Big TNA-ECW Angle update: *Contains Spoilers*

Hardcore Justice 2010

Hardcore Justice 2010

Ok. I must preface this article by saying this is full of spoilers. So if you are wanting to avoid spoiling the story in the lead up to TNA Hard Justice 2010 i recommend that you DON’T read this article. For those who just can’t wait any longer and want to know what’s going down behind the scenes and what’s planned for Hard Justice, click more to read on…..



– The idea to make the TNA Hard Justice PPV an “ECW” themed event happened at the Monday tapings. There was a planned direction for the ECW crew, but they along with Tommy Dreamer pitched a new direction which Dixie Carter approved. Carter also signed off on Dreamer running the show, which at this time is planned to be a “one off” ECW show. Many are impressed with how much trust Dreamer has been given by management.

– The August 8th PPV has been renamed “Hardcore Justice: One Last Stand,” and a new commercial has been sent out to PPV providers. The commercial reportedly features an ECW chant, something the company will have to be very careful about using for legal reasons.

– The show is also not the big surprise mentioned previously by Dixie Carter.

– It has been confirmed that the main event of next month’s Hard Justice will feature TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn. It is unknown at this time whether the title will be on the line.

– While Tommy Dreamer has been contacting ECW alumni to work Hard Justice, Director of Talent Relations Terry Taylor has handled the financial negotiations. The rumored payoff for non-contracted performers is said to range from $500 to $1,000.

– Former ECW performer Michael Depoli (a/k/a Amish Roadkill) has reportedly declined TNA Wrestling’s offer to appear at next month’s Hard Justice pay-per-view event. His reason for declining their offer is that he considers himself retired from professional wrestling and simply has no interest in returning.

The Sandman

The Sandman

– Talent expected to appear are Jerry Lynn, The Sandman, Sabu, Spike Dudley, The FBI, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney and Swinger. No contracts have been signed and many people booked have asked that their name be kept quiet.

– Paul Heyman has nothing to do with the angle at this time.

– The response of the former ECW wrestlers has been interesting. Some feel excited about the possibility, while others are just acting like it is just another show since they have been down this road before. Some have been extremely thankful for the chance to work the event, while some have tried to get as much as they can from the company for their appearance. One talent, who has been off of TV for years, is refusing to come in unless is was granted a multi-year contract by TNA.

– At this time, the PPV is the only event planed with the ECW theme. But there could be more appearances from ECW alumni after the show, if they can be integrated into TNA storylines.

– Yoshihiro Tajiri and Super Crazy are booked in Japan on August 8th, and will not be appearing at the show.

– Talent with independent bookings on Saturday will be flown into Orlando on Sunday morning. Others that can be there will be doing a Saturday meet and greet with fans at the NASCAR restaurant at Universal Citiwalk.

– TNA is trying to take the approach of the first One Night Stand show, booking who they can to make it an authentic feeling event, including referees and managers. There has even been discussion of honoring former ECW talent that cannot be there on the show.

– Shane Douglas has been contacted to work the event, but he has not agreed to terms. Douglas is reportedly pushing the idea of wrestling Ric Flair on the show to play off of Douglas always calling him out in ECW.


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