TNA Impact – Saturday 26/06/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 12/06/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Monster on the Loose“

Saturday 26/06/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 24/06/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Things kick off with a recap of the three way from last week, with Abyss letting out his inner monster again and injuring Jeff Hardy.

Here comes the Hulkster. Hogan says we’re full of it. With that type of energy, he’s felt it before. When a company like TNA gets so much horse power, you can start to hear it. Because of the count out in last weeks main event, he’s decided, since he can, to make it a Four Way at Victory Road. It’s going to be Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and the champ, RVD. Victory Road is going to put TNA on the map. RVD has a target on his… and here comes The Monster (with his old ring music, thank god, i hate that american made garbage)

Hulk says it’s good to see him. He was just getting ready to talk about his blood brother Abyss, and then he comes out here. The first person that he went to in this company, the shining star, the guy he believed in and handed his career over to, Abyss. He asks Abyss what happened last week. Abyss says we don’t realize the seriousness of what’s going on. What he did last week, and what he will continue to do, he is doing for one reason. And that’s because they told him to. They were the ones that told him to break Jeff Hardy into two. They were the ones that told him to destroy anything that gets in his path. They’re coming, and they’re going to be here sooner than we think. When they get here, there’s nothing that anyone, including Hulk, are going to be able to do. Hulk tells Abyss to cut the crap. Hulk told Abyss he needed help and Abyss gave him his word. Abyss interrupts, saying that they told him they don’t need him anymore. Hulk asks who they are. Abyss says we’re going to find soon enough. They told him they don’t need him of the stupid coat. Yay. Hulk tells Abyss to calm down, because there is no they, just Hulk, Abyss and the fans. Abyss tells Hulk there’s not a damn thing we’re going to be able to do about it. When they get here, they’re taking TNA over. And by the way, they told Hogan they didn’t need the garbage ring anymore. Abyss chokes Hogan in the corner. He takes the ring and shoves it in Hogan’s mouth. His hands are barely touching his neck. He then takes his bot and shoves it in his chest. Abyss now goes under the ring and he’s got the bag. It’s the glass. YOU!!! Here comes the champ RVD to save the day!

He starts taking it to The Monster. He ducks a right and hits the springboard back kick. Abyss catches Rob and powerbombs him. Abyss goes back after Hulk, but here comes Anderson with a chair. He nails Abyss in the back. And again. And again. Abyss no sells it, so Anderson bails out along with RVD and Hogan. Abyss’s music plays as they walk away. Abyss calls for the cameraman and says “They’re Coming” repeatedly as we head to commercial.

We’re back, and we get a recap of what happened during the commercial break.

Hogan and Bischoff are in the back. Hogan says he gave everything to Abyss. He doesn’t understand. Bischoff asks what got to him, money, ego? He didn’t see it in Abyss’s eyes. He says he couldn’t read Abyss.

Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky are in the back. Velvet’s not really paying attention to what Madison’s saying. Madison tells her to snap out of it, or it’s going to be her carried out on that stretcher tonight.

Match 1 : Angelina Love vs TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Champion Velvet Sky

  • We get a recap of what happened to Lacey last week.
  • Velvet comes out, but no special ring entrance.
  • We get a recap of the Lethal and Lace match between these two.
  • Things start of quick with Velvet taking control, shoving Angelina to the outside.
  • Angelina pulls her out and hits her with a forearm.
  • Spear by Angelina, and she’s now hitting her with the rights.
  • Velvet counters Angelina and Angelina goes flying into the ring steps.
  • Back on the inside as Velvet is slamming Angelina’s head into the mat.
  • Skyliner by Velvet connects.
  • Velvet is yelling at Angelina now.
  • She goes for it again, but Angelina counters and hits a clothesline.
  • Botox Injection connects.
  • Angelina rolls to the outside and grabs a chair.
  • She hits Velvet with another Botox Injection.
  • Velvet rakes the eyes and hits a flapjack.
  • Velvet grabs the chair.
  • She goes for a DDT, but Angelina counters and hits one of her own.
  • The ref calls for a disqualification.
  • Winner : Velvet Sky via disqualification
  • Angelina says that there’s one left.
  • Madison is on the ramp.
  • Angelina tells her she’s next.
  • Madison says she’s not getting the belt back.

Lethal’s in the back, and his brother Hasaan comes in. Lethal says he didn’t think he would come, thinks its great to see him. They talk and Lethal tells him to head on over and get some food etc. and he’ll come across and meet him later.

