TNA Xplosion – 20/08/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 20/08/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 20/08/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Jeremy Borash and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz welcomes us to a big xplosion just for the fans coming of the Hardcore Justice show. The card for this week’s show is made up of Eric Young taking on one half of generation me; Max Buck and The X division champion Douglas Williams taking on Amazing Red.

Eric says he doesn’t remember getting hit on the head (wasn’t it landing on his head) which has caused him to go back to his original character. Eric is clearly much more confused than he ever has been in the past “6 man belts against the free birds” “world 6 man tag…TNA…spike champions” he recommends that Max just keeps on doing what he is doing and praises generation me. Perhaps some tassels will do him some good though according to Eric. Jeremy Borash describes EY as “unstable” That’s an understatement in my opinion.

Amazing Red is happy to have another chance to face Douglas as he wants his title back. This time he isn’t going to let Douglas bother him, and win or lose he is putting on a show. A lot of grief has been caused by Douglas. Prepare for the unexpected.

Next up the lovely Christy Hemme is in the back with Max Buck who is wondering which Eric Young will show up tonight. And, wow! Eric Young out of nowhere is clearly expecting a 6 man match for “the belts” and that the “free birds” are on their way. Max states it’s a singles match. Eric seems to finally understand it’s a one on one match, and that Max’s brother “Randy” won’t be turning up for a 6 man. Sheesh, how can anyone keep up with Eric Young with all the gibberish coming out of his mouth? Can we have the serious Eric Young back please? Max questions Christy if Eric is going to be OK.

Ah, speaking of serious, it’s none other than the X division champion himself Douglas Williams. He reminds everyone that back in January he beat the amazing red. Douglas states that just because it’s a non title match, doesn’t mean he is taking the match any less seriously than he did back in January. The classic Douglas Williams technique, bring him down to size, hold him there, ground and pound, and that’s the technique that has served him well over the past 8 months as champion.

It takes time to appreciate the classic style Douglas brings to the table, and that the fans want instant gratification with the high flying moves in the x division and that the fans expect more and more. Over time the fans will develop the respect that he “thoroughly deserves” for the style brings to the ring.

We get footage from TNA ReACTION of RVD being stretchered into the ambulance and Eric apologising to Dixie and Eric on the phone. The violence of Abyss “knows no bounds” with Taz hoping RVD will be OK. Shifting back to reaction Taz reminds us of the matches coming up and Eric Young makes his way to the ring. According to Taz, Eric needs “professional help”

I couldn’t agree more. Next up Max Buck enters the ring and the two participants hi five each other.

Eric steps out to the apron, clearly thinking that this is a tag match. He gets back into the ring and debating with Max Buck, couple of hi fives, friendly punches….come on wake up Eric.

OK, now we’re underway, Max shot into the ropes, shoulder block by Max soon followed up by the head scissors. Taz is just as confused as we all out by Eric’s actions as he steps out onto the apron and back in.

Shoulder block by Eric, twice, cartwheel over Max followed by…5 more cartwheels in the centre of the ring. Hip toss to Max, and it alternates between the 2…and it breaks down back and forth pin fall attempts between the 2, Max uses a bridge to get up  from the pin attempt….and Eric Young rolls up the referee 3 times. Should I be finding this funny?

JB hits the nail on the head by describing this “ as one of the most bizarre matchups in xplosion history”

Eric is talking to the referee as Max makes his way to the top rope followed by a dropkick that seemed to miss…that wasn’t supposed to happen but they go through with it. Eric is hot into the ropes followed by a perfectly executed dropkick leads to a 2 count on Eric Young.

Eric gets thrown in corner and heads over the top rope, lands on his head outside of the ring. Taz points out that this could be a good thing, as he has banged his head EY could go back to normal. Eric gets up and Max performs a cross body dive onto EY and Taz points out that as a result of the dive, EY banged his head so he is now crazy again.

Both men are down and Max tosses EY into the ring followed by a missed punch, 2 clotheslines by Eric followed by a an elbow and Max throwing EY onto the canvas face first  via grabbing his legs which is followed by a 2 count.

Max gets a boot to the face of Eric as he ran towards Max in the corner, Max to the top rope; Eric pushes him which leads him landing on the top turnbuckle, affecting the area where the sun doesn’t shine. High risk from the top rope as Eric lifts up Max preparing to slam him down on the canvas but it doesn’t work out for Eric as Max counters mix move as he drops his weight on Eric.

