TNA Xplosion – Friday 10/09/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 10/09/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 10/09/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

If you wish, you may watch this weeks episode of Xplosion here on ths site. Just click here.

Homicide has finally been removed from the opening titles of Xplosion.  Eric Young and London Brawling are the new additions. Right, now that’s out of the way let’s “get ready for the most intense hour of professional wrestling on television today” as Jeremy Borash and Taz run down the card with Eric Young and Orlando Jordan (boo) taking on Generation Me (yay) and in singles action it will be Jay Lethal taking on the X Division Champion Douglas Williams.

So we take a look at what happened between Eric Young and the glittery Orlando Jordan “earlier today” and I’m just about ready to switch off. Eric Young tells a surprised Jordan that he has got them booked in a tag match against “the bucks”. Generation Me where known as “The Young Bucks” in Ring of Honor prior to joining TNA Wrestling. According to Eric, they can take them down, and next on the list will be the motor city machine guns resulting in tag team gold.

Orlando is not happy that Eric didn’t consult with him first about booking them in matches. “That’s why I’m telling you now” says Eric, who seems to have really toned down on the crazy character which is refreshing. Orlando goes on to say “I’m trying to do everything in my power not to hurt you” and that Eric is lucky that Orlando doesn’t get paid to hurt people backstage. Eric reads this all wrong and insists that this Orlando wanting to trade with him right now is why they make a great team, but they have to stay fresh for the match, a lot of quick tags And Orlando STILL can’t believe that Eric booked them in a match.

Eric states that the two of them are good friends which doesn’t go down well with OJ as he tells Eric never to use the word friends again…which causes crazy Eric to interpret this the wrong way as he says that they are better than friends, they’re brothers!  Eric tells his “soon to be champ” partner that he is off to go and get ready and he asks the manikin hanging upside down behind them if “he” has our back. Apparently the manikin has. Eric grabs a star of OJ and puts it on his forward because they need to look the same as their team.  Eric finally walks away which leaves OJ to say “This is so not my style”

I’m thinking Xplosion needs some sort of head booker. I’m so happy that the crazy Eric character has been taken down a gear this week.  Right, moving on the first of “The in case you missed it segments” gets underway with Fourtune taking on EV2 from the final impact episode before No Surrender.

The X Division Champion Douglas Williams is backstage and he is talking about Jay Lethal. “Some people said I stole the wind from you” says Douglas referring to last week’s match.  Stole is not one of Douglas’ favourite words as it implies criminal activity and those two words don’t fit into Douglas’ vocabulary as he is the “squeakiest cleanliest wrestler alive”.  And that’s the reason why “tonight, once again, I will beat you in the middle of the ring”. The “same old strategy” will apply, in the match. Taking Lethal down to the mat, outwrestling him and because of his background a strategy will always naturally form, “it all melds into one” and at the end of the day Lethal will be thinking “I was foiled by Douglas Williams’ strategy once again. Oh dear back to the drawing board for me” An always confident Douglas Williams there.

The 2nd of the in case you missed it segments gets underway with Stevie Richards taking on Abyss from impact.

Back from the break Christy Hemme asks Jay Lethal about his non title match with Douglas Williams later. Jay finds it amusing that it’s a non title match as that’s what he expects from Douglas. Jay reminds us that Douglas cost him a street fight with Ric Flair, last week on Xplosion Douglas “stole his victory”. Lethal is fed up of Douglas “sucking the life out of the x division” because he thinks he knows what the fans want.  According to Lethal, Douglas is wrong and he will prove it when he brings the x division “back to the forefront of TNA” when he brings “the x division title back home” and tonight a step will be taken in that direction as we rejoin JB and Taz mentions that there is a lot of bad blood between Lethal and Douglas and we get a reminder of the tag match as well which should be “special”

Next up is the TNA Wrestling rewind which features the four way main event from impact between Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Mr Anderson and The pope which was also a tag match which is followed by another rewind with Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett from a recent impact episode.

Back from the break it’s time for Xplosion to really kick off as it’s time for Eric Young and Orlando Jordan (who make their way to the ring first) against Jeremy and Max Buck otherwise known as Generation Me.  Eric should not be confused about this being a tag match this week as it actually is a tag match.

