TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 21/08/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 21/08/2010

Saturday 21/08/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 19/08/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

– We kick Impact off immediately with a brawl between Hardy and Abyss backstage. Apparently this is video footage from moments ago. Tenay is talking all super serial. They eventually make their way to the Impact Zone, right in front of the announce table. Everyone isn’t even in the arena yet. Abyss grabs a kendo stick and this Hardy repeatedly in the gut with it. Hardy fights back with shots of his own, but to no avail as Abyss takes him back down. The brawl continues around the ring as Abyss throws Hardy into the guardrail. Hardy starts to fight back, throwing Abyss head first into the ring steps. They go through the crowd now as Hardy throws a chair at Abyss’ head. Right hands by Hardy, and Abyss now fights back. Abyss grabs a cord and starts choking Hardy out with it. Hardy starts fighting back now (they’re going at it through some hallway) as he throws Abyss into some object. More shots by Hardy, and they now make their way outside. Hardy should pull up his pants. Security grabs Hardy but starts choking him out. We cut back to the Impact Zone, and Eric Bischoff is making his way to the ring.

-Bischoff says he’s never, in his 20 years in this business, has seen anything as horrific as what they saw last week in the Impact Zone. Flair will be held responsible for the attack on EV2. They don’t know what his reasoning was, but it’s irreprehensible. They won’t stand for it. Eric apologizes to Dixie, and he assures her that they will hold Flair accountable. Words cannot describe what Abyss did to RVD. It was borderline homicidal. Jeff Hardy tried to get his revenge earlier, but Abyss has no idea what’s coming his way, courtesy of Hogan and Bischoff. RVD’s condition is far worst than they feared. He visited Rob in the hospital today. He’s has over 117 stitches. His doctor said he has numerous punctured organs, and it appears as though he may have had trauma. He lets Rob know that if and when he comes back to the ring, all of the fans will welcome him with open arms, and he will always have a home in TNA. “RVD” chant. The sad fact is, the show must go on, and after meeting with Rob’s doctors, and he, Hogan and Dixie had to make a decision. They have decided to vacate the TNA World Heavyweight title. As a result, there will be a single elimination tournament that will begin this evening, and will culminate at Bound for Glory. It will be made of the Top Ten ranking wrestlers. He wishes RVD the best, but the show must go on, right after this.

-We’re back, and we’re gonna get things started with Match 1, Round 1 of this tournament

Match 1: Rob Terry (#10) vs Jeff Hardy (#2) – TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals

Wait, I thought Bischoff said the Top 8 guys in the Top 10, cuz Terry’s #10. Hardy limps on his way to the ring. He goes straight on the attack. Dropkick to the knee, and he’s not letting up. Terry catches Hardy and drops him down with a falling powerslam. Terrry goozles Hardy, lifts him up to the top, and chokeslams him across the ring. Terry throws Hardy into the corner and starts drilling him with shoulder blocks. Hardy drop toe holds Terry into the second turnbuckle. Hardyac Arrest follows. And again. Pin but only one. Whisper in the Wind by Hardy. Pin but only two. Hardy dives off the second rope but gets drilled with a clothesline. Terry waits for Hardy to get up. Spin kick by Terry. And another. Terry goes for a running powerslam, but Hardy slides out the back and pushes terry into the corner. Twist of Fate follows, although it was horribly botches. Hardy goes up to the top. Swanton connects, though barely. Pin and that’s all.

Winner : Jeff Hardy (This was really slow and kind of boring. Hardy really seemed like he didn’t even care, as he botched a few moves and just moved around pretty slowly. I guess you could play that off of the attack earlier, but I’m doubt that’s what it really was. Still, Terry tried, and they put on an acceptable match at best)

-We see Fortune arriving at the Impact Zone, including Doug Williams.

-We get a video package of the beat down from last week.

-Hogan’s on the phone. He says he’s thinking about quitting. RVD was laying in a pool of blood, looking like he was dead. Hulk didn’t sign up for this. He was building the company around him. Abyss says this was part of their plan. Hogan’s thinking about quitting.

