TNA Impact – Saturday 24/07/2010

TNA Impact!

TNA Impact!

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 24/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Extreme Invitation“

Saturday 24/07/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 22/07/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We open with a recap of Abyss’ heel turn culminating in the ECW-TNA Brawl from last week.

We see Dixie arriving at the Impact zone. She’ll explain what’s been going on later tonight.

For the first time in a while we get the TNA iMPACT! Opening video, it’s been spruced up a bit with some pretty cool effects added on the iMPACT! moves, plus i notice Rhino has been re-added to the starting vid.

Pyro goes off, and Mike Tenay and Taz run down the card. Kurt Angle faces Hernandez, Samoa Joe faces Jeff Hardy, and Dixie Carter will explain her actions. We’re kicking things off with a title match though ya’ll better – GET READY TO FLY!!!

erm….i noticed they just showed the Global Title image before AJ’s entrance i’m telling ya if they job him out to Rob Terry i’ll literally smash my tv…seriously.

Match 1: TNA Global Championship – AJ Styles(#6) (w/ Kazarian) vs Rob Terry(#10) (C)

  • We get a recap of Styles pinning Terry at Victory Road in that tag team match.
  • Alright, so what exactly are the rules to the Global Championship? I feel like they’ve changed 5 times by now. Wasn’t it supposed to be for non-americans? Or was it supposed to be defended internationally or what?
  • Styles hits Terry in the gut but it looks like it hurt AJ more than Terry
  • Kick by Styles to Terry’s leg and Styles is celebrating like he just won the belt.
  • Some of the comedy stuff between AJ and Kazarian has been immensely funny, their post-match interview with So Cal Val at Victory Road was like a scene out of step-brothers!
  • Clubbing blow by Terry to the back of AJ.
  • Shoulder block in the corner by Terry.
  • Terry throws AJ across the ring.
  • Styles gets the boots up in the corner.
  • Terry catches Styles off a springboard with a military press.
  • AJ counters a chokeslam with a right hand and hits an enzuigiri.
  • AJ gets distracted and turns around into a huge spin kick.
  • Terry goes for the cover but Kaz distracts the ref.
  • Terry takes out Kaz, and that allows AJ to roll up Terry for a two count.
  • Terry goes for a suplex, but Kaz trips the leg and AJ falls on him for the pin.
  • 1…2…3!!
  • YES!!!
  • Winner and NEW TNA Global Champion: AJ Styles

Taz says he had no clue about Dixie inviting the former ECW guys. Tonight, Dixie will give an explanation.

Madison Rayne and Sarita are in the back talking. Madison makes fun of Velvet, and Velvet and Lacey are standing right behind her. Velvet says if she’s got something to say, say it to her face. Madison says she’s not afraid to say anything. Everything in the world is right tonight, because she’s being handed back her Knockout’s title. Madison says she has a match to get ready for tonight.

Dixie is in the conference room runnign the riot act over the road agents, including Al Snow, D’Lo Brown and Terry Taylor. Dixie picks on Al for punching out a ref. Al defends himself saying they didn’t know what was going on. Road Agent Pat Kenney (aka Simon Daimond) notices the camera and shuts the conference room door.

Match 2: Taylor Wilde and TNA Knockout’s Champion Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne and Sarita

  • Earl Hebner has a mic.
  • He says that the Board of Directors has instructed him that they have no proof that the person who attacked her was a member of the Beautiful People, so she must surrender the belt.
  • Angelina hits Madison with a right, and here we go.
  • Hebner hands the belt to So Cal Val, i take it it’s now no longer Angelina’s property.
  • Massive brawl between these four starts things off.
  • Angelina gets thrown into Sarita.
  • Double suplex to Madison.
  • Clothesline by Angelina to Madison.
  • Sarita gets the tag, but runs into a kick. Spear by Angelina.
  • Tag to Taylor.
  • Modified STO by Sarita.
  • Clothesline by Taylor.
  • Taylor just got dumped on her head on a back suplex.
  • That looked sick.
  • Tag to Angelina and Madison.
  • Angelina with clotheslines.
  • Front slam connects.
  • Sarita breaks up the pin, and Sarita and Taylor Wilde start brawling to the outside.
  • Madison goes for a move, but Angelina counters into the Lights Out.
  • Winners: Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde
  • The mystery biker shows up again.
  • She comes up to ringside.
  • Lacey and Velvet are on the entrance ramp so we know all the suspected parties are now here when the biker is present and it can’t be any of them, so who is it??
  • Sarita and Madison attack Angelina and Taylor.
  • The mystery woman joins in on the action too.
  • They start to leave.
  • Madison tells Lacey to come with them, and she doesn’t know what to do.
  • She leaves with Madison, and Velvet looks pissed.
  • Angelina and Velvet make eye contact.

