Update from the Hulkster in hospital – Something big on the horizon for TNA?

TNA’s Hulk Hogan posted his latest video update from his hospital bed tonight claiming that TNA is about to “create another era of pro wrestling” similar to the NWO in the 1990s and Hulkamania in the 1980s.

“This is going to be another era of wrestling you’re going to get to talk about like the whole NWO thing and Hulkamania when it first busted loose and we switched it up NWO-style,” Hogan claimed, following a conversation with Eric Bischoff discussing creative plans.

“We’re going to switch it up again and do something totally different. This is going to be another era of wrestling. After being on the phone tonight with Eric and us putting our heads together tonight, because everything was clicking, it’s going to be crazy and a wild ride.”

Hogan talked up TNA’s talent roster, saying “they can go” and the wrestlers will be part of a “wild ride” he claims TNA fans will be excited about when it’s revealed.

“I’m really excited about getting out of the hospital. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, man. A lot of crazy TNA stuff. It’s going to get whack. It’s going to get crazy,” he said. “I got a bunch of guys who really want to go now. With Flair’s Fortune and EV2, there’s such a crazy vibe with everybody trying to jockey for position.”

Hogan did not specify the vision for “creating a new era of pro wrestling.” He said the goal will be turning pro wrestling into “how it should be,” which is open to interpretation.

“I’m going to come in and stir this up to a fever pitch this time. I’m going to make this so crazy. It’s going to get so wild for you guys. You’re going to get locked in and love hanging on for this ride,” he said.

“We’re not going to make wrestling how it used to be, but how it should be. We’re going to turn the dial up so high. We’ve got a bunch of guys who can really go and aren’t afraid to do 100 percent full thrust commitment.”


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including 1Wrestling.com, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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