TNA Xplosion – Friday 27/08/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 27/08/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 27/08/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

If you wish, you may watch this weeks episode of Xplosion here on ths site. Just click here.

Xplosion is “the most exciting hour of wrestling you’ll find anywhere” according to Jeremy Borash as he welcomes us to Xplosion. JB briefly mentions RVDs injuries and that a tournament is underway to crown a new TNA world heavyweight champion, and Taz almost immediately runs down the card for the show which consists of Desmond Wolfe vs. Jesse Neel and Magnus vs. Shannon Moore. Both tag teams that have been split for Xplosion according to Taz.

So we head to the back with Christy Hemme interviewing Magnus. Chelsea is alongside Magnus and she seems to be much happier around Magnus than she does with Wolfe. Magnus states that when Wolfe approached him to form a tag team, he would only join under the condition “that we do it right” and so far that has been the case as they are number one contenders for the title.

Singles competition is fine, because it’ll prove that they are the best, as they are the team that will be going placing “especially with such a marvellous set” Magnus was referring to Chelsea there.

Both members of Ink Inc – Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal – aren’t happy that Wolfe and Magnus cost them  the chance for  tag team gold, but every “Jackass has it’s day” according to Neal and they see a bright future for Ink Inc  which consists of defeating Wolfe and Magnus and moving on to becoming the tag champs. Jesse Neal has been waiting to take on Wolfe as  it’ll help himmake a name for himself in this business. The” dog tags are staying in the back” and he states  he is going to stay focused on getting the win. Hmm…focused on the win even though you are “hoping and praying” that Chelsea will come along to the ring? Not really focused is it, regardless of the meaning.

Neal boasts that he has 15 to 17 years of experience, so he has the upper hand and that he will leave with Chelsea after the victorious pin fall.

Taz says it’s “Desmond Wolfe time” and Wolfe makes his way to the ring along with  “the lovely lass” (according to JB) Chelsea. Chelsea still not liking the whole being a valet to Wolfe thing. Yet she is happy around Magnus…hmm…how long will this tag team last I wonder? Or am I reading into this too much? Jesse Neal then makes his way to the ring.

And the Hardcore Justice blue lighting kicks in. So it must be a permanent thing for matches here on Xplosion. Each wrestler controls the other via their arms and that goes back and forth until Wolfe breaks it with an elbow to the face, throws Wolfe into the ropes followed by a hip toss.

Neal back in control with the arm, and retains control even though Wolfe tries to get out twice, and succeeds the third time by stomping Neal’s foot and….yeah Jesse does the same when he’s in the same situation. What is this so far? You do something and I copy you match?

“I stomp on yours, you stomp on mine.” Nice one Taz. Wolfe drop toeholds Neal, but the momentum goes back into Neal’s favour courtesy of a drop kick. Wolfe drops out the ring and hides behind Wolfe who gets tossed back into the ring, and Jesse Neal gets pushed from the apron onto the floor.

Both back in the ring as Wolfe gets a quick cover which leads to a 2 count. Neal still hurt tries to get the better of Wolfe, but he is getting dominated, a kick to the face and a suplex leads to a 2 count. Neal on his knees, elbows Wolfe, but Wolfe throws Neal down the canvas by using Neal’s arm.

Neal gets thrown into the ropes and  he tries to perform a  sunset flip, but Wolfe drives the elbow of Neal onto the canvas and then stomps his foot onto Neal’s arm. Ouch. The crowd sort of get behind Jesse as Neal was trying to attempt a single leg Boston crab.

Neal is thrown into the corner; Wolfe comes charging towards him however Neal gets his leg up to boot Wolfe in the face. Jesse sees an opportunity and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but whatever he was planning doesn’t go his way as Wolfe gets Neal on his shoulders and slams him down onto the mat with the arm that Wolfe has been working on throughout the match taking most of the force; however that only leads to a 2 count.

Neal again in the corner,  big right elbow, charges toward Neal with an uppercut, misses, drops Wolfe onto the canvas and that’s followed by a 2 count and once again, Neal is thrown into the corner (come on Neal, you can’t counter?) and this time Wolfe doesn’t miss with the charging uppercut he attempted earlier. “Devastating” according to JB. Jesse lifted onto the top turnbuckle and Wolfe attempts the tower of London which doesn’t work out to he turns around to run to the opposite corner and charge towards Neal-again-however as Wolfe turns back to charge towards Neal, he get struck down with a spear with leads to a 2 count as Wolfe gets his leg on the rope.

