TNA Xplosion – Friday 03/09/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 03/09/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 03/09/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

If you wish, you may watch this weeks episode of Xplosion here on ths site. Just click here.

“The most action packed hour of television today” is underway it’s Xplosion of course, and I’m digging the xplosion theme music, it’s better than the theme for Impact! in my opinion.Homicide should have been removed from the intro by now, anyway we get a rundown of the card with J.B and Taz and this week’s episode will consist of Eric Young vs Jeremy Buck and it’s a 4 way match with Amazing red, Brian Kendrick, Jay Lethal and the X division champion Douglas Williams.

We go to the back with Jeremy Buck with Christy Hemme….but we’re all reminded that Eric Young is still the crazy character as he appears before he can comment on the match. He believes that himself and Buck are a team tonight. Jeremy can’t believe he is going to wrestle Eric but says he’ll certainly be entertained by Eric.  Eric pops back and says they need the flux capacitor as he originally mentioned the team him and Buck are taking on are “from the future”   and some other stuff, but I’m not interested in all the gibberish that Eric is saying  so it’s hard to listen. Sorry.

“This is ridiculous” Jeremy says referring to Eric who walked off again. I could not agree more. I hate the fact that the crazy Eric character is back…well I say back this is just his original character with the volume turned way up.

Something I was interested in though is shown next. The “In case you missed it” segment which is the new “TNA rewind” it seems kicks off with EV2 taking on Fourtune from last week’s iMPACT! show.  The  X Division champion Douglas Williams is who we hear from next after returning from the break.

Douglas says he has got history with all his competitors in the four way match later. He realised that he shouldn’t be concerned about anyone in the match, instead everyone else in the match should be concerned about him. Douglas is confident of winning as he states that once he has won the match, he will go back to his “mansion in the country” smoking cigars.

His plan is to let the other 3 guys in the match “outspot each other” and once they’re exhausted he will “slap on a hold” and become victorious.  However Jay Lethal will be more of a target for him in the match as he makes the point that just because Lethal recently ran in on a match he was in and used the x-division title on him during his match it doesn’t make him any smarter or clever.  It’s just made Douglas more anxious to get his hands on Lethal.

Moving onto Lethal he says the four way is “a little exciting” as he is wrestling Amazing red who is his best friend which is cool, but on the “other end of the spectrum” Lethal isn’t too happy about Douglas Williams as he is constantly “running the x division down”, and Brian Kendrick is a “loose cannon”. Maybe so, but he’s a much better loose cannon than Eric Young. It’s difficult to go into a match when you know nothing about an opponent such as Kendrick and he goes on to explain that he only interfered in Douglas Williams match 2 weeks ago because he “believes in an eye for an eye”  and he hopes Doug will react by putting up the X Division title in a match against him so he can capture the title and “bring the X division back to the forefront of TNA, right where it belongs.”

Running through his opponents Lethal says Doug Williams better be running as he  has the biggest target on his back , Kendrick is dangerous due to the fact he knows nothing about him, and because Amazing Red is his best friend, Lethal has both of his eyes set on him because he knows what he is capable of. The X Division is put on the map yet again is how Lethal signs of.

Christy catches up with Kendrick however before Christy can finish her sentence, Brian interrupts so he can make sense.  Basically Kendrick says needs to be focused, well he says that eventually, there’s a bunch of talk about experiencing the universe beforehand etc, and Christy interrupting him causes him to lose  focus, and when he loses his focus, he gets angry, and he doesn’t want to get angry with Christy, but he can’t control his anger which leads to  Kendrick thanking Christy numerous times before walking  away. J.B refers to Kendrick as the wild card.

In case you missed it with the tag team champions The Motor City Machine Guns taking on Generation Me from 2 weeks ago on impact which is followed by Jarret vs Sting from last week’s impact.

Back from the break it’s time for xplosion to really kick off and it’s time for something even more crazy than Jeremy Borash’s “battery operated shirt” according to Taz. Its Eric Young time with So Cal Val in the ring announcer role as usual.

How come we didn’t hear from amazing red earlier?

Match 1:  Jeremy Buck vs. Eric Young

Anyway Jeremy Buck makes his way to the ring. Young eventually figures out that this isn’t a tag team match. Taz says that Eric Young has turned down all medical help as he believes he is fine. Reversal after reversal with the arm holds, and Young then moves on to perform that move on the referee Andrew Thomas which is followed by a quick roll up attempt by Buck, which only leads to a 2 count. Young then raises Bucks arm which leads to another near full by buck…unfortunately. An Eric Young match can’t end soon enough. Eric Young gets a headlock on Buck, followed by a shoulder block and somehow Young is in proper control of the match as he is swinging Buck around and around and around by his legs before he lets go.  Eric is also dizzy as a result and stumbles out of the ring and Orlando Jordan is already there so Young rolls him into the ring.  Young steps out onto the apron clearly thinking that it’s a tag match again, while Buck is still dizzy down on the canvas.

“Andrew Thomas get control of this match would you please” say Jeremy Borash as he links to the break. Oh and out of nowhere Young steps onto the middle turnbuckle and then head kicks Young who falls flat onto the apron. Back from the break and Young is in control as he does a cross body block onto Young which leads to a 2 count. Orlando Jordan is still hanging around as both men go for a cross body block. Buck Irish whips Young into the corner, as Buck comes running from behind, Young manages to hold onto the top tope to let Buck run and duck under Eric and as he turns around Young to deck Buck with a clothes line.  Buck get back up only to be clothes lined again. Buck comes of the ropes and Young manages to lift Buck ready to slam him down to the mat however Buck manages to counter drilling Eric’s face down onto the canva which quickly leads to a cover but Buck only manages to get a 2 count again.

