TNA Impact – Saturday 03/07/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 03/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“The Voices in my Head“

Saturday 03/07/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 01/07/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

An awesome video package kicks things off, highlighting Abyss’s recent actions.

We start things off immediately with Abyss on the ramp, throwing chairs into the ring. He’s still got the hobo jacket on. Abyss terrorizes the fans at ringside, takes their chairs and starts throwing them into the ring, love the sheer look of terror on those kids faces! Oh to be young again! He goes after So Cal Val now, and she backs off. She trips and Abyss points at her. YOU!!!!! Here comes the Hulkster.

Hogan gets in the ring as Abyss stands on the outside. Taz mentions that Hogan is scheduled for surgery. Abyss gets on the apron, and here comes Bischoff. He gets in between the two and talks to Hogan. Hogan says Abyss is the cancer. Bischoff tells him he can’t do it. Abyss gets in the ring, and for some reason security gets in their way. If Hogan is in charge, can’t he just back them off? Whatever? Abyss is decked in some new black attire. Bischoff calls Abyss an ungrateful son of a bitch and then slaps him. Abyss takes out the security. YOU!!!! Hogan grabs a chair. He nails Abyss in the back with it. And another shot. Abyss no sells it and goozles Hogan. Here comes Jeff Hardy.

Twist of Fate!!!! Hardy hits Abyss with some chairs. SWANTON!! The faces walk off as Abyss is layed out. Abyss gets up and starts yelling at Jeff, saying “You are mine tonight”. Hardy tries to run back to the ring but security holds him off. Great way to kick off the show.

Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. Tonight, Samoa Joe (#6) and AJ Styles (#4) are going to face off. Abyss goes up to the commentary team. He points at Taz. YOU!!!! Security goes after Abyss but he takes them out. Abyss stares at Taz as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and we get a recap of what just happened. We get a clip of Abyss going apeshit backstage. Strange how he stared down but didn’t attack Taz eh? Taz is in on this i tells ya!

Hogan, Bischoff and Hardy are in the back. Hogan says Abyss is out of control, and they need to find a way to get him gone. Hardy says he’s got Abyss tonight. Hogan asks Hardy if he can put an end to him tonight. Hardy says yes. Bischoff says they have him covered, whatever that means. Hardy says Abyss is going down.

Match 1 : Ink Inc. vs The Motor City Machine Guns

  • Shelley and Moore start. Tie up to start, and Moore wrenches the arm.
  • Shelley rolls through, and gets Moore’s arm.
  • Moore rolls through and takes down Shelley, now kicking the leg.
  • Moore gets flipped over Shelley’s legs.
  • Arm drag by Moore.
  • Tag to Neal.
  • Double hip toss to Shelley, and then Neal gets hiptossed onto him.
  • Neal now wrenches the arm and tags in Moore.
  • Slingshot sunset lfip, but Shelley kicks out.
  • Moore gets a springboard into a wheelbarrow armdrag.
  • Headscissors by Moore to Sabin sends him to the outside.
  • Flip dive by Moore takes the Guns out.
  • Devon is out on commentary. Says he’s here to stop Ray from interfering in this match.
  • Moore pins Shelley but only gets two.
  • Reverse atomic drop by Shelley, dropkick to the knee by Sabin, Shelley flips over and Sabin hits the dropkick.
  • Assisted dropkick by Sabin takes out Neal.
  • Sabin covers Moore but only gets two.
  • Sabin throws Moore into Shelley’s boots and gives him the tag.
  • Shelley wrenches the arm multiple time and tags in Sabin.
  • Sabin leapfrogs over Shelley and double axe handles Moore.
  • Pin but again only two.
  • Moore stops short and gets a backelbow.
  • Springboard moonsault takes Sabin out.
  • Tag to Neal and Shelley.
  • Elbow’s by Neal.
  • Springboard crossbody to Sabin.
  • Spear to Shelley. 1…2…No, Sabin breaks it up.
  • Moore floats over in the corner but gets tossed to the outside.
  • Swinging sidewalk slam by Neal to Sabin.
  • Neal sets up Shelley on the top.
  • Ray’s coming to the ring and Devon runs out to stop him.
  • Sabin hits Neal from behind.
  • Here we go.
  • MADE IN DETROIT! and we are done!
  • Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns

Ray walks off as the Guns and Devon are in the ring.

Tenay says that D’Angelo Dinero’s returning tonight. Bischoff’s music hits, and here he comes. He says he hates to interrupt, but Hogan has made it official that Jeff Hardy and Abyss are going to be facing off tonight, and Bischoff’s going to even the odds by making Rob Van Dam the special guest referee. Taz says that’s sick.

