TNA Slammiversary VIII – Friday 18/06/2010

TNA Slammiversary VIII

TNA Slammiversary VIII

TNA Slammiversary VIII Report – Friday 18/06/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 18/06/2010 at 10pm on the Extreme Sports Channel.Originally aired Live on Pay-Per View in the United States – Sunday 13/06/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Its been a long long week, i haven’t accessed any wrestling related sites for a whole week so as not to accidently come across any spoilers, TNA better deliver. Tonights the night ladies and gentlemen will Sting take the title and lift the veil and reveal everyones true colours? Can Anderson and Hardy form an effective enough tag team to overcome one of the best in Beer Money? Will AJ defeat Lethal and prove his worth to Flair? Will Chelsea do the predictable and doublecross Wolfe? We find out….now!

We open with an “Eight years in the making….” intro, with a recap of some of the momentous moments over TNA’s eight year history. God i still love seeing that Angle headbutt on Samoa Joe, they should just put that on replay for two hours and i’d watch.

Match 1: Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian

  • Wow, Angle opens. I don’t think the guy has ever been this low on a card.
  • But heck of a choice though, this should be one hell of a match.
  • Headlock takedown by Angle.
  • Kaz gets up but is knocked down by a shoulder, he gets a pair of arm drags to follow up and we have a stand off.
  • Kaz flips out of an arm wringer but Angle tries for a kimmura then gets a leg sweep.
  • Kaz up into a headlock.
  • Whip to the corner and a shoulder charge, Angle tries it again but runs into the turnbuckle.
  • Missile dropkick from Kaz.
  • GERMAN SUPLEX! And Another! LOW BLOW by Kaz!
  • Ref, who is in a snazzy classic sky blue shirt with black bow tie, doesn’t see it.
  • Wait, yes he did but Angle begged him not to DQ Kaz.
  • Kaz thanks him by pounding his face in and throwing him to the floor, then hitting a somersault senton over the top to the floor.
  • He throws Angle back in and gets a slingshot legdrop for 2.
  • Impact Zone is heavily in favour of Angle. What noise from the crowd tonight.
  • Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Angle but the momentum doesn’t last as he is whipped in to the corner and levelled with a clothesline.
  • Front facelock by Kaz.
  • Angle battles out, ducks a right, RELEASE German Suplex!
  • They exchange blows mid-ring and Angle ales control with a series of clotheslines and a back body drop!
  • Angle charges into a boot, Kaz charges into a release belly to belly. 1…2…no!
  • Angle Slam attempt, Kaz escapes out the back, floats over and hits the neckbreaker for 2.
  • POWERBOMB by Angle out of nowhere! 1…2…Ankle Lock!
  • Kaz rolls through! 1…no.
  • Dropkick by Kaz ends the exchange and slows the pace down.
  • Kaz is going to the top…ANGLE runs up the ropes!
  • Top rope belly to belly! 1…2, only twp
  • Angle measures for the Angle Slam…Kaz escapes!!
  • Angle rolls through, picks the ankle but Kaz escapes!
  • Slingshot DDT by Kaz!!!
  • 1…2…no!
  • Kaz tries for the Jig n Tonic…Angle escapes!
  • GERMAN Suplex! no its four german suplexes! my god!
  • Angle Slam…countered!
  • Kazarian hits the Jig N Tonic!!!! 1….2….oh he kicks out!
  • Angle tries the tilt-a-whirl again, Kaz counters with a HUGE lariat!
  • Kaz lines up a springboard…into a boot!
  • ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO!!!
  • Angle goes up for the moonsault…Kaz catches him! Powerbomb!
  • Feet on the ropes! 1…2…NO!!!!
  • Kaz is measuring him again…Jig n Tonic COUNTERED!
  • Ankle Lock!
  • Angle drops and grapevines the leg…Kaz taps like the little bitch he is!
  • Winner: Kurt Angle
  • Wow a 5 star match guys, how are they ever gonna follow that one!

