TNA Xplosion – Friday 23/07/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 23/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 23/07/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

TNA Xplosion Intro

Jeremy Borash and the “Human Suplex Machine” Taz welcome us to the show. JB discusses the fallout from Victory Road, how RVD walked away the champ but the Monster Abyss is certainly not done by any means! Tonight we have Eric Young vs Suicide plus Homicide takes on Orlando Jordan in the Main Event. Plus as ever we take a look back at the week that was with TNA Rewind, but first we go over to Christy Hemme who caught up with Eric Young.

Christy ambushes Eric Young on his way from his car to the building. Christy welcomes him back, his first match back since the big split from Kevin Nash, wants to know how he’s feeling. EY looks downbeat, says he dosen’t know which way is up or down right now. His group got disbanded, he lost his belt in Cardiff – i mean WHO loses a belt in cardiff! lol! and he never speaks with Nash anymore who was one of his closest friends in the business. Says this might be his last match here….Christy is shocked asks him what he means by that, he says it was nice knowing her and walks off!! 

TNA Rewind: We take a look back at the Top 10 Contenders Announcement aswell as the Abyss-RVD show down and the resulting ECW-TNA Brawl.

Commercial Break

We’re back and we join Homicide backstage at the new Xplosion interview set which looks pretty cool. Homicide says the freak only comes out at night! Tell’s Orlando Jordan that in his neighborhood if someone walked in wearing a skimpy pink outfit they’d be beat up and put in the hospital, preying they’d wake up from their coma. Says he doesn’t like  OJ and says he has the biggest heart in TNA, he’s the biggest man in TNA and he’s the toughest S.O.B in TNA…why? because he’s stupid that’s why! (at least he got that right!), that’s his business and that’s how he works. He then tell’s Jordan to go kiss his family goodbye because tonight there’s going to be a body count in TNA courtesy of the notorius 187!

We join Suicide in a dark alley outside. He warns Eric Young that tonight he faces the Dark Saviour, tonight he faces Suicide!! *Does the Suicide pose*. Seems their now dubbing Kiyoshi now with the old Suicide voice, much better tbh.

TNA Rewind: We get highlights from the awesome Ladder match between Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns from last week’s iMPACT!

Comemrcial Break

We return with more TNA Rewind: We take a look at highlights from Jeff Hardy and Jay Lethal’s showdown on iMPACT!

We cut to Orlando Jordan in the back. He’s staring at a mannequin that’s wearing a pink feather boa, the mannequin appears to be hanging upside down from the ceiling. OJ says look at us, if you don’t conform to their ways your an outsider, not accepted, an outcast, thrown to the curb like an empty used McDonald’s cup. Says and then they wonder where the anger comes from. Says he didn’t ask for this lifestyle, it was chosen for him and why then is he held responsible. Asks if there was a murder, a crime, an assualt, a roberry? No, just him trying to live his life. Warns everybody that if they don’t like it, then they’ll just have to learn to love it!

Great interview from OJ, really sets out where he’s coming from and gives a reason for his anger and his violent actions, my question is why this type of interview was never done before on iMPACT! when he was initially pushed.

Match 1: Eric Young vs. Suicide

  • Cool new lighting setup in the iMPACT! Zone for Xplosion. The ring mats almost appear blue thanks to the lights and the crowd and the outside are very dark, it really sets it apart from iMPACT! i really like it, great idea.
  • JB and Taz discuss the dark cloud currently hanging over EY and how he’s now out of friends
  • Lock-up to start things off.
  • Armbar from Suicide, reversed by EY
  • Whip from EY, criss cross, leapfrog and then hits and armdrag takedown
  • Arm lock from EY but Suicide powers out with a jumping snapmare!
  • Whip from Suicide, hits EY with a leg lariat
  • repeated kicks
  • dropkick
  • Suicide covers EY but only a two count
  • Whips EY to the corner, EY with the Flair flip over the top which gets a large “WOOOOOO!” from the crowd
  • Suicide tries to attack EY who’s on the apron, but EY counters with a shoulder to the gut
  • EY slides under the ropes through Suicides legs
  • Hits a clothesline on Suicide
  • Pin attempt but only two
  • arm lock from EY
  • Suicide punches out but eats a back elbow from EY
  • another cover, another two count
  • JB thanks the fans watching in Australia and the UK for making Xplosion a hit show
  • Side headlock
  • Elbow out from Suicide
  • Runs, ducks the elbow but EY hits a flying back elbow
  • Pin attempt, another two count
  • Backbreaker from EY
  • Another pin attempt, still only two
  • Lot of quick covers by EY tonight, none working
  • Powerslam by EY
  • He’s going to the top rope
  • Hits a superb double axehandle
  • Pin 1…2….NO!
  • Headlock, but Suicide elbows out and hits Pope’s DDE move.
  • Both men down though, Suicides not moving, is he hurt.
  • EY surprisingly up first
  • Suicide up quickly an attacks EY looks like he was playing possum
  • Elbow followed by a clothesline, Suicide signals for the top rope much to the crowds delight
  • Up top, hits a diving headbutt!!! awesome
  • Pin attempt, 1….2…no!
  • EY hits a chinbreaker, powerslams Suicide
  • Now he signals for the top
  • Up top goes EY and hits a flying elbow drop!
  • Pin attempt, is this is? 1…!
  • EY signals for the top again, heads up but Suicide springs to life and kicks EY off the top rope!!
  • EY hits the floor outside hard, but bounces up and tries to roll back into the ring
  • Big mistake though as Suicide hits a dropkick which sends EY crashing into the post
  • Suicide with the cover for the three count!
  • Winner: Suicide
  • A surprisingly well worked match, very enjoyable watch

Match 2: Homicide vs Orlando Jordan

  • Main Event time on Xplosion
  • Lock up
  • JB says Homicide is the nly guy in TNA who comes to the ring wearing a bullet proof vest
  • Taz tries to justify it saying you never know some guys might take a shot at ya!
  • Big rights from Homicide
  • But OJ powers out slamming Homicide to the mat and pummeling him with repeated punches
  • Homicide escapes though by biting OJ’s thumb
  • Into corner, Homicide hits the ten count punches
  • then bites OJ in the face
  • Eyerake by OJ
  • Follows up with a knee to the head of Homicide
  • Some mat wrestling from OJ keeping Homicide down
  • Homicide gets the rope break
  • Trade chops and kicks
  • Dropkick from OJ
  • Cover but only a two count
  • OJ on top of Homicide with repeated punches, Referee Brian Hebner breaks it up
  • OJ to the ropes now choking Homicide, Hebner breaks the choke again
  • Snapmare take over
  • Knees to the back from Jordan
  • Clothesline from Homicide sends Jordan to the outside
  • Homicide out in hot pursuit
  • Picks up his bandanna and proceeds to choke OJ with it
  • Removes his bullet proof jacket and swings at OJ twice but misses
  • Punches OJ in the face and throws him back in
  • But OJ catches Homicide with kicks on his way in
  • Homicide fights back
  • Homicide removes his wrist tape
  • he’s choking OJ with the wrist tape
  • Brian Hebner manages to break it up
  • Tries to check Homicide who’s trying his best to look innocent
  • Hebner grabs Homicides hand trying to get him to open it, instead Homicide flips him the bird and pushes the ref
  • But Homicide turns round to eat a kick to the gut followed up by a dragon sleeper style submission hold from Jordan
  • Homicide taps out!
  • Winner: Orlando Jordan
  • With that we’re done, until next week TNA Fans!!

About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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