Match 2: Jay Lethal (#5) vs Mr. Anderson (#3) – TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals

Anderson does his whole entrance spiel on the stage. Tie up to start, and Anderson locks in the headlock. Lethal pushes him off but gets hit with a shoulder block. Lethal goes leapfrog, but Anderson catches him for a Green Bay Plunge attempt. Lethal goes for a Lethal Combo, countered by Anderson into a Mic Check attempt, countered by Lethal and now we’re at a stalemate. Headlock by Lethal. Anderson pushes him off, Lethal flips over a hip toss, then hip tosses Anderson, cartwheels over and hit’s the basement dropkick. Pin but only two. Lethal goes for the float over, but Anderson catches him and hit’s the Green Bay Plunge. Pin but only two. Forearm shots by Anderson. Back elbow follows. Pin but only two. Front facelock by Anderson is applied. Lethal hit’s a reverse atomic drop. Lethal runs off the ropes but gets planted with a clothesline. Pin but only two. Lethal ducks a clothesline, and hit’s the handspring back elbow. Lethal throws Anderson into the corner. Lethal gets elevated onto the apron. Shot by Lethal. Anderson avoids the springboard dropkick. Mic Check connects! Forget about it.

Winner : Mr. Anderson (Solid outing here, as both guys have some good chemistry. There was one botch in the match, but they recovered nicely from it so it wasn’t really noticeable)

-Hemme tells Angelina Love that Madison has invoked her rematch clause tonight. Angelina calls Madison a pussy mini me. She says Madison’s scared, and had the to give the belt back to her last time. This time, she’s going to have to pry it from her cold, dead hands. She begs Madison to bring her bodyguard, because Angelina’s got some backup of her own.

-We get a recap of the Guns beating Beer Money last week, along with Shelley and Sabin hyping themselves up. Next week, the Guns will be in action.

Match 3: Madison Rayne (w/ Mystery Woman) vs Angelina Love© (w/ Velvet Sky) – TNA Knockout’s Championship

Madison rides in on the back of the motorcycle with the mystery woman. Angelina calls out her backup, which is Velvet Sky. This angle may be going on for way to long, but at least it’s leading to something good. Angelina takes out the biker chick while Velvet goes after Madison. Velvet gets whipped into the ring steps. Madison goes after Angelina, slamming her head off the apron. This match has now started as both are in the ring. Madison wraps her legs around Angelina’s head and starts slamming her head off the mat. Pin but only two. Another cover but again only two. Front facelock by Madison, and she hit’s the knees. Shoulder jawbreaker counter by Angelina. Front powerslam by Angelina. The biker chick grabs Angelina’s legs, and Velvet takes the biker chick out. Angelina ducks a clothesline by Madison and Velvet distracts her. Botox Injection by Love. Pin and it’s over.

Winner : Angelina Love (Quick, but this was more about the angle if anything, and they played it up nicely, so I can’t really argue)

Velvet gets into the ring and raises Angelina’s hand. The biker chick and Madison attack Angelina and Velvet from behind. They start choking both of them. Madison and the biker chick raise their hands in the ring.

-Fortune is in the back, apparently on their way to the ring.

-We get another recap of the beat down from last week.

