TNA Xplosion – Friday 25/06/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 18/06/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 25/06/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Host: Jeremy Borash

We get the new TNA Xplosion Intro video.

We join Jeremy Borash and the “Human Suplex Machine” Taz at the announce booth. JB informs us we are on the fast track to Victory Road and welcomes us to the 300th episode (i remember the very first one, god that seems such a long time ago now…) of Xplosion – a new, revamped, revitalized edition with all new action and a lot more of it.

Tonight we have Knockouts action as Daffney (YES DAFF IS BACK!!) takes on Taylor Wilde and we see two stars return to the ring as Magnus takes on Suicide in our Xplosion Main Event. Aswell as all that we take a lookback at the week that was with this weeks TNA iMPACT! in case anyone missed it in TNA Rewind! But first we are going to hear from the TNA Global Heavyweight Champion “The Freak” Rob Terry!

Big Rob says it was always his goal to become a champion. And he now pledges to become a fighting champion and he is going to prove to his fans, his opponents and himself that he is worthy of carrying the gold. This is exactly why he is here on Xplosion – the premier International venue where everyone can see the TNA Global Championship defended. He issues an open challenge to anyone who wants a shot next week. All they have to do is show up and make themselves heard. Says if they can take it away from him then they will have earned it!

This is kinda cool. Looks like the Global title will be as it was originally billed, to be defended for a international audience between international stars, hopefully they make this a regular feature of Xplosion, kinda like the old WCW TV title was created for (well at least prior to Duggan picking it out of a trashcan i suppose.).

We join Taylor Wilde who is sitting outside somewhere in Universal Studios. She says tonight she is in a singles match with Daffney. It was supposed to be a tag-team bout with her partner Sarita but noone wanted to be Daffney’s partner which is akward! Tells Daffney to bring her A game tonight as things are about to get WILDE!

We join Daffney outside at some sort of barbecue/grill, random! Daffney says so no-one wants to be her partner? But shes a good girl, she plays well with others! Lol! Daffney snaps and slams her hands on the grill (which is hot as she quickly removes and blows on her hands appearing in a little pain.) and shouts that thats fine , she will see “Half-Pint” Taylor Wilde out there later.

Suicide in the back behind some sort of cage, he says something in Japanese but i don’t have a clue what it means. So what, i understand Kiyoshi is under the mask now but  Suicide has always spoke perfectly good english and now he speaks Japanese and they make no efforts to explain that??? Couldn’t they get Scary voice guy to do the voiceovers??

We join Magnus. He wonders if anyone has missed him – the international superstar Magnus! He says he’s back and first on the docket is Suicide and then its straight back to the top.

Still to come on the show, TNA Rewind featuring highlights from iMPACT! as well as a look at  Post-Match interviews from Slammiversary.

We get a video featuring the launch of the kickass new Jakks TNA iMPACT! deluxe action figures.

JB in the back after Slammiversary interviewing Rob Van Dam. RVD says its a happy day, a victorious day for TNA. No big surprises but he had to admit many people asked him if he could keep the strap tonight, obviously Sting is a pretty credible opponent. JB wants to know if its over with Sting, obviously some unfinished business with Jarrett there, RVD says the only person who can tell us that is Sting but if hes smart and dosen’t want to hurt his win/loss record he’ll move on to other pastures. JB wants RVD’s thoughts on the arrival of Tommy Dreamer, RVD says its great news for TNA, Dreamer is a very credible opponent who doesn’t have to prove himself, we all know what he’s capable of and he comes in at Hardcore Tommy Dreamer Level.

So Cal Val catches up with Hernandez. Dosen’t have word yet on condition of Brian Hebner but wants to get Hernandez’s thoughts on the incident. Hernandez says it was simply an accident, Hebner was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But as for Matt Morgan, it isn’t over and he won’t rest until he has his vengeance.

So Cal Val in Kurt Angles dressing room. Val says he just pulled off a great win tonight but sill has 9 to go, wants to know Kurts strategy. Right now Kurts just happy to have won and will celebrate his victory, puts over Kaz who he said went toe to toe with him tonight and showed great bravado. Now its onto number 9!

So Cal Val catches up with Douglas Williams. Williams talks about his fantastic victory over Kazarian, says unlike the USA’s supposed victory with their draw with England in the World Cup, he actually beat one of their guys. Says he pulled out just one exhibition move but that was all that was needed.

Val joins Jay Lethal who’s very excited about his win over AJ Styles, says in Ric Flairs eyes AJ is the next guy and he just beat him. Says he’s finally arrived, tonight he made his stamp on TNA, they have no choice but to take notice of him now.

So Cal Val catches Tommy Dreamer in a hallway backstage and wants to know what he’s doing here. Dreamer says theres been a lot of talk about change recently and that he was part of a company that changed the face of the entire business……

Coming up next the 3-Way main event from iMPACT! – Abyss vs Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson

Commercial Break

Back from break we look back at highlights from the 3 way main event from iMPACT!: “the Monster”  returns!

