TNA Impact – Saturday 10/07/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 10/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Friends till the end?“

Saturday 10/07/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 08/07/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We open with a video package highlighting Mr. Anderson’s changed ways and the events leading up to and including the chair shot last week, begging the question – did he mean it? Tonight….we find out.

And here he comes. Anderson makes his way to the ring with a chair. He asks if there are any creatures of the night in the audience, loud reaction for that – he then introduces the leader of the creatures of the night, Jeff Nero Hardy. And here he comes. Anderson says that last week, he hit him in the back with a chair from behind when he wasn’t looking. He didn’t do it on purpose though. Of course he didn’t. He says if he did do it on purpose, he’d tell him about it. Do you know why? Because he’s an asshole. In fact, he thinks that the world would be a better place if there were more assholes in it. The Impact Zone is one of the greatest places on Earth because it is filled with assholes. Anderson says he has a solution. They have a match tonight. Anderson’s going to bring the chair with him to the ring. If he usess it, he’ll know that he has a problem with him. If Hardy uses it on him, he might have had it coming, but he’ll know that he (Anderson) has a problem with him. Anderson walks off and Hardy claps while looking confused.

Styles is in the back. He says he’s disappointed with himself. He has to prove himself by wrestling Kazarian. He’s going to tear him apart and hopes Flair is happy with the consequences.

Match 1 : Kazarian vs AJ Styles (#4)

  • What already? The opener? Nice way to open the show!
  • Styles makes a bee line to the ring.
  • Kaz flips over a back drop and hits an armdrag.
  • They start trading arm drags.
  • All of this is happening while the pyro is still going off.
  • Now they’re trading rights.
  • Kaz rakes the eyes.
  • AJ takes control again and works down Kaz in the corner.
  • Kaz hits AJ with a huge monkey flip.
  • Running dropkick follows.
  • Pin but AJ kicks out quick.
  • Sleeper locked in by Kazarian.
  • Flair shows up on the ramp.
  • He makes his way to the ring.
  • AJ fights out of the sleeper.
  • He jumps over Kaz, ducks under and hit’s the dropkick.
  • AJ lifts up Kaz, but he lands on his feet.
  • AJ kicks Kaz’s leg and hit’s a weird sort of running neck breaker.
  • Backbreaker by AJ, and he locks in a chin lock.
  • He turns it into a sleeper.
  • Kaz fights out, but AJ goes for the Clash.
  • Kaz counters into that reverse piledriver attempt, but AJ counters that into another Clash attempt.
  • Kaz counters out of that with kicks.
  • Kaz flips over a backsuplex but AJ catches him with a firemans carry/neck breaker combo.
  • Splash in the corner by AJ.
  • He goes for that suplex/neck breaker combo, but Kaz holds onto the ropes as AJ drops down.
  • Springboard leg drop by Kaz connects.
  • Kaz puts AJ up on the top rope.
  • He wants the Flux Capacitor.
  • AJ fights out by knocking Kaz down.
  • AJ goes springboard, but Kaz rolls out of the way.
  • AJ lands on his feet though and immediately hit’s the Pele!
  • Kaz elevates AJ onto the apron.
  • Slingshot DDT by Kaz, driving AJ’s head into the apron.
  • Both guys now trade rights on the inside.
  • They both try to get back into the ring, but the ref rings the bell!
  • Winner: Draw – Double Countout
  • Neither guy cares though, because they keep going at it.
  • Flair tells them to break it up.
  • He tells them that they’re two of the best wrestlers alive.
  • Flair says they’re special breed of men.
  • He says they have a match at Victory Road, teaming up.
  • He’s not going to tell them against who.
  • Flair walks off as Kaz and Styles argue.
  • Great match but wasn’t a fan of the finish but i suppose it sets up for the pay-per view i guess. Who will their opponents be though???

Angelina Love just took her top off in the back (with her back to the camera you perverts). Apparently she’s getting ready for her match which is up next!