Wolfe holds onto Chelsea, who gets dragged into the ring along with Wolfe. Wolfe once again hiding behind Chelsea, Neal moves her out of the way. As Neal is doing that, Wolfe come running towards him and attempts  a clothesline as Neal turns around, but he misses and Neal tries to take advantage by getting a rolling pin fall, but that only leads to a 2 count and Jesse is out to the floor as Wolfe kicks him.

Jessse is  telling Chelsea who is on the apron to get down, but that leads to his downfall as it takes him longer to climb the turnbuckle Chelsea was  blocking- not on purpose I guess-  and as a result Wolfe this time successfully hits  the tower of London and gets the 3 count. So, Chelsea pretty much allowed Wolfe to get the win here. Nice match with back and forth action throughout. Chelsea not approving of Wolfe is just getting old.

So how about we get the opposite with her liking the man she accompanies to the ring? Ah, I get my wish as she accompanies Magnus out to the ring, and Shannon Moore soon makes his way to the ring as well with his book of Dilligag…Dillidag? Whatever.

JB mentions Magnus twitter username (officialMagnus) as Magnus wants the world to know that he is advising guys of the world in the ways of love and he is taking questions on the subject. OK.

Now that’s out of the way the match gets underway with Shannon targeting the leg of Magnus…that makes sense as the arm was the focus of the last match.

Magnus lies down on the top turnbuckle to boast to the crowd as Shannon got nowhere, but that proves to be a mistake as a flurry of onslaught comes Magnus’ way courtesy of Shannon with consists of him charges towards Magnus with a kick to the midsection, punches to the head, kick to Magnus’ leg followed by a bull dog, more punches, but Magnus throws Shannon away and that’s followed by a “crushing” right hand by Magnus.

This leads to Shannon on top of Magnus’s shoulders, however as Magnus looks at Chelsea – who doesn’t smile back, maybe I was wrong?– Neal drops down and this catches Magnus of guard as Shannon lands a drop toehold followed by a leg drop onto the back of Magnus’s leg but that only leads to a 2 count. Shannon on the top turnbuckle is getting hammered by Magnus’ punches but Magnus gets thrown down followed by a cross body dive by Shannon onto Magnus.

Back from the break and Magnus applies the body of scissors to Neal which soon leads to a 2 count. Shannon gets punched on his back with leads to him making a trip all the way outside of the ring.

JB apparently got word that from the back that Wolfe is in the shower. So that’s the reason I guess that Wolfe isn’t coming down to the ring to have a word with Magnus as he gives the thumbs up to Chelsea, which she likes as she smirks. Maybe I was right so I state again, with that line from JB, how long will this tag team last? Anyway both men back in the ring and Magnus getting the upper hand. The crowd start to come alive with chants for Shannon and Magnus.  Magnus from the middle rope was going to slam down onto Shannon but he counters by getting his knees up which drill Magnus in his back which quickly leads to a 2 count.

Magnus is clearly not happy. He says “That’s it”. Goes for the pump handle, or tries to as Shannon starts randomly running around the ring seemingly  get out of Magnus’ way. All this leads to Magnus flying over top the rope, but Magnus manages to hold onto the top rope on the outside of the ring and he tries to flip back into the ring. However as he is about to get his feet back onto the canvas, there’s a running dropkick by Jesse right into the area where the sun doesn’t shine. Definitely haven’t seen that sort of ‘low blow’ before. The “yamberrys” according to Taz. Because of this, Magnus is now on the outside, as he gets to his feet, Shannon from the middle rope performs a moonsault onto Magnus which lays him out very briefly as Magnus gets to his feet very quickly.

A running forearm by Shannon is what it takes to get Magnus back in the ring, as Magnus quickly gets to his feet yet again. Shannon dives of the top turnbuckle and performs a neck breaker which leads to the win!

This time Chelsea isn’t happy about a member of Ink Inc getting the win. Wolfe out of nowhere lays out Moore as he is celebrating courtesy of punch to the back of the head which is followed by a running knee to the back of Moore’s while Magnus was holding Moore.

Jesse runs to the ring, but gets absolutely nowhere making the save as he is struck down boot to his face by Magnus which results in  birds flying out of this head. Literally. OK, metaphorically.  Shannon is thrown to the outside courtesy of Magnus and soon after Jesse is also thrown out. This attack is “a message to the motor city machine guns”

The number one contenders for the tag team titles stand high and proud in the middle of the ring as Xplosion goes off the air. 2 enjoyable matches, and by the end of the show Desmond Wolfe and Magnus are looking strong as number one tag team title contenders even though Magnus lost this match. Looking strong in defeat I suppose is the correct way to put it.


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