TNA Xplosion – Friday 06/08/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 06/08/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Xplosion Intro

Jeremy Borash and Taz welcome us to the show discuss hardcore justice and inform us that tonight we see the start of a Tournament to crown a number 1 contender to the TNA World Tag-Team Titles. In round 1 tonight we see the new team of Desmond Wolfe and Magnus take on Hernandez and Rob Terry and in our Main Event tonight, Ink Inc. go up against Generation Me In what should be a fast paced contest.

We join Christy Hemme at the side of the entrance stage with Rob Terry and Hernandez for pre-match comments. Christy says it’s the first time these two have tagged before and wants to know how they feel about going into their match tonight. Hernandez says he knows a little bit about tag-team wrestling as a THREE TIME Tag-Team champion with LAX, they had the best chemistry in the history of TNA. Now with El Hombre Rob Terry they have a whole new chemistry – STRENGTH & STRENGTH. (And piss poor mic skills & piss poor mic skills if I may add! J )

Big Rob says if anyone knows Magnus its him, he was part of the British Invasion and World Elite, he knows how he thinks and knows what he’s capable of. As for Desmond, it doesn’t even matter, because tonight their going to give them the beating of their lives!!

Now we join Magnus, Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea on a sofa in the back. They call big Rob a “stupid meat head”, Desmond Wolfe said he asked him if he liked Picasso and Rob told him he didn’t eat Italian food!! Says that numpty wants to go and call himself the “Freak”, says well he’s going to be Freaked when he sees the continuity between him and Desmond.  He’ll then understand what it takes to win in a tag-team tournament.

Desmond asks are he and Magnus the next TNA Tag-Team Champions? Shouts “London Calling Wankers!” of course they are. Still don’t know how they get that past censoring, do Americans not understand what that word means??? Says take a look at these two physiques, they start posing hilariously…Desmond says take a look at the type of “squeeze” they keep company with (pointing at Chelsea who still never smiles!!) Desmond hilariously says give her her due she can even match in with a sofa here (Chelsea’s in a red dress on a red sofa). Desmond says they have everything going for us and nothing going against us, so skys the limit sunshine! Magnus says if you can’t find us in the ring, follow the line of Beautiful women to the bar where they’ll be downing jaeger bombs like theres no tomorrow, and they’ll still be up the next day, in the gym and in the ring.

Another good segment from these two I really love these two on the mic and they are not too shabby in the ring either.

We join Ink Inc. in the back. Shannon Moore says Ink Inc. is two guys that are not afraid to express themselves. Their the 1% of society not like everybody else, but aim to show by being successful in the ring that its not about what’s out here pointing at his tattoo’s etc. its what’s in here (pointing at his heart).

We join Christy in the locker room with Generation Me. Gen Me try and shake the newcomer label, stating that they’ve travelled all over the world and are actually a pretty experienced team. Christy wants to know their strategy against Ink Inc. Jeremy says their excited to be part of it and should they be able to hit the “More bang for your buck” finisher they should be alright. Max says they’ve been here 8 months waiting for someone to throw them a bone and tonight their one step closer at getting shot at the belts, so tonight their not going to wait, their going to  cash in on this opportunity.

Match 1: “Super Mex” Hernandez & “The Freak” Rob Terry vs. Magnus & Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea

  • Cheer up Chelsea love! God this storyline is getting old, just end it already, either stay with Desmond or go…
  • Desmond and big Rob to start
  • Wolfe doing press up’s and goading the crowd
  • Oooh test of strength to start, haven’t seen that in ages!
  • Wolfe on the losing end
  • But reverses out and into an arm lock
  • Into the wrong corner though as he’s decked by Hernandez
  • Wolfe makes the tag to Magnus
  • Terry tags in Hernandez
  • Headlock from Super Mex
  • Magnus pushes him off the ropes
  • Hernandez right back with a shoulder block taking Magnus off his feet!
  • Magnus leapfrog over super mex but celebrates too early and eats a big chop to the chest
  • Big corner splash from Hernandez
  • Wolfe jumps in and attempts a clothesline but Hernandez moves and he collides with Magnus in the corner instead
  • And here comes Terry who splashes both of them at once!!
  • Double Beal throw from Hernandez and Terry
  • We come back and its Terry and Wolfe in the ring and terry hits a big clothesline
  • Wolfe and Magnus teaming on Terry on the outside
  • Magnus rolls Terry back in the ring
  • Wolfe with a series of rights to Terry in the corner
  • And hits the trademark Wolfe running uppercut!!
  • Tags in Magnus
  • Wolfe throws Terry into the corner, whips Magnus at him but Terry throws him over the top to the outside!! Wow!!
  • Takes down Wolfe but Magnus is up and trips Terry from behid, drags him wrapping his legs around the post, crotching him
  • Wolfe kicks Terry in the head
  • Tags Magnus back in
  • Double team elbow drop
  • Pin attempt but only a 1 count
  • RIGHTS to the head
  • Wolfe tagged back in
  • Magnus with the knee up but Terry reverses the whip and Wolfe hits Magnus’ knee instead
  • Magnus grabs the leg of Terry though preventing him from getting away to tag Hernandez
  • Wolfe drops an elbow on Terry
  • Magnus tagged back in runs and takes out Hernandez though!
  • Double team uppercuts from magnus and wolfe
  • Apparently their calling this Big Ben
  • Headbutt to the gut by Wolfe followed by a high knee from Magnus
  • Terry out of headlock from Magnus, whips him to the corner
  • Magnus tries a back leap but is caught by Terry
  • Running powerslam!!!
  • Magnus tags Wolfe and just in time, Terry gets the hot tag to Super Mex
  • Dives over the top rope catching Wolfe with a shoulder block
  • Takes down wolfe and mangus
  • Whips Wolfe to corner, goes for a splash but is met with a big boot
  • Wolfe runs at him but eats a humungous clothesline!!
  • Back body drop on Magnus
  • Magnus flees outside
  • Wolfe whips Hernandez who ducks the clothesline then flies over the top taking out Magnus on the entrance ramp!! Wow!!
  • Hits that “get outta here” push/shoulderblock and covers Wolfe but Magnus makes the save breaking the count
  • Terry jumps in clotheslining Magnus over the top rope
  • Hernandez has wolfe up for the border toss, as Magnus takes out Terry with the ring post outside
  • Wolfe out of the bordertoss and into a backslide, Magnus grabs Hernandez’s feet preventing a kick out!! 1…2..3! a sneaky win for the Brits!
  • Winners: Magnus & Desmond Wolfe

Match 2: Ink Inc. vs. Generation Me

  • Jesse Neal and Max Buck to start
  • Lock up
  • Take down by Jesse
  • Headlock
  • Buck reverses into an armlock
  • Neal with a roll out reversal into an arm bar
  • Buck attempts a reversal but gets a punch to the face for his troubles
  • They trade arm drags
  • Stand-off
  • Shannon Moore tagged in, works on the arm of Max
  • Dropkick from Max, gets the tag to Jeremy
  • Who dropkicks his arm!! Can’t take away from originality folks.
  • Elbow from Jeremy, springboard back ontop of Moore for a pinfall attempt! Only two!!
  • Tags Max
  • Double flip and dropkick on Moore
  • Pin attempt but only a two
  • Jeremy tagged back in
  • Catapult dropkick from Gen Me – god these guys are good!
  • Pin attempt, yet another two count
  • Moore back body drops Jeremy to the outside
  • Jesse Neal into the ring, Moore flips him to the outside on top of Jeremy Buck! Awesome!
  • Moore attempts a jump but is met by a kick from max who jumps to the outside crashing neal into the guardrail!!
  • Here comes moore!!! Right out on top of Jeremy Buck!
  • We come back with Moore attempting to pin Jeremy Buck but only a two count.
  • Dropkick from Moore
  • Tags in Jesse Neal
  • Whip and double elbow by Ink Inc.
  • Moore hiptosses Neal on top of Jeremy, pin attempt but again only two
  • Neal with punches to the back
  • Back drop attempt, reversed, kick from Jeremy
  • Kick from Neal though followed by a neckbreaker
  • Moore tagged in
  • Slams Jeremy to the mat
  • Back drops Jeremy over the top but he lands on the apron jumps back in hitting a facebuster on moore!
  • Jeremy gets the tag to Max!
  • Max like a house on fire, takes down Moore
  • And hits neal off the apron
  • Dropkick on Moore
  • Out of the post Max hits that flip over Daimond Cutter, covers him 1…2…no!! jesse neal saves the day
  • Jeremy in, tosses Neal out of the ring
  • Goes up top, Green Bay plunge from Max, Jeremy attempts 450 splash but Moore gets his knees up!!
  • Max is unaware and comes off the top with a moonsault and gets the knees to the gut aswell!
  • Neal’s back in….Mooregasm!! this one is over!!
  • Great match
  • Winners: Ink Inc.

That’s it for this week guys, join us next week for Ink Inc. vs Desmond Wolfe and Magnus to crown number 1 contenders!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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