Commercial Break

Were back and Daffney is in the ring screaming her lungs out!

Match 2 : Daffney vs Angelina Love

  • Tie up to start, and Angelina wrenches the arm.
  • Daffney counters by grabbing the arms together.
  • Knee’s by Angelina to counter out.
  • Clothesline follows.
  • Headlock by Angelina is locked in.
  • Daffney counters out, but runs right into a liger kick.
  • Angelina hits Daffney with a back elbow and locks in a sleeper.
  • Daffney counters out with a jawbreaker.
  • Front slam by Angelina, and another.
  • Lights Out to Daffney.
  • 1…2…3.
  • Winner: Angelina Love
  • Short, squash match but did its job, no complaints here from me.

Post match, Angelina gets the mic. Angelina says Madison is probably watching this from home because she doesn’t have the balls to be here. In 3 days at Victory Road, she will become the first ever 4 time TNA Knockout’s Champion. But have no fear, for the champ is hurr. Madison says Angelina has underestimated her. If Madison is putting her title on the line, what is Angelina risking. What is she putting on the line? Uh oh – not again!! Those fake fun bags she has on her shirt. Tenay says that’s an option. Or the fake weave she has hanging from her head. Or how about her career. She’s putting her title on the line. Angelina says she’s got it. But hold on, because there’s just one more thing. She figured she would try to pull something like this. She had a meeting with the championship committee, and there’s going to be another stipulation added. If Lacey or Velvet get involved, Madison will be disqualified and Angelina will win the title. Madison doesn’t seem to care as she walks off.

Hype as Samoa Joe and RVD are going to face off for the first time ever later tonight

Devon is walking in the back. Someone asks him what he’s going to say to Ray. Devon says they’ll find out.

We get a nice recap video of the Devon/Ray/Neal rivalry.

Devon, Neal and Moore are in the ring. Devon says things have gotten out of control for the past few weeks, and asks for Ray to come down so they can straighten things out. And here he comes. He stands on the ramp. Devon says he doesn’t get it. They trained Neal, gave him everything. Ray was the one interviewed him when he came to their school. He showed nothing but respect. He’s already been through hell before he came to them. He was in the Navy and helped serve this country. And then, as he’s working, his ship got blown up by some terrorists and in the process of that, his best friend, unfortunately died in that blast. He was the one carrying the casket, the one who had to say goodbye to his friend. That’s respect right there. So he’s going to put it to him this way, what the hell is Ray’s problem with Jesse. Ray says he doesn’t answer to him. He’s Brother Ray, the leader of Team 3D, Devon answers to him. Ray’s problem is with Neal, and now his problem is with Devon because he’s an unloyal, disrespectful partner. Devon says his loyalty has nothing to do with this. He says his loyalty is with the both of them. He doesn’t pick sides, he never has and he never will. Ray says things are about to get worse. He just spoke with Bischoff, and at Victory Road, it will be Ray vs Jesse… vs Devon. Three Way Dance. We’re going to see where Devon’s commitment is. Either Team 3D will continue on or come to an end on that night.

Match 3 : Non-Title Match – Samoa Joe (#6) vs TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam

