NEWS AND RUMOURS ROUND-UP: PWI names #1, Ric Flair, Scott Hall health update

AJ Styles PWI 500 #1

AJ Styles PWI 500 #1

Dixie Carter reported on twitter today that AJ Styles was announced as the Number one in the PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 500. AJ is also TNA’s first ever PWI Number one winner. Congratulations AJ!

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A judge in Charlotte, North Carolina has dropped all charges of assault against the wife of Ric Flair, Jaqueline Beems. The ruling was that the state’s District Attorney did not have enough evidence to prosecute Beems. The couple had a disagreement with Jaqueline Beems being arrested after causing slight injury to Flair.

Scott Hall was recently admitted into hospital after contracting double pnuemonia, after originally refusing to go when he was asked to by close friends. Scott Hall is currently being treated in the ICU of a Florida Hospital where his condition is currently listed as “guarded”. Updates on his health can be found at his myspace and twitter pages. Fans can also send their well wishes to Scott by email at


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