Tenay and Taz run down the card

Match 2: TNA X-Division Title Match: Douglas Williams © vs. Brian Kendrick

  • Kendrick is out first to no reaction.
  • Williams starts with an armbar, Kendrick reverses and Williams runs to the ropes.
  • Go-behind and a waistlock takedown by Williams, floating over into a facelock.
  • Kendrick escapes and elbows Williams in the back of the head, then charges into a knee.
  • Leg lace into a roll by Williams, Kendrick then applies a lace of his own before Williams kicks him to the floor.
  • Outside Kendrick charges at Williams, who moves.
  • Kendrick hits the barricade.
  • Beatdown on the floor by Williams, he throws Kendrick in and locks in a double overhead nostril.
  • Kendrick tries to come back with a crossbody but Williams catches him and gets a Samoan Drop.
  • He’s not even Samoan! Is that legal? 1…2…no.
  • Bow and arrow applied by Williams, Kendrick rolls into a lateral press for 2.
  • Williams is displeased and kicks Kendrick to the floor.
  • He is a great man, that Douglas Williams.
  • Back in the ring Williams has applied a cravate.
  • Williams drops Kendrick over the top rope gut first, Kendrick avoids the charge then hits a tope to the floor!
  • Back inside, Kendrick from the top…missile dropkick!
  • 1…2…no!
  • SHINING WIZARD! 1…2…no!
  • Single-leg dropkick by Kendrick gets 2 more.
  • Williams gets a headbutt to the gut of Kendrick, then a stiff lariat.
  • They work a series of rollups for 2.
  • Running knee in the corner by Williams, vertical suplex floated over into a gutwrench suplex.
  • T-BONE SUPLEX! 1…2…no.
  • CHAOS THEORY attempt countered by biting the forearm!
  • Kendrick puts Williams on the second rope…Williams pushes him off!
  • Tornado DDT! 1…2…3!
  • Winner: Doug Williams
  • Another great match, wow their putting on a show tonight guys!

Christy Hemme is with Eric Bischoff and Miss Tessmacher. Bischoff talks about Sting and RVD tonight. Mentions once they get it over they can finally get Sting away and out of everybody’s hair for a while….hmmm

Match 3: TNA Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne © vs. Roxxi

  • Roxxi is in a snazzy new red and gold outfit tonight.
  • Madison is out solo again, is she even part of the Beautiful People anymore?
  • Madison is on the mic and wants to know why the Beautiful People have dominated the Knockouts division while Roxxi has popped in and out of TNA.
  • This time, she popped in and was handed a title shot.
  • She heels it to the crowd and says she’s putting everything on the line, but Roxxi is putting up nothing.
  • She suggests that Roxxi do what Tara did and put her career on the line.
  • Roxxi is not happy with that idea, but of course Madison taunts her into doing it anyway.
  • Roxxi agrees and Madison pops her with the mic pretty hard. Bell rings.
  • Attempts to pin, but onyl a two
  • Roxxi is bleeding, and pretty badly tbh. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a female wrestler bleed in one of the top two…certainly not like this. Kudos to Roxxi.
  • Roxxi is pissed now and hits a big clothesline and an elbow for 2.
  • Wow, Roxxi is MESSED UP.
  • Madison sends her to the floor, Roxxi comes back to the apron and rams Madison’s head into the buckle.
  • Roxxi to the second rope, she gets cut off by Madison.
  • Clothesline gets 2.
  • Armbar by Madison.
  • Roxxi fights out, ducks under one kick, catches a second and hits an enziguiri.
  • Whip and a charging back elbow by Roxxi, sitout spinebuster!! 1…2…NO!
  • Madison reverses and tries the modified Playmaker…COUNTERED!
  • BARBIE CRUSHER!!!! Madison rolls to the floor, giving her time to recover.
  • Back inside, Madison counters into a modified lungblower! 1…2…3!!!
  • Winner: Madison Rayne
  • Holy moly!!! I did not see that coming, so what Roxxi is done? Isn’t she under contract? Is this a worked retirement then or has she been released as part of the cuts? She certainly looks legitimately emotional.

