Are “THEY” the Main Event Mafia?


Main Event Mafia?

Could "They" be the Main Event Mafia?

Ok, had told you guys last week i was going to re-visit the “Who Are They?” topic following the popularity of my initial article. But revelations in the last few weeks of iMPACT! really only lead me to one conclusion and that is THEY are the MAIN EVENT MAFIA

Now before you try and shoot this down bare with me and i’ll explain my reasoning. First off think back to Samoa Joe’s return in the spring of this year after being kidnapped. In one of his first promo’s back a distressed Joe speaks of “THEY” on the March 29th episode of iMPACT! – “They have spoken. And the results will be different….will be very different.”  Is this the same “They”? And if so, A) this implies they’ve been here before and B) Likely implies they are returning.

Secondly, i believe the Sting and Kevin Nash storyline is intertwined with the “They” story arc. Hogan and Bischoff have constantly harped on about pushing Sting and Nash to the side so that the young guys can take the spotlight, naturally Sting and Nash feel their still worthy of the main event and the spotlight that comes with it, and have taken exception, their goal is to remove Hogan. Think back to the Sting-RVD angle, Sting said it was imperative that he got the title first before everything was revealed. This is where Kurt Angle comes in.

Kurt is loved by the fans, and his recent attempts at beating all contenders around him on the way to the top have impressed fans, but Kurt has said in his return to iMPACT! that he’s no longer considered “Main Event” and that this rise to the top is to prove to himself and the whole world that he’s still the man at the top. How controversial will it be to reveal this was his plan all along? Additional you can find evidence of the Angle – Nash alliance if you take a look back to the July 22nd episode of iMPACT! Nash marches to the ring, interrupting Angle’s exit following his match with Hernandez, they meet at the entrance ramp and surprisingly, shake hands before Angle continues on his way and Nash proceeds to call out Hogan/Bischoff.

Whether this theory is true remains to be seen, but Angle seems to be getting Heelish with every episode, the Sting/Nash storyline contains plenty of twists and turns and i still firmly believe Samoa Joe is involved here somewhere down the line. I’m sure TNA have something up their sleeve, personally i think this will be a controversial revelation and the prospect of a returning RVD to take revenge on Abyss and attempt to re-claim his title from Kurt Angle is certainly a mouth watering prospect.

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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

3 Responses to Are “THEY” the Main Event Mafia?

  1. InfinityGate says:

    They made mention of Angles history in M.E.M, The Nash/Sting stuff seems more involved with deception then really main event spots. One of the key bullet points to the Abyss storyline I remember was him trying to stop the Hardcore Justice storyline by taking out RVD. Because “They” didn’t want it. Nash/Sting and others didn’t have much to say about it. Kurt said he accepted Dixie’s decision on it and would support her. Fourtune is only ones that hated it but they are not “They”

  2. vantheman77 says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me that “they” would be the returning Main Event Mafia, but minus Booker T and Scott Steiner. The article does seem to make sense of what we’ve been seeing late throughout this year with Samoa Joe’s kidnapping, Sting and Kevin Nash’s alliance, and Kurt Angle getting more heelish the last several episodes. If the Main Event Mafia is reformed, it would make sense going back to Sting’s heel turn on Hulk Hogan and TNA.

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