Tenay hypes up Angle vs Hernandez, which is up next.

The Hardcore originals – Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Stevie and Foley are walking in the back.

Match 3: Kurt Angle (#8) vs Hernandez (#7)

  • Well we all know how this ones gonna end up.
  • Anyone else notice Angle has won EVERY one of these matches via Ankle lock submission?
  • Interesting to see if this continues tonight…
  • Tie up to start, and Hernandez pushes Angle into the corner.
  • Angle takes down Hernandez and locks in the front headlock.
  • Hernandez drives Angle into the corner. European uppercuts by Kurt.
  • Angle elevates Hernandez to the apron.
  • Slingshot shoulderblock by the big man.
  • Right hands by Kurt, but he runs right into a brick wall.
  • Hernandez with a delayed over the shoulder backbreaker.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Right hands by Kurt.
  • Clothesline in the corner connects.
  • Hernandez lifts himself to the top.
  • Angle follows him up but gets pushes down.
  • Angle runs back up and gets the belly to belly suplex off the top.
  • Pin but only two. Angle ducks a shot and hits a german.
  • And another.
  • Trifecta, but he’s not done.
  • Fourth one will finish it.
  • Pin but Hernandez kicks out at two.
  • Angle Slam countered.
  • Inverted sitout side powerslam connects.
  • Border Toss coming up, but Angle slides down the back and hits the Angle Slam. 1…2…no!!! Wow they had Hernandex kick out of the Angle slam
  • Angle goes to the top, please Kurt you don’t have to do this for our entertainment!
  • Moonsault misses.
  • Huge shoulder block connects.
  • Delayed vertical suplex by Hernandez countered by Angle into the Ankle Lock.
  • He grapevines the leg.
  • Hernandez taps, the streak continues!!
  • Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle celebrates his win, but here comes Kevin Nash!!! Angle shakes hands with Nash as he walks back up the ramp. Taz reminds us about the Main Event Mafia. Nash says he’s seen Jarrett in the back and would like to talk to him. We’re heading to commercial.

And here comes Double J. Nash says he’s had a week to think about what went down, and something didn’t feel right. Jarrett is amazing and really good at what he does, he almost had Nash convinced that it was Sting’s fault. He’s known Sting for 20 years. Sting used to let him stay with him because Nash was broke and Sting was making big money. Nash isn’t sure if it was Sting’s fault or Jarrett’s. Nash can deal with it, but there’s a group of young guys who look up to Jeff and they are the victims. Jarrett says he has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s not buying it, and he’s sure these people aren’t buying. It was Kev that screwed Hulk and Eric when he did what he did to get Hall and Waltman jobs. He used his deceit to screw this company. Jeff knows him though, and these people know him. Nash says he’s come to his conclusion, he gets it and can live with it. Those three young daughters of Jeff’s though, when they grow up and they get it, and they realize that their father is nothing but a selfish prick, juggle that in your sleep. Nash walks off.

Dixie is in the back standing around. Angle shows up, and Dixie congratulates him. Kurt asks what’s going on. Dixie says he needs to have faith in her and she knows what she’s doing. Angle says he trusts her.

Coming up next, Samoa Joe faces Jeff Hardy for the first time ever!!!

Match 4: Samoa Joe(#4) vs Jeff Hardy(#2)

