TNA Xplosion – Friday 16/07/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 16/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 16/07/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

TNA Xplosion Intro

Jeremy Borash and the “Human Suplex Machine” Taz welcome us to the show. They discuss Victory Road which is up next for us here in the UK. Two recent feuds come to a head tonight on Xplosion as former Tag-Team partners Sarita and Taylor Wilde clash aswell as “The Freak” Rob Terry defending his TNA Global Title in tonights main event against former British Invasion partner Magnus.

We join Rob Terry outside the iMPACT! Zone standing in front of a pretty sweet looking car. Terry says that from the moment the British Invasion stepped foot in TNA they made a huge impact and have achieved many of the top titles in a short space of time. It may have been the case that he had been the bodyguard for Magnus, the muscle of the organization but he was a significant part in their achievements. Rob says when he looks back on it, he’s now the TNA Global Champion not to mention the longest reigning one. Tonight he will prove to Magnus, to himself and to the whole world that “the Freak” is unstoppable!

Still to come, we will get Pre-Match comments from the challenger Magnus, plus TNA Rewind takes a look back at how TNA and Jeff Hardy made one little boys wish come true at a recent iMPACT! as well as an exclusive interview with Rob Van Dam ahead of Victory Road.

TNA REWIND: Highlights of Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy from last week’s iMPACT!  including the post-match attack from Abyss and the save by RVD.

Commercial Break

Were back with an interview with Sarita, who’s sporting some cool new ring gear. She say’s she’s pissed off at Taylor because she doesn’t care abut the team anymore. She doesn’t seem to care if they win or lose, Sarita can’t handle that anymore and its now time for her to look out for herself. Says they haven’t won a match in god knows how long and every one knows that its Taylor’s fault, everyone knows its her thats been carrying the team since they started. She goes on to says she’s better than Sarita – better physique, better in ring skills, better dancer, you name it. Tonight she’s gonna prove that to the world.

We join Taylor in the back. She says she just doesn’t know anymore, Sarita has lost her mind. Thinks since winning the Knockout Tag-Titles Sarita got too big for her breaches and lost her mind. She doesn’t know where to go from here but reckons a good way to work out those frustrations with Sarita is in the ring. Says Sarita knows her well – as a friend and a tag partner but she doesn’t know her as an angry person that’s been portrayed, tonight that’s what she’ll be finding out.

We join Magnus working out in the back. Magnus says to understand what it means to him to win the global title you have to understand that since the world cup disappointment he’s the country’s only hope. Says they will have a ticker-tape parade in King’s Lynn, Norfolk if he brings the gold home. Says he’s not jealous of Big Rob’s success just disappointed because he fed Rob and now Rob bit that hand that fed him, now Magnus is going to have to come back and teach him a few lessons. Tonight “The Freak” can expect the new Magnus, can expect somebody that’s gone away and refocused and reevaluated, completely focused on what he’s doing. And tonight Rob is going to lose!

TNA REWIND: We take a look back at a recent iMPACT! where a young boy named Lucas had his dream come true thanks to TNA and the Make a Wish Foundation when he got to get into the ring with his hero Jeff Hardy. Pretty cool moment when Jeff lifted Lucas onto the turnbuckle on side and he went to the other and together they did the Hardy “This Life” pose to the crowd. I’m sure moments like this make some of the talent appreciate what they’ve got a remember that theres a lot of young kids out there that look up to them. Kudos to TNA, Hardy, Borash and all involved in making this happen.

We join RVD on the beach front in New Jersey to discuss the upcoming 4 way match at Victory Road. RVD says he always likes something that’s not ordinary, something whereby your not entirely sure whats going to happen and a 4-way is just that. Its not quite 3 on 1 but he’s the one with the belt, he has something to lose and more to the point he doesn’t even have to get pinned to lose it! Talks about each of the challengers, says Abyss – FORGET ABOUT IT!, Jeff Hardy – says hardy always says he was happy that RVD won the title that night but he’s sure that somewhere Hardy thinks “that coulda been me” so he’s sure Hardy wants the belt, as for Mr. Anderson says he doesn’t know a lot about him they don’t seem to operate at the same wave length but it’ll be interesting to see what they bring out of each other. Says his plan is same as always, to walk out of the ring as the champion and that’s what he’s gotta do.

TNA REWIND: Highlights of RVD vs Samoa Joe from iMPACT! last week.

We rejoin RVD for his thoughts on the match with Joe. Says its one of those matchup’s he’s heard fans talk about and wish for since way before he even came to TNA. Says it was a great, physical match, that one and his match with Hardy were his two favourite matches since coming to TNA.