-Flair is in the ring. He asks if someone used the word power. This is what you call impact with power. Kazarian, AJ, Beer Money, and now we add a little european flavor, big bad Doug, all the way from London, England. And because it’s so hot around here, so many people breathin down his neck, so to make sure the Nature Boy stays calm, cool and collected, he hireed a 6 foot 11, insurance policy, Matt Morgan. Right now you’re looking at Fortune. This is TNA. God knows learn to love it, because it aint going anywhere soon. EV2, a circus act, a bunch of undisciplined animals, he dares them to call themselves wrestlers. They don’t belong in the business. The marque says pro wrestling, not garbage cans, kendo sticks or tables. They can all do that. As a matter of fact, he can crash in an air plane and walk around and talk about it. Until one of the EV2 guys crashes in an air plane, they can kiss his ass. As a matter of fact, smile and be proud of the fact they’re part of TNA. Styles says EV2 couldn’t leave, they had to come into TNA and get that last glory shot. That one last time. They wanted a hardcore finale, well ask and you shall receive, because that’s exactly what they got. AJ is TNA. TNA is AJ. This is the house that AJ Styles built. Dixie appears on the stage. AJ may have helped build this house, but Dixie owns it, and it’s her house. If this is her house, then this is their house. And the EV2 guys show up on the stage, all bandaged up. Dixie says she wouldn’t listen to Hulk and Eric, saying she gave them the benefit of the doubt. They thought they saw these guys for the last time, well as of tonight, they all have contracts. Dreamer whips out the contract. Flair says he’s talking to her. What on his resume says he takes any crap from woman. Dreamer says Flair is the living legend of this business, but if Dixie didn’t tell them to stand back, they would hit the ring and kick all of their asses. EV2 is moving forward, so let the past go. Foley says he got a phone call from Flair in December. He called him back out of respect. Foley said that night Flair was a man down on his luck, and he said he didn’t know what to do. Foley told Flair how great it was to be part of TNA, and to forget about what anyone else thought, and he needed to make the move that was right for him. Shortly after he joined TNA, Foley had a lifetime of regrets. He regrets that phone call. Flair says let’s roll in the thumbtacks again brother. Foley says he doesn’t take orders from Flair, he works for Dixie Carter. Flair says he works for Ric Flair and Fortune. He tells Foley to go home and sit in a chair while Fortune is kicking ass and taking names. Dreamer says for what Abyss did to RVD, they will get Abyss the way they know how. Dreamer says this is the house AJ built, and they respected him until last week. Tonight, it’s going to be Dreamer vs AJ in his house, and they’re going to make it extreme.

-Angle says that is match with Doug Williams will be tough. Going through the Top Ten has been tough, and it’s now a single elimination tournament. He’s been through that before. He’s only three wins from regaining the TNA Heavyweight title.

Match 4: TNA X-Division Champion Douglas Williams vs Kurt Angle (#8) – TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals

So I guess we‘ve given up on the Angle/Top Ten storyline. Tie up, and Angle pushes Doug into the corner. Ref breaks the hold. Another tie up, Angle locks in a headlock and gets the side headlock takeover. Williams gets back up and drives Angle into the corner. Cheap shot countered by Angle. Angle goes for a boot, but Williams catches it, throws it into the ropes and kicks it. Clothesline follows. Right hands by Angle. Williams with a headbutt to the gut and he then throws Angle to the outside. Williams throws Angle back into the ring. Scoop slam follows. Knee drops by Williams. Pin but Angle gets the ropes. Angle with the right hands, Williams stops him and hit’s a gutwrench suplex. Pin but only two. Submission locked in by Williams. Angle counters with an arm drag. Clothesline by Angle. Backdrop follows. Boot in the corner by Williams. Williams charges but gets caught with a belly to belly suplex by Angle. Pin but only two. Williams counters out of a german. Knee in the corner by Williams. He goes up to the top. Diving european uppercut off the top. Pin but only two. Angle counters a rear waist lock and hit’s a german. And another. Trifecta. Pin but only two. Angle pulls down the straps. Williams counters the Angle Slam into a Chaos Theory attempt, but Angle rolls through and locks in the Ankle lock. He grapevines the leg, and Williams has no choice but to tap out.

Winner : Kurt Angle (Damn good match here. Both guys have some really good chemistry and their having very similar styles of wrestling. A program between these two would be awesome)

-Taz hypes up Styles vs Dreamer, later on. Sting and Nash are on their way to the ring.

-Anderson says he feels bad for Rob and has been in that position before, but unfortunately, a wins a win.

-And here comes Sting and Kevin Nash to the ring. Nash says he’s known Sting for 20 years and though they’ve had their disagreements, he can say there’s no one in this business he respects more than Sting. Nash has been called a cancer before, but after 20 years and 28 operations, he’s not out here for just the damn money. He loves to do what he does. He’ll be damned if someone tells him it’s his time to step aside. No one tells him nothing, and if someone wants his spot, come take it. They’re this close as a company to turning the edge. The cancer is not in this ring, but instead in the back. This little magic act, it’s bullshit. If you wanna know the truth as to what’s going on…Jarrett shows up on the stage.