  • This one’s got a ten minute time limit.
  • Jeff rolls to the outside and high fives the fans.
  • Eric Bischoff is joining commentary via telephone.
  • Eazy E basically states that he and Hogan are here to help TNA and whatever Dixie is going to announce tonight their sure its good for the company and they’ll back her on it.
  • Hardy finally gets back into the ring.
  • Kick to the leg by Joe.
  • Jabs in the corner follow.
  • Joe throws Hardy to the outside.
  • Hardy’s face gets slammed on the apron.
  • Hardy with kicks to fight back, and he throws Joe headfirst into the steps.
  • Back in the ring now as Hardy’s still on the attack.
  • Hardy mounts Joe in the corner and hits him with the rights.
  • Snapmare by Hardy, and he locks in a sleeper.
  • Joe counters out with a jawbreaker.
  • Snapmare by Joe, chop to the back, kick to the chest and the vintage knee drop follows.
  • Hardy with the right hands.
  • Hardy floats over Joe in the corner, but gets hit with a superkick.
  • Elbows by Joe.
  • Back elbow by Joe, and he follows with the SSC Enzuigiri.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Hardy’s fighting back, but he runs right into a powerslam.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Jabs by Joe.
  • Hardy counters an irish whip with a sitout slam.
  • Clotheslines and forearms follow.
  • Spin kick, and the Hardyac Arrest connect.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Sleeperslam by Hardy.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Chop by Joe.
  • Elbow in the corner by Hardy.
  • Springboard gets caught with a reverse atomic drop.
  • Kick and the senton follow.
  • Pin but Hardy barely kicks out in time.
  • Joe hits a powerbomb.
  • Hardy kicks out at two and Joe transitions into a STF.
  • Joe changes it into a crossface.
  • It doesn’t even look like Joe’s applying pressure now.
  • Hardy manages to get into the ropes.
  • Joe flexes to the crowd.
  • Both guys trade shots now.
  • Samoan Drop countered into a Twist of Fate attempt, but Joe counters that into the rear naked choke.
  • Hardy rams Joe into the corner.
  • Whisper in the Wind connects.
  • 30 seconds are left in this one.
  • Both guys are trading shots now.
  • 10 seconds.
  • It’s over.
  • Nice match, crummy ending, the crowd aren’t happy.
  • Winner: Time Limit Draw
  • Joe is pissed. Hardy takes off his shirt and goes straight after Joe. The ref pulls Hardy off.

Jarrett and Dixie are in the back. Dixie says everyone was disappointed last week. Dixie needs everyone to stop thinking that this isn’t a good thing. Jarrett says he’s got it.

Up next. Mr. Anderson faces Matt Morgan, wow what a lineup tonight!

Match 5: Matt Morgan vs Mr. Anderson(#3)

  • Anderson on the mic pre-match
  • Anderson asks if there are any assholes in the building.
  • Anderson says he is then proud to present us with the head asshole in charge….MRRRRRRRRRRR ANDERSON!!!
  • Anderson goes for a roll up, but Morgan kicks out quick.
  • Another roll up and another quick kick out.
  • Headlock by Anderson.
  • Morgan pushes Anderson into the corner and goes on the attack.
  • Elbows in the corner by Morgan.
  • Clothesline in the corner and a sidewalk slam follows.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Anderson fights back with the rights.
  • Knee by Morgan to the gut.
  • Anderson ducks a clothesline but gets caught on the crossbody attempt.
  • Fallaway slam connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Morgan’s now taunting Anderson.
  • Short arm clothesline by Morgan.
  • And another.
  • Anderson counters a discuss clothesline with the Mic Check.
  • Pin and it’s over.
  • Wow that was quick!!
  • Winner: Mr. Anderson
  • Wait a minute, wasn’t this the match where that crazy fan jumped the gaurd rail at the tv tapings and tried to hug anderson or something, interesting to see here if they edit it out…
  • Yup they do, we cut to Taz and Tenay who then do the “look, look, look routine” as we jump back to find Matt Morgan hitting Anderson in the head with the mic.
  • Anderson is bleedy profusely.
  • Guess we got a new feud brewing.

Match 6: Street Fight – Match 2 in Best of 5 Series – Beer Money vs TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns

  • Guns run to the ring.
  • Sabin flies over the top and takes out Storm.
  • The Guns are pissed.
  • Storm throws Sabin into the ramp.
  • Roode and Storm go for a double suplex off the ramp on Shelley, but Sabin pulls Storm off.
  • Sabin goes to the top of the ramp, hyping up something.
  • Shelley puts Roode in a camel clutch and Sabin hauls up the ramp and hits Roode with a hesitation dropkick.
  • Shelley with a double foot stomp off the ramp.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Roode with a knee to the gut of Shelley.
  • Shelley ducks a chair shot and hits a diving knee off the apron.
  • Storm’s got the trash can and throws it into the ring.
  • Sabin jumps off Shelley’s back, taking Storm off the apron with a dropkick.
  • Sabin with a suicide dive to Roode, but Roode got the chair up.
  • Roode hits Shelley in the leg with the chair.
  • There’s a chair set up in the corner.
  • Beer Money go to whip Shelley into it, but Shelley avoids it.
  • Reverse STO to Roode into the chair.
  • Backcracker by Storm to Shelley.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Sabin with a springboard dropkick, knocking the chair into Roode’s face.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Shelley goes for a plancha on Storm, but Storm avoids it.
  • Cradle Shock countered as Storm spits the beer in Sabin’s eyes. Spinebuster connects.
  • Pin but only two.
  • Shelley comes back in with a kendo stick.
  • He takes out Storm with it.
  • Jawbreaker to Roode and he hits him with it.
  • Roode takes out the ref with a clothesline.
  • Trash can shot to Roode.
  • Baseball slide to Roode misses and Sabin hits the ref on the outside by accident.
  • Storm and Roode set up Shelley on the top.
  • They want a double superplex, but Sabin runs in and knocks Storm to the outside.
  • Pin but there’s no ref.
  • Storm nails Shelley with the beer bottle.
  • Superkick to Sabin!
  • OH NO NOT AGAIN!!! *God i’m such a mark*
  • Storm revives the ref as Roode pins Shelley for the win.
  • Winners: Beer Money
  • Beer Money are leading now 2-0, one win away from the belts!

