TNA Xplosion – Friday 02/07/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 02/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 02/07/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

TNA Xplosion Intro

We join Jeremy Borash and Taz who welcome us to the show. JB informs us that the feedback for the new and improved Xplosion show has been great, people loving the added action and tonight there’s more as we will see the fallout of last weeks show with Daffney taking on Sarita in Knockouts action as well as Rob Terry defending his TNA Global Heaveyweight Championship against Homicide.

We join Homicide backstage. Homicide says he heard Big Rob Terry made an open challenge and guess who just became the Ben Johnson of TNA – that’s him the 187. He says he never liked Rob when they were together in world elite, Rob was just a “doofball”, a big Jeffrey from Toys R Us! (… least its an original put down i guess) Tonight he becomes the TNA Global Campeón cos the Freak is going down!

TNA REWIND: We look back at highlights from the Abyss v Mr. Anderson falls count anywhere, no dq main event from last weeks iMPACT!

We catch up with Sarita. Sarita says last week her partner Taylor took out Daffney and this week it’s her turnand she’s more than ready. She then does that weird hand gesture…..god i hate you Sarita!!!

We join her opponent Daffney, she says last week “Sarita the Cheata” got into her business, so this week she IS her business and she feels sorry for her because tonight Daffney is feeling a little CRAZY! God i love Daffney! they better not job her to Sarita.

We join TNA Global Champ “The Freak” Rob Terry. Tonight Rob says he defends the title for the first time on Xposion, he hopes Homicide brings his best cos he’s going to need it!

Commercial Break

We return with TNA REWIND: We look back at the Jarrett v Sting ambush from last weeks iMPACT!

Hype for Daffney v Sarita plus later in the show TNA REWIND looks at how far Ric Flair will go to get even with Jay Lethal.

We are in the Knockouts locker room with Taylor Wilde and Sarita. Taylor wants to know what the hell Sarita was thinking interfering in her match last week and asks if she was trying to prove something. Sarita says she was thinking about winning a match for once!  Taylor says tonight is Sarita’s match Taylor is not getting involved and is staying here in the back, that seems to be fine with Sarita.

TNA REWIND: We look back at the Kazarian vs Jay Lethal match and the post match beat down of Lethal’s brother by Ric Flair and AJ Styles.

Commercial Break

We are back with more TNA REWIND as we look back at Matt Morgan’s interview from iMPACT! Strangely they cut the segment where he injures Homicide, likely because Homicide is up soon in the Main Event here on Xplosion, i thought they’d write Homicide out and put Magnus in instead, i guess not.

Knockouts action time guys!

Match 1: Daffney vs Sarita

  • We take a look back at last weeks Daffney vs Taylor Wilde match and Sarita’s interference costing Daffney the match
  • Daff has one of the best entrances, that splits thing she does is kick ass!
  • Daffney mocks Sarita before the bell
  • Big Daffney chants tonight
  • Lock-up, broken
  • Another lock-up
  • Sarita throws Daffney to the corner
  • Sarita runs at at Daff, who jumps up and over into a roll-up!
  • But only a two count!
  • Daffney ducks a clothesline and into a backslide for another two count!
  • Roll up from Sarita for a two
  • Bridge out by Daffney but Sarita back flips her to the mat
  • Miss kick from Sarita, roll up by Daffney for a two count
  • Armbar from Daffney, Sarita fights out of it
  • Dropkick
  • Kicks from Daffney, runs at Sarita and attempts a knee lift
  • But Sarita moves and Daffney hits the mat, she’s selling the knee
  • Sarita starts working on the injured knee of Daffney
  • Daffney limping, selling the injury very well
  • Sarita attempts a figure four leg lock but Daffney kicks her off into the turnbuckle!
  • Clothesline from Daffney
  • Sarita trips Daffney up and goes for the Figure four again!
  • Daffney reveres into a small package for a 1…..2…..3!!! Yes!
  • Winner: Daffney
  • Post match Sarita starts a beat down on Daffney, heel turn coming people!
  • Taylor Wilde runs from the back and pull Sarita off, aswell as inadvertently removing her top exposing her bra! lol!
  • They argue, as Daffney gets to her feet and starts a beat down on both of them, Sarita flees to the outside and pulls Taylor out with her, they argue their way to the back

Hype for Rob Terry vs Homicide in the Main Event

Backstage we join Daffney for a post match interview. Daffney says she is so out of her mind right now and if Taylor and Sarita want to play, next week their gonna have a tag match and they won’t know who her partner is.

Main Event time on Xplosion!

Match 2: TNA Global Heaveyweight Championship – “The Freak” Rob Terry (C) vs Homicide

  • Rob goes for the lockup but Homicide ducks and hits him with a right
  • Rob tries again and again Homicide ducks it and hits him with a vicious right hand
  • Terry getting angry now
  • Chases Homicide but he flees to the outside
  • Back in the ring and more rights from Homicide
  • Runs at Rob Terry but he catches him and powerslams him
  • And again
  • Picks him up  and carrys him across the ring, Homicide screaming for Terry to let him down, Terry powerslams him
  • Gorrilla Press from Rob Terry! Haven’t seen that in a while, impressive
  • To the corner, Terry beals Homicide across the ring
  • Some audible chops from Homicide
  • Grinds Terrys face across the ropes for some rope burn
  • In the corner, Homicide on top with some punches as the crowd counts
  • Homicide to the top on the other side, clothesline from the top but Terry stays up
  • Tries a suplex but he can’t get him lifted, Big Rob reverses with a vertical suplex of his own!
  • Homicide on his knees begging RT to stop, but catches him with a sneaky eye rake
  • Punches and uppercuts from Homicide but getting the no sell from big Rob
  • Off the ropes but eats a back body drop
  • Sidewalk slam by Terry
  • Whips homicide off the ropes and hits a spin kick
  • Hulk up by Terry as he’s signals its time for the freakbuster
  • And he hits it!! Lights out!
  • Winner: Rob Terry
  • Terry celebrates post match but Magnus comes out of the crowd and hits a kneckbreaker on Terry.
  • Magnus poses with the belt, then throws it on top of Terry and leaves as we fade out

Another solid show, hopefully we get Magnus v Terry next week. Praying that this is a Taylor Wilde v Sarita split up in the works, Taylor is so damn talented she really should be competing at the top of the knockouts division, hopefully this is a start. Until next week guys, i’m out!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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