Tenay lets us know that word has come from TNA Management that Mr. Anderson vs Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere match is the main event for tonight.

Nash and Young are in the back. Nash says he has to distance himself from Scott. He doesn’t have a choice. He’s dealt with him for ten years. Nash says he’s doing Young a favor.

And here comes Matt Morgan. We get a recap of Hernandez taking out the ref, and then Morgan screwing over Hernandez last week. Morgan says he told us so. He told all of us so. He told you, he told you, he told you, he told you, and… well she wasn’t there, but he would have told her too. He told us he was walking out of Slammiversary victorious. He doesn’t sweat Hernandez. He’s calling him out right now. (Hernandez is in Mexico right now) Morgan’s sick of being sneak attacked and jumped from behind. He tells him to come out right now. Morgan’s been let down. It proves his point though, Hernandez sweats Morgan. When TNA Management asked him if he wanted to face Hernandez if he wanted to face him in a Cage match at Victory Road, he was more than happy to. When he beats Morgan, he’s going to say it all over again, that he told us so. Morgan poses. HOMICIDE!! He beats up Hernandez, sending him to the outside. Morgan comes back and sets up Homicide on the ring post. CARBON FOOTPRINT!! He says this is going to look like a wet dream compared to what’s he’s going to do to him (Hernandez). Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

AJ and Flair are in the back. AJ asks if Flair saw the package. Flair tells him to shut up about the damn package and concentrate on the plan, AJ tells flair to be quiet as “he’s” at the go position. They walk off. Their obviously about to jump someone, Kazarian is on his way out to fight Lethal, could they be going after lethal?

Match 2 : Kazarian vs Jay Lethal

  • Lethal poses to the crowd.
  • Kaz with a take down but Lethal pushes him off.
  • Arm drag by Lethal, and Kaz backs up.
  • He jumps over the ref and takes Lethal out.
  • Gutwrench throw by Kaz.
  • Pin but Lethal kicks out.
  • Kaz rakes the eyes.
  • Backdrop into a front slam by Kaz.
  • Pin but only two.
  • He drives his knee into Lethal’s face.
  • Front suplex onto the ropes by Kaz, and he then kicks him in the face.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Slam by Kaz and he hits a sprinboard leg drop.
  • Sleeper hold follows.
  • Flair and AJ are beating up Lethal’s brother backstage.
  • Lethal starts fighting out of the sleeper.
  • Back elbow.
  • Handspring back elbow connects.
  • Elbow by Kaz stops Lethal.
  • He goes for a low blow, but Lethal catches it and hits a crucifix.
  • Kaz kicks out and takes Jay down with a clothesline.
  • They start trading shots now.
  • Lethal Combination counters into the Wave of the Future.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Kaz is pissed.
  • Kaz goes for the piledriver, but Lethal counters with the Lethal Injection (the german into the neckbreaker, I guess that’s what they’re calling it now) for the win.
  • Winner: Jay Lethal
  • Post Match the new Peoples Champ Jay Lehtal celebrates in the crowd. Flair calls out Lethal’s name from the back. He and AJ are holding his brother. They tell him to look at this. They start beating him down. Lethal runs to the back. WOO!! We’re back to commercial.

Back from Commerical and its Jarrett v Sting time.

Match 3 : Jeff Jarrett vs Sting

  • Sting is nowhere to be seen.
  • The camera guys are looking up in the rafters.
  • They found him.
  • He starts walking away.
  • Jarrett leaves the ring and goes after him.
  • Jarrett’s going up the stairs.
  • He gets to the top, and they start to brawl.
  • Jarrett starts beating on Sting as they walk down.
  • Wait, Sting is in the ring right now. What??
  • So who’s Jarrett beating up?
  • God i’m a sucker for the fake Sting angles….
  • Jarrett throws fake Sting into the rng.
  • He goes to hit him again, but stops.
  • Real Sting wraps the bat around Jarrett’s throat.
  • He’s choking him with it.
  • He hits Jarrett in the back with the bat.
  • And another shot.
  • And one to the gut.
  • And another to the back.
  • He grabs a mic.
  • He says if he’s going to walk with them, he’s going to go down with them.
  • He then leaves the ring.
  • So Sting and Dreamer are talking about change. Sting mentioned Jarrett as one of “THEM” obviously Sting must be a member of the “THEY” that Abyss keeps talking about…..hmmmmm

Video package hypes up BFG, saying it only happens once a century, on 10/10/10. It’s happening in Daytona Beach, Florida. Interestingly enough thats the same arena that Hogan turned heel and formed the nWo.