Dixie Carter is shown arriving to the building. What on earth is she here for?

Match 2 : AJ Styles (#4) (w/ Ric Flair and Kazarian) vs Samoa Joe (#6)

  • Joe v AJ in the SECOND MATCH!! WOW!
  • I’m amped for this match.
  • Joe throws the towel at Flair, and Flair throws it into the crowd.
  • Loud “JOE’S GONNA GET YA” chant.
  • Tie up to start, and AJ hits Joe with a chop, but Joe no sells it.
  • Slap by Joe rattles AJ, and Styles goes to the outside.
  • Styles gets back in but gets thrown into the corner.
  • Jabs by Joe, and he’s not letting up.
  • Back elbow by Joe, and the SSC enzuigiri connects.
  • Huge chop by Joe, and he’s just starring at Flair.
  • Snapmare by Joe, chop to the back, kick to the chest, and the knee drop follows.
  • Styles goes to jump over but Joe stops short and slaps AJ.
  • AJ pokes the eyes and hits an awesome dropkick.
  • AJ’s now stomping and kicking Joe.
  • He’s now choking him in the ropes.
  • Chop by AJ, and a forearm follows.
  • Delayed scoop slam by AJ.
  • He’s now kicking Joe again.
  • Right hand by AJ, and he’s now shoulder blocking Joe in the corner.
  • AJ goes for a suplex, but Joe fights him off.
  • Front suplex by Joe.
  • Joe walks towards AJ, but AJ dropkicks the knee.
  • Snapmare by AJ, and he locks in a chin lock.
  • Joe fights out with the elbows, but it’s not enough.
  • Joe counters an irish whip with a forearm, and a huge clothesline follows.
  • And another.
  • Styles goes for a springboard crossbody, but gets hit with a reverse atomic drop, then the kick, and then the senton.
  • Joe sets AJ up in the corner.
  • Chop by Joe, and he goes for the Muscle Buster.
  • AJ flips out, Joe ducks a right and kicks the leg.
  • AJ catches one and kills Joe with a dragon screw.
  • AJ goes for the Figure Four, but Joe counters with the Coquina Clutch.
  • AJ taps.
  • Winner: Samoa Joe
  • WOW! its a clean finish aswell!
  • Really hurting to see AJ at the mo, turn him face and push him to the title god damn it!

Flair and Kaz get into the ring. Flair and AJ start talking. Flair looks disappointed. Flair walks off as Kaz smiles. Flair and Kaz walk off, leaving AJ in the ring. AJ grabs a mic. He asks if he thinks this is funny, if Kaz thinks it’s funny. AJ says he’ll beat Kaz in this ring, like a little girl. He asks how big a man Kaz is, and challenges him to a match next week. He asks if Ric is cool with that. Flair nods, and Styles says good.

Bischoff, Hogan and Dixie are in the back. Eric’s said that Sting has been self obsessed. Dixie says there has to be a reason. Hogan says this is who Sting is. Nash enters and says something, I didn’t hear. He leaves. Bischoff reminds Dixie of what Sting has done. It’s borderline criminal. Hogan says talent is going to abandon ship if something isn’t done. Bischoff says to fire him. Dixie says she’ll do something about it tonight. She says she needs to do it herself.

Match 3 : Desmond Wolfe (#9) (w/ Chelsea) vs Brian Kendrick – Submission match

  • Wolfe starts things off fast, but Kendrick comes back with the forearms.
  • Enzuigiri by Kendrick.
  • He goes for a double arm underhook, but Wolfe fights out.
  • Jumping high kick by Kendrick.
  • Cobra Clutch follows.
  • Desmond gets to the ropes as Doug Williams joins commentary.
  • Wolfe sends Kendrick to the outside.
  • Wolfe starts yelling at Chelsea.
  • He throws Kendrick back into the ring.
  • Modified arm drag by Kendrick.
  • Wolfe kicks Kendrick to the outside.
  • European uppercuts by Wolfe.
  • Wolfe throws Kendrick back into the ring.
  • Double leg takedown by Kendrick.
  • He’s in Wolfe’s guard, and Wolfe rakes the eyes.
  • Modified armbar by Wolfe.
  • Chelsea gets onto the ramp.
  • Kendrick tries to counter but gets booted off.
  • Chelsea starts walking away.
  • Wolfe picks up Kendrick but gets locked in a Cobra Clutch.
  • He warps the legs in.
  • Wolfe’s fighting viciously.
  • He taps.
  • Winner: Brian Kendrick
  • I know their building Brian up for Doug Williams but that was bullshit, Wolfe dosen’t deserve this, when was the last time he won a match??

We see Dreamer walking back to his car, and the camera man asks him when he’s going to show up in TNA. Tommy shoves the camera out of his face.