Jarrett says if anyone’s full of bs, it’s Nash. He’s known Kev since day one. It’s always been about Kevin Nash. Nash has never given a damn about anybody. Sting, as far as you go, Jeff stands on this stage, he could open up the closet door and talk about all of Sting’s skeletons. Jeff could tell the world about who Sting really is, but he’s not going to do that. There’s a locker room full of guys sick of Sting and Nash. Hogan and Eric have done a lot since they gone here. The whole company has been better off since they got here. So tonight, Jeff is going to, in honor of Bischoff and Hogan, walk to the ring tonight, grab a chair, and beat both of their asses. Hogan now shows up. He says Jeff isn’t going down by himself. Oh joy. Hogan says everyone knows who they really are. Jeff started TNA. Eric and Hogan came in to help finish the job. Everyone in this building know exactly who Nash and Sting are. Nash and Sting jealous because the spotlight is shining on the young guys and not on them. Hogan and Jeff are coming to the ring and are going to finish this in. Hogan tells Sting to put the bat to the side and fight like a man for a real change. Sting throws the bat up the ramp. Hogan and Jeff make their way down the ramp. They both finally get in the ring. The lights have gone out. They turn back on, and Fortune is in the ring. They’re beating down everybody. They pose to the crowd as we head to commercial.

-Raven and Dreamer are in the back. Raven says they should have killed them. Dreamer tells Raven to finally be with somebody. They’re not gonna fight though. Stevie and Mamaluke show up. They try to convince Raven to wait.

Match 5: Matt Morgan vs D’Angelo Dinero (#9) – TNA World Title Tournament Quarterfinals

Dinero ducks a shot and hit’s a forearm. Dinero getting the crowd into it. Dinero ducks another shot and hit’s a forearm. Dinero goes to duck, but Morgan fakes him out and grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner. Dinero ducks and starts reigning down on Morgan with shots all over. Outer Limitz Elbow by Dinero. Pin but only two. Dinero dives off the ropes, but Morgan catches him. Dinero fights out but runs right into a discuss clothesline. Morgan choking Dinero in the corner with his boot. Elbows by Morgan follow. Splash by Morgan, and then the sidewalk slam. Dinero with a boot in the corner. And another. Dinero goes to the top and goes for a diving sunset flip. Morgan doesn’t go over and lifts Dinero up for a double arm chokeslam. Morgan now taunting the Pope. Morgan choking Dinero on the ropes. Running guillotine attack follows. Morgan takes Dinero to the outside and drives him back first into the ring. Dinero avoids a Carbon Footprint, and Morgan gets crotched on the ring post. D’Angelo Dinero express connects. Pope drags Morgan back in for the pin and wins it.

Winner : D‘Angelo Dinero (Not much to really say about this. Morgan looked like a monster and Dinero barely picked up the win)

-Mick Foley talks about the EV2 stuff.

Match 6: TNA Television Champion AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer

Styles starts things out by kicking the leg of Dreamer. Dreamer catches a kick and takes AJ down. Dreamer backdrops Styles right over the top. He goes out onto the apron and hits Styles with the rolling senton. Dreamer throws Styles into the ring post, and then slams him on the mat. He throws him back into the ring, and Styles starts to fight back. Styles goes for the float over, but gets caught and gets hit with a running powerslam. Pin but only two. Chops in the corner by Dreamer. Pumphandle throw follows. Pin but Styles gets his foot on the bottom rope. Mounted punches by Dreamer. Styles goes to the throat and nails the gamengiri. Styles goes right on the attack with the shots. Dreamer’s bleeding now. Slam by Styles, and he hits the vintage knee drop. AJ now choking Dremer in the ropes, saying he’s going to kill him. Dreamer with a sunset flip, but only gets two. Dropkick by Styles immediately follows. Chinlock by AJ is applied. Dreamer fights out and counters with a backsuplex. Knee to the gut by AJ, and he nails the Pele. Although it looked kind of botched. Styles goes on the apron and waits for Dreamer to get up. Flying Forearm countered with an atomic drop, and Dreamer nails the DDT. Before Dreamer can cover, Fortune makes their way to the ring. The EV2 guys cut them offf, and all hell is breaking loose. Abyss shows up from under the ring. He goes straight after Dreamer. Black Hole Slam connects. Styles covers. Pin and it’s over.

Winner : AJ Styles (Good stuff here as Styles dominated most the match with Dreamer getting in the occasional shots, just how it should be)

The brawl continues as security tries to break it up. Dreamer is laid out in the ring as we fade out.


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