The Bell rings as the Xplosion blue lighting kicks in as well and Eric still finds a way to get confused about the match as he wants to tag in one half of Generation me.  Eric’s arm is locked up and Eric just rolls backwards and forwards before getting back up. Tag is made in the Gen me corner and from the top rope Eric’s arm gets stomped on.  Nothing interesting as Eric on the top rope goes old school and drops down followed by him and Orlando nearly loosing the match but it was only a 2 count as another tag is made in the Gen me corner.  Another rollup as both Max and Jeremy knock Eric out the ring and Orlando off the apron respectively. Before that Orlando aged himself and gets a near fall and sliding against Max Buck in the corner. Then another near fall by Orlando and the match seems to pick up a gear as Max of the ropes kicks OJ twice and the third being a dropkick kick sends OJ down to the canvas.

Max tags in Jeremy and both of them Irish whip OJ into the ropes followed by a kick to the midsection to OJ on his return and Jeremy is sent over Max which leads to him landing a dropkick followed by a 2 count. OJ counters Jeremy’s Irish whip, with an Irish whip which leads to Jeremy putting on the breaks in the corner and tries to float over OJ but that fails as a  full nelson is briefly applied and Jeremy manages to break free via some kicks but as he tries a snap mare OJ slams him down onto the mat.  OJ goes over to the corner and Eric tags himself in, he goes to lift Jeremy up but OJ knocks him back down with a clothesline. OJ goes back onto the apron and legally tags himself back into the match.

Back from the non extreme sports channel break as OJ is still in control as he is working over the arm in an OJ way, Jeremy tries to get things swinging his way but that doesn’t lead anyway. Jeremy is sitting on the canvas and this allows OJ to apply the body scissors followed by punches to his head and then cat licking. Gross. Max really wants to get back in the match but can’t get the tag. OJ lifts Jeremy but he lands on his feet, slides between the legs of OJ and gets the tag on Max.


Max is on fire with numerous punches to OJs head followed by a twisted corkscrew elbow, a clothesline, and of the top tope we get a cross body block which gets a 2 count.  Max tries to get the crowd behind him as he starts clapping his hands and tags in Jeremy. Jeremy quickly kicks OJ which is followed by Max back flipping with the end of his legs around OJs head which leads to Jeremy dropkicking OJ right in the face which leads to a 2 count as OJ gets the shoulder up.

Jeremy tries to perform a cross body block but OJ caches him in mid air and OJ carries the momentum through with a 2 count, followed by a clothes line. Jeremy is then lifted up and Irish whipped into the ropes which leads to Max blind tagging himself as Jeremy performs a drop toe hold on OJ.  Max, lifts OJ onto his shoulders but this results in him taking a few steps back, and Eric blind tags himself in a fireman’s roll is carried on OJ followed by a splash by Jeremy and then a moonsault onto OJ  by Max but according to the referee he is not the legal man as he covers OJ.

This leads to Eric Young coming in while Max is debating with the referee gets the small package and the 3 count! Orlando Jordan and the calmer crazy Eric Young actually get a victory! Call Eric crazy “but call him crazy like a fox” says Taz. Orlando is still frustrated even though they got the win. Eric is facing the hard camera and behind him Orlando has clenched his fist but changes his mind as the victory for themselves starts to sink in. OJ even raises Eric’s arm. JB questions whether they are both on the same page, Taz states they are definitely oil and water but “somehow they got the win”.

Moving immediately onto the next match as The X Division champion Douglas Williams makes his way to the ring followed by Jay Lethal who “was on a big roll for a while, slowed down a bit but is starting to heat back up again” according to Taz.  The big roll must have been him defeating Ric Flair and that was slowed down thanks to Douglas according to Jeremy Borash.  Both men are in the ring as Earl Hebner calls for the bell to get this match underway.

