TNA Xplosion – Friday 30/07/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 30/07/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 30/07/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

We kick tonight off with JB informing us that Dixie Carter will reveal why she issued the extreme invitation as we see her make her way into the iMPACT! zone.

TNA Xplosion Intro video

TNA REWIND: We look back at Dixies explanation and Hardcore Justice announcement

A tag-team special tonight as JB and TAZ run through the matchups. Tonight we see two brits tag for the first time as Desmond Wolfe and Magnus team up against the team of Amazing Red and Suicide. And our main event tonight see’s high flying daredevil’s Generation Me take on the unorthodox pairing of Orlando Jordan and Eric Young.

We head to the back as Christy Hemme interviews Desmond Wolfe & Magnus with Chelsea at their side.  Desmond says it seems Ric Flair in his infinite wisdom has decided not to select him as a member of Fortune. Says lets face facts Ric hasn’t made the best decisions in his life, thinks he’s been married about 17 times (ouch!! scathing attack there Des!) and has a alimony payment the size of the swedish national deficit! lol! Says there’s been so many women riding space mountain Ric should buy shares in penicillin, he’s like the monkey from outbreak! God Desmond is so good on the mic….goes on to say he dosen’t need Ric Flair or Fortune, has always liked to refer to himself as a lone wolf……but soemtimes wolves run in packs…..Wolfe smirks as he gestures towards Magnus, Wolfe says the big fellow behind him is in HIS pack.

Magnus on the mic, says when you look at this combination, your looking at more than just a thrown together team, your looking at two very unique sets of skills, two englishmen not to mention two handsome devils. Says destiny put them together and tonight you will know that Magnus and Wolfe are on the scene and their not here to mess about.

We head to the locker room for some words from Generation Me.  Max says alot of the guys see them backstage and say they got potential, they could be the future and he agrees they have potential but they’ve done this before, they’ve been around the world, they’ve been in TNA for six or seven months now, their a team, their brothers and that’s why their the tag team of the future.

We join Amazing Red for some pre-match comments. Red says he’s the definition of the X-Division, he’s a small, young looking guy but he does amazing things in the ring. He attributes his success to god, hardwork and his family. Think Suicide and Amazing Red can be the best X-Division tag team because their very similar in terms of high flying plus they both wear red and black. He’s got just one thing to say to his opponents – expect the unexpected!!

TNA REWIND: We look back at highlights from AJ Styles Global Title victory over Rob Terry last week on iMPACT!

We cut to the back were Orlando Jordan is talking to his mannequin again whilst Eric Young paces up and down behind him. OJ says they are no different than he but yet people love them, says isn’t choice a funny thing – you can choose to like one person yet hate another. That’s all in the conspiracy of being a victim, thats what he is…OJ walks off. EY then proceeds to talk to the mannequin – asking if he was talking to him or EY? Aks if this is a six man tag and if he is on their team too..says are you thinking what i’m thinking – it’s the Shockmaster! were screwed!! EY runs off. LOL hilarious stuff from EY once again.

TNA REWIND: Highlights of Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy from iMPACT! last week

Match 1: Amazing Red & Suicide vs Magnus & Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea

  • Desmond and Chelsea arguing on the way to the ring again, just split up already!! gees….
  • Magnus and Suicide to start
  • Lockup
  • Arm ringer from Magnus, reversed by Suicide
  • Reversal by Magnus
  • Magnus takes Suicide to the mat with a headlock take down
  • Applies pressure on the head of Suicide
  • Suicide fights out
  • Dropkick sends Magnus down
  • Magnus tags in Wolfe
  • Suicide tags in Red
  • Wolfe charges Red into the corner
  • Chokes him until ref forces a break
  • Wolfe poses for Chelsea, turning his back to Red
  • Red runs at Wolfe and hits a hurricanrana!!
  • Dropkick from Red
  • Wolfe heads to the corner and begs Red off
  • Red runs at Wolfe who gets the boot up quick and hits Red in the gut
  • Just like that Wolfe turns the tide
  • Big slap to the chest of Red
  • Wolfe again chattering with Chelsea
  • Red attacks him from behind
  • Ducks a clothesline, attempts a spin kick but Wolfe ducks
  • but red catches him with a kick to the head on the second attempt
  • And again, Wolfe down
  • Wolfe rolls to the outside, then starts arguing with Chelsea
  • Magnus comes over to try and get Wolfe back into the ring
  • But here comes red!!
  • Flys over the top ropes and hits both with a spinning crossbody!
  • Back to the action and Wolfe is on the recieving end of a double team by Red & Suicide
  • Pin attempt from Red just two!
  • Dropkick to Wolfe in the corner.
  • Red attempts the spear but Magnus pulls Wolfe out of the way and Red spears the post!!
  • Magnus drags Red outside and beats on him
  • Throws him back in the ring
  • Wolfe tags Magnus back in
  • Magus shoulder charges reds knee
  • Pin attempt but only two!
  • Big knee from Magnus
  • Elbow drop
  • Tags Wolfe back in
  • repeated uppercuts from Magnus and Wolfe on Red
  • Pin attempt but only two
  • Drags red to the corner, Magnus tagged back in as Wolfe holds Red in a headlock
  • Superb double team from Magnus and Wolfe i’m sorry but i have no idea what to call that move!!
  • Pin attempt but only two
  • Wolfe tagged back in
  • Runs at red in the corner, red ducks Wolfe hits the turnbuckle
  • Red hits a tornado DDT out of the corner!!
  • Red gets the hot tag and here comes SUICIDE!!
  • Takes out Magnus, hits an elbow on Desmond
  • Clothesline, followed by a leg lariat!
  • Does his trademark Suicide signal
  • Hits what looked somewhat like the suicide solution but out of a death valley driver stance.
  • Pin attempt, he has him but Magnus breaks the pinfall
  • Red off the top with a missile dropkick to Magnus sending him to the outside
  • Red over the top rope goes for another crossbody to the outside but Magnus catches him!
  • Runs Red back first into the ring post
  • In the ring meanwhile, double dropkick from Suicide
  • Suicide going up top
  • But magnus pulls his leg, crotching Suicide on the post
  • Wolfe is up quickly, here comes the tower of london!!
  • ..wait Magnus gets under Suicides legs holding him up as they take him to the middle of the ring, i guess this is a DOUBLE TOWER OF LONDON!! YES!!
  • Cover 1….2…3! This one is over
  • Winners: Desmond Wolfe and Magnus

Match 2: Generation Me vs Orlando Jordan & Eric Young

  • Jeremy Buck and Jordan to start
  • LOL! Young slaps Jeremy Bucks back, believing to have tagged himself in and goes to square off with Orlando Jordan!
  • Jordan has some choice words for him as EY is led back to the apron
  • Kick to the gut by Jeremy
  • Off the ropes into a cross body for a two count
  • OJ tags in Eric Young
  • Jeremy tags Max Buck
  • Lockup
  • arm ringer by EY
  • nice reversal from Max
  • EY in the corner
  • Monkey flip attempt but EY amazingly lands on his feet!
  • And laps up the crowd response!
  • Clothesline attempt, Max ducks
  • Buck backflips and hits a head scissors on EY
  • EY flees the ring for a breather
  • Orlando wants to know what EY is doing
  • EY goes into detail about hoe Buck flipped him lol!
  • Whilst their nattering, Buck hits a flying dropkick through the ropes!
  • Followed by Jeremy over the top rope taking out both EY and OJ
  • Quick break, back to the actionas OJ is beating on Max Buck
  • Buck whips Jordan to the ropes and EY hits him with the knee! lol
  • OJ wants to know what the hell he’s doing
  • Buck goes for a clothesline OJ ducks and he hits EY
  • Clothesline from OJ
  • Stomps from OJ on Max Buck
  • ….lol EY is in Generation Me’s corner slapping the post and extending the hand to Max Buck
  • Shoulder breaker by OJ
  • Hebner argues with EY and gets him back to his corner
  • EY in the wrong corner again, OJ distracted argues with EY
  • Buck almost gets the tag but OJ hits a double axe handle
  • OJ elbows Jeremy off the apron
  • Elbows to max
  • Works the arm
  • Pin attempt for two
  • Armbar submission hold
  • Buck fights out, chinbreaker
  • Flip and a jumping elbow downs OJ
  • Crowd starts clapping along for Max to get the tag which he does
  • OJ attempts to do the same but EY is nowhere to be found
  • It appears EY is with the crowd clapping his hands
  • OJ stranded as GEN ME double team on him
  • Here we go…..more bang for your buck
  • 1…2…3
  • Winners: Generation Me
  • the Post match hilarity continues as EY tries to raise Gen Me’s hands……were done for this week folks

About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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