Desmond Wolfe Interview: Grapplers from the UK are taking over the company.

Desmond Wolfe

Desmond Wolfe

In an interview with the Sun Wrestlings Rob McNichol, TNA star Desmond Wolfe has praised his fellow British stars – and claims grapplers from the UK are taking over the company. You can listen to the full audio interview below:

From Sun Sport Wrestling: Our boys received a boost this week when Dixie Carter revealed that Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams had both inked long-term contracts with TNA.

Meanwhile Welsh grappler Rob Terry is their Global Champion and the face of the new Xplosion TV show on the Extreme Sports channel.

Wolfe : “When I started out in wrestling, Doug was one of my peers that I aspired towards.

“I watched a lot of his technical wrestling when he was working for Brian Dixon and he helped me a lot. I tagged with him in Japan and stuff like that. It was great to see him there in TNA.

“Magnus I hadn’t actually met before I went to TNA, but I think he is a tremendous talent. He has great ability to make people dislike him! I think he’s brilliant!

“And then Rob. He’s the heart and soul. He genuinely wants to be the best wrestler he possibly can and is very respectful ad works his a*** off.

“You can only get good things from people like that.”

Formerly known as Nigel McGuiness in Ring Of Honor, Desmond signed with TNA in October 2009 after a proposed deal with WWE fell through.

His debut came via a sneak attack on arguably TNA’s biggest star, Kurt Angle, and the pair contested some of the best matches of last year.

Since his initial run with Angle, Wolfe’s TNA career has cooled slightly, but he still regularly features on TV and PPV, and has been associated with Ric Flair at times.

He received a boost by being voted No1 by fans on two separate occasions, when asked to nominate who they believed should be the top contender for RVD’s title.

He told us: “It’s good. Nice to see. I guess the first time they did it you could vote as many times as you want, so I guess there were probably some uber-Desmond Wolfe fans voting, but then the second time you couldn’t, and I still did pretty well with that.

“So I definitely don’t want to downplay it. At the end of the day if you’ve got all those people voting then they have to see something in you. I just wish all those 200,000 people had bought my T-shirt!”

Despite this overwhelming display of viewer support, Wolfe’s title shot with RVD was not a heavily built-up affair on PPV.

Instead TNA rushed it out, announcing it at the start of a show and featuring it less than two hours later. To make things worse, RVD won easily within three minutes in a match not even billed as the main event on Impact.

So did Wolfe think it was mismanaged?

He said: “It’s tough to say. Until I’m in that situation where I’m booking the show it’s almost impossible to say which way is better.

“They asked for the match so they got the match. There are certain limitations to what you can do on TV and what you can’t do. I’m not sure what I’d have done in the same situation, because they have storylines that are ongoing.

“I think one of the best things about TNA is that they listen to the fans to a certain extent but they try and figure things in with the right direction of company. That’s not always easy to do.”

One of Wolfe’s favourite memories in wrestling was being part of TNA’s UK tour in 2010 – he returns next January alongside Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair.

He told us: “I always love coming over. It was a fantastic tour last time. I wrestled Angle on a lot of the shows. I also had a couple of chances to wrestle AJ in front of good crowds over here.

“And with all the guys that are going to be on the show this time – Jeff Hardy, RVD – there’s the opportunity for even bigger matches.

“I think last time, I’d just started with the company, it was an opportunity for me to go out there and show them what I could do.
“Even more so this time, it’s a chance to step up and prove my worth.”

Desmond Wolfe will feature on TNA Maximum Impact tour of the UK in January, stopping at Glasgow, Manchester and London’s Wembley Arena. Tickets are on sale now. More information can be found at


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