Chants of “USA”as Jay Lethal was looking to lock up but gets kicked in the gut followed by a headlock being placed on him.  Jay manages to throw Douglas into the ropes and on his return manages to shoulder block Lethal down to the canvas.  Douglas comes of the ropes and in the process Lethal slides over causing Douglas to jump over him on his way to the other end of the ring, as on his return Lethal jumps over him but Douglas quickly grabs Lethal around the waist from behind, but if he was planning a suplex that doesn’t happen as Jay elbows Douglas to the face, jumps onto the middle rope and carries out a cross body block on Douglas. Both men quickly get back up with Douglas stumbling back into the corner which leads to Lethal landing a chop and Irish whipping Douglas into the other corner.  As Lethal charges toward Douglas, he ducks down which results in Lethal landing on the apron feet first and going head first through the ropes into Douglas’ gut.  Douglas grabs his stomach and as he turns back around, Lethal from the apron jumps onto the top rope and lands a springboard missile dropkick onto Douglas.

Douglas is out of the ring, and Jay Lethal through the rope performs a suicide drive.  Jay Lethal keeping things going quickly as the throws Douglas back into the ring and only gets a 1 count.  As Lethal goes to lift Douglas up, he reacts by throwing his arms up which allows Douglas to knee Lethal in the gut  and he follows up quickly by pushing Lethal into the ropes. Douglas was planning something as he bent down but Lethal kicks him in the face on his return followed by another kick to the face which leads to a 2 count as Douglas gets the shoulder up.

Lethal performs a snap suplex but that only leads to a 2 count. Head first into the turnbuckle goes Douglas, who is then seemingly going to the opposite corner courtesy of an Irish whip but that gets countered by Douglas with one of his own. As Douglas charges towards Jay he manages to get his leg up ready to kick Douglas in the face, but he spots this throws Lethal’s leg aside and that’s followed by the trademark kick to where there isn’t supposed to be a kick taking place. That’s followed by a clothesline to Lethal as Douglas taunts to the crowd. Back from the non extreme sports commercial break, Lethal is still down on the canvas as JB gives a “big hello to the fans in the United Kingdom”

Lethal is slammed down the mat followed by a kick to his chest while still on the canvas. As Lethal’s head in on top of the bottom rope, Douglas presses down on it with his foot which leads to a near 5 count from Earl. Both wrestlers trade punches to the head, Lethal is then caught in another headlock  as the crowd trade chants of “let’s go Lethal” and “Let’s go Doug”

Lethal tries to find his way out of the headlock by elbowing Douglas mid section, but this causes him to tighten up the headlock even more as Lethal tries grab a hold of the middle rope. Douglas sports this and turns Lethal around while still in the headlock who is now down to one knee on the canvas.  Now “the front face lock” is taking effect as Lethal is virtually flat on the canvas but not giving up and he manages to get back up to his feet while shaking his right arm.  Lethal powers out and punches Douglas in the face who briefly applies the same submission attempt, it was very brief as Lethal lands a chop, and again Douglas attempts the front face lock again but Lethal throws Douglas overhead and he lands on the canvas.

Lethal is now on fire as he hip tosses Douglas down followed by a handstand and kick right to Douglas’ face. A hand spring elbow is perfectly executed onto Douglas which only leads to a 2 count.  Another chop to the test by Lethal as Douglas is in the corner. Lethal lifts Douglas onto the top turnbuckle. Lethal also climbs up and it seems he is going for a suplex but Douglas punches Lethals face numerous times which causes Lethal to lose his balance and drop down as Douglas flying of the top turnbuckle lands an elbow which is followed by a 2 count.

Numerous uppercuts to Lethal as he stumbles towards the corner, soon after Lethal counters the Irish whip with one of his own as he charges towards Douglas he get struck in the face with his boot.  This allows Douglas to sit on the top turnbuckle and briefly taunt to the crowd, but this causes him to take too long and as Douglas dives from the top turnbuckle Lethal manages to send him straight down to the canvas as Lethal was back on his feet.

Douglas quickly gets back up to his feet however the Lethal combination is landed which only leads to a 2 count as he gets the shoulder up!  Lethal briefly applies a full nelson but Douglas stomps on the right foot of Lethal which allows him to push Lethal towards the corner, however Lethal manages t use the ring ropes to fly over Douglas.

Douglas misses with a clothesline due to Lethal ducking and the Lethal injection is performed onto Douglas! And that leads to the victory! Jay Lethal is victorious over The X Division Champion Douglas William in this non title match! Douglas rolls out of the ring, not happy with himself and lethal motions he wants the X division title to the overhead camera as Xplosion goes off the air.

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion


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