TNA Xplosion – Friday 18/06/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 18/06/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 18/06/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Host: Jeremy Borash

In case you haven’t heard yet and somehow missed the big article I have on the main page of the site – , TNA are planning to revamp the format of their syndicated Xplosion TV show to make it more of a one-hour original program and not just a recap show as it is now. TNA is planning on placing more emphasis on the Xplosion show from now on. Whilst the magazine format of Xplosion does serve a purpose its obviously not a ratings winner and I know sitting through old content for an hour for the sake of one new match a week can be a chore for myself at times, I don’t think I needed to be insane to keep watching this show, but it probably helped. The changes are to occur from the post-Slammiversary TV tapings so this my friends, likely marks the end of the magazine format, a turning point for the Xplosion show, next week should be real exciting! If your in the UK don’t miss next weeks show, if your reading this elsewhere, now you have more reason to read this report! Now onward with this weeks report!

We get the TNA Xplosion Opening Theme and we join our host Jeremy Borash, backstage at the iMPACT! Zone who welcomes us to the show, runs down the matches we’ll be seeing tonight.

Match 1 : Brian Kendrick vs Homicide

  • When was the last time that either of these guys we featured on Impact? Before he comes out, Homicide says he’s about to show us crazy, 5150 street style.
  • The bell rings, but here comes the X-Division champion Douglas Williams. He joins Tenay and Taz on commentary.
  • Tie up to start, and Homicide pushes Kendrick in the corner.
  • Homicide with the shots now.
  • He’s now choking Kendrick in the ropes.
  • Shot to the back of the head by Homicide, and does it again.
  • He locks in a rear chin lock, but the ref tells him to break it.
  • Kicks to the leg by Kendrick.
  • Forearms by Kendrick but to no avail as Homicide takes control.
  • Gringo Killa coming up, but Kendrick counters out.
  • Elbow in the corner by Homicide takes Kendrick down.
  • Huge T-Bone suplex by Homicide. 2 count.
  • Stomps in the corner by Homicide, and he’s now choking Kendrick.
  • Face Wash by Homicide drills Kendrick in the face, and he does it again.
  • Sitout slam by Homicide, and Kendrick kicks out of the pin at two.
  • Kendrick counters a Gringo Cutter with a forearm to the back of the head.
  • Shots in the corner by Kendrick.
  • Homicide throws Kendrick in the corner.
  • Snapmare by Homicide and he takes the tape off his wrists.
  • The ref grabs it from him, but Homicide takes the tape off his other wrist and starts choking Kendrick with it.
  • Kendrick with the forearms.
  • Enzuigiri connects, and they now go at it on the ramp.
  • Kendrick starts slamming Homicide’s head into the ramp.
  • Kendrick goes back into the ring, but Homicide goes under the ring and grabs a toolbox.
  • He empties it out and grabs a hammer and nail.
  • He drops the hammer and goes after Kendrick.
  • The ref takes the nail away, and Kendrick boots Homicide in the face.
  • Covers for the 1….2…3!!!
  • Winner: Brian Kendrick
  • What? A boot to the face?
  • Bit of a lackluster bout from these two. Both good workers, i was expecting better.

Match 2: Xplosion Exclusive Match – TNA Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs Taylor Wilde

Match 3 : TNA World Tag Team Championship Match – Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs The Band(C)

  • Morgan comes out, and the Hulkster soon follows.
  • He says Morgan is the biggest crybaby he knows.
  • There’s a reason he’s in the ring by himself, he’s never seen anybody stab so many people in the back so fast.
  • Hogan’s got his tag team partner right here.
  • Does Viva La Raza sound familiar to him?
  • WTF? Konnan?? Nah…….It’s Supermex, Hernandez.
  • Good, but still not K-Dawg ladies and gentlemen lol!
  • Hernandez flies right over the top and takes out Hernandez.
  • Morgan soon bails out, but Hernandez isn’t done.
  • Hogan joins commentary as Hernandez rolls Morgan back into the ring.
  • Splash in the corner by Hernandez, and he drills Morgan with a spinebuster.
  • He wraps his shirt around Morgan’s neck and starts choking him out. Hernandez refuses to let go.
  • He finally does, leaving Morgan dead in the ring.
  • Hogan informs us that Morgan vs Hernandez is set for Slammiversary.
  • At least it’ll be better than the tag title match.
  • The EMT’s come out and put Morgan on the stretcher.