Sarita enters the Knockouts locker room where Taylor Wilde is getting ready for her match. Sarita sulks on the bench. Taylor wants to know if she’s still cranky. Sarita says of course she is they were supposed to be in a tag match tonight and now she finds she’s scratched off the card. Its wonderful for Taylor but where does this leave Sarita? Taylor assures her it was simply luck of the draw. Sarita unhappy that since they lost the tag belts they’ve lost traction and wanted tonight to be starting point to get back to the top. Taylor says she needs her support tonight and whats good for her is good for Sarita.  Sarita says something in spanish as we cut away.

At the announce booth Taz points out that Sarita seems upset about it all and has every right to be, JB agrees.

Highlights from the Sting-Jarrett showdown on iMPACT!

Match 1: Daffney vs Taylor Wilde

  • So Cal Val on announce duties tonight given JB’s new position as commentator on Xplosion.
  • Great to see Daffney back
  • Rollup by Wilde but only a two count
  • Jumps off the top and hits an armdrag
  • JB talks about Daffney’s recent concussion, thinks its made her even crazier if thats even possible!
  • Roll through cover for a two count.
  • Backdrop by Wilde sents Daffney to the mat.
  • Big “Lets go Daffney” chants from the crowd, Wilde confronts them from the ring.
  • Something fell out of Daffneys boot as she was hit by that backdrop, she picks it up
  • its a CHAIN!! wraps it around her hand, and whack! Wilde is out cold.
  • 1…..2……3!
  • Winner: Daffney!
  • Daffney hides the chain back in her boot
  • But here comes Sarita to the ring to protest
  • Andrew Thomas searches Daff and finds the chain, calls for a restart of this match
  • Daffney pounds away with punches to the back of Taylor
  • Clothesline from Taylor
  • Repeated kicks
  • and another running clothesline.
  • Jumping leg lariat and then a northern lights suplex!
  • But only a two count.
  • Daffney bounces off the ropes, but Sarita grabs the leg from the outside and trips up Daffney!
  • Wilde with a roll-up – 1…2..3!
  • Winner: Taylor Wilde
  • Uncharacteristic actions from Sarita tonight
  • Daffney attacks her post match but Wilde makes the save
  • Daffney informs Sarita to mind her own business.

Main Event time guys!

Match 2: Magnus vs Suicide

  • JB informs us Suicide has been touring Japan, maybe thats a vague attempt at explaining why he’s suddenly speaking japanese and moving like Kiyoshi!
  • Lock up, Magnus powers Suicide to the mat.
  • Vampiro style “Nail in the Coffin” from Magnus
  • Only gets a two count though
  • Pucnhes and kicks from Suicide
  • hits a drop kick
  • covers for a 2 and half count
  • Big boot from Magnus
  • Suicide off the ropes, attempts a cross body block but is caught by Magnus
  • Slam and cover for a two count
  • Talking heads start discussing Suicides new action figure…was wondering how long that was going to take, its the real reason we even have Suicide return isn’t it?
  • Side headlock from Magnus
  • Ref checks Suicides arm, it drops once…..twice……noooo! Suicide hulks up and elbows his way out
  • Does that trademark headplant into the turnbuckle “Daimond Cutter” style.
  • Goes to the top rope
  • Jumps but eats canvas as Magnus moves out of the way
  • And here it comes folks, Magnus with the Tormentor, lights out!
  • Winner: Magnus

Post Match Magnus grabs a mic. He informs us he’s been gone for three months to reevaluate, reassess and refocus. And he now has only one thing on his mind and thats championship gold. On that note he’s accepting Rob Terry’s open challenge, says he brought him in here and will show him the door on the way out. Tells his “pal” to take good care of the belt because it’ll only be his for one more week!

Here comes the freak!! Rob informs Magnus he has good news and bad news. The good news is he will be facing him sooner than he thinks because the Freak backs down from no challenge. But the bad news is whilst Magnus was out showing off in front of the crowd, Homicide went to Eric Bischoff and accepted the challenge, so next week Rob Terry defends the title against Homicide and not Magnus!!

Magnus thinks this is bullshit and says he knows why this is happening, he says hes afraid of Magnus. Rob Terry says oh am i now? Drops the mic and heads to the ring much to the crowds delight. They get in each others faces in typical british style “outside the pub” fight!! 🙂  Magnus catches Terry off guard with a vicious slap. Terry tries to return the favour but Magnus ducks and does a runner. Terry threatens Magnus who is smirking from the ramp as we fade out.

Great show tonight. Very impressed with Xplosion. Certainly feels like a different show and the TNA rewind segments are highlights and just get the to the point so it dosen’t feel that your rewatching impact again. Plus plenty of good content and storylines being developed and furthered, with talent that were not getting to see a lot of on impact! as well as title defenses!! Very positive start for Xplosion.

As ever, comments feedback and questions? Drop me a line at

Until next week, See ya!


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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