TNA Xplosion – Friday 09/07/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 09/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 09/07/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

TNA Xplosion Intro

Jeremy Borash and the “Human Suplex Machine” Taz welcome us to the show. Things are heating up as we get closer to Victory Road 2010. Taz says tonight we have a couple of hot matches as Rosie Lottalove takes on Taylor Wilde and Magnus takes on one half of Generation Me – Max Buck in the  main event. JB discusses Magnus attacking Rob Terry on last weeks show, we attempt to get an explanation as we join Magnus backstage.

Magnus is sitting on a bench in the locker room. He says  he dosen’t need to explain his actions to anybody, but if someone wants to know they should see it for themselves. He brought Rob Terry into TNA and now he needs to learn his place again, and thats below Magnus in the food chain. Thats why he attacked Terry last week and it’s why he’s going to take his global title from him.

He goes on to say if anybody is the face of TNA UK (did we just get a mention on Xplosion?) its him and when you talk about “Global”, well he’s a global star which is why he should be the Global champion. If Rob knows what’s good for him he’ll accept the challenge because if he doesn’t he’ll  be in a world of trouble until he does accept. The sooner he deals with it the quicker he can move on. Tonight Rob will get a little taste of what’s in store when he literally wipes the mat with Max Buck.

Next up its time for TNA REWIND as we take a look back at what happened on iMPACT! between “The Monster” Abyss and “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy….

TNA REWIND: Highlights from Abyss vs Jeff Hardy with RVD as special guest referee on this past week’s episode of TNA iMPACT!

Max Buck is backstage in front of the kick-ass TNA logo wall. Says he’s got a opportunity tonight to show the whole TNA world what he’s capable of against a giant like Magnus. Says Generation Me have been showing TNA what their capable of since they got here. They stole the show at Destination X against the Machine Guns. Tonight, its no different, he’s going to go out there and show what he’s capable of. Says Magnus is a big beast of a guys, he may be smaller but he’s quicker and more athletic and Magnus won’t know where he’s coming from. Jeremy Buck enters on screen to tell Max he’s up soon and wishes him good luck.

We join Rosie Lottalove backstage, she’s draped over a red couch and with questionable porno-esque music playing in the background. This….is…just…..wrong! Rosie says she is the plus sized pin-up of the knockouts division. But just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she can’t pack a punch. Says she plans on being Knockouts champ very soon. Says her bout with Taylor Wilde tonight should be interesting as she’s a former champ and is small and agile, but Rosie is smart and she will catch her. Says Taylor can expect the same thing from Rosie that everyone else does and thats “A whole lotta Rosie!!” Gotta admit her catchphrase is cool.

We join Taylor Wilde who is sitting on the floor of the Knockouts locker room. Says she and Sarita were partners and now after what happened she dosen’t know where to go from here, its a whole new world but she’s ready for it.

We take a quick look back at Sarita and Taylor’s backstage brawl at last week’s iMPACT!

We rejoin Taylor in the locker room. Says she can’t stop thinking about Sarita and how they are no longer tag-partners nor friends and they’ve been beating the ever lasting piss outta each other for god knows how long. Says she’s got a lot of frustrations right now and Rosie Lottalove is going to be on the other side of that tonight. Taylor is worried about settling the score with Sarita, she was supposed to be her friend and can’t understand why she’s doing this. Taylor says its no longer about business, its about her (Sarita’s) sanity!

We cut to the back and see Sarita entering the building. A cameraman tells her she’s not scheduled to be here on Xplosion tonight and asks why she is here. Sarita tells him to get the camera out of her face and not to worry about why she’s here, he’ll find out soon!……i smell a screwjob finish!!

Commercial Break

TNA REWIND: Highlights of Desmond Wolfe vs Brian Kendrick in a Submission match from last weeks iMPACT!

TNA REWIND: Highlights of Jay Lethal vs Matt Morgan from last weeks iMPACT!