Match 4 : Kurt Angle vs Amazing Red

  • Tie up to start, and Angle locks in a headlock.
  • Red pushes him off but gets hit with a shoulder block.
  • Arm drag by Red, and he follows up with a head scissors.
  • Red flips out of a german suplex but runs right into a belly to belly suplex.
  • European uppercut by Angle.
  • Red sends Angle flying to the outside.
  • Red lands on his feet on a plancha.
  • He gets elevated to the apron but runs at Angle and hits a hurricanrana.
  • Back in the ring now as Red goes springboard, but Angle ducks.
  • Angle then kills him with a clothesline.
  • Olympic Slam countered by Red with a DDT.
  • Enzuigiri by Red. Springboard Red Eye connects. 1…2…nooo!
  • Huge german suplex by Angle.
  • He pulls the straps down.
  • Red counters an Olympic Slam with an armdrag.
  • Red misses the first kick but hits the second.
  • Projectile Hurricanrana connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Red Fusion misses.
  • ANGLE SLAM!! Forget about it this ones over!
  • Winner: Kurt Angle
  • Afterward Kurt helps Red to his feet and they embrace….i’m a sucker for a face ending.

Match 5 : AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money vs Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Jay Lethal and Abyss (w/ Chelsea)

  • Lethal and Roode start things off.
  • Roode gets the advantage, but Lethal starts to fight back.
  • Roode takes control though.
  • Lethal ducks a clothesline and hits the backhandspring elbow.
  • Clothesline by Lethal. Tag to Abyss.
  • Right hands by Abyss in the corner.
  • Roode avoids Abyss in the corner and tags in Storm.
  • Abyss double goozles both guys, hits Styles with a boot, and then takes both Beer Money down with a double clothesline.
  • Here comes Anderson.
  • Anderson works down the arm and then tags in Hardy.
  • Hardy works the arm and tags in Anderson.
  • Anderson with a double sledge to the arm off the second rope.
  • Tag to Hardy, and he does the same.
  • Hardy mounts Storm in the corner and hits him with rights.
  • Snapmare and cover follows, but Storm kicks out.
  • Here comes Wolfe, but he gets hit with a jawbreaker.
  • Suplex by Hardy follows.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Styles now gets the tag and shoulder blocks the ribs in the corner.
  • Slam by Styles and he hits that vintage knee drop.
  • Pin but only two.
  • AJ now locks in a chin lock.
  • Hardy fights out but it’s not enough.
  • Styles with an elbow to the back of the head and he tags in Wolfe.
  • Wolfe throws Hardy into a Storm boot in the corner.
  • Pin but only two.
  • He tries to do it again, but Hardy counters.
  • The heels are now beating Hardy down in the corner.
  • Doulbe suplex on Hardy connects.
  • You know what time it is. BEER! MONEY!
  • Roode chokes Hardy on the mat now.
  • Roode slingshots Hardy throat first onto the bottom rope.
  • Pin but Hardy kicks out at two.
  • Tag to Storm and they split the legs.
  • Hardy tags in Lethal, but the ref didn’t see it.
  • Styles now comes in and starts to work down Hardy.
  • Hardy starts to fight back but gets poked in the eyes.
  • Jawbreaker by Hardy.
  • Hardy hits that spin kick.
  • Lethal gets the tag.
  • He’s taking out everyone.
  • Backdrop to AJ.
  • German suplex into a neckbreakre by Jay.
  • Wolfe comes in and hits a DDT.
  • Anderson hits Wolfe with the GBP.
  • Superkick by Storm.
  • Twist of Fate by Hardy.
  • Spinebuster by Roode.
  • Chokeslam by Abyss.
  • It’s madness.
  • Clothesline by Wolfe takes Abyss out.
  • Wolfe tells Chelsea to give him the chair.
  • She’s hesitant.
  • He takes it from her, but Abyss punches it into his face.
  • Lethal springboards but gets hit with a powerbomb, and then the Styles Clash.
  • 3 count!
  • Winners: AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money
  • Damn good main event this week ladies and gentlemen, damn good!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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