We get a superb video package of The Pope. And here he comes. “Hallelujah” chants the crowd. Pope, who looks like he’s about to start crying, says thank you. He’s says this moment has made him realize that when he comes out and busts his ass, it’s worth every minute of it. OK, he’s crying now. “Pope” chant ensues. He couldn’t have done it without Motha Pope, brother Pope, sister Pope, Dixie Pope, Eric Pope and the whole congregation. They asked if this could be the return of Pope. At 80%, he still has the charge, the obligation and the responsibility to be the Pope of this congregation. And while he’s 80%, he wants to make this real clear. Anderson, he hasn’t forgot about him, and that it’s far from over. They ask how he’s still in the Top Ten. He says he’s not new to the game, and he’s in it to win it. Pope is here for one reason, and that’s to state his claim. He wants back at the #1 position, so he can rightfully take the on the world champion in the number one company in the world. Everyone knows, Pope. Is. Pimpin!! And here comes Kurt Angle.

Angle welcomes Pope back. He just wanted to tell him, that lately he’s been making a lot of noise, him and the congregation. Angle says he’s a big fan, and when he sees him, he sees the future of TNA, and the future is very bright. But he too is trying to climb the rankings for a shot at the world title. So at Victory Road, it’s going to be the Pope vs Kurt Angle. Angle says that’s good news for Pope because he has everything to gain, but it’s bad news for Kurt, because if he loses, it could be his last match. He shakes Dinero’s hand, and says the best man will win. He says he must be victorious and walks off. God this Victory Road card is just stacked right now, love the Pope, love Angle this is gonna rule!

We get a video of the Lethal/Flair rivalry. And here comes Lethal. He’s in super serial mode right now. He says that last week, Styles and Flair, a man that he no longer respects, beat up and attacked his younger brother. His brother’s not a wrestler and he’s not leaving here until AJ and Flair get out here right now. Well, Morgan’s coming out instead.

He apologizes for interrupting Jay. Well, no he’s not. Flair came out here two weeks ago that he was about to form a group called fortune. And much to the surprise of nobody, he was the very first person Flair asked to join. He hasn’t made his mind up on what he’s going to do just yet. There was one thing that he and Flair could agree on. He then hits Jay with a shot, and he and Morgan go at it.

Match 4 : Jay Lethal (#7) vs Matt Morgan

  • Morgan says that’s kicking Jay’s ass.
  • He hits Lethal with the elbows in the corner.
  • Splash connects, and then he hits the sidewalk slam.
  • He rakes the eyes of Jay in the ropes, and stretches his arms back over the top.
  • Lethal fights back.
  • He runs off the ropes, but Morgan catches him and hits him with the fallaway slam.
  • Headbutt by Morgan.
  • He then walks on top of Lethal.
  • And he’s now choking Jay in the corner.
  • And now he’s choking him in the ropes.
  • He then hits him with that running guillotine attack.
  • Pin but again only two.
  • Lethal ducks the Carbon Footprint and Morgan gets crotched on the top.
  • Chop by Jay, kick to the legs.
  • Morgan goozles him but Lethal hits a huge enzuigiri.
  • Dropkick by Jay. 1…2…no!
  • Lethal goes on the apron.
  • Springboard but he gets caught with a goozle.
  • Morgan throws Jay to the outside.
  • Hernandez runs out and low blows Morgan.
  • The ref somehow didn’t see that.
  • Springboard dropkick by Jay.
  • Pin and it’s over!
  • Winner: Jay Lethal

Abyss is in the back with a hammer, hammering nails into a board. Can really understand what he’s saying but he says something about owning TNA. He picks up the board and says it looks like it’s really going to hurt somebody. I just love Abyss and his ever growing arsenal of dangerous weaponry right now!

Match 5 : Taylor Wilde vs TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne

  • We get a recap of Angelina Love destroying Velvet and Lacey.
  • Taz talks about Taylor’s recent problems on Xplosion with tag partner Sarita. Wow continuity from Xplosion…who would have thought!
  • Tenay was unaware. WATCH THE DAMN PRODUCT TENAY!!
  • Tie up to start, and Taylor gets the ankle pick.
  • Headlock by Taylor, but Madison pulls the hair.
  • Forearm by Taylor, but Rayne hits a huge spear.
  • She starts slamming the back of Taylor’s head into the mat.
  • Madison now choking Taylor in the ropes.
  • Headscissors by Taylor.
  • Madison counters a sidwalk slam but gets hit with a forearm.
  • Madison counters an irish whip, pulling Taylor’s hair down into the mat.
  • Taylor goes to the apron and ducks a right.
  • Double clotheslines take both of them out.
  • And here come the ECW guys.
  • Dreamer, Rhino, Richards and Raven.
  • Loud “E-C-DUB” chant.
  • Taz says he doesn’t know the story. T
  • Taylor throws Madison into the turnbuckle. Taylor misses a crossbody off the top.
  • She starts raking the eyes of Taylor.
  • Rayne Drop.
  • Pin and that’s all.
  • Winner: Madison Rayne
  • Angelina runs into the ring with a chair.
  • She hits Madison in the gut with it.
  • She goes for the DDT, but Madison slides out.
  • Angelina sits down on the chair as Madison walks off.