Oh no… comes Orlando Jordan with the manikin. OJ stops at ringside and…AGH… making out with the manikin!!!!!. Max and EY both confused…and I thought EY was crazy. The manikin is thrown into the ring “did a springboard” according to Taz; however OJ still has the arm of the manikin and hits Max Buck in the head from the outside. Max is clearly dazed which lets EY to get an easy pin fall on Max. The situation has backfired on Orlando. “Where is Al Snow and head?” No the manikin is enough Taz. The lighting of the Impact! Zone being the same as Hardcore Justice for that match was more interesting in my opinion.

With the lighting no longer Hardcore Justice blue. Amazing red makes his way to the ring, followed by The TNA X Division champion Douglas Williams! Lovely, time for a proper matchup on xplosion!

The bell rings and we are underway!

No rush for either wrestler, as they briefly lock up with Douglas immediately taking Red down to the mat but Red is in control of Douglas’ arm. Both men back up and Douglas back in control with a headlock on the mat, quickly reversed by a head scissors submission on Douglas, Doug back up and controlling Red via the arm, Red back up and Douglas is back in control.

Elbow to the face of Red, of the ropes, leg sweep on Doug, Red quickly dropkicks Red and cross body dive to Douglas on the outside. Lovely.

Both men back in the ring Red of the top turnbuckle misses with the dive, and Douglas smashing Red into the canvas twice face first as he did towards the start of the match, however Red kicks out after 2.

JB reminds us of the upcoming January UK Tour. It’s the “welcome home Douglas tour” according to Douglas Williams. I haven’t got any problem with that.

Back to the match and Douglas is in control, kicks and punches Red from corner to corner of the ring, goes for a kick, Red blocks it, quick low blow by Douglas, and a quick roll up on Douglas which leads to a 2 count followed by a nasty clothesline by Douglas onto Red which leads to a 2 count, as Red gets the shoulder up.

Knee to the back of Red, and Douglas remains in control. Red is shot into the ropes, hangs on, and kicks Douglas in the face as he runs towards him.

Douglas clearly is dazed so Red hops onto the apron and followed by a springboard on performs a springboard drive onto which leads to a 2 count.

Quick head butt to the mid section of Red, which gives Douglas some time to recover.

A proper head butt to Red now, swung to the corner, running knee, snap suplex, and gut rench suplex, and another standard suplex which leads to another 2 count on Red. Wow the match has been a good one I’ve genuinely just noticed the hardcore justice blue lighting. Seriously.

Red lifted onto the top tope by Douglas, and Red fights back, punches Douglas of and a  dive of the top rope but Douglas counters with a with a black hole style move. Nice action. This is the turning point of the match according to Taz. Both men back up, flurry of punches by red, kick by Williams, and Douglas of the ropes, Red attempts a head kick, misses but gets it spot on the 2nd time.

Douglas Williams in the corner, dropkick to the back, another to the knee of Douglas and a huricarana which…only leads to another 2 count! What will it take?

Red runs towards Douglas in the corner but he lifts him onto the apron, where red gets the better of Doug with a few punches followed by a dropkick of the top turnbuckle and yet another 2 count!

Jay Lethal is watching closely according to JB. Both men back up, Red on top of Douglas’ shoulders but he drops down to the other side and Douglas get red onto the top turnbuckle in the corner, Douglas climbs up and taunts to the crowd which allows Red to get back in control via an few elbow shots to the face of Douglas, however Douglas hits another low blow to red which means he falls back on the canvas. Douglas pushes Red into the referee, which apparently was a right elbow in Andew Thomas’s face. Douglas sees an opportunity to use his title belt but Jay Lethal runs in and takes the belt of Douglas and smashes him face first!

Red back up, who didn’t see what happened, Red back flips onto Red and Andrew Thomas counts three and gets the win on the X division champion!! Wow. With a little help from Jay Lethal but I guess it’s fair after the 2nd low blow of the match. DOUGLAS SEES Lethal who does Douglas’ taunt, Williams not happy points to Lethal while on his knees. Something tells me that this isn’t over.

A great main event, which more than makes up for the lousy first match of xplosion.


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