We’re back, and we get a video package of Desmond Wolfe/Kurt Angle rivalry that happened last year. Awesome.

Match 3 : Desmond Wolfe (w/ Chelsea) vs Kurt Angle

  • Wolfe doesn’t even get his entrance, so you know who’s winning this.
  • Not that it was really in question before that.
  • If this gets time though, this should be damn good.
  • Tie up to start, and Angle wrenches the arm.
  • Wolfe with a snapmare, but Angle doesn’t let go.
  • Wolfe gets up and counters into a front facelock.
  • Angle counters out, wrenching the arm again.
  • Snapmare by Wolfe and he locks in a headlock.
  • Angle counters that into a hammerlock, and Wolfe hits an elbow.
  • Keylock by Wolfe, and he takes Angle down to the mat.
  • Wolfe refusing to let Angle get up.
  • Angle counters into a hammerlock.
  • Wolfe counters that and pushes Angle into the ropes.
  • He then kicks the rope, and it snaps into Angle’s face.
  • Angle counters an irish whip and hits a hiptoss.
  • Cross chops by Wolfe to the throat.
  • He goes for the european uppercut in the corner, but Angle avoids it.
  • Wolfe avoids Angle in the corner, and goes into the ring post shoulder first.
  • Flipping arm drag by Wolfe.
  • Angle starts to fight back, but Wolfe flips the arm, wrenching it into the mat.
  • Angle with a sunset flip, but instead of going over, Wolfe throws the arm into the mat.
  • Wolfe wraps the arm around his leg and puts it in a keylock.
  • Angle counters into the Ankle Lock, but Wolfe shoves Angle off.
  • Right hands by Angle. Backdrop connects.
  • Boot in the corner by Wolfe, but he runs into a belly to belly suplex.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Angle Slam countered into an arm drag.
  • Angle ducks a lariat and here come the germans.
  • 1 connects. And now 2. And so does 3.
  • Cover but only two.
  • Angle Slam countered as Wolfe locks in a hammerlock and sweeps the leg, driving Angle into the mat.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Wolfe’s pissed.
  • “USA” chant.
  • Wolfe elevated Angle to the apron.
  • Angle goes to the top but gets caught off.
  • Tower of London countered into the Angle Slam.
  • Straps are down.
  • He grapevines the leg.
  • Desmond taps.
  • Winner: Kurt Angle via Submission
  • Chelsea is smiling as Angle celebrates.
  • Dinero’s next at number 8.

Anderson shows the bruises he has, because of Abyss. Tonight, Falls Count Anywhere, if Abyss wants to use weapons, he’ll be ready, and he’ll throw it right back into his face.

We get a video hyping up Douglas Williams.

Williams is in the ring, saying Kendrick put him in a submission he couldn’t get out of. The world he inhabits is one with a code of conduct. One never betrays their professionalism. He needs to reeducate wrestlers in professionalism and sportsmanship. He calls Kendrick out. Here he comes.

Kendrick grabs a mic. He says he talked to the people in charge. At Victory Road, his destiny will be up for grabs as there are stipulations that come with this. There’s something for Williams and something for him. It’s going to be an Ultimate X match. As a treat to Kendrick, the match can also end by submission. What? He says he has to end Williams’ consciousness. Williams asks if Kendrick is insulting his intelligence. He’s more than happy to get his revenge at Victory Road. So why don’t they both just walk away now? Williams puts the mic down and tells Kendrick to leave. Williams goes for a cheap shot but Kendrick locks in the cobra clutch with the body scissors. He finally lets go.

Abyss is in the back. He says one day very soon, everyone is going to realize, he did what he did and he’s going to do what he’s going to do because they are coming. They told him to break Jeff Hardy, they told him to put his hands around the throat of Hulk Hogan, and they told him to destroy anything that comes in his path, including Mr. Anderson. Because when they get here, TNA will never be the same. There will be no stopping them. There will be no stopping The Monster, Abyss.

Tenay hypes up the main event as we head to commercial.

We’re back, and we see Shannon Moore beating up Brother Ray with Neal layed out on the side. Moore gtes pulled off by security. Devon starts yelling at Ray. Devon says he made a fool of him at the PPV and now. He told him to leave the kid alone.

