News & Rumours Round-Up: More Confirmed TNA HardCORE Justice Names Revealed, Samoa Joe Suspended, Paul Heyman At HardCORE Justice?, Shane Douglas/Ric Flair, Mickie James to TNA? Plus More!

Samoa Joe - Suspended

Samoa Joe - Suspended

– Regarding Samoa Joe’s suspension from TNA Wrestling, it hinged from his outburst during the July 13th television taping. As noted earlier, the former World Heavyweight Champion yelled at TNA production members following his match with Jeff Hardy because he felt the finish was telegraphed due to ring announcer Jeremy Borash counting down its conclusion. TNA brass instructed Borash to make the announcement, going against Joe’s request. What triggered the suspension is that he entered the production truck while the broadcast was ongoing to complain, which is considered a breach of etiquette. He has been reportedly suspended for one month. He not at last week’s iMPACT! television tapings in Orlando.

Sabu Returns at Hardcore Justice!

Sabu Returns at Hardcore Justice!

– With TNA’s HardCORE Justice pay-per-view just a few days away, sources in TNA say there’s little to no buzz backstage about Paul Heyman appearing at the show. While Heyman has met with TNA management in recent months, things seem to have died down as of late.

– TNA president Dixie Carter announced on her Twitter account today that Brother Runt, CW Anderson and The FBI have been added to Sunday’s HardCORE Justice pay-per-view.

It was reported earlier this week that Little Guido (a/k/a Nunzio) and Tony Mamaluke would reunite at the event. There has also been talk of Sal E. Graziano accompanying them to ringside.

The following names have been confirmed for Sunday’s PPV:

* Tommy Dreamer
* Mick Foley
* Sabu
* The Sandman
* Rob Van Dam
* Raven
* Team 3D
* Spike Dudley / Brother Runt
* CW Anderson
* Rhino
* Al Snow
* Simon Diamond
* Johnny Swinger
* Stevie Richards
* Axl Rotten
* 2 Cold Scorpio
* Little Guido
* Tony Mamaluke
* Sal E. Graziano

– Shane Douglas posted the following on his official website,, calling out TNA for using his likeness to promote Hardcore Justice when he’s never agreed to appear. Douglas says he’s willing to appear on the show, but only if he gets a shot at Ric Flair, “face to face.”

Douglas and Flair have had bad blood for many years, dating back to the early days of ECW, when Douglas would cut very harsh promos about the Nature Boy, who was in WCW at the time. Flair has taken some cheap shots against Shane Douglas in recent interviews, bringing up the fact that he currently works at the retail store “Target.”

From The Franchise:

After seeing, the ECW promo piece put out by tna, and being deluged by texts & emails from friends AND fans, I felt, very strongly, that I should put out a clarification about that less-than-honest video from tna.Firstly, MOST organizations would NOT wish to mislead any potential customer(s)! CLEARLY, this video intended to mislead wrestling fans, most certainly ECW fans! That said, I have to question tna’s motive(s) in placing ANY shot of me in their promotional pieces?! tna is overly aware that we have NOT come to terms for any participation by ECW’s centerpiece “Franchise” in “Hardcore Justice”!So, either they are trying to deceive potential ppv buyers (namely ECW fans), or they must be willing to meet my only demand for the event- Dic Flair on a silver platter! This was the biggest angle, teased to our loyal fanbase, that never came “to a head” in ECW. Unless I’m missing the mark, I feel VERY STRONGLY that this IS a match our fanbase, and tna’s, would tune in to see. Too bad, thus far, tna seems to be following their now-tired trend of ignoring their fans’ desires!!!I stand prepared to take part in the “final bow” of this great organization. I only demand that our fans get what they deserve- Dic Flair and The Franchise, face to face, for their enjoyment!

To be fair and certain, it would seem Dic would want the same thing, judging from his recent comments about me. SURELY, “the, ahem, man” isn’t afraid of a guy who “works retail”, right DIC?

Balls in your, and tna’s (Dixie?) court! What do you fans think? Or, more importantly, what do you fans want? Surely, the Carter’s want to aim to please… RIGHT?!

Not hiding behind someone’s blouse, are you, Dic?!?!
I’m waiting…

– Former WWE Diva Mickie James was interviewed by this week and spoke about her music career, her WWE release and whether she’d work for TNA Wrestling again. On joining TNA:

“Well certainly I’ve entertained the thought and it’s one of those things … there has to be this beautiful marriage between the two. Obviously my music right now is in the forefront, and if there’s a way to be able to do it and still … you know, because TNA’s schedule is certainly less demanding, maybe what, 100 dates out of the year? Obviously it would give me a lot more time, but it would also give me that platform to be able to be there for my wrestling fans and hope that they would support me with my music.”


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