Commercial Break

Match 1: Rosie Lottalove vs Taylor Wilde

  • The Xplosion banner says “Rosey” Lottalove whereas the video wall says “Rosie” Lottalove, can someone please make their mind up!!!
  • Rosie on all fours on the ramp…..please god stop it!!
  • Taz says she’s like a hippo underwater
  • Here we go, lockup, but Rosie powers out
  • Another lockup, Rosie throws Taylor to the mat
  • Attempted kicks from Taylor but blocked by Rosie
  • Attempted punch from Taylor but Rosie catches her and tosses her across the ring
  • Punches in the corner from Taylor but Rosie throws her off.
  • Rosie runs at Taylor who’s in the opposite corner.
  • Taylor jumps through the middle rope and out of harms way as Rosie crashes into the post, nice sequence there
  • Kicks from Taylor from the apron
  • Jumps in attempting a sunset flip but she can’t get Rosie down.
  • Rosie tries to sit on Taylor but she moves and Rosie hits the mat hard
  • Dropkick from Taylor
  • Pin attempt but only a two count
  • Headlock from Taylor
  • Rosie up off the matt and throws Taylor off
  • An overhead release from Rosie
  • Taylor looked legitmately hurt there, maybe a bad landing
  • Rosie throws Taylor into the corner
  • Headlock from Rosie, Taylor fights her way out
  • Leg Lariat from Taylor but still can’t get Rosie off her feet.
  • Off the ropes and runs at Rosie but she catches Taylor and hits a vicioussit down powerbomb!
  • Rosie drags Taylor to the corner and heads up top!
  • Rosie signals for the splash from the top, here she goes!
  • Taylor moves and Rosie hits the canvas
  • Dropkick from Taylor sends Rosie to the outside
  • But here comes Sarita down the ramp
  • She jumps Taylor as the ref calls for the bell!
  • Winner: No Contest
  • They continue to brawl as security gets to the ring to separate them
  • The crowd chant “Let them go!” “Let them go!”
  • Sarita escapes and attacks Taylor but security mange to pull them apart again.

We get hype for the Magnus v Max Buck Main event

In the back again we see Sarita and Taylor Wilde still being separated by security. They are arguing, Taylor challenges Sarita to a match next week on Xplosion, Sarita accepts.

Match 2: Magnus v Max Buck

  • I’m actually enjoying this Magnus v Rob Terry feud at the moment, can’t wait to see them go up against one another though.
  • Big USA chants from the crowd
  • Side-headlock from Magnus
  • Buck whips Magnus off the ropes but Magnus hits him with a shoulderblock
  • WOW! Magnus cartwheels over Buck and snaps on a headlock takedown
  • Armbar, reversed by Buck
  • Irish Whip
  • Max ducks a clothesline from Magnus and then backflips into a head scissors take down!
  • Running elbow from Buck takes down Magnus
  • Monkey flips Magnus out of the corner but Magnus lands on his feet
  • Big boot from Magnus
  • Whips Buck to the corner hard
  • Backbreaker from magnus, cover but only a two count
  • Punches from Buck but an eyerake from Magnus puts him back in control
  • Chokes Buck over the ropes
  • Side slam from Magnus but only gets a two count
  • Bear hug from Magnus, ain’t seen one of those in a while
  • Buck fights outhits a bulldog
  • Buck attempts a splash on Magnus in the corner, magnus moves
  • Buck hits the urnbuckle
  • Magnus runs at buck but buck gets the boot up to stop magnus
  • Max Buck to the top rope
  • Hits the corkscrew diamond cutter!!
  • Cover..1…….2…..!!!oh 2.9 at least.
  • Top rope again, this time its a 450 spash!!
  • But Magnus manages to get the knees up!
  • Magnus sets Buck up for a pumphandle slam….hits it!
  • Cover 1…..2….3!1 Its over!!
  • Winner: Magnus

Post-Match Magnus gets the mic. Says he’s still waiting for an answer from Rob Terry, tells him to get out here now because he wants an answer. Here comes Big Rob, shirtless as ever, i mean WHO WALKS AROUND LIKE THAT?? Magnus says what’s it to be? He wants an answer, yes or no? Rob is mute. Magnus says ok he sees he’s going to have to do this the old fashioned way, attempts a punch but Rob ducks out and hits the FREAKBUSTER!!! Rob grabs the mic and says he accepts Magnus’ challenge for next week!! With that we fade out.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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