NEW TNA Videogame in Development

TNA iMPACT! Videogame

TNA iMPACT! Videogame

Sparked by a comment Jeff Jarrett made in a recent interview with the Fayetteville Observer NewsPaper regarding moving along with new videogames and merchandise, i got in touch with South Peak Games for more info. Whilst they were limited in what they could tell me, here’s what i’ve gathered:

  • Original release date was secluded for Spring 2011 but has been pushed back to Autumn 2011 at latest.
  • Working title at the moment is TNA iMPACT! 2011
  • Game will use the Unreal Engine (The same engine that built the 1st TNA iMPACT video game)
  • Roster(so far) : Mick Foley,Jeff Hardy,Kevin Nash,Sean Waltman,Kevin Nash,Scott Hall,AJ Styles and Hulk Hogan confirmed so far (This could always change of course and most likely will)
  • New 4-Sided Traditional Ring as well as six sides ring
  • Steel Cage Matches
  • Ultimate X Matches
  • Being developed for the PS3,Xbox 360 and Wii platforms

More info as and when i get it, i’ll keep you guys updated.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

5 Responses to NEW TNA Videogame in Development

  1. callum says:

    i think you should also have it on ps2 because i no alot of people who have said it would of been better on ps2 if tehy had caw mode so why not on ps2 aswell as xbox ps3 wii

  2. lionel thomas jr. says:

    my name is Lonny,am like alot of TNA fans! i hope that southpeak takes there time with the game! the first game looked like it was on it way to being something special but it was lacking alot of modes and no belts to defend! the key to a good wrestling game is the controls and the key thing is how many wrestlers can be on the screen at one time! like king of the mountain and monsters ball matches! Tna has the best pay per views i have seen since wcw and the old ecw! when i play the game i want to do the same thing i see them do! I hate wwe now, BUT there is so many matches u can do on the videogane. please take your time southpeak and show people how HOT TNA really is!!!!

  3. Leon Hovsepian says:

    Hallo fellow “Southpeak” members. I’m really happy that the development has started for the new TNA Impact 2 video game. Just want so say remember to update the graphics to a much higher level than before and make the possibilities in the game bigger. Remember as well to throw in as many as possible grappling and attacking moves, because without the game-play the game is worth nothing. Please choose the right move for the right wrestler. Make us TNA-fans proud with the new TNA game release. Take as much as needed time cause of the better for game-play and graphics. I’m looking forward to test the demo and see if the game is improved and not like last year’s TNA game from midway, before eventually buying it from my local video game store with a smile on my face 😛 I wish you good luck with the new TNA game!

  4. Lp says:

    Please put Suicide

  5. TNA-ALL-DAY11 says:

    Firt off I would like to say I truly love TNA and hate WWE. But lets get to the real thing this new upcoming TNA game. Please I am begging you on my knees and praying at this moment please dont have it like the last impact game. we need to challenge wwe 12 and beat them in more sells. So let me give you the best advices.The controls were not good on tna last game make more moves to do make them press a pirticullar button to do there signiture and finisher the lock up thing you had to do to do your finisher on the last game sucked just let them be freely to do it next please im begging have movesets because it sucked on the last game basically you had to guest the moves you wanted to do. We need good graphics on this game like the last one but 10 times better. Next make sure you have several story lines instead of one because on the last game the story mode was not that well. You have to make the gamers feel freelly let them make there own decisions because trust me tna has way better superstars then wwe so take advantage off it personally to me you guys should make four story modes with Aj Styles,Sting,Motor City Machine Guns.and a girl Mickie James also add girls in the game because some friends I knew said that was being sexes but I just ignored them even though they were right.But please add all the Knockouts and dont really worry about the entrance it matters inside the ring about WRESTLING!!!! By the way have tag team Finishers and have a way better submission system because like the last game pressing buttons in order does not really make you feel in the game for submission make them have a button mash make them both tap one button you chose like for ps3 Triangle,Square,Circle,X just let them face off buy pressing to see who goes the furthest make them want to get out of there seat and make it more realistic on the last TNA game they only had a little bit of the matche have at least most of them like Steel cage,six sides off steel,last rites,elevatiion X, I can name about 20 different matches so there should be way better matches also have some TNA legends like JERRY LYNN,MICK FOELY,since TAZ is there have him as an unlockable too!! Not tryna be like wwe but let us travel around back and stuff. Have created superstars and knockouts Dont just have one attire have several but not for every superstar and last TAKE YOUR TIME DONT RUSH LIKE LAST TNA GAME TAKE YOUR TIME SEE YA LATER AND PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT I SAID ITS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!

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