News and Rumours Round-up: Two former WWE stars looking for work in TNA, Mick Foley Return, Rhino, Velvet Sky Contract plus more

Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky

On her Facebook page, Velvet Sky indicated that she has signed a long-term contract extension with TNA. I’m  guessing she got a pay raise as this comes following rumoured grumbling amongst the female performers of TNA over the pay discrepancy between them and their male wrestler counterparts.

Reportedly, they talked amongst themselves early last week of getting all the women together to demand a raise from management. However, the three-day television tapings in Orlando concluded without confrontation.

Mick Foley is expected to return to TNA programming within the next month or two. Speaking of Mick, he is featured on reading a quote from Jersey Shore along with some other celebs.

Two former WWE stars appear to be looking for work with TNA.  Jon Heidenreich, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, was backstage at TNA Slammiversary looking for work. Meanwhile, former WWE performer Kenn Doane recently noted the following on his Twitter account: “tna scouting for talent….. um…… im right here.” The former WWE Tag Team Champion worked a tryout dark match for the organization in March, but was not hired for undisclosed reasons.

The “War Machine” Rhino is still under contract with TNA despite not having appeared on TV in a while, look for him to return as part of Tommy Dreamers faction soon.

AJ Styles was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald and spoke about being mentored by “Nature Boy” Ric Flair –

“As Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were coming in was around the time they were thinking of putting me with Ric Flair,” Styles said. “I was on board. To work with the Nature Boy Ric Flair, it would be stupid not to take that chance.

Styles has improved his game in many ways since working with Flair, most notably his work on the mic. “My confidence in cutting promos is far better than it used to be,” he said. . “Getting the opportunity to study from Ric Flair and get his input means the world to me. I’ve met him before, and he was always a nice guy. He was unbelievably nice. He is an icon. I thought how he can be so nice and humble. It’s who he is. He is a good guy, in spite of the rumors you may have heard.”

While working with Flair has been a dream come true for him, it has led many to criticize him, calling him a “Ric Flair wannabe.” Styles responds to those claims, saying, “I would say when you are being mentored by someone or around friends who talk a certain way or act a certain way, you tend to act like those friends and talk like those friends. It’s kind of the same thing. I’m not Ric Flair. Ric Flair and I, our move set is not the same. I may throw in a figure four or a chop. Other than that, I would not say I’m being like Ric Flair. If they are complaining about that, I would say how can you complain about someone trying to be like Ric Flair? As long as they’re entertained, then I’m going to keep doing it. If they are not, I’ll find out sooner or later.'”

As for the new “Fortune” stable led by Ric Flair, Styles says, “I think they are going with it. I think it would be a great tag team and a great storyline.”


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