Commercial Break

TNA REWIND: We look back at the Jay Lethal / Ric Flair confrontation from last week’s iMPACT!

Match 1: Sarita vs Taylor Wilde

  • New entrance music for Sarita it seems, very catchy latino beat
  • Sarita extends the hand to Taylor who cautiously accepts, they shake with no swerve – odd!
  • Lock up
  • Sarita takes Taylor to the mat.
  • reversal into a headlock
  • arm lock
  • some nice chain wrestling from these two, crowd doesn’t seem interested though
  • Sarita offers another handshake to taylor, maybe this her strategy to shake her hand to death or something, waiting for the swerve here…..nope they shake hands again! WTF!
  • Flying snapmare from Taylor, very old school!
  • Sarita looks impressed with that move, offers Sarita the handshake again! But this time swerves her, pulling her into a headlock
  • Whip off the rope, Taylor attempts the bulldog on Sarita but rolls into a small package for the two count.
  • A number of failed pin reversals from these two
  • Sarita drills Taylor from behind, sending her to the outside
  • Sarita outside strikes Taylor on the chest hard, throws her back into the ring
  • Pin attempt for the two count,
  • Tries again, another two count
  • and again from Sarita for another two count!!
  • Whips Taylor into the corner and follows up with a clothesline.
  • kicks to the gut from Sarita and attempts a pin for the 2 count
  • Whips off the ropes, Sarita goes for the big boot but Taylor slides under and hits the clothesline
  • Bodyslam from Taylor
  • Go’s to the top, Sarita cuts her off, goes for the top rope suplex
  • Taylor throws her off the op top, and hits a missle dropkick!!
  • Clothesline
  • Leg Lariat from Taylor who has momentum on her side now
  • Sarita punches to the gut, attempts a backbreaker but Taylor reverses into a hurricanrana
  • Sarita runs at Taylor who reverses into a back breaker, crowd starting to get into this now
  • Taylor signals for the post, rams sarita’s head to the turbuckle
  • Does it again on the next corner, signals for a third corner…
  • Sarita reverses shoving taylor into the corner and hitting a quick rollup pin
  • Sarita with the feet on the ropes for leverage…..1…..2…3!
  • Winner: Sarita
  • Post-Match Sarita does laps of the ring giving high fives, calls Taylor a loser.

Match 2: TNA Global Heaveyweight Championship Match – “The Freak” Rob Terry (C) vs Magnus

  • Lock up
  • Terry powers out, throwing Magnus across the ring
  • Magnus runs at Terry but big rob hits a shoulder block sending Magnus to the outside
  • Magnus trades insults with the crowd as Terry hulks up in the ring.
  • Magnus to the apron, Terry catches him off guard and suplexe’s him into the ring
  • Magnus begs off Terry in the corner but sneakily strikes him in the gut, and now starts pounding away on Terry in the corner
  • Argues with the ref, Terry up and grabs Magnus throwing him back into the corner
  • Terry on top starts punching away at the head of Magnus as the crowd counts along
  • Why do they always get 10 punches in before the heel reverses??
  • Magnus attempts an atomic drop but Terry lands on his feet and hits a huge clothesline on Magnus
  • Terry throws Magnus over the ropes but Magnus catches the top rope and back flips back into the ring
  • Smiles at the crowd but Terry notices him and comes from behind tossing him out of the ring again, this time successfully.
  • Terry goes out after Magnus, punches away.
  • Magnus retreats to the ring post, Terry charges for a clothesline but clotheslines the ring post!! ouch!
  • Magnus with a knee to Terry’s arm, still draped around the ring post.
  • Magnus on the offensive now, throws terry back in and begins working on that arm.
  • Terry attempts to power his way out and has magnus up for a slam, but magnus gets out and hits an armdrag into an armbar, working on this injured arm of Terry again.
  • Back body drop from Magnus
  • Pin attempt but just a to count
  • Magnus egging Terry on to get up
  • Terry gets off the mat gingerly, Magnus catches him for the pumphandle slam!!!
  • But he can’t lift the big man and Terry powers out with a huge hip toss
  • Goes for the freakbuster!! But Magnus reverses
  • Eye rake on Terry
  • Magnus to the top rope, launches himself
  • But THE FREAK catches Magnus and hits the freakbuster!! Lights out!
  • Winner  and STILL TNA Global Champion: Rob Terry

With that we fade out. See you next week folks!!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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