What now for TNA iMPACT?

The morning after the night before…..wow what a shocker yesterday evening eh? Sky TV announce the closure of it’s recently purchased Bravo and Channel One channels, leaving TNA iMPACT! without a home in the UK. So what now for TNA iMPACT?

Well first off we must take into consideration that TNA re-signed with Bravo/Living TV group on a long term deal not that long ago in January 2010. As the incumbent Sky MUST honor this contract or buy out the remainder of the deal. With this in mind i thought it would be interesting to take a look at the possible realistic locations for iMPACT! given Sky actioning of either scenario.

Scenario 1: SKY relocate iMPACT! to one of their Channels

The closures in the first place are an attempt to remove duplication in the market and cut costs so i would like to think as one of Bravo’s best ratings pulls aswell as a long term contracted program that iMPACT! would simply be on the agenda as a channel Sky would like to relocate. So if that was the case where could they land? 


Sky One

Sky One

Sky One: In the statement issued by Sky regarding the closures, the justification given for the closure of Bravo was that it was too similar to Sky One, and naturally when moving programming from the channel, Sky One would be an obvious location for former Bravo programming.


However Sky One is currently (and has a history of) broadcasting WWE programming in the form of Superstars, so the rumoured “WWE Exclusivity Clause” as well as the programmes clashing with regards content (i.e. its wrestling) this is a definate no go.  Verdict: No Chance



Sky2: Sister channel of Sky One but with the obvious distinction of NOT broadcasting WWE programming. Its not clear whether the rumoured “WWE exclusivity clause” is real or just a work of fiction courtesy of the Internet Wrestling Community but if it was to be real it also needs to be established whether this covers ALL Sky Channels or more likely just those currently broadcasting WWE programming, if its the latter then this is a possible landing spot for TNA iMPACT! Verdict: Likely




Sky3: Like the aformentioned Sky2, sister channel of Sky One and does not broadcast TNA related programming. Additionally it has been stated that this is a likely spot for relocation of programming from Channel One so its a possibility TNA iMPACT! could move here. Add to that the fact the channel already broadcasts the likes of Gladiators, this could be a good fit for iMPACT!.  Important to note that this channel is the first Sky channel to be available on freeview opening the channel up to a huge audience – this would be ideal for increasing TNA’s UK exposure. Verdict: Likely – Preferrable




FX: For those of you surprised to see this channel listed, yes FX is owned by Fox International, division of NewsCorp of which BSKYB is an international subsidiary. The channel appeals to the right audience that TNA is aiming at with the mid-teen to early 30’s demographic, however the channel has no history of broadcasting Pro-Wrestling and its focus tends to be on cult TV series and Comedy, i don’t see this as a go-er. Verdict: Very Unlikely



Scenario 2: SKY buyout the remainder of the TNA contract

Ok lets consider the other likely scenario, Sky – unable to find a viable relocation spot are left with no other choice but to buy-out the remainder of the TNA contract, a nice earner for TNA but a big loss to their exposure, leaving their flagship show without a broadcast outlet in the UK. TNA would immediately be on the lookout for an alternative broadcast outlet, so what options do they have?


Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports Channel: Already broadcasting both TNA’s Pay-Per View and syndicated Xplosion shows the channel would likely be frothing at the mouth to increase their TNA programming by adding the big ratings earner in iMPACT!.


If TNA’s contract is cut by Sky its almost certain that iMPACT! will end up here. Verdict: Almost Certainty



Five: Channel 5 a mainstream tv outlet with huge exposure, not to mention a history of broadcasting in Pro-Wrestling in the form of WCW Worldwide from 1999-2000. However former-WCW fans like myself will not remember to tenure positively in part due to WCW’s incompetence coupled with Five’s over the top censorship, TNA’s product would not transfer well to Five, this is an unlikely destination. Verdict: Unlikely



Overall then it would appear the likely destinations are Sky2, Sky3 or should Sky cut the deal entirely then Extreme Sports Channel, nonetheless the confusion caused in any move should result in a loss of a significant portion of the casual viewership and impact iMPACT!’s ratings for some time to come.

Until next time, See you around,



About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including 1Wrestling.com, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

10 Responses to What now for TNA iMPACT?

  1. Tracey says:

    Its so depressing, i hate Sky…
    Hope TNA Find a channel 😦 Hope its not Xtreme tho as we dont have that channel. They’d lose a LOT of ratings 😦

    • Ray Mullan says:

      Tell me about it Tracey. Bravo was mainstream, readily available and easy to find in the Sky and Virgin schedules, not so sure about Extreme. TBH though just hope its on SOMEWHERE, we can’t lose iMPACT! – BTW what about Sky3? Would be a nice location and available on freeview!

      • Tracey says:

        Oh yes, Sky 3 would be very cushty for TNA, i would love if they got on there, and definitely don’t want them to be “Homeless” – it just worries me about WWE putting a stop to it somehow 😦

        Would be a good move for Sky if its available on Freeview too – lots more viewers. Hopefully that will sway them *Fingers Crossed*

  2. The Ambassador says:

    Real shame about Bravo shutting down. Long shot but What about ITV or ESPN?

    • Ray Mullan says:

      ITV have made it clear that they don’t want wrestling. ESPN is a possibility but definately a longshot, they seem to be focusing on Footie and UFC at the moment.

      • Hitman_Hart says:

        Plus ESPN is a pay channel like Sky Sports so its not going to be available to as many people. Sky3 would be good, don’t mind if it ends up on Extreme Sports either.

  3. Alan says:

    I don’t think five would be that unlikely a place for it to end up if the contract was bought out. Richard Desmond is wanting to bring in new shows. I would think five USA would be the likely destination if five was to get the TNA contract. I agree that when Worldwide was shown they did censor a little too much, however if memory serves me correct, was it not broadcast at 7pm on a Friday. The early timeslot may have something to do with the censorship. If I was five and TNA became available I’d purchase the rights, stick it on USA at 9pm Saturday and probably have a ratings winner!

    • Ray Mullan says:

      I suppose so Alan, don’t get me wrong i’d LIKE to see it on the likes of Five USA but just not sure its what Five is after, they don’t seem to have any similar programming.

      And yes your right, WorldWide was broadcast at 7pm (Pre-Watershed) on Friday nights so that did in some way justify the censorship. But what i was trying to point out was Five’s complete disregard for wrestling, they simply cashed in on the wrestling boom but didn’t treat it as it should have, there’s no guarantee they’ll see fit to broadcast iMPACT! at 9pm. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, my bet is on Extreme Sports Channel though.

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  5. Graham says:

    Hi please find a space for TNA Impact in the uk it is really good and becoming very popular and its a shame sky ended bravo as bravo had some nice and intrested programmes on there… PLEASE KEEP TNA IMPACT UK PLEASE

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