts to walk away, but trips on the ramp.
  • Wolfe starts to yell at her.
  • Lethal turns him around and hits him with the rights and chops.
  • Lethal then throws him back in the ring.
  • Flying heel kick by Lethal.
  • Springboard handspring elbow.
  • Wolfe goes for a lariat, but Lethal ducks and elevates Wolfe into the air with the german and brings him down with the neckbreaker.
  • That’s enough for the pin.
  • Winner: Jay Lethal
  • Post match wolfe attacks Lethal from behind.
  • He wrenches the arm into the mat.
  • Here comes Flair.
  • Wolfe’s choking Lethal. Flair with the chops to Lethal, and now the rights as Desmond holds him.
  • Low blow to Lethal.
  • Here comes the Hulkster!
  • The heels bail out as Hogan enters the ring.
  • Hogan raises Lethal’s hand.
  • Hogan grabs the mic.
  • He says this is why TNA is on fire right now.
  • Hulk basically puts over Jay here.
  • He’s so high on Lethal that he forgot he was a TNA exec.
  • He’s making a huge announcement, and he says Flair should be out here for it.
  • Flair comes out on the stage.
  • Hogan says Flair has been a thorn in Lethal’s side.
  • Imitation is going to bite Flair in the ass, because this little boy grew up to be a big man, and he’s running on Flair’s level.
  • At Victory Road brother, ooh yeah, it’s going to be Ric Flair against Jay Lethal!
  • Flair’s pissed and Lethal’s ecstatic.
  • Wow i’m actually looking forward to that one to be honest!

Sting is making his way down the stairs from the rafters, as up next, Jarrett’s going to be calling out Sting.

Tenay reveals the top 10 rankings:

10. Kurt Angle
9. Desmond Wolfe
8. The Pope
7. Jay Lethal
6. Samoa Joe
5. Sting
4. AJ Styles

BTW how on earth is the Pope ranked that high when he hasn’t wrestled in over a month??? Dixie, Hogan and Eric are still hung up on the top three, being Anderson, Hardy and Abyss so we’ll settle that tonight.

Jarrett is in the ring, and he calls out Sting. And here he comes. Jarrett asks Sting to take the glasses off, because he wants to be able to look in Sting’s eyes and know what Sting’s feeling. He calls Sting Steve. He’s not going to ask him why again. He asked him to come out to remind him one thing. It was Jeff who called Sting to come into the company. He wanted the professionalism, the experience, the real, true, iconic status. He wanted Sting to work with him. And for the last 8 years, they’ve given everything they could to TNA. And even though they hadn’t always been on the same side, every time they’ve crossed paths, they treated each other with dignity and honor. But that all ended at Sacrifice. That wasn’t a wrestling match. Sting was hell bent on ending Jeff’s career. He was hell bent on destroying his lively hood. He wanted to make sure he destroyed everything that Jeff’s about. But Steve, he made on mistake. He left Jeff standing. Sting starts laughing. Jeff asks him if he thinks it’s funny. They’re going to have a rematch next week. Jeff says he knows what this is all about, and Sting’s dead wrong. He’s 100% wrong about both of them. Every second those two guys have been here, they’ve given it their all. He’s talking about Hulk and Eric. Next week, Jeff’s not only going to be fighting for him and his family, but he’s going to be fighting for Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. And Steve, being the third generation guy that he is, he’s going to be fighting for the most important ingredient of all, he’s going to be fighting for the TNA fans. Jeff walks off and Sting’s smile is gone.

Match 7 : Three Way No 1 Contenders match – Mr. Anderson vs Abyss vs Jeff Hardy

  • Anderson calls for the mic. From GREENBAY, WISCONSINAH!! MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! ANDERSONAH!!!!…………ANDERSONAH!!! God i’m such an Anderson mark!
  • Anderson and Hardy go after Abyss, hitting him with kicks and punches.
  • Poetry in Motion by Hardy, but he gets caught.
  • Anderson hits Abyss with a kick.
  • They go for a double back elbow, but Abyss fights it off.
  • He goes for a double chokeslam, but to no avail.
  • Double suplex to The Monster.
  • Hardy covers, but Anderson breaks it up.
  • Anderson covers, and Jeff breaks it up.
  • They get in each others faces, and that leaves them open for the double clothesline by Abyss.
  • Tommy Dreamer is still in the crowd.
  • Anderson gets thrown in the corner, and Hardy gets thrown in the other.
  • Splash to Anderson, and Hardy avoids one.
  • Whisper in the Wind connects.
  • Baseball slide by Hardy to Abyss on the outside.
  • Hardy wants a plancha, but Anderson’s ready to take him out.
  • But instead he hits Abyss with a baseball slide.
  • He holds Abyss and Hardy takes Abyss out with a plancha.
  • Anderson gets on top of Abyss and hits him with shot after shot.
  • Wait, the bell rings.
  • Apparently there’s count outs in 3 way matches………ok
  • Winner: No Contest due to triple countout.
  • Abyss goes after Anderson. Hardy gets taken out too.
  • Abyss throws Hardy out of the ring.
  • Shock Treatment to Anderson.
  • Abyss grabs a bag, and yells for the camera man to get away.
  • He grabs a trash can and kendo stick.
  • He nails Hardy in the gut with the kendo stick, and then in the back.
  • He hits Hardy again with it.
  • He goes back in the ring.
  • He empties the bag of glass on the mat.
  • He hits Anderson with the kendo stick.
  • He won’t stop.
  • He picks Anderson up.
  • He throws him off the ropes and BLACK HOLE SLAM ONTO THE GLASS!
  • Anderson starts yelling out in pain.
  • Abyss goes after Hardy now, who’s on the ramp.
  • He’s not letting up.
  • Hardy starts to fight back, but to no avail.
  • The medics are trying to get Anderson off the glass.
  • Abyss rips the shirt off of Hardy.
  • Hogan comes out now.
  • He asks Abyss what the hell he is doing.
  • Abyss points at Hogan and shouts “YOU” as we fade out.

WOW!! Decent show tonight but WOW! what an ending. Bout time Abyss goes heel again, but did you notice that during that beatdown he did the Raven trademark arms out pose? Has this got something to do with Dreamer? Raven? Dr. Stevie? This is getting interesting folks!

Until next week, cya round!


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