  • Uhhhh Why isn’t this the main event???
  • Tie up to start.
  • Now they’re exchanging shots.
  • And now kicks.
  • RVD catches a kick and nails Joe with the windmill kick.
  • Rob goes to the top, and Joe looks for the Muscle Buster.
  • Rob fights it off, but Joe juts throws Rob off the top and Rob lands face first on the ramp.
  • Joe with a chop on the outside.
  • Joe tries to get back in the ring, but Rob nails him with a spinning dropkick.
  • Rob goes for a baseball slide, but Joe runs back in.
  • Elbow Suicida connects.
  • The ECW guys are in the crowd.
  • Joe throws Rob back in the ring.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Snapmare by Joe.
  • He chops the back and goes to kick the chest, but Rob ducks and rolls Joe up for a near fall.
  • Dropkick by Rob follows.
  • Kicks by Rob, and he’s now shoulder blocking Joe in the corner.
  • Rob’s now chocking Joe in the corner.
  • He does a backflip and hits him with a basement dropkick.
  • Joe’s head is on the bottom rope. Rob hits him with a slingshot leg drop.
  • Pin but only two. Jabs by Joe, but Rob comes back with his own.
  • RVD runs off the ropes but runs right into a powerslam.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Snapmare by Joe, and he locks in a chin lock.
  • Rob fights out with the elbows.
  • Spinning back kick connects.
  • Rob hit’s a clothesline.
  • He goes for another but Joe beats him to the punch.
  • Chop by Joe in the corner.
  • Rob avoids the knee in the corner.
  • Huge kick by Rob to the head of Joe.
  • Sprinboard back kick connects.
  • Rolling Thunder connects. 1…2…no!
  • Rob goes to the top.
  • Diving thrust kick to the throat connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Spinning heel kick to Joe.
  • Joe kills Rob with a huge clothesline.
  • Both guys are down.
  • Rob rolls at Joe in the corner, but gets planted with the STJoe.
  • Powerbomb by Joe.
  • Pin but Rob kicks out, and Joe turns it into a modified boston crab.
  • Single leg crab by Joe.
  • Rob fights his way to the ropes.
  • Rob with the rights, and Joe with the headbutts.
  • Rob floats over a slam.
  • Roll up by Rob but Joe counters into the rear naked choke.
  • Rob gets to his feet.
  • He pushes his feet against the turnbuckles flipping over on top of Joe who still has the choke locked on.
  • The ref counts 1…2…3!
  • RVD Wins!
  • THEY USED THE BRET HART V RODDY PIPER Wrestlemania 1992 finish!!
  • Winner: Rob Van Dam
  • Very very good match, should have been a PPV main event though!
  • Joe argues with the ref.
  • He slaps him.
  • He lifts him to the top.
  • Whats got into Joe?

We join Kurt Angle in the back. He says he’s working his way up the top ten. He’s been in the ring with Ken Anderson, and if he was Jeff Hardy, he’d watch his back.

Match 4 : Ladder Match (Non-Title) – Jeremy Buck vs TNA X Division Champion Douglas Williams

  • This is a non title bout as there’s a red X hanging above the ring.
  • Taz informs us that Williams is apparently afraid of heights.
  • Williams works down the arm and locks in a headlock.
  • Jeremy pushes him off but gets hit with a shoulder block.
  • Back elbow by Jeremy, and he hit’s a springboard crossbody.
  • Series of maneuvers ends with Jeremy hitting Douglas with a moonsault off the apron.
  • He’s got a ladder now and puts it into the ring.
  • He starts to climb, but Williams cuts him off.
  • He ties Jeremy to the tree of woe.
  • Douglas starts climbing really really slowly.
  • Jeremy goes to the top and hit’s a missile dropkick.
  • Jeremy starts to climb, but Williams pulls him down.
  • Williams sets the ladder up in the corner.
  • He throws Jeremy right into it.
  • He charges, but Jeremy avoids and Williams goes right into the ladder.
  • Catapult by Jeremy sends Williams into the ladder.
  • Williams elevates Jeremy onto the apron.
  • Williams grabs the ladder, but Jeremy dropkicks it into him.
  • Slingshot sitout face buster by Jeremy, driving Williams head first into the ladder.
  • Awesome.
  • Jeremy sets the ladder up and starts to climb, but Williams grabs him.
  • Electric chair by Williams, taking Jeremy off the ladder.
  • Williams sets the ladder up and starts to climb.
  • Jeremy goes to the top and jumps onto the ladder.
  • Sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder by Jeremy.
  • Jeremy starts to climb now, Williams dives at Jeremy but gets hit with a kick.
  • Jeremy unhooks the X for the upset victory.
  • Winner: Jeremy Buck
  • Wow! I wasn’t expecting that, is that Bucks first win in TNA? I suppose it sets up nicely for the Ultimate X and Douglas being afraid of heights, i have a feeling he’ll overcome that some how at Victory Road though.