Wow this has been great so far. Video montage for Brother Ray vs Jesse Neal.

Match 4: Jesse Neal vs. Brother Ray

  • Multiple puncture wounds for the win.
  • Brother Ray has a mic and calls for Devon, who comes strolling down the ramp.
  • That brings Shannon Moore charging to the ring just in case.
  • Ray says he owes everyone in the ring an apology. W
  • iMPACT! zone wants tables, the bloodthirsty lot!
  • Ray admits to being a douchebag, prompting a chant from Orlando.
  • Ray puts Jesse over and says the fans really love him.
  • He keeps apologising, Shannon leaves and Ray hugs Jesse.
  • Everyone leaves the ring and as they are going up the ramp Ray turns around and clocks Neal.
  • He LAUNCHES him back into the ring and hits a HUGE boot.
  • Devon is PISSED. Elbow drop by Ray, he continues the beating and lays in a pair of STIFF slaps the chest.
  • More beatings from Ray.
  • Ray hangs Neal in the Tree of Joey Lawrence and slaps the shit out of him.
  • He drops Neal out of the Tree head first, rips of Neal’s dog tag and lays in more slaps.
  • MY chest is hurting from them.
  • Neal fights back and gets a clothesline, a second and a whip.
  • Crossbody from the second and a belly to belly by Neal!
  • Where is THIS coming from? 1…2…no!
  • Ray counters a shot…BUBBA BOMB!
  • Another huge slap.
  • TOMMY DREAMER! In the crowd! Posing! The crowd goes nuts.
  • Ray is distracted, Neal charges for the spear…BOOT!
  • Bubba to the second rope…MISSES! SPPEAR! 1…2…3!!!
  • Winner: Jesse Neal
  • YES!! TOMMY FRIKKEN DREAMER!! BUT WHY IS HE HEAR? Guess we have to wait till Impact tomorrow night.

Christy Hemme is with Hernandez. Standard promo leading to the hype video.

Match 5: Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

  • Morgan is out in jeans with a neck brace on.
  • He gets on the mic and, just to surprise us, says he can’t wrestle.
  • This is the surprise Dixie mentioned! He blames the beatdown Hernandez laid on him on Impact for his inability to wrestle.
  • LMAO! Morgan produces a doctor’s note saying he can’t go, and gives it to the ref.
  • He apologises to his fans and leaves…Hernandez is out!
  • He throws Morgan into the ring, the ref calls for the bell and away we go!
  • Hernandez chokes Morgan with his shirt!
  • Shoulders in the corner by Hernandez, he stands on Morgan’s throat and the ref breaks them up.
  • Hernandez puts the ref on the top turnbuckle then turns around to administer further beatings.
  • Morgan begs off but of course is suckering Hernandez in and throws him to the floor.
  • Roaring lariat on the floor, he rolls Hernandez back in then rams him shoulder-first to the turnbuckle.
  • Back to the floor goes Hernandez.
  • He rolls back in at 8 only to be met by a vicious stomping.
  • Alternating back elbows in the corner by Morgan, I love that spot.
  • Avalanche into a side slam gets 2.
  • Morgan toys with Hernandez, who reverses a whip and gets an avalanche and a clothesline.
  • BIG shoulder block by the big Mexican.
  • Another shirt choke by Hernandez.
  • The ref tells him off, so Hernandez tosses him across the ring.
  • DQ!
  • Winner: Matt Morgan via Disqualification
  • Morgan tries to escape but Hernandez catches him and beats him down.
  • He sets up Morgan against the post as Morgan did to him.
  • Hernandez goes for the boot..REF GETS IN THE WAY!
  • Hernandez CREAMS him!
  • Hernandez flees to the back as Brian Hebners dad Earl aswell as his fellow referees rush to his aid.

Christy Hemme gets Hulk Hogan’s opinion on the title match. Hogan sounds almost…….heelish!

