News & Rumours Round-Up: ECW alumni confirmed for Hardcore Justice, Heyman-TNA talents spotted hanging out, Jeff Hardy injured, Kevin Sullivan interested in joining TNA, JR comments on Hardcore Justice plus more

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

– Johnny Swinger has confirmed that he will be at TNA’s Hardcore Justice PPV on August 8th. Swinger previously worked for TNA when it was emanating from the Asylum in Nashville. We were the first to report that Swinger would be at the PPV teaming up with his former partner Simon Diamond (a.k.a. Pat Kenney), who is now a road agent with TNA.

– Samoa Joe, Paul Heyman and Gregory ‘The Hurricane’ Helms were spotted walking through Comic-Con in a tight group over the weekend. Let the rumors commence…

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin

– The non-compete clauses of seven wrestlers released by World Wrestling Entertainment on April 22, 2010 have expired and they are now free to join TNA Wrestling (or any wrestling promotion for that matter) as their respective 90-day no-compete clauses have expired. Among those let go that fateful day were Mickie James (a.k.a. Alexis Laree), Shelton Benjamin, Katie Lea Burchill, Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J, Kung Fu Naki and Mike Knox. 

– A video interview with Mr. Anderson from Comic-Con is available at

– The wrestling observer is reporting that those within TNA suggest Desmond Wolfe is currently in the doghouse. The British wrestling star has developed a reputation for being difficult to work with (ego), which has affected his push in the organization.

Company officials are also down on Matt Morgan, who has been discussed as being part of Ric Flair’s Fortune group. Hernandez’ two botched Border toss attempts during their Steel Cage bout at Victory Road were blamed on “The Blueprint” since Hernandez is a favorite among management.

On the other hand, company officials are said to very high on The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money, Inc. following their stellar tag team bouts at Victory Road at iMPACT!. This is why they are doing the ‘best of five’ series between the two teams.

Personally i feel both these guys are immense talents with a ton of potential who are simply one angle/push away from stardom, they should be treated as such…

– Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino, who declined appearing at ECW reunion shows in the past, says he has not been contacted to appear at Hardcore Justice.

– Kevin Sullivan, 60, reportedly spoke with TNA President Dixie Carter while she was in New Jersey a few weeks ago expressing interest in getting back into wrestling and showing interest as a booker for TNA. He even spoke with some in the company he knows well and said he already has an entire year booked out.

Whether or not TNA will show interest in making an offer remains to be seen, especially when they are still aggressively going after Paul Heyman.

It should be noted that Sullivan hasn’t heard back from TNA lately in regards to him coming in to work on the creative team.

– Jim Ross has put up another new blog on his website at and commented on the TNA-ECW angle, here’s what he had to say:

We’re getting lots of questions on the revisited, ECW TV storyline being used by TNA. For the record, I hope that all wrestling organizations do well as the individuals who comprise the various company’s rosters are largely passionate fans living out their dreams. I’m not a ‘dream squasher.’ Do I think that this matter will be successful? I don’t know. It might be o.k. for a one off sort of deal for a company that needs a ‘hit.’ Time will answer the ‘will it be successful question’ which is somewhere subjective in itself as what is the true definition of ‘success’ in wrestling? It varies by company, that’s for sure. Paul Heyman will not be a part of this presentation which does it no favors. Heyman was the strategic mastermind behind the original ECW that grew to have a passionate, cult following and lasted much longer than many ‘experts’ predicted when ECW started up primarily due to Heyman’s leadership and creative vision along with a locker room full of passionate athletes who were in their prime and loved kicking ass.

To me, the old ECW officially ended with the last WWE produced PPV in 2005. But as I said, if wrestling fans enjoy something and want to invest their time and energy into it, so be it because it is and always will be about the fans.

– As reported on earlier, TNA President Dixie Carter revealed that Knockout Velvet Sky had signed a new long-term contract with TNA. Her new contract with the company gave her a raise from $300 per date to around $600. While the pay for women in general is a lot lower than the men on the roster, the one positive about being in TNA is when someone like Sky works on the indy or autograph scene (something she works very hard at getting) they can charge more being listed as current television stars.

– Stacy Keibler noted on her Twitter that she got to hang out with Samoa Joe and Hurricane Helms this weekend at Comic-Con. She posted a pic of it as well. You can click here to view new look photos of the three together.

– Jeff Hardy suffered a hand injury on Friday night in Bloomington during a Monster’s Ball match with Abyss, but worked through it on Saturday and is not expected to miss any time.

– TNA’s Saturday show was an outdoor one, and it rained once the show started. Fans decided to stay and get wet.

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