We get a hilarious Public Service Announcement from the Motor City Machine Guns warning us against the dangers of Beer Money. See below:

Match 5 : Beer Money and Matt Morgan vs The Motor City Machine Guns and Hernandez

  • Chris Sabin and Roode start off.
  • Roode wrenches the arm.
  • Sabin does a couple of flips and gets the wristlock.
  • Right hand by Roode.
  • Sabin with a diving hurricanrana.
  • He ducks a shot and hit’s a flying forearm smash.
  • Tag to Shelley.
  • Sabin hit’s a slam and Shelley this a slingshot elbow.
  • Double leg drops.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Here comes Storm.
  • Shelley throws Roode into Storm and here comes Sabin.
  • Back elbow by Sabin to Storm.
  • Sabin goes for a float over but gets thrown onto the apron.
  • Morgan kill Sabin with a boot.
  • Roode throws Sabin back into the ring, and here comes Morgan.
  • Short arm clothesline by Morgan, and he walks on top of Sabin.
  • Storm gets the tag and hit’s a big uppercut on Sabin.
  • Sabin starts to fight back, but gets hit with a face buster and then is thrown back of the head first into the mat.
  • Pin but Shelley breaks it up.
  • Roode’s now in and starts choking Sabin.
  • Roode with a hard irish whip on Sabin into the corner.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Sabin starts to fight back, but to no avail.
  • Sabin flips over a back suplex attempt and slides through the legs.
  • Roode grabs Sabin’s leg but Sabin hits him with a back heel kick.
  • Here comes Hernandez. He’s taking it to both of Beer Money.
  • Huge clothesline takes down Storm.
  • Morgan runs off.
  • Roode gets killed with a shoulder block.
  • Morgan stands on the ramp.
  • Shelley’s now in and he throws Hernandez into Roode.
  • Hernandez catapults Roode into a reverse STO by Shelley.
  • Sliced Bread #2 countered by Roode.
  • Hernandez with a slingshot shoulder block, taking out both of Beer Money.
  • Hernandez chases Morgan off to the back.
  • MCMG Sandwich to Roode.
  • Sabin goes for the neck breaker but instead knocks Storm off the apron.
  • Suicide dive takes out Storm.
  • Crossbody off the top by Shelley, but Roode rolls through and grabs the tights sneakily for the victory.
  • Winners: Beer Money & Matt Morgan

The Pope is in the back walking down a corridor of offices. He says Anderson is deceptive. He can’t trust Anderson and he’s the reason why he isn’t cleared yet. He’s focused on Angle though. If Angle loses, it’s his last match.

We join Nash at the conference table in the same meeting room Dixie, Bisch and Hogan met last week. Nash says he can’t believe he’s waiting for Bischoff. Says this is the same guy who before he and Scott jumped to WCW was going with the “Dungeon of Doom”. He makes some parody voices of Kevin Sullivan. Hogan walks in. Argues a bit with Nash about bringing his friends in, Nash counters saying what about the Nasty Boys, Hogan did the same thing – very true fans! But Hogan said it was different this time, he simply offered them an opportunity straight up and it didn’t work out. Hogan says The Band used up all their opportunities, and they cheated. Maybe Bischoff feels differently.

Jay Lethal is in the ring. He says he was overwhelmed when Hogan made the match between him and Flair at Victory Road, but that feeling was taken away when he saw Flair beating up his brother. It ripped his heart out. At Victory Road, that’s exactly what he’s going to do, rip his heart out. Even though the greatest part of his life is in a week, his mind is on his mother because she’s been ill. One thing he wants to let her know is that he loves her. How touching. He also wants to let her know that he plans on making her the proudest mother in the world when he beats Flair at Victory Road. Even though she’s a thousand miles away, she will always be in his heart standing next to him. And here comes Flair.