Match 6: Monster’s Ball Match – Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. Abyss

  • Wolfe is out with Chelsea. 30 days are up already? Abyss comes down with a cart of plunder and starts throwing it into the ring.
  • We start off quick as Abyss ducks his head and gets booted, but gains control quickly.
  • Abyss has a chair but Wolfe kicks it into the face of the Monster.
  • Wolfe sets the chair in one corner, crabs a kendo stick and tattoos Abyss with it.
  • Abyss reverses a whip into the chair, Wolfe tries the up and over but gets caught and side slammed for two.
  • Abyss has a barbed wire board! Remember when he fought Sabu and was supposedly afraid of barbed wire?
  • Wolfe catches Abyss as he is setting up the board, he tries to whip him into the chair but Abyss puts on the brakes and sends a charging Wolfe head-first into the chair.
  • Abyss fetches two trash cans, chucks one in the ring but gets caught with a low blow as he straddles the middle rope.
  • Trash can shot to the head! A second!
  • Wolfe looks in the second trash can and finds…a teddy bear wrapped in barbed wire.
  • What? Wolfe holds it up but Abyss hits the avalanche in the corner, crushing the barbed bear into Wolfe!
  • Abyss presents the bear to Chelsea then gets his sack o’ tacks…wait! No, it’s the bag o’ glass!
  • Wolfe says he didn’t sign up for this and flees, using Chelsea as a shield.
  • He has the kendo stick…WHAM!
  • He takes Abyss up the ramp onto the announce position and goes for a home run swing with the kendo but Abyss catches him, Chokeslam through the bloody ramp!! WOW!!
  • Wolfe hit hard and is now spasming.
  • Abyss drags Wolfe back to the ring and covers! 1…2…no!
  • Abyss gets the board and lays it in the ring, then puts Wolfe up top for a superplex onto the board…Wolfe blocks…SUNSET BOMB INTO THE BARBED WIRE!!!
  • He nailed that perfectly! 1…2…no! what theres more brutality!!!
  • Abyss has multiple puncture wounds.
  • Kendo stick shots to the head by Wolfe now, he misses the big swing SHOCK TREATMENT! 1…2…Wolfe gets a shoulder up.
  • Wolfe gets out, twists the arm and hits a BIG knee to the head.
  • He gets the kendo stick…MOTHER OF GOD he nailed that. 1…2…no!!
  • Wolfe goes to Chelsea and grabs her purse, looking for brass knuckles…the purse is empty!
  • He yells at Chelsea for the knuckles, and she removes them from her top…and throws them to Abyss!
  • WHAM! Right hand…Black Hole Slam! 1…2…3!!
  • Winner: Abyss
  • Predictable ending but fair play to Abyss he put his body through hell for our entertainment tonight.

Christy is now with RVD. Once again, standard promo.

Video package for AJ-Lethal feud.