Team 3D are in the back (Ray has a LAX shirt on for some strange reason). Devon asks where was Ray at the end of the show last week. He wants to know if Ray has their back. Ray asks why would he want to have their back? What do they have left to prove. They’ve done more than they’ve ever had.

Christy Hemme is in the back with RVD. Christy asks him how it felt last week to be with ECW. Rob says it was awesome. It was like being home. He’s so proud of that part of his career. To have that here as he’s world champion, he’s very happy. He says he’s very excited to hear what Dixie’s news is, but he doesn’t know. He’s hoping it’s got something to do with what he’s thinking. He doesn’t know what Dixie’s gonna say and he doesn’t want to miss out on it. He’s got the belt, and Abyss wants it. He has to have eyes in the back of his head.

Tenay and Taz hype up the Dixie announcement. Tenay says she owes us information. Taz doesn’t agree with that, saying she invited them to her house. Tenay says she has a bond with the audience and we can’t leave the situation open ended, strange heelish behaviour from Tenay, this means something, mark my words. We get a video package highlighting the Hardcore Originals actions over the last few weeks.

Dixie is on her way to the ring as she’ll make her announcement after this commercial break. Damnit Bravo….

Were back and here she comes. She thanks everyone. She’s always said TNA has the best fans in the world. As TNA president, this will be a company about the fans, and her favorite part of her job is meeting everyone personally, thanking everyone and getting to see what they want in TNA. She’s learned a lot through the years, but there’s been one common theme, and that’s the fans love for extreme, hardcore wrestling. So at this time, welcome five gentlemen who made hardcore an art form, and let’s welcome them properly to the Impact Zone.

And here we go. Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Raven and Mick Foley make their way to the ring. Dixie says she wanted them to come here tonight to tell the fans what they mean to the industry. Mick Foley says this is the first time Dixie has delivered a promo. Dixie says this is her being real. What Hulk Hogan meant to the 80’s, these guys meant to ECW in the 90’s. It’s really not about being hardcore, it’s about honor, dedication, respect. Not doing it for paychecks, doing it for the love of the fans. They always gave them what they asked for and more. Dixie has a history with four of them up here. They’re what have helped TNA thrive till today. Foley says it should be them thanking her. Foley appreciates her giving them the chance to make a last impression. No ones last moment should them having their head hung low. If there’s one person who knows something about personal closure, it’s Tommy Dreamer. Foley hands him the mic. Dreamer says he’s watched TNA since the beginning. He’s watched a small company grow. And his friends would tell him to quit his job and come over there. He was scared to though. He saw so many similarities between TNA and ECW. ECW was a place where men unkown became legends. Where legends in the wrestling business came to ECW to reinvent their career. Long before Samoa Joe was dumping people on their heads and choking people out, there was Taz. Ric Flair did for Jay Lethal is what Terry Funk did for him and Mick Foley. Before the Beautiful People was Francine and Beullah. He got to feel TNA at Slammiversary. He got to see a bunch of men and woman do what they do for the people. He thanks Dixie for bringing back the passion. At ECW One Night Stand in 05, he had his closure. But then they brought it back. And he got to witness his friends get fired, destroyed, for what? Until it bothered him so much he had to quit his own job, but he couldn’t stomach watching something like that so much. Foley showed him all the similarities, and they put the plan together, and there was only one person that could make it happen, and that was Dixie. This isn’t an ECW invasion or them taking over, this is about men and woman who lost their jobs and lives were effected about it. This is about the fans that chant it, for his friends that lived it, that their legacy is not destroyed. For one night, give them one night to show them the world what they had and their legacy can live forever. He begs of her. Do you guys want one night? The crowd’s going nuts. Dixie says you can’t come out here and get emotional like that. She asks the fans if they want to do this. They agree. She has one stipulation. They plan it all. It has to be real and what they want. Nothing that has to do with TNA. Loud Sabu chant. Tommy Dreamer – “Impact Zone, we’re going extreme”. Dreamer hugs Dixie as we close out. WOW what a show closer!! Awesome


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