Scott Hall

Scott Hall

Maggie over at Scott Halls official myspace page is reporting that Scott is doing alot better health wise. He is off the IV’s and oxygen and has been up walking around the halls. A reaction from a test caused some minor kidney problems but his kidneys are fine now and he should be home soon. Don’t forget you can send any get wells & wishes by email to

Reports have surfaced that Tommy Dreamer suffered a torn mcl in his knee at the Monday Night Impact! taping though he also appeared on the Tuesday taping he did not work a match. Tommy posted the following tweet a couple of days ago:

Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer

I did tear my MCL in knee Monday night. I must keep my no surgery streak alive. Need brace & tape,gum peanut butter to keep it together


Former ECW and TNA star Chris Hamrick has been hospitalised after an apparent suicide attempt. Hamrick reportedly swallowed a large number of sleeping pills after posting several disturbing messages on his facebook profile. Reports state the messages were not a joke or rib as Hamrick has also been dealing with mental problems and issues. Chris Hamrick made several appearances in TNA around 2002 as the masked luchadore “Crimson Dragon”


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