Match 7: AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

  • Lockup leads to a stalemate, AJ backs Lethal to the corner and hits a stiff chop to which Lethal responds with a slap.
  • AJ bails to realign his jaw.
  • Back inside, AJ gets a headlock takedown but is quickly countered into a headscissors by Lethal.
  • They work a series of counters which Lethal wins with a hiptoss and basement dropkick combo.
  • Snap suplex by Lethal gets 1.
  • Chop by Lethal and a backbreaker gets 2.
  • headscissos by Lethal, AJ goes to the floor but he rolls back in before Lethal can hit a leap to the floor.
  • AJ catches Lethal coming in and tries to kick him from the apron, Lethal catches his foot and yanks AJ down hard.
  • Back inside, AJ gets a choke then misses a chop, Lethal chops him and whips him in. AJ avoids the charge and crotches Lethal on the top rope.
  • They exchange chops and Styles kicks him in the face for 2.
  • High knee drop gets 2 more.
  • Lethal drives AJ to the corner and lays in the shoulders, then hits a pair of open-hand shots.
  • Leg lariat by Lethal gets 2.
  • Out of nowhere AJ gets a backdrop driver.
  • He throws Lethal to the floor where Flair chokes him with his jacket.
  • Chop by Styles, he rolls Lethal back in and gets a 2 count.
  • Chinlock applied by AJ, Lethal tries to get out but AJ elbows him in the back of the head.
  • Lethal ducks under a shot, springboard back elbow!
  • AJ goes for a fron facelock, Lethal counters.
  • Again. A third time, and Lethal hits an inverted atomic.
  • AJ charges into a boot, Lethal from the second rope…flying spin kick!
  • Moonsault press from the second! 1…2…NO!
  • Whip and a corner dropkick by Lethal…Lethal Combination!!! 1…2…NO!
  • Lethal sets for a slingshot…AJ catches him!
  • Neckbreaker over the knee!! 1…2…no!
  • Lethal hits a quick move, cover! 1..2…NO!!!!
  • Damn that was close.
  • AJ gets a double-leg takedown, FIGURE FOUR!
  • Lethal makes the ropes.
  • BRAINBUSTER by AJ! 1…2…kickout!
  • AJ sets for the Styles Clash…Lethal rolls through!
  • DRAGON SUPLEX!!! 1…2…Flair puts AJ’s leg on the ropes!
  • Lethal stares down Flair and locks in the figure four!
  • AJ fights and makes the ropes.
  • Backbreaker by Lethal, he goes up top…Elbow drop misses!
  • PELE!
  • Styles tries to go up top but is selling the leg and can’t get up there.
  • AJ goes up for a springboard twisting senton….Lethal catches him!
  • Northern Lights, bridged! 1…2…3!!!
  • Winner: Jay Lethal!!
  • OMG i cant believe they put Lethal over Styles, totally unpredicted.

Sting is backstage, tells Tenay he’s sent Christ Hemme away because apparently he’s too dangerous to be around. Says Some men want to rule the world, some want to make it better and some just want to watch it burn, wants to know which one RVD thinks Sting is…

Video package for Beer Money vs. Hardy and Anderson.

Christ is with Anderson and Hardy in the back. Anderson says they’ve got an important issue to decide, every good team needs a name. They hilariously brainstorm coming up with such names as Charismatic Assholes and Creatures of the Asshole lol! They settle on the Enigmatic Assholes!

Match 8: “The Enigmatic Assholes” Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy vs Beer Money

  • Anderson and Roode to start.
  • Roode gets a front facelock, Anderson escapes and tags in Jeff.
  • Jeff and Roode lock up, Roode grabs a headlock then takes Hardy down with a shoulder.
  • Tag to Storm, they hit an inverted atomic into Russian leg sweep combo.
  • Boot to the gut by Hardy, he tags in Anderson and they hit a double back elbow.
  • Somersault leg drop-fist drop combo to Storm.
  • Anderson and Storm trade blows, Anderson goes to hit the ropes but Roode low-bridges him and Anderson crashes and burns.
  • Roode rolls Anderson in and Storm gets a 2 count.
  • Tag to Roode and they make a wish on Anderson’s legs.
  • Knee drop by Roode gets 2 more.
  • Tag to Storm, he whips Anderson in and hits an enziguiri but then eats a clothesline.
  • Tag to Hardy and to Roode! Hardy has clotheslines for all!
  • Gourdbuster to Roode, pin is broken by Storm.
  • Storm throws Anderson to the floor, Roode catches a Hardy boot and sweeps the leg.
  • Roode with the catapult into a DDT by Storm! Shades of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew!
  • Storm sets for the superkick but Anderson drags him to the floor!
  • Jeff hits a Stunner on Roode…goes to the top…SWANTON! 1…2…Storm pulls the ref to the floor!
  • The ref figures it was Anderson, which makes no sense why would he do that?.
  • Storm tags in but Hardy reverses a whip and hits a corner clothesline and administers a beatdown.
  • Roode comes in and they hit a double-team reverse lungblower on Hardy.Ouch.
  • Storm sets Hardy on the rope Orton-style and DDTs him for 2.
  • Backbreaker by Roode gets 2 more.
  • Tag to Storm, double-team suplex.
  • BEER………MONEY!!
  • Scoop slam by Storm, Hardy gets a quick small package for two before being creamed with a clothesline.
  • Hardy gets his elbow up to meet the charge of Roode!
  • Hardy up top…WHISPER IN THE canvas.
  • Splat. RKO OUT OF NOWHERE on Roode!
  • Tag to Storm, TAG TO ANDERSON! Clothesline!
  • Clothesline! Elbow! He is a house ON FIRE!
  • Hardy LEAPS off the back of Anderson to the floor on Storm!
  • DAMN he got height.
  • Anderson goes for the Mic Check, countered!
  • SPINEBUSTER by Roode!
  • Hardy breaks it up but gets caught in the Eye of the Storm!
  • Beer Money sets for the Mic Check…Hardy throws Storm out, then blocks the suplex….MIC CHECK to Roode!
  • 1…2…3!
  • Winners: The Enigmatic Assholes
  • Good match, good finish!!
  • Awesome visual right after the pinfall as Anderson got busted open above his left eye, and he had a real Kano from Mortal Kombat vibe going on.
  • Anderson calls for the mic, announces Jeffrey Nero Hardy as the winner, and…..Hardy steals the mic and does the MIIIIIIISSSSSTEEEERRRRRR ANDERSON!……..ANDERSON!! Routine!
  • Hardy says happy birthday to TNA and that TNA rocks!! Huge pops from the crowd for these two