Flair gets in Lethal’s face, and says he could give a rats ass about his mother. As a matter of fact, she wants to be with him. He is Ric, by god Flair. Nobody knows Flair. He’s crazy. Lethal is dressed like a little street punk from New Jersey and doesn’t belong in his ring. Lethal’s got three days to think about it. Flair is not human, he’s a god. Lethal has to wrestle Flair in three days. A wrestling icon. No. I living breathing machine. There are hospitals around the world who want Flair to donate his body parts to see what makes him go. What is Lethal going to do? In three days, he’s going to look his god in the eye, and get his ass handed to him. Three days. Flair walks off. WOOOO!!! Nice interchange between these two, really enjoying this angle.

We get the Victory Road music video. And as if thats not enough we are immediately followed by -Tenay and Taz running through the Victory Road card
* AJ Styles and Kazarian vs. ???
* Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal vs. Devon
* Ric Flair vs. Jay Lethal
* Kurt Angle vs. D’Angelo Dinero
* Steel Cage Match: Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez
* TNA Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne © vs. Angelina Love
* For The Vacant TNA Tag Team Titles: The Motor City Machineguns vs. Beer Money
* TNA X-Division Ultimate X Submission Match: Doug Williams © vs. Brian Kendrick
* TNA World Title Match: Rob Van Dam © vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss

As solid a card as i’ve ever seen, really looking forward to this show.

It’s Main Event time!!

Match 6 : Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy

  • Both guys shake hands and here we go.
  • Tie up to start, and Hardy wrenches the arm.
  • Anderson with an irish whip, but gets shoulder blocked.
  • Anderson goes for the GBP, but Hardy counters out.
  • Spinning neck breaker by Anderson, but only gets two.
  • Sitout jawbreaker by Hardy, and he hit’s the reverse spin kick.
  • Anderson avoids the Hardyac Arrest.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Hardy with a clothesline.
  • And one in the corner.
  • Bulldog countered by Anderson.
  • Elbow by Hardy and the Whisper in the Wind connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Hardy wants the Twist.
  • Anderson counters with the Green Bay Plunge. 1…2…no!!
  • Anderson goes to the top, possibly thinking Kenton Bomb.
  • Yeah, he was, but it missed.
  • Twist of Fate by Hardy.
  • Pin and that’s all she wrote!
  • Winner: Jeff Hardy
  • But how will Anderson react folks?
  • Hardy goes to check up on Anderson.
  • Here comes Abyss.
  • And he’s got the board covered in nails.
  • YOU!!!
  • The ref grabs the board, and Anderson/Hardy go on the attack.
  • Double clothesline by Abyss takes them both down.
  • Chokeslam on Hardy.
  • Boot to Anderson.
  • Abyss looks at the board.
  • He brings it back into the ring.
  • He points it at Anderson.
  • Anderson moves, and it gets stuck on the turnbuckle.
  • Abyss rips it off, and here comes Rob Van Dam.
  • Rob flies into the ring and takes it to Abyss.
  • Goozle by Abyss, and he throws RVD to the outside.
  • Hardy and Anderson get back in the ring.
  • Anderson has a chair and a maniacal look on his face….is he going to hit Hardy???
  • No, Anderson tells Hardy to move, and he nails Abyss with the chair!
  • Rob grabs the chair, throws it to Abyss, and nails him with the Van Daminator sending Abyss through the ropes to the outside.
  • The faces all shake hands.
  • Anderson pullls Rob in and gets in his face though.
  • But we see Abyss’ hand and head come up to the apron behind them!
  • Taz says Abyss isn’t done yet as we fade out.

Wow! another great show and a fab finish, these past two iMPACT’s have been damn exciting, TNA whatever it is your doing keep it up!!


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