Match 4 : Beer Money vs Ink Inc. – Finals of Tag Team title Tournament

  • The Guns are on commentary.
  • Moore comes out but with no Neal who i guess is injured.
  • Tie up to start, and Roode knees Moore in the gut.
  • Moore ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana.
  • Flying kick connects.
  • Dropkick to Storm.
  • Reverse atomic drop to Roode, and he follows up with the leg drop.
  • Storm misses an elbow drop, accidental hitting Roode.
  • Headscissors to Storm.
  • Clothesline to Roode, taking him over the top.
  • Shelley says it looked like Moore got attacked by a sharpie.
  • Dreamer, Dr. Stevie and Raven are in the crowd.
  • Moore starts taking it to Roode.
  • He slides through the legs, but Storm grabs him and throws him into the guardrail, and then into the steps.
  • Roode tags in Storm and they start stomping Moore.
  • Here comes Neal.
  • Moore starts to fight off Storm.
  • He ducks a clothesline but gets hit with a high knee.
  • Here comes Roode.
  • Slam by Roode, Storm drops an elbow and Roode drops a knee.
  • Moore starts to fight both guts off, but Roode hits him with a fullnelson slam.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Double back elbow to Moore.
  • Moore counters that wheelbarrow/facebuster combo with a dropkick to Storm, and then a bulldog to Roode.
  • Tag to Neal, and here we go.
  • Clotheslines for everyone.
  • Backdrop to Roode.
  • Belly to belly to Storm.
  • Roode breaks up the pin.
  • Moore backdrops Roode over the top.
  • He then hits him with a flip dive.
  • Codebreaker to neal by Storm.
  • Neal counters a kick and lifts Storm on his shoulders.
  • Roode knocks Moore off the top.
  • Collision by Beer Money and Neal rolls up Storm, but only gets two.
  • He wants the spear, but Roode grabs the leg.
  • Storm spits the beer in his face.
  • DWI connects!!
  • Forget about it.
  • Winners: Beer Money

AJ and Kaz are arguing backstage. AJ asks if this is the package. He opens it, and it’s an action figure of himself. It’s the new AJ Styles action figure. Kaz tells him to go play with himself. AJ walks off. Funny segment.

Match 5 : Abyss vs Mr. Anderson – Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ match

  • Anderson hauls out and goes straight after Abyss.
  • He’s taking it to Abyss with multiple shots in the corner.
  • Anderson counters a slam but runs into a back elbow.
  • Abyss is now choking Anderson in the corner.
  • Kick by Anderson, he ducks two shots and hits the Lou Thesz press.
  • Right hands follow.
  • Anderson grabs a chair from out of the crowd.
  • Abyss punches it into his head though.
  • Abyss sets up the chair in the middle of the ring.
  • Anderson counters an irish whip by drop toe holding Abyss into the chair.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Anderson hits Abyss in the back.
  • Pin but again only two.
  • Anderson sets the chair up in the corner.
  • He goes for an irish whip, but Abyss counters, but Anderson slides the the outside.
  • He then goes under the ring. Abyss goes looking for him.
  • Anderson comes out with a kendo stick.
  • He taps Abyss on the back.
  • Abyss turns around and gets wailed.
  • Another shot.
  • And another to the gut.
  • Abyss ducks a shot and hits Anderson with a right.
  • He then throws Anderson into the guardrail and is now choking him.
  • Anderson starts to fight back, but Abyss whips him into the ramp.
  • Abyss takes the pad off the concrete.
  • Abyss counters a chokeslam with an elbow.
  • Abyss throws him back into the ring. He hits Anderson in the gut with the chair.
  • And another shot.
  • Abyss goes for the avalanche, but Anderson crotches him with the chair.
  • Roll up but only two.
  • Anderson goes to the top, does the Jeff Hardy pose and tries the SWANTON BOMB!!!
  • But the Kenton Bomb misses as Abyss gets the knees up.
  • He takes Anderson and throws him into the chair in the corner.
  • Shock Treatment follows. 1…2…3.
  • Winner: Abyss
  • Anderson’s crawling back up the ramp as Abyss is following him.
  • Abyss lifts him up to slam him off the ramp.
  • Anderson slides out and starts to fight back.
  • He goes for the Mic Check off the stage.
  • Abyss fights it off and goozles him.
  • Chokeslam off the stage by The Monster, sending Anderson through the tables.
  • Here comes The Hulkster, and he’s got a chair.
  • He hits Abyss in the back with it.
  • Abyss no sells it.
  • Abyss then takes out security.
  • He points at Hogan.
  • YOU!!!
  • We’re gonna end things the exact same way as last week.

Good show again this week, interested to see where this angle is going. Until next week, cya!


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