Video package for the main event.

Match 9: TNA  World Heaveyweight Title Match – RVD © vs. Sting

  • Sting is out first.
  • He’s put his bat carefully in a corner, I wonder if it plays in the decision.
  • RVD’s tights are modelled after the Iron Man suit, were designed by a fan as part of a competition if i recall correctly. Darn cool i might add.
  • Super special ring announcing time from JB.
  • Sting backs RVD to a corner and kicks him in the gut.
  • They go to the floor right away and Sting takes RVD to the rail.
  • Oh good, they go into the crowd. Guess this is what we will be subjected to given Stings shoulder injury.
  • RVD comes back with a big spin kick sending Sting into a retaining wall, then whips him into it 5 times.
  • RVD lays Sting across the rail, goes to the apron and leg drops Sting!
  • Sting fights back and sends RVD back into the crowd and whips him into the wall, then does it again.
  • Sting throws RVD back into the ring and hits a Stinger splash.
  • A second one connects! 1…2…no!
  • RVD ducks under a clothesline and connects with a kick to regain control.
  • Front slam, split-leg moonsault! 1..2…no!
  • He goes for the 10-spot punches, Sting tries to counter but eats another kick.
  • RVD goes for a top rope crossbody…Sting moves, RVD wipes out the ref!
  • Sting has the bat now and beats the tar out of RVD with it.
  • He goes after the legs…JEFF JARRETT!!
  • And Jarrett has no sling and no signs of injury!!
  • Jarrett asks Sting if HE wants to play the deception game.
  • He takes the bat from Sting and NAILS him with it twice!
  • Rolling Thunder by Van Dam! 1…2…NO!!!
  • RVD charges for a monkey flip, Sting moves!
  • Stinger splash…MISSES!
  • Kick from RVD, he goes up top…Five Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3!
  • Winner: And STILL TNA World Champ, Rob Van Dam!!
  • And with that we’re done!

Seriously, no title change, no big announcement no Hogan heel turn?? WTF??? Bitterly disapointing ending to an otherwise awesome show. Perhaps this will be a real slow burner and they’ll run this into tomorrows impact. They god damn better thats for sure!!

Great in ring action all round tonight and a great crowd. The knockouts match and AJ/Lethal also had shock endings that caught me off guard which is always nice.

The BAD: Sad to learn that Roxxi was legit released from TNA and that she was informed of this on day of Slammiversary, very poor way to treat a great professional TNA! Only other sour note was the ending i’ve already had a moan about.

The Ugly: Abyss did some damage to his body tonight, i fear for the guy he’s gonna go too far some day. Enjoyed it nonetheless though!


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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