We see Dixie climbing up the rafters as we head to commercial. Don’t do it Dixie!!!

We see Taylor and Sarita brawling in the back. Sarita throws Taylor to the ground and then into some steel box. she takes the box and tries to ram it into her, but Taylor moves out of the way and starts fighting back. CATFIGHT!!! If only Joey Styles was a part of this new ECW faction. Sarita throws her into some fence wall. Security comes in and pulls Taylor back. Sarita slaps her. God, how dumb is security to pull back her instead of Sarita.

Tenay and Taz hype up Victory Road. So far we have:
Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne(C) – TNA Knockouts Championship
Beer Money vs MCMG – Vacant World Tag Team Championship
The Pope (#8) vs Kurt Angle (#10)
Ric Flair vs Jay Lethal
Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy vs Abyss vs RVD(C) – Four Way match – TNA World Heavyweight Championship

No hype for the Morgan/Hernandez cage match? Why Tenay Why?
Dixie finds Sting up in the rafters. Sting asks Dixie if she can see what’s going on around here now. Dixie says she can and that he’s a cancer in TNA. She has no idea what’s gotten into him, but it can’t continue. He’s done this. As of tonight, he’s suspended for 30 days without pay. Sting says he’s been saying it all along but she’s not listening. Eric shows up and calls for security. Sting says forget about it, and tells Dixie to make it indefinite. Sting walks off. Eric says Sting is dangerous and that Dixie needs protection. She needs a bodyguard (hopefully not someone from TNA security given their recent track record) and needs to be protected.

Main Event time!!

Match 5 : Abyss vs Jeff Hardy – Special Guest Referee TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam

  • Pre-Match thought, RVD was an ECW mainstay, you ever think maybe…..just maybe?
  • Abyss comes out with a board with a bunch of nails sticking out.
  • Rob tells Abyss he’s going to have to give up the weapon.
  • Shots by Hardy.
  • He ducks a shot and hits a dropkick.
  • Hardy mounts Abyss in the corner and hits him with the rights.
  • Abyss counters an irish whip.
  • Hardy counters a backdrop and sends Abyss to the outside.
  • Baseball slide by Hardy, and he follows with the plancha over the top.
  • Abyss counters a Twist of Fate, sending Hardy face first into the ring post.
  • Abyss then slams Hardy’s face into the step before throwing him back into the ring.
  • Abyss sends Hardy flying into the corner.
  • Hardy starts to fight back, but runs into a sidewalk slam.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Abyss goes to the outside and grabs a chair.
  • He brings it into the ring.
  • RVD grabs it out of his hands and throws it to the outside.
  • Roll up by Jeff, but Abyss kicks out.
  • Running forearm smash by Hardy.
  • Legdrop to the groin follows.
  • Hardy now grabs the chair.
  • He sets it up.
  • Poetry in Motion.
  • Van Dam throws it to the outside.
  • Back elbow by Hardy, and he hits the Whisper in the Wind. 1…2…no!!! had to be 2.9 or something!
  • Hardy runs off the ropes but eats a boot.
  • Splash by Abyss. 1…2…Th… No!
  • Shock Treatment coming up, but Hardy counters and hits a modified Twist of Fate.
  • He goes to the top now.
  • Abyss is back up and he splits the legs.
  • Abyss goes up to the top and goozles Hardy.
  • Hardy fights off with the elbows.
  • Abyss falls down.
  • Swanton connects! 1…2…3!
  • Winner: Jeffrey Frikken Nero Hardy!!
  • Abyss attacks Hardy as he celebrates.
  • Black Hole Slam to RVD.
  • Abyss grabs the board.
  • But here comes Miiiiisteeerrrr! Anderson, and hes got a chair.
  • He knocks the board out of Abyss’s hands.
  • He hits Abyss in the gut.
  • He goes for another shot, but Abyss ducks and he accidentally nails Hardy.
  • Anderson stares at Hardy but gets nailed with the Shock Treatment.
  • Abyss stands tall as everyone is laid out.
  • With that we fade out.
  • A truly awesome show tonight!

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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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