Buck starts to physce himself up but takes too long as he turns around  Young gets him in a backslide which leads to buck accidently elbowing the referee.  Both men try to suplex each other , buck manages to get Young in a small package, which leads to a 2 because Orlando slides over the top rope to Buck covering Young, Andrew sees this and Orlando backs away, Eric  quickly gets the momentum to get the cover back onto Buck and he gets the win! That was out of nowhere.  Buck isn’t happy. Orlando plan again backfires so he isn’t happy either.

Winner: Eric Young

Taz is confused as it’s an Eric Young match. Aren’t we all confused with Eric, regardless of him being in a match or not?

Match 2:  Douglas Williams vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Jay Lethal

Anyway it’s finally time to move onto the four way matchup, as Amazing Red makes his way to the ring followed by Brian Kendrick who now resides in Venice Beach, California. Next up the man who defeated Ric Flair (remember that?) Jay Lethal and then the X Division champion Douglas Williams who comes out to different entrance music.

The bell rings and J.B says Douglas mentioned to him earlier that he doesn’t understand this match but was very relieved it was a non title match. Douglas is outside of the ring with Lethal and Kendrick trade blows in the ring. Lethal gets the better of the exchange and throws Kendrick into the ropes who manages to hang on which is quickly followed by a kick by Red and a clothesline which sends Kendrick over the top rope. J.B mentions that “This is Total Nonstop Action wrestling personified”

Douglas is now on the apron and both Lethal and Red get him back in the ring over the top rope and slamming him down onto the canvas.  Jeremy points out that Douglas believes he is the longest reigning X division champion in history but the record books don’t indicate that as Douglas couldn’t defend the title at Lockdown due to being stranded in the UK due to the ash cloud situation. Douglas throws Red into the corner and charges towards him, Red tries to boot Douglas in the face, but the kick is blocked, and Douglas kicks Red right where the sun doesn’t shine followed by a quick clothes line.  Douglas taunts to the crowd and as he turns around Lethal missile dropkicks him from the top rope which sends Douglas out of the ring.

Lethal sees an opportunity and Lethal performs a suicide dive. Amazing red performs an amazing twisting panache (pun intended) which takes out Kendrick. Nice. Back from the break Kendrick and Douglas Williams are on the outside of the ring as Lethal takes down Red with a shoulder block, and as Lethal comes of the ropes Douglas from outside trips him up which causes him to land face first.  Red stares at Williams for a while which leads to Lethal rolling him up for a 2 count. Red performs a head scissors on Lethal,  Red stares Douglas who is on the apron who is extending his arm for a tag.  This match was billed as a four way, not a tag match, what? Lethal grabs Red from behind,  and rolls up Red again. Douglas comes in and knees Lethal’s face to make sure it’s only a 2 count.  He then throws Red out of the ring and has Lethal in a headlock briefly as he mange’s to elbow out and then chops Douglas down to the canvas.

Dougals tries to escape the ring, but Lethal holds onto him, which leads to Kendrick tagging, yes, tagging himself in courtesy of a blind tag to Lethal.  Douglas rolls out of the ring as Kendrick is all over Jay Lethal and gets a 2 count. From a cross face submission move onto Lethal to him “trying to rip” Lethals face. Lethal however gets up with Kendrick hanging on his back briefly before he drops down. Lethal comes of the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt by Kendrick however as Lethal comes of the opposite set of ring ropes Lethal goes straight into a jumping leg lariat which leads to a 2 count as Lethal kicks out.

Kendrick is the first up to his feat and is waiting for Lethal to get up, meanwhile Douglas has made his way back onto the ring apron. Lethal is up but he is in the corner of the ring, and Kendrick quickly charges towards him but Lethal gets out of the way. Lethal is still not 100% as Red is tagged in and heads straight up to the top rope to missile dropkick Kendrick down to the canvas.  Red back up to his feet performs a jumping spin kick onto Kendrick and punches Douglas of the apron and performs another head scissors onto Kendrick. Douglas has charged back into the ring but Red ducks and pulls down on the top rope which sends Douglas out of the ring again. Head kick by red onto Kendrick which only leads to a 2 count.  Jeremy Borash mentions that he is sure the championship committee is watching the match and if Red, Lethal or Kendrick gets the win he is “sure that they will be in line for a title shot down the road”

A red dive of the top rope, as he comes flying down Kendrick is already back up on his feet and he gives Red a helping hand right onto the canvas. Lethal tags Kendrick who performs a lethal combination onto Kendrick immediately. So it’s a tag team and a four way which I’m finding odd.  Lethal attempts an atomic drop onto Red but he counters and while he is controlling Lethal around the waist, he gets elbowed in the face by him which leads to Lethal coming of the ropes and missing with a clothesline. He turns around and ducks under a head kick attempt twice, and then gets a hold of Red and performs a lethal injection on red!  However Douglas Williams is back in the ring and throws Lethal out of the ring. Jeremy Borash states that Douglas is the legal man and he gets the cover on Red to get the victory!

Winner: Douglas Williams

Douglas Williams plan comes to fruition and he is chased up the ramp by Lethal as Xplosion goes of the air.


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