TNA Xplosion – Friday 13/08/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 13/08/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Report Syndicated at Lords of Pain

Broadcast Friday 30/07/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Xplosion intro

We join JB and Taz who hype HardCORE Justice which is up next for UK viewers on Extreme Sports Channel. Tonight we have some Knockouts action as Daffney takes on one half of the newly crowned Knockout Tag Champions – Hamada. In our main event, the TNA Tag-Team Titles number one contenders tournament concludes as Desmond Wolfe and Magnus take on Ink Inc.

We join Christy Hemme with Ink Inc. for their pre-match thoughts. Jesse Neal says the number 1 contendership is what he came here for, gives Desmond and Magnus credit for being good wrestlers which is why their here in the final but says he and Shannon are pretty good wrestlers also. Shannon Moore says tonight their representing that 1% of the population that are not afraid to express themselves, not scared to pierce themselves, not scared to tattoo themselves – the tattooed, the brood and the screwed! And tonight they will walk out with an opportunity to become the new tag-team champions of the world.

We cut to the Knockouts locker room where we catch up with the new TNA Knockouts Tag-Team champions, Taylor Wilde and Hamada. Taylor says it feels amazing to be Tag-Team Champions again, doesn’t think you could ever get used to being a tag-team champ but with Hamada now as her tag-team partner, things can only get better. Taylor says Hamada is somebody she can count on, unlike Sarita. Seriously a whole interview and Hamada, the one half that’s actually WRESTLING on the show gets ZERO lines…..

We join Daffney in the back, she didn’t know that Taylor and Hamada were tag champs, she finds that funny, says she must have been off in La La Land because that happens from time to time.

We catchup with Desmond Wolfe and Magnus along with Chelsea who are being interviewed by Christy Hemme. LOL Desmond just called Hemme “Crusty”, says they are the only tag-team in TNA who are 100% undefeated. Christy points out they only had two matches so far, Magnus jumps in saying indeed but two wins, zero losses, 100% handsome devils. Desmond talks up Magnus’ new look and the beret he’s sporting, Christy doesn’t like it. Desmond runs down Chelsea’s look saying “a red dress….again!”.  Desmond says tonight Ink Inc. have got their work cut out for them, because this tag team is the best thing going today.  Magnus points out that one of Ink Inc. was in the military, he was “a sailor” (says Magnus in a camp accent), Christy defends Jesse saying he is a hero – Desmond says “Heroe?…Don’t know about that, he ATE a lot of heroes maybe!!” lol! These guys are just dynamite on the mic. They close with Desmond saying “London Calling….” And Magnus shouting “Answer It!”….nice!

Match 1: Daffney vs. Hamada

  • Try to lock up but Daffney keeps changing arms to annoy Hamada.
  • They eventually lock up in a test of strength
  • Hamada winning by a landslide, but Daffney powers back up and drives Hamada back first to the mat
  • Pin attempt but only a two count from Slick Mark Johnson
  • A good interchange of chain wrestling from these two
  • Hamada stands on Daffney’s fingers and pulls her hair
  • Slick Johnson orders her to break the hold, she does so by STOMPING on Daffney’s fingers
  • Hamada with a dropkick to the back of Daffney’s head
  • Hamada whips Daffney to the corner, trys to follow up but gets a spinkick to the face
  • Daffney grabs Hamada by the hair and tosses her across the ring
  • Daffney chokes Hamada with her boot in the corner
  • Knees to the gut from Daffney
  • Drops Hamada’s head to her knee
  • Pin attempt, just two though
  • Running knee lift from Daffney
  • Pin attempt and AGAIN only a two count
  • Uppercut from Daffney
  • Hamada comes back with a headbutt
  • Big chops
  • Whips Daffney to the ropes, Hamada runs, Daff tries to back drop her but they completely botch it lol! Hilariously bad…
  • Headbutt from Hamada
  • Hamada to the apron, tries another headbutt but gets an elbow to the face from Daffney sending her to the outside
  • Daffney follows Hamada to the floor with a double axe handle from the apron!
  • Throws Hamada back in the ring
  • …then drags her back out, what was the point in that?
  • Whips Hamada into the steel barriers!
  • Slams her head off the apron and Daffney gets back in the ring
  • Hamada tries to enter the ring but gets kicked back out by Daffney
  • Hamada up again, runs Daff’s head into the ring post, gets back into the ring
  • Drags Daff to the corner setting her up for a moonsault
  • Moonsault from Hamada……MISSES!!
  • Daffney chokes Hamada
  • Whips to the corner and hits Hamada with a big elbow
  • Daff to the second rope….big trademark scream followed by a jumping elbow drop!!
  • Two and a half count!!
  • Whips Hamada to the corner, but eats a big kick to the face from Hamada!!
  • And ANOTHER!!
  • And a third!!
  • Picks her up for that Vampiro style “Nail in the Coffin”
  • 1….2…3! This one’s done!
  • Winner: Hamada
  • Post Match Daffney removes a chain from her boot and bets down Hamada, but Taylor Wilde runs out making the save!!

Match 2: TNA Tag-Team Championship Number 1 contenders tournament Final – Magnus and Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea vs. Ink Inc.

  